Live updates: Super Rugby Trans-Tasman - Hurricanes v Queensland Reds at Wellington's Sky Stadium

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Hurricanes 43 Reds 14

Hurricanes - Laumape, Love, 2 Coles, Penalty try, Flanders tries; Barrett 4 conversions, penalty goal

Reds - McDermott, Paenga-Amosa tries; Hegarty 2 conversions

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Full time

80 mins 

The Reds are attacking off the back of the scrum but when they come wide to Daugunu he has knocked the ball on to end the contest and see the Hurricanes claim a record-breaking win over the Reds.

79 mins 

The Hurricanes will have one final attacking opportunity as they build just short of the Reds 22. After five phases, the home side have fired a forward pass and the Reds will have a scrum as the siren goes. 

77 mins - Try Hurricanes to Dane Coles

The Hurricanes produce another perfect lineout drive with Dane Coles crashing over at the back of it to blow the scoreline out.

Barrett converts the try. (HUR 43-14) 

76 mins 

The Hurricanes attack straight from the lineout as Barrett puts a crossfield kick across to Rayasi. He offloads inside to Proctor who breaks downfield before passing to Mitchell.

The next phase, see Goosen go for a chip in behind but it's marked by a Reds player but the referee was playing advantage and awarded a penalty to the Hurricanes who will go for a lineout which is five metres out.  

74 mins 

The Reds are building their attack just inside the Hurricanes half and after 10-phases, Wilson makes a mini-break down the sideline but is forced into touch just short of the 22. 

72 mins - Try Hurricanes to Devan Flanders

From the lineout, the Hurricanes produce a perfect lineout drive and Flanders is at the back of it and he crashes over for the crucial bonus point try. 

Barrett converts the try. (HUR 36-14)

70 mins 

Coles overthrows the lineout but Love is there to clean up. After seven phases, the attack comes to nothing as Campbell knocks the ball on. The referee has awarded a penalty for a high tackle and the home side will have a lineout just five metres out. 

68 mins 

From the kickoff, the Hurricanes have knocked the ball on and given the Reds a scrum on the 10-metre line. At the scrum, the home side has dominated to win a penalty and they will have a lineout just inside of the 22. 

65 mins - Penalty try Hurricanes & Yellow card Reds to Bryce Hegarty

From the kick, the Hurricanes counter-attack with Barrett making another strong bust before offloading to Proctor. He grubbers in behind and Laumape looks to have won the race and scored his second but the referee has gone upstairs. 

Replays has shown that Hegerty has tried to ground the ball but it has gone dead and the referee has harshly awarded a penalty try and sin bin to the bemusement of the Reds players.  

63 mins 

The Reds are attacking just inside their own half but Kirifi has won the ball back at the breakdown but in the process has knocked the ball on. The TMO has chipped in and awarded a penalty to the home side for a deliberate knockdown earlier in the play.

The Hurricanes will have a lineout five metres out. The home side makes a meal of the lineout and the Reds clear down to halfway. 

60 mins - Try Hurricanes to Dane Coles

The try is created from a Jordie Barrett line break after he breaks five tackles and looks like he is going to score but Hegarty brings him down inches short. The home side gets fast-ball and comes wide and Proctor shows quick hands to flick it onto Coles who crashes over in the corner. 

Barrett can't convert the try from the sideline. (HUR 22-14) 

57 mins 

The Hurricanes are attacking from the lineout with Barrett putting a chip kick over the top but only finds Hegarty on the run. He offloads to McDermott who makes a break up to halfway. He offloads inside but Salakaia-Loto has knocked the ball on. 

55 mins 

The Reds look like they have produced another dominant scrum, but the referee has awarded a penalty to the Hurricanes and they will have a lineout just inside the visitors half. 

53 mins 

The Hurricanes go short from the kickoff and win possession back and build their attack just short of the 22. After nine phases, Laumape makes a bulldozing run up over the 22.

After 12 phases, the Reds win the ball back and they look to attack. Wilson breaks into the Hurricanes half before firing the pass inside to Lukhan Salakaia-Loto. As he looks to offload he knocks the ball on and the home side will have a scrum on their 22. 

49 mins - Try Reds to Brandon Paenga-Amosa

The Reds win the ball back from the kickoff and are attacking inside the Hurricanes 22. After 17 phases of tough Reds attack, hooker Brandon Paenga-Amosa picks and goes and burrows his way over. 

Bryce Hegarty has converted the try. (HUR 17-14)

In concerning news for the Hurricanes and All Blacks fans, Ardie Savea has limped off with a leg injury. 

45 mins - Try Hurricanes to Ruben Love

From the lineout, the Hurricanes are attacking centre of the field inches short of the line. After five phases, the home side comes wide to Love who uses his speed to beat the final defender and crash over in the corner for his first Super Rugby try.

Barrett converts the try. (HUR 17-7)

42 mins - Yellow Card Reds to Filipo Daugunu

The Hurricanes get the first opportunity in the second half to attack. After seven phases, Savea makes a mini-break down the sideline but as he offloads inside it only goes to a Reds player.

After a passage of play where both sides trade kicks, Barrett makes a mini-break before offloading to Roigard. He draws and passes the final defender to Kirifi but he's brought down five metres short of the line.

