Radio sportscaster Martin Devlin taken off air again, as NZME investigation gathers momentum

Newstalk ZB sports host Martin Devlin
Newstalk ZB sports host Martin Devlin. Photo credit: Photosport

Newstalk ZB sportscaster Martin Devlin has been taken off air again as an NZME investigation into misconduct picks up momentum.

Earlier this month the veteran radio host was suspended after an altercation that saw him throw a punch at a colleague.

But the incident have proved just the tip of the iceberg, with revelations of other inappropriate workplace behaviour surfacing, including "uncomfortable" emails to female staff members.

While Devlin returned to his weekend show on Saturday and seemed about to resume normal duties, his employer has announced he will spend more time on the sidelines, as further accusations are checked out.

"In recent days, NZME has been made aware of matters allegedly involving on-air host Martin Devlin that require further investigation," says the media company.

"Martin will remain off air while these matters are independently and until they are appropriately resolved.

"Martin has said he will cooperate fully with the investigation."

The punching incident reportedly occurred when the colleague asked to break a story on Devlin's show, but refused to divulge the subject matter.

"I lost my rag at a radio colleague and have right been away from the studios, while NZME has undertaken a process to investigate and determine what happened, and ensure the safety of its people," Devlin said last week.

"I took a swing at my colleague during a discussion that became heated. While I never had any intention to connect, that's not the point.

"My behaviour was wholly unacceptable, I am deeply, deeply sorry, and have apologised to him and my other colleagues who witnessed it."

Devlin admits he has battled depression and has been "angry" for more than a decade, since his father died in 2007.

But the incident has brought other complainants forward and NZME will relieve Devlin of his duties for a little longer, while those are investigated.

"At all times, providing a workplace that is healthy, safe and inclusive remains our ultimate duty of care to all our people, and we have robust processes and policies in place to support this," said a spokesman last week.