Live updates: NRL 2021 - Warriors v Melbourne Storm at Gosford's Central Coast Stadium

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Warriors 16 Storm 42

Warriors - 3 Maumalo tries; Nikorima conversion penalty goal

Storm - Ieremia, Smith, Addo-Carr, Hughes, Olam, Grant, Eisenhuth tries; Hynes 6 conversions, penalty goal

Full time

80 mins - Try Warriors to Ken Maumalo

The Warriors are looking dangerous as the clock is winding down with Aitken and Fonua-Blake make barnstorming runs. On the final play, Nikorima puts a pin-point kick across to Ken Maumalo to finish acrobatically in the corner again to grab his second hat-trick of the season both against the Storm. 

Nikprima converts the try and that will be full-time. (MEL 42-6)

79 mins - Try Warriors to Ken Maumalo

The Warriors march upfield and get deep into the Warriors half. Lesson Ah Mau fires a beautiful offload to Nikorima who passes to Curran. He in turns offloads to Aitken. He draws and passes and Ken Maumalo finishes acrobatically in the corner. 

Nikorima can't convert the try. (MEL 42-10)

77 mins 

On tackle two, Storm comes wide to Hynes but the Warriors muscle up in defence and toss him over the sideline. The home side will start their set just 10-metres from their line. 

75 mins 

The Warriors give away a penalty for a high tackle on Melbourne's set after points. 

74 mins - Try Melbourne Storm to Tom Eisenhuth

On tackle two, Lesson Ah Mau goes close but loses the ball in contact as he looks to offload just inches short of the line. Huges gathers up the loose ball and sprints down to halfway but is mowed down by Harris.

The Storm come wide to Addo-Carr who grubbers in behind. Kosi can't clean up and Addo-Carr dives on it. From the play the ball, Tom Eisenhuth burst out of dummy half to score. 

Hynes converts the try. (MEL 42-6)

71 mins

On the Warriors final tackle, they look to run. Nikorima comes down the righthand side. They look dangerous and Harris looks to pass to Kosi who is in space but Munster gets a hand on it and knocks the ball on.

The Warriors will start their set 10-metres out.

69 mins - Try Melbourne Storm to Harry Grant

The Storm are over again. The visitors make metres downfield easily and on tackle four, Harry Grant dummies and sprint out of dummy half to get outside of Lesson Ah Mau and he's too strong for Tuivasa-Sheck to score. 

Hynes converts the try. (MEL 36-6)

66 mins 

Ieremia takes down a high kick from Tuivasa-Sheck easily and runs across field and puts Hynes a mine hole to get down to the 30-metre line. On tackle two, Murchie gives away a penalty for a high tackle. 

62 mins - Try Warriros to Ken Maumalo

The Warriors get a set restart on halfway after Grant infringes at the ruck. After an offload from Evans, they come wide to Aiten who is taken on the 20. On the final play, the Warriors come wide to Tuivasa-Sheck who fires a long pass to Aitken who delivers to Maumalo to score acrobatically in the corner. 

Nikorima can't convert the try. (MEL 30-6)

58 mins - Try Storm to Justin Olam

It only takes two tackles for the Storm to crash over. Off the back of the 40/20, the Storm comes wide to Hynes who fires a wide pass to Addo-Carr who turns it inside to Olam who crashes over. That was too easy for the visitors. 

Hynes converts the try. (MEL 30-2)

56 mins 

Nikorima puts a high kick up on the final play but Addo-CAarr handles it comfortably before making a mini-break. He gets up to the 20-metre line before being smashed by Murdoch-Masila. On tackle four Hughes goes for the 40/20 and he has nailed it and the visitors will start their set just 10-metres out. 

54 mins 

The Storm get through their set comfortable and on the final play, Munster puts a high kick up and takes a sideway bounce and into touch. The Warriors will start their set on their own 30-metre line. 

53 mins 

Brandon Smith has shown his class to strip the ball off Maumalo to win possession back for the Storm. On their final tackle, they kick in behind and Kossi does well to stay in the field of play while under pressure from Finucane. 

51 mins 

The Storm marches upfield very easily and come wide to Trent Loiero but as he looks to break a tackle he has knocked the ball on. 

50 mins 

Aitken makes a strong bust to get up to the 40-metre line. On tackle three, they come wide to Kosi who breaks one tackle but gets dragged into touch. The Storm will start their set just inside their own half.

48 mins 

The Storm gets through their first set after points and sees Tuivasa-Sheck gather a high kick on his line. They get up to halfway on their set before they run it on the final play but Montoya is tackled just inside the Storms half to end the set. 

46 mins - Try Melbourne Storm to Jahrome Hughes

On the final tackle, Grant dummies and makes a mini-break before grubber in behind. As he looks to gather inches short of the line, he gathers but in the tackle of Curran, Tuivasa-Sheck and Sironen the ball has come free and fallen perfect to Jahrome Hughes to score. 

Hynes converts the try. (MEL 24-2)

44 mins 

The Storm makes an error in their first set after the break and the Warriors will start their set in the visitors half. The Warriors make a meal of their final play and Brandon Smith gathers up a loose ball and sprints down to halfway. 

42 mins 

The Warriors make good distance on their first set and then on the final play they lose their way. They look a bit lost without their halfback.

Kickoff - The Storm get the second half underway. 

Bad news for the Warriors with Chanel Harris-Tavita suffering a torn pectoral muscle to rule him out.

40 mins 

The Storm will start their set after points with just over a minute remaining in the first half. On tackle three Egan has gone down with a leg injury while trying to make a tackle and in concerning news or Warriors fans Harris-Tavita has gone off for an HIA.

Egan is ok to continue after receiving treatment. On Melbourne's final tackle they run it and Olam goes very close but Kossi brings him down inches short. As the siren goes the Warriors win a penalty. Egan takes the tap and is tackled to end the first half. 

39 mins - Try Melbourne Storm to Josh Addo-Carr

What a spectacular finish from Josh Addo-Carr. The Storm come down the short side and Hynes beats Montoya and grubbers in behind. Addo-Carr gathers and somehow manages to stay in the field and ground the ball in the corner. 

Hynes can't convert the try. (MEL 18-2)

37 mins 

The Warriors make another handling error this time by Aitken on tackle four. The Storm will start their set on halfway. 

35 mins 

The Storm look like they are over again. Hughes shows great hands to pass to Hynes. He draws and passes to Ieremia who looks certain to score but Tuivasa-Sheck has done amazing to hold the ball up. He had no right to stop that try. What a play from the Warriors captain. 

34 mins 

On tackle three, the Warriors make another handling error to turn possession over on halfway. On the Storms first tackle, Munster kicks behind and Kosi is forced to take the ball into touch just before his line.

The Storm will start their set 10-metres out. 

32 mins 

On tackle four of the Storms set, Brandon Smith is in a hole and looks like scoring before Harris-Tavita comes across and smashes him to stop a certain try. 

31 mins 

The Storm are looking dangerous after points as Hynes sticks his nose through the line. On the final play, Kosi gathers the high kick but Addo-Carr steals the ball and the Storm will start their set 10-metres out. 

29 mins -Try Storm to Brandon Smith

The Storm get up to the 10-metre with a great set. On tackle four, Tui Kamikamica is stopped inches from a great tackle from Harris. On the final tackle, Smith burrows his way over for the Storm second try. 

Hynes converts the try. (MEL 14-2)

27 mins 

There is a little bit of push and shove as Curran catches Olam with high contact.

26 mins 

The Storm look dangerous in their first set after points as Olam gets up to halfway.  On the final play, Kosi deals with the Munster high kick and start their set on the 20-metre line. 

24 mins - Try Storm to Dean Ieremia

Hughes makes his first telling run to show off his trademark footwork and gets brought down on halfway. On the next tackle, Hynes delivers a great short ball to Reimis Smith into a hole before drawing a passing the final defender to put Ieremia over in the corner. 

Hynes converts the try. (MEL 8-2)

21 mins

Both sides are starting to get into the arm-wrestle as they trade sets. On the Warriors final play, Nikorima finds touch on the Storms' 20-metre line.

Addin Fonua-Blake has come on for the Warriors for his first appearance since round four. 

20 mins

Brandon Smith has gone down with an ankle injury to stop play - but he will be ok - and to compound the issue he has been placed on report for a previous tackle. On the Warriors final play, Harris-Tavita puts in a poor kick that is too deep and the Storm will have a seven-tackle set. 

19 mins

On the final play, Nikorima puts up a high kick and Cameron Munster has forced Marcelo Montoya off the ball and gives away a penalty. The Warriors will start their set just 10-metres out. On the first tackle, Egan has knocked the ball on at the ruck but they have challenged the decision. 

The challenge is successful and shows Egan hasn't knocked the ball on and the Warriors will continue their set just metres out. 

17 mins

The Storm get through their set after points as they get up to halfway. Hughes puts up a high kick and Maumalo handles it well. 

15 mins - Penalty goal Storm to Nicho Hynes

The Storm have their first attacking opportunity as they get up to the Warriors 10-mete line. On the final tackle, Brandon Smith jumps out of dummy half and looks like scoring but Egan makes a good tackle but gives away a penalty for offside. 

Nicho Hynes will look to square the ledger from right in front and he has nailed it. (2-2)

13 mins 

Lesson Ah Mau gives away a penalty for a high tackle on Storm wing Dean Ieremia. The visitors will start their set on halfway. 

11 mins 

The Warriors get through their set after points well as Egan makes a strong run up to halfway. On the final play, Harris-Tavita puts a nice grubber in behind and the Storm will start their set just 10-metre out. 

10 mins - Penalty Goal Warriors to Kodi Nikorima

The Storm give away two set restarts to allow the Warriors to march upfield as Murdoch-Masila makes a strong run. On tackle two, Brandon Smith gives away a penalty at the ruck for stripping the ball. 

The Warriors will go for goal and Nikorima nails it from just to the right of the posts. (WAR 2-0)

8 mins 

The Warriors make great distance from their set with Aitken making a string run. On the final play, Nikorima puts a great high kick up for Maumalo who does well to claim but he is tackled just short of the line to end the set. 

7 mins 

The Warriors make a meal of the final play as the ball goes to ground from bad passes. It forces Tuivasa-Sheck to scramble back and put a grubber in behind which Hughes cleans up just before his line. 

5 mins 

The Storm have their tackle count restarted for a Warriors ruck infringement which allows them to make metres up field. On tackle three, Reimis Smith knocks the ball on and the Warriors have the ball back on halfway. 

4 mins 

On tackle two, the Storm produces great line speed and force the error from Nikorima who knocks the ball on. 

3 mins 

The Warriors get through their first set and on the final play, Reimis Smith has pushed Maumalo off the ball as he looks to compete. The Warriors get a penalty and they take the tap on the Storms' 20-metre line. 

2 mins 

The Storm get through their first comfortable as they get up their 40-metre line. Hughes puts up a bomb but Tuivasa-Sheck handles it easily. 

Kickoff - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck gets the contest underway for the Warriors.

3:58pm - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has led the Warriors out for the 100th time on a perfect Gosford day. Matt Cecchin will be the man in the middle for this contest. 

3:52pm - We are just eight minutes from kickoff. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck returns to his regular fullback spot in place of Reece Walsh and will become just the second player to achieve 100 games as captain for the Warriors, after Simon Mannering. 

3:20pm - Nathan Brown has made late alterations to his side to play the Melbourne Storm. Rocco Berry has dropped out of the matchday squad with Ken Maumalo a surprise inclusion for a farewell game and he will line up on the left-wing. Edward Kosi will move to the right-wing with Marcelo Montoya moving to right centre.

Star forward Addin Fonua-Blake has come onto the interchange bench with Jazz Tevaga moving to 18th man.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of NZ Warriors' round 14 clash with Melbourne Storm at Central Coast Stadium.

The Warriors had a well-timed bye last round after losing two of their last three including the last-gasp defeat to the North Queensland Cowboys. 

Meanwhile, the New Zealand side has announced wing Ken Maumalo has left the club immediately to join the West Tigers.

But they do welcome back star forward Addin Fonua-Blake from his long-term knee injury - he's been named on the extended bench. 

The Warriors will be without teen sensation Reece Walsh who is suspended for one game for a striking Cowboys forward Mitchell Dunn.  

Consistency has been the worst nightmare for the New Zealand side this season, as they have failed to string together consecutive wins in the campaign.

They sit ninth on the ladder level with the eighth-placed St George Illawarra Dragons above them and a victory against the Storm will see them rise to seventh. 

Melbourne has named four of their five State of Origin players to back up as they hunt for their 12th victory of the season that could see them jump to the top of the table. 

The two sides have played once this season already with the Storm claiming a convincing 42-20 victory in Walsh's debut on ANZAC Day. 

TAB odds:

Warriors $5.05 Storm $1.16

Warriors: 1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (C), 2-Marcelo Montoya, 3-Euan Aitken, 4-Rocco Berry, 5-Edward Kosi, 6-Kodi Nikorima, 7-Chanel Harris-Tavita, 10-Lesson Ah Mau, 9-Wayde Egan, 17-Ben Murdoch-Masila, 11-Bayley Sironen, 12-Tohu Harris, 13-Josh Curran

Interchange: 14-Jack Murchie, 15-Kane Evans, 16-Bunty Afoa, 18-Jazz Tevaga, 21-Ken Maumalo, 23-Addin Fonua-Blake

Storm: 1-Nicho Hynes, 2-Josh Addo-Carr, 3-Reimis Smith, 4-Justin Olam, 18-Dean Ieremia, 6-Cameron Munster, 7-Jahrome Hughes, 8-Jesse Bromwich (c), 9-Brandon Smith, 15-Tui Kamikamica, 12-Felise Kaufusi, 19-Tom Eisenhuth, 13-Dale Finucane

Interchange: 14-Harry Grant, 17-Aaron Pene, 21-Chis Lewis, 22-Trent Loiero, 20-Marion Seve, 24-Jordan Grant

Pre-match banter:

'I'm your man' - Johnson tempts other clubs other heroics

Shaun Johnson is openly touting his services to other NRL clubs, following his decisive field goal to hand Cronulla Sharks a 19-18 victory over Penrith Panthers on Friday.

Former NZ Warriors halfback Johnson, 30, is one of several high-profile Sharks players to be told he won't be needed at Cronulla in 2022, as the team look to rebuild under new coach Craig Fitzgibbon.

But that didn't stop the Kiwis international from playing the hero in the Sharks' victory, slotting a last-gasp field goal to condemn the Panthers to back-to-back defeats.

Shaun Johnson celebrates kicking the winning field goal against Penrith.
Shaun Johnson celebrates kicking the winning field goal against Penrith. Photo credit: Getty

Speaking to Channel Nine after the Sharks' victory, Johnson made it clear that he's on the market for a new club.

"I got the news a couple weeks back and it obviously wasn't the news I wanted to hear," he said.

"I had hopes of seeing my career out at this club. They gave me an opportunity three years ago. 

I have certainly enjoyed my time here. So, it's not meant to be; they want to head in a different direction, I really do respect that.

"But for me all I can focus on is coming out here, getting some games under my belt, and trusting that next year will take care of itself. 

"Tonight hopefully helps and if there are any clubs out there that are after a halfback, I'm your man." 

The win moves the Sharks into 10th on the NRL ladder, having won their last three consecutive matches.

Meanwhile, the Panthers stay top of the table, two points clear of second-placed Melbourne Storm.