At the next phase, Daugunu - who made the tackle on Kirifi - is harshly ruled offside and is sent to the sin bin.    

kickoff - The Hurricanes get the second half underway. 

40+2 mins

The Reds are building their attack just inside the Hurricanes half as Daugunu breaks down the left wing. He grubbers in behind but Barrett cleans up. At the breakdown, the Hurricanes kick into touch to end the first half. 

40 mins

The Reds are continuing to dominate at scrum time and win a penalty from the set-piece on their own line. They kick for touch and from the lineout the Hurricanes give away another penalty to give the Reds one final chance as the siren goes.  

38 mins

The Hurricanes are attacking straight from the lineout as the Savea brothers show great quick hands to put Goosen clear down the leftwing. 

He fires a pass inside to Roigard but it's out of his reach and he knocks the ball on with the line at his mercy. 

37 mins

The Reds are looking to hit back straight after the Hurricanes penalty goal. They are building their attack just inside the home sides 22 and after a strong tackle from May, Proctor gets over the ball to win the penalty. 

35 mins - Penalty goal Hurricanes to Jordie Barrett

The Hurricanes choose to take the three points and Barrett nails it from 40-metres out to put his side in front. (HUR 10-7)

33 mins

After a scrappy piece of play, the Hurricanes knock the ball on just past the Reds 10-metre line. As the two sides set up for a scrum, the TMO has ruled that Tupou has produced a no-arms tackle in the early sequence of play to give the Hurricanes a penalty. 

30 mins 

The Hurricanes are looking to hit straight back as Jordie Barrett busts through a couple of tackles before offloading to Laumape who chips in behind but McDermott cleans up. The attack comes to nothing as Numia knocks the ball on. 

From the scrum, the Reds win a penalty and will have a lineout just outside their 22. 

27 mins - Try Reds to Tate McDermott

From the penalty, the Reds choose to take a scrum which is only seven metres out and Tate McDermott picks up off the back of the scrum and sprints over to score.

Hegarty converts the try. (7-7)

26 mins - Yellow Card Hurricanes to Tyrel Lomax

While the television match official was looking at the potential Barrett try, they have found that Lomax's tackle on Feao Fotuaika when the Reds where attacking inside the Hurricanes 22 made contact with the head of Fotuaika.

25 mins 

The Reds are attacking just short of the line but Aumua makes a huge tackle on McDermott who knocks the ball on. The Hurricanes counter-attack as Roigard kicks downfield but Flooks gets back to clean up for the Reds.

At the breakdown, the home side turns the ball over and Savea makes a break down to the 22. At the next phase, Barrett goes for crossfield kick to Julian Savea who offloads inside to Laumape who beats one tackler. He turns the ball inside to Save who quickly offloads to Barrett who crashes over but there was a knock in the lead up to the try by Julian Savea to rule out the try. 

23 mins 

The Reds produces a huge scrum that drives five-metres upfield and sees McDermott breaks clear and is held up over the line. The referee was playing advantage from the scrum and the visitors will have a lineout just five metres out. 

22 mins 

The Hurricanes clear well through Roigard to just short of halfway. At the lineout, the home side competes but as they look to turn the ball over they knock it on and the Reds will have a scrum.

20 mins 

The Reds attack straight from the lineout, with Wilson breaking straight through the heart of the Hurricanes defence and gets down to the 22. After Liam Wright goes inches short after seven phases, big prop Tupou knocks the ball on looking to score the Reds first try. 

The home side will have a scrum just five-metres from their own line. 

19 mins 

The Reds are continuing to look dangerous with the ball in hand as Daugunu makes a strong bust up to the 22. After eight phases, Savea wins a turnover and Hurricanes lock Scrafton puts a kick downfield and it beats everyone and goes into touch just short of the Reds 22. 

17 mins 

The Reds are looking to build their attack with Grealy making a strong run up over halfway. At the breakdown, Kirifi wins a breakdown penalty and his side will have a lineout just short of the 22. 

16 mins 

The Reds have a scrum just five metres from their own line and McDermott works a nice play down the short side and to breakd and get down to halfway. From the next phase, Hegarty puts a nice kick into touch just 15-metres out from the Hurricanes line.

14 mins 

The Hurricanes are building their attack just inside their own half but as Savea looks to flick the ball on but it goes to the ground and the Reds dive on it turn possession over.

After the sides trade kicks, Goosen looks to clear but has it charged down. Love gathers the rebound on the bounce and beats two defenders with great footwork.

He gets over halfway and fires a wide pass to Laumape who beats a defender and looks to score in the corner but Daugunu produces a try-saving tackle to force the big midfielder to knock the ball on. 

11 mins 

The Reds take the lineout quickly and spread it wide to Daugunu who smashes over the top of Flanders who has stayed down. After two phases, Tupou runs onto a short ball but he puts the ball down in contact.

10 mins 

The Reds are looking good with the ball in hand with Hegarty making a strong run to get down to just short of the 22. After eight phases, Du'Plessis Kirifi wins a breakdown turnover to ease the pressure Roigard clears into touch.   

8 mins 

From the lineout, the Reds keep it tight with the forwards and after four phases big prop Taniela Tupou looks like he's over but replays show a double movement to rule out the try.  

6 mins 

The home side makes a meal of the kickoff and gives away a breakdown penalