Live updates: State of Origin 1 - Queensland v New South Wales from Townsville

Live updates has concluded 

Fulltime - Queensland 6  New South Wales 50

Scoreboard at a glance: 
New South Wales 50 (T.Trbojevic x3, To'ox2, Mitchell x2, Saifiti tries, Cleary 8 goals, Mitchell 1 goal) 
Queensland 6 (Capewell try, Holmes goal) HT 20-6 

Fulltime - Brian To'o takes the final tackle and that's game. That's a record-winning margin for the Blues who were flawless tonight. 

77mins - What defence from the Blues. Coates climbs high to take a Cherry-Evans high kick but the scramble is there ... he fires a pass inside and Yeo comes from nowhere to prevent Gagai from certain try. 

74mins - Queensland on the attack but it looks disjointed .... Grant kicks but it rolls dead. 

69mins - Try New South Wales - Tom Trjbojevic: Sublime. Cleary makes a break on halfway and finds Tedesco on the outside ... he darts back inside and reverse pass inside to Tommy Turbo for a hat-trick. Just brilliant. NSW 50-6

68mins - Cross-kick from Munster for Coates who would have scored if he had gathered but the ball deflects over the sideline.

65mins - Try New South Wales: Daniel Saifiti - A massacre in the making this. Cook finds a charging Saifiti who crashes over and scores - the Blues are running riot.

64mins - Penalty to the Blues for a play the ball infringement ....NSW look likely again.

61mins - Try New South Wales: Latrell Mitchell - Cleary with a towering bomb .... Coates climbs high but spills it and Mitchell runs through to collect and crashes over to score his second. NSW 38-6

59mins - Try New South Wales: Tom Trbojevic - Luai carves up Queensland through the middle as he scoots past Kaufusi .... inside ball to Mitchell and he finds Tommy Turbi who streaks away to score. NSW 32-6

58mins - Munster goes high on the last for Feldt but Cleary collects off a rebound to tidy up for the Blues.

56mins - Penalty for Queensland. High tackle from Addo-Carr on Munster.

52mins - Cherry-Evans has to kick from the 20 but it's a good one as he finds space between Addo-Carr and Tedesco and the Blyues return from their 20. 

49mins - Try New South Wales: Latrell Mitchell - Last tackle and Cleary goes wide to Luai who finds Tommy Turbo who get on the outside of Cherry-Evans, drops the ball onto his boot and Mitchell comes flying through to score. NSW 26-6 

47mins - Penalty for NSW - Ofahenguae pinged for taking out Tedesco who was competing for a high ball.

45mins - Haas offloads on halfway to's a poor offload and Cook knocks the ball forward.

44mins - Munster kicks early to get the Maroons out of trouble and Tedesco brings it back to the 30.

43mins - On the last and Cleary kicks high .... Coates climbs but the ball is batted back by Luai but into the hands of Fifita.

41mins - Maroons had a repeat set and Grant kicks on the last but it rolls over the sideline for a handover on the 30.

Second-half - Teams and officials back out on the park for the second spell. 

HT: New South Wales 20 (To'o x2, Trbojevic tries, Cleary 2 con, 1 pen, Mitchell 1 con) Queensland 6 (Capewell try, Holmes con) 

Halftime - Half ends with a bit of biff - Addo-Carr taken to ground on the last and gets a few extras from Kyle Feldt and a few of the lads get involved.

39mins - Holmes is hammered in a tackle by Mitchell and he knocks the ball free. Scrum for the Blues. 

38mins - Munster kicks on tackle three - To'o collects in goal and is monstered by several Marron defenders.

37mins - Kick-off from Mitchell is out on the full. Maroons attack from 30 out.

35mins - Try Queensland: Kurt Capewell - Capewell gets one back on Turbo. Cherry-Evans on tackle four swings the ball left .... Munster finds Capewell with the defence backing up and he slips past Trbojevic and scored. Holmes from close to the sideline nails it.

34mins - Gagai attacks down the right but the ball comes loose - ruled a strip by Mitchell and the Maroons attack from 30 out.

30mins - Repeat set for the Maroons deep inside the Blues half but Kafusi fumbles after a decent hit from Luai and that's wasted for Queensland. 

27mins - Try New South Wales: Brian To'o - Running riot the Blues! On the last Cleary runs and finds Sim who almost busts through a Gagai tackle but he throws a miracle 15m pass out to To'o who is unmarked on the sideline and he has a double. Cleary from the sideline nails it. NSW 20-0

26mins - Capewell knocks the ball on inside his own half as the Maroons look to break out. Scrum Blues just inside halfway.

