Duncan Garner: Blackcaps easily have greatest side yet for World Test Championship final

OPINION: To be honest I'm entirely uncomfortable with what I'm about to say.

The boss persuaded me to puff out my chest, get excited and breathe some life into the five day World Test Cricket Final. 

Which is being played 20,000km away, which may or may not be washed out because England has the world's most unreliable weather standing by to throw a tiz.

But stay calm, they have a reserve day up their sleeves - so put six days aside. But I fear the more I say about the Blackcaps the worse the result will be. 

This is my most reluctant commentary on the team since I last blew smoke up their date - which was when Brendan McCullum went out in the first over to Australia in the 2015 world cup final.

Just hours earlier, I had bravely and boldly opined that he was among our greatest ever, his head was screwed on, he made great decisions and he would stand up in our hour of need. Yes, we could finally do more than dream. No, we couldn't - he was out for a 3rd ball duck.

See that's why this is a bad idea from the boss. 

Also, I'm sitting here in a Blues jersey talking about the Blackcaps but still thinking Grant Dalton has sold us out.

Which is miles off-topic but relevant all the same.

I mean, the cricket is being played in Southampton which I think has links to sailing.

Honestly, I find preview pieces like this in sport to be utterly ridiculous - no professional sports writer nor TV mouthpiece has any idea what's going to happen over five days. 

I think our team has done brilliantly well and various stats frequently put us at or about number one in the world.

You know, like Ireland was once number one ahead of the All Blacks for a time in world rugby, apparently. 

Honestly, I feel awfully nervous for New Zealand but this test team is a team for the ages.  

Easily our greatest test side. Openers: Tom Latham - a real mature stand out player and Devon Conway - a guy that was banging on the door and when it finally opened, he burst into the room full noise.

Then the team reads like an honours board with Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor - their stats will still be talked about in 50 years. 

Henry Nichols... he's arguably our weakest specialist batsman but with seven test centuries, and an average of 43, we are definitely talking about a special team. 

B.J Watling picks himself and Kyle Jamieson is a massive threat.

The bowling line-up is the stuff dreams are made of - Neil  Wagner has the heart of a lion or a battery that just won't stop - a tough bastard. 

Tim Southee is class and Trent Boult is threatening with every ball.

We've never been so good.

I'm glad I've got this off my chest and if I'm wrong blame the boss.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.