Live updates: State of Origin II - Queensland v New South Wales at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium

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Queensland 0 NSW 26

NSW - Addo-Carr 2, Trbojevic & Mitchell tries; Cleary 4 conversions & penalty

Second half

40th minute - NSW just killing the clock now. Luai kicks into touch and time will expire before the scrum can set.

That's the game and the series to NSW, without even playing at home. No way back for the Maroons, who were closer on the scoreboard, but nowhere close in reality.

39th minute - DCE kicks high towards Tedesco, but Holmes gets his hands to the ball and knocks on with the line open.

38th minute - Cleary kicks low to Coates, who runs across field. Kaufusi crosses halfway.

37th minute - Hunt kicks through for Munster to chase, but Tedesco dives on the ball.

Wighton looks for a way through.

36th minute - Trbojevic almost has another try, when he beats Capewell's weak tackle, but he's stopped metres short.

35th minute - To'o bursts up the middle, has the ball stripped, but regathers to cross halfway.

34th minute - Martin kicks through, but Coates slides to gather the ball. Munster kicks towards Addo-Carr, who is safe underneath.

33rd minute - Queensland send the ball right and Feldt chases a kick through, but loses the ball in To'o's tackle, before he can force for a try.

32nd minute - From the scrum, Holmes seaches for a way through and Papalii bursts up the middle. Munster, Holmes and Coates probe the left side.

31st minute - Queensland kick off and Saifiti takes the first hitup. Tedesco's pass to Mitchell is forward.

30th minute - Try to Addo-Carr

From the tap, Martin runs straight, and then Tedesco offloads to his winger to step back infield and score. Simple for the Fox's second.

Cleary swings his conversion between the uprights, NSW 26-0

29th minute - Feldt's short dropout actually bounces back behind the goal-line, NSW have a tap in front of the posts.

28th minute - Cook darts from dummy half, but is held up over the line. Luai kicks to the goal area and Feldt is trapped behind the line for a dropout.

27th minute - NSW receive six more tackles in Queensland territory. Luai steps and takes a gap, offloads.

26th minute - McCullough darts from dummy half, but is held up. From the 10m tap, Holmes kicks to the goal area and Coates appears to knock the ball off Addo-Carr, but NSW is given the ball.

25th minute - Queensland have six more tackles on the first tackle.

24th minute - Welch and Papalii run straight up the middle. Capewell makes halfway and Hunt kicks high to To'o, who drops it cold.

Great attacking position for Queensland.

23rd minute - NSW over halfway, Mitchell bounces off tacklers out left, but is eventually pushed into touch.

22nd minute - Kaufusi straightens the attack, Hunt throws a wonky pass, but Holmes gathers it. Munster kicks high towards To'o, but the ball bounces back off Feldt's arm and Gagai lunges at it.

Forensic replays show Gagai's arm is on the deadball line, as his hand is on the ball, so no try - but that's as close as they've come tonight.

21st minute - Holmes takes the dropout and Welch charges forward.

20th minute - DCE finds touch on the 20, and Capewll tapes and charges. Ball goes right and Holmes is well tackled.

Kaufusi can find no way through and Munster kicks to goal, where Tedesco is eventually pushed dead.

19th minute - Luai kicks to Holmes, who juggles in mid-air, but eventually controls.

Queensland win a penalty and take a quick tap. Munster makes a break and passes inside to Holmes, who is tackled by Yeo, who is offside.

18th minute - Munster's high kick is gathered by Tedesco. Saifiti across halfway again.

17th minute - Cleary kicks high to Coates. Queensland need four tackles to reach their 20, but Capewell breaks over halfway.

16th minute - DCE kicks high to Tedesco, who's safe. Saifiti reaches halfway.

15th minute - Cleary kicks towards Feldt, who leaps high and catches two-handed, Aussie rules style.

14th minute - Queensland send the ball left and Munster floats a pass to Coates, who dives at the corner. It's called no try and replays show Trbojevic dislodged the ball before it could be forced.

NSW run the ball out of their own territory and Crichton crosses halfway.

13th minute - Munster kicks towards To'o again, but Feldt is impeded in the pursuit -penalty to Queensland.

12th minute - Cleary kicks from his 40 and Coates is safe underneath. Munster finds Capewell, who crosses halfway.

11th minute - Queensland kick off and Haas charges forward.

10th minute - Cleary slots the penalty, NSW 20-0

Ninth minute - Haas heads towards the posts, Cleary kicks through and DCE impedes the chaser, Sims. Holmes is there and avoids a penalty try, but Cleary lines up a penalty...

Eighth minute - NSW reach halfway and Tedesco offloads to Crichton, who finds Luai. NSW threatening. Tedesco goes close and earns six more tackles.

Sixth minute - Munster steps back towards the posts and DCE kicks towards To'o. Feldt jumps high, but can't make the catch in goal.

Fifth minute - Arrow tackled on halfway, kaufusi to the 40 and DCE kicks towards To'o, gets the ball and two tackles at the same time.

NSW spread the ball right and Addo-Carr beats his man and kicks ahead for Trbojevic to score... but play is brought back, because Murray is ahead of the ball and then makes the final pass. Offside.

Fourth minute - To'o charges up the middle, Tedesco runs left and is tackled high. Cleary kicks to Coates.

Third minute - Kaufusi reaches halfway, Munster kicks high to Addo-Carr, but no problems for him.

Second minute - Luai crosses halfway, Cook grubbers a kick to Holmes, who passes looooong to Murray.

First minute - Queensland facing a big ask, if they hope to keep this series alive into the third game. 

Shallow kickoff from NSW and Kaufusi is mobbed. Molo makes halfway and DCE kicks high to To'o.

First half

40th minute - When the ball goes right, Gagai is tackled into touch, so another wasted opportunity.

Cook darts and Yeo tackles the final tackle, as the halftime siren sounds. A clinical half of footy from NSW and Queensland never really threatening to score.

39th minute - Queensland hot on attack and Holmes is dragged down short of the line. He cops one around the mush, but replays show Haas came down on his leg.

Ball goes left and Fifita tries to find a way to the line.

38th minute - From the scrum, Queensland try to rumble upfield. Fotuaika loses the ball in a tackle, but NSW are panelised.

37th minute - From the scrum, Cleary threatens, the ball goes left to Luai, who drops the ball in the tackle. There's a big more argy bargy.

36th minute - Fifita offloads, but as the ball goes right, Holmes' pass to Gagai is low and he spills it. Sims and Feldt shape up to each other.

35th minute - Cleary kicks from his 40, low to Holmes.

34th minute - Queensland need to get something back before halftime.

32nd minute - Try to Trbojevic

Six more tackles for NSW, Murray and Trbojevic put Addo-Carr away down the right, and Trbojevic runs a support line for the inside pass, as the last defender commits. He now has nine tries in seven Origin matches.

Cleary converts from near the posts, NSW 18-0

31st minute - Fifita is almost bundled into touch and Fotuaika crosses halfway.

30th minute - Haas across halfway again. Ball goes right and Trbojevic beats Capewell, but his inside pass goes loose and Queensland are off the hook.

29th minute - Haas makes halfway, Cleary kicks high and Coates catches. McCullough kicks from dummy half and finds touch on the NSW 30.

28th minute - Queensland kicks off and Trbojevic takes the hit-up himself. Crichton is rocked in a tackle, but To'o makes good metres.

26th minute - Try to Mitchell

With a new set, Queensland go right and Holmes tries to fire a long pass to his outside backs, but finds Mitchell lurking in the channel. Mitchell sprints the length of the field and has enough legs to get there, before he's tackled by Coates, the fastest of the pursuers.

Cleary converts from near the posts, NSW 12-0

25th minute - From the scrum, Queensland go right and get six more tackles.

24th minute - McCullough makes good meters and Munster chips behind Tedesco, who fumbles the ball in his own 20. Big chance here for Queensland.

23rd minute - Tedesco probes up the middle and Sims crosses halfway. Mitchell powers through another tackle and Cleary kicks high to Holmes.

22nd minute - DCE kicks early and misses a 40-20 by a few metres.

21st minute - Blues spread the ball left and Yeo crosses halfway up the middle. Cleary kicks high to Coates, who falls over.

20th minute - Queensland on attack now and Welch is tackled inside the 10. Capewell is wrapped up on the last tackle for a handover - wasteful.

19th minute - Set rest for Queensland, they need that to clear their half. Sims is penalised for a lifting tackle - that will help too.

18th minute - NSW looking for a way to the line and on the last tackle, Mitchell finds To'o with an offloard, but he's forced into touch in the corner.

17th minute - From the dropout, Paulo rushes forward.

16th minute - Tedesco threatens to break through the middle, Holmes controls a bouncing kick just out from his line, but he's forced back for a dropout. Mitchell again.

15th minute - Yeo crosses halfway and Cleary kicks high to Coates, who is driven back by three tacklers.

Ball goes loose from Queensland and DCE is forced to dive on it just metres from his line. He kicks from the 10 and Addo-Carr crosses halfway on the first tackle.

14th minute - Queensland kicks off and Saifiti takes the first hit-up again. Paulo makes good post-tackle metres.

12th minute - Try to Addo-Carr

Real wrestle through the early stages, but Luai kicks high to Capewell and Mitchell strips him inside the Queensland 20.

Big play from Mitchell and when the ball goes right, Cleary finds his winger with a long cutout pass that leaves the defence stranded.

Cleary chips the conversion, NSW 6-0

11th minute - Brisbane crowd getting behind Queensland, as they cross halfway and DCE kicks high to Tedesco.

10th minute - Blues go right and Cleary makes a break, but his inside pass is deflected away and Queensland come away with the ball.

Ninth minute - Queensland cross halfway, but Gagai is taken in Mitchell's tackle and DCE finds touch.

Eighth minute - Cleary kicks and the ball is loose, but eventually tidied by Queensland. Ref had called six more.

Seventh minute - Blues go right, but Tedesco cuts back in field. Luai is tackled ball and all by Gagai.

Sixth minute - Queensland break off the scrum on their 20, but Fa'asuamaleaui spills the ball in Trbojevic's tackle, gifting NSW attacking position.

Fifth minute - Set restart for NSW and Tedesco crosses halfway for the first time. Mitchell loses the ball in Gagai's tackle.

Fourth minute - DCE kicks high and To'o is unpressured to catch.

Third minute - Better set from NSW and Cleary kicks deep to Coates. Capewell crosses halfway and DCE scampers from dummy half.

Second minute - Queensland into NSW territory and DCE kicks high to To'o, who evades the first tackle.

First minute - Queensland letting NSW wait on the field in front of the home crowd for a while, letting them sweat a little. Even without Mulitalo, there are a bunch of NZ-born or Kiwi heritage players on show tonight, including Josh Papalii, Junior Paulo, Jarome Luai, Felise Kaufusi and Valentine Holmes.

Of course, Nathan Cleary spent his formative years at the Warriors with dad Ivan.

Queensland kicks off and Saifiti takes the first tackle. Maroons are muscling up early and Cleary kicks from inside his own 30.

8:17pm - Fingers being pointed in all directions over the Ronaldo Mulitalo fiasco, which sees the NZ-born Cronulla winger withdrawn from the Queensland team, because he settled in Australia too late to qualify.

Somewhat laughably, most critics are blaming the rules, not those that chose to overlook them, so expect the powers-that-be to grant him an exemption for Origin III. That seems to be the NRL's answer to everything...

Also, with COVID running riot in New South Wales, there's a good chance Origin III will be moved to Newcastle on July 14.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of State of Origin II between Queensland and New South Wales at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium.

Well, if you're a Maroons supporter, you'll still be trying to forget the first installment of this year's interstate rivalry, which - really - wasn't much of a competition.

In an encounter relocated to Townsville, after Melbourne was closed down under COVID-19 protocols, the Blues ran riot to emerge 50-6 victors and stun the defending champions.

Coach Paul Green and his players have had a couple of weeks to search their souls, and will be bolstered by a couple of changes in their line-up, most notably the return of Josh Papalii from suspension.

NZ Warriors fullback Reece Walsh was picked for a start at fullback, but has withdrawn with a hamstring injury, so Valentine Holmes moves to the back, with Xavier Coates reinstated to the wing.

Andrew McCullough replaces injured Harry Grant at hooker, Papalii relegates David Fifita to the bench, and Ben Hunt and Francis Molo join the interchange, with AJ Brimson, Jaydn Su'A and Joe Ofahengaue dropping out.

No such panic in the Blues camp, where Brad Fittler has promoted Junior Paulo into the starting front row to replace an injured Jake Trbojevic, with Angus Crichton returning from suspension to the interchange.

Queensland: 2-Valentine Holmes, 5-Kyle Feldt, 3-Kurt Capewell, 4-Dane Gagai, 20-Xavier Coates, 6-Cameron Munster, 7-Daly Cherry-Evans, 8-Christian Welch, 9-Andrew McCullough, 10-Josh Papalii, 11-Jai Arrow, 12-Felise Kaufusi, 13-Tino Fa'asuamaleaui

Interchange: 14-Ben Hunt, 15-Moeaki Fotuaika, 16-David Fifita, 17-Francis Molo

NSW: 1-James Tedesco, 2-Brian To'o, 3-Latrell Mitchell, 4-Tom Trbojevic, 5-Josh Ado-Carr, 6-Jarome Luai, 7-Nathan Cleary, 8-Daniel Saifiti, 9-Damien Cook, 10-Junior Paulo, 11-Cameron Murray, 12-Tariq Sims, 13-Isaah Yeo

Interchange: 14-Jack Wighton, 15-Angus Crichton, 16-Payne Haas, 17-Liam Martin

TAB odds: Queensland $4.35, NSW $1.20

Injury on eve of Origin debut rules out Walsh

Teenage rugby league star Reece Walsh has suffered a hamstring injury during Queensland's final training session before his scheduled State of Origin debut on Sunday and has been ruled out of the clash against New South Wales.

The 18-year-old was a shock inclusion in Queensland's Game II side, named at fullback by coach Paul Green.

But the NZ Warriors prodigy sustained the injury during the captain's run on Saturday and the Maroons have confirmed that he has a low-grade hamstring strain.

Green had earlier told the Courier Mail he was optimistic Walsh would take his place in the No.1 jersey for the Maroons.

"Reece did most of the run, but he pulled up a bit earlier," Green says. "His leg was a bit tight, so we didn't want to risk him.

Reece Walsh at Queensland training
Reece Walsh at Queensland training. Photo credit: Getty

"I have to talk to the doctors, so I don't know the specifics of it.

"I'm not sure if he will play. I think he will, but we will assess him and see how he feels in the morning."

Valentine Holmes will shift from wing to fullback, with Xavier Coates returning to the wing.

Queensland coaching great Wayne Bennett had earlier backed Walsh's Origin inclusion.

Many skeptics, including Warriors consultant Phil Gould, have slammed the selection, but Bennett says he would have picked Walsh for the must-win clash against the Blues. 

"Reece has a God-given ability to play the game," Bennett said. "The young kids in the NRL are much more advanced today, and we have better systems and pathways, as clubs to help equip them for the NRL.

"The big thing these days is television. Reece Walsh will have been watching all these stars on TV, and so there isn’t a lot of mystery when these kids come into an NRL system and see the players they have been watching.

"Reece’s first game was against the Storm and they are the best team in the game, with a stack of well-drilled rep players.

"He has all the skills, but he also has the courage to play the way he wants to play. When the moment comes, he will back himself to grab it and he will also make his own opportunities because of his talent.

"The thing I like about Reece is he backs himself and one thing Queensland have to do on Sunday night is back themselves.

"He has no fear of failure, so that’s why he will do well."