Duncan Garner: The pursuit of inclusion is at risk of making sport unfair for cis women

OPINION: Sport at the very highest level and sport at the very bottom of the talent divide is split into two categories - men and women, boys and girls. 

It's easy to understand why there have been and still are two distinct categories.

We do this because men and women are built differently - we have distinctly different biological make-ups.

Traditionally and historically, men are stronger, bigger and faster than women. 

So, should a transgender woman, assigned male at birth, be allowed to take her place against cis women in sport? Even at a community level?

My gut reaction is no - I believe they bring all sorts of strengths and former training advantages, muscle memory and more to make this not a fair race, regardless of their current level of testosterone.

But according to a large group of former elite athletes, who have written a letter to the Prime Minister, Sport NZ has prioritised the inclusion of transgender athletes over all else. 

Transgender inclusion is important, but the pursuit of inclusion is now at risk of making sport unfair for cis women and their voice is being taken away.

Young men who identify as female, even from an early age, already have bigger frames and stronger muscles.

So, 41 former Olympians and world-class athletes have asked Jacinda Ardern to intervene and are seeking better consultation over transgender athletes in sports. 

By golly, it's a minefield, this one. 

I think sport is vital and everyone should play it, but where do transgender athletes fit in? 

Fixing a problem by making a new one is not a solution, but I'll be honest - I don't know what is.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.