22mins - Try New South Wales: Brian To'o - Damian Cook breaks through some weak defence in the middle of the park and looks for Tedesco on the inside - the ball falcons off his head and bounces forward and he gathers. Next tackle Mitchell on the right draws Gagai and offloads to To'o who dives over for his first Origin try. Mitchell kicking for Cleary and he nails it. NSW 14-0

21mins - Repeat set for the Maroons and they are hot on attack with Fifita and Munster creating havoc. On the last tackle and Coates spills the ball forward off a pass from Gagai.

18mins - Try New South Wales: Tom Trbjoevic -  On tackle 2 and Cook sweeps the ball to the right and Cleary fires a long pass out to Tommy Turbo who gets outside Capewell and goes in untouched. That penalty changed the game. Cleary from wide on the right swings the ball through the posts. NSW 8-0

16mins - The Maroons starting to win the field possesion game thanks to the eaalier penalty as Mitchell breaks down the left hand side.....NSW on the last and Cleary kicks but it's gone dead. Penalty for the Blues for a late hit on Addo-Carr. 

14mins - Repeat set awarded on the last but Munster doesn't here the call and puts up a kick that To'o collects. 

13mins - Penalty for the Maroons. Cook fires a pass from dummy-half but Saifiti is in the way - Cook gathers but is offside. Maroons attack from 40 out. 

12mins - The Blues winning the ruck battle at the moment. Queensland struggling to cross halfway with ball in hand as Tedesco returns a kick to the 30.

10mins - Penalty goal NSW: Cleary makes no mistake and the Blues have an early lead. NSW 2-0

9mins - Penalty for the Blues - high kick from Cleary for Trbjojevic but Coates collects well... referee awards a penalty for an escort from Cherry-Evans on 'Turbo'. 

8mins - Munster kicks from the 40 - looks like a great kick but the ball takes a couple of long hops over the dead ball line and that'll be a seven-tackle set for the Blues.

6mins - Fifita and Munster combine on the last to create space .... Munster kicks along the ground but Tedesco snaps it up well to shut down the attack. 

5mins - Luai creates space for Mitchell with a bullet pass and he gets outside Gagai - inside ball to Sims but he spills it 30m out. 

4mins - Fifita gets away a late offload to Grant and he makes decent metres. Munster kicks and Addo-Carr brings the ball back to the 30.

2mins - Harry Grant with a good run gets Queensland on the front foot. Munster's kick is poor and Tedesco is almost back to halfway on tackle 1.

1min - Decent set from the Blues. Cleary kicks from halfway and Feldt brings the ball back.

Kick-off - Here we go - Kyle Feldt gets the game underway. Blues have the ball first.

10:08pm - Welcome to country will be followed by the Australian national anthem.

10:07pm - Daly Cherry-Evans and James Tedesco lead out their respective sides - the crowd going nuts for the Maroons.

10:05pm - Not too far away from kick-off in Townsville - looks to be a clear night with 26,000-odd passionate supporters in house at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

Good evening rugby league fans and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the opening State of Origin clash in Townsville.

The Maroons are coming off a shock series win in 2020, but it's two very different sides running out tonight at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

The Blues have two debutants in their 17 while Queensland have one in winger Kyle Feldt.

Should be a cracking game with kick-off expected around 10:10pm.

TAB odds: New South Wales - $1.48, Queensland - $2.55


Queensland: 5-Valentine Holmes, 2-Xavier Coates, 3-Kurt Capewell, 4-Dane Gagai, 18-Kyle Feldt, 6-Cameron Munster, 7-Daly Cherry-Evans, 8-Christian Welch, 9-Harry Grant, 10-Tino Fa'asuamaleaui, 11-Felise Kaufusi, 12-David Fifita, 13-Jai Arrow

Bench: 14-AJ Brimson, 15-Jaydn Su'A, 16-Moeki Fotuaika, 17-Joe Ofahengaue

New South Wales: 1-James Tedesco, 2-Brian To'o, 3-Latrell Mitchell, 4-Tom Trbojevic, 5-Josh Addo-Carr, 6-Jarome Luai, 7-Nathan Cleary, 8-Daniel Saifiti, 9-Damian Cool, 10-Jake Trbojevic, 11-Cameron Murray, 12-Tariq Sims, 13-Isaah Yeo

Bench: 14-Jack Wighton, 15-Junior Paulo, 16-Payne Haas, 17-Liam Martin 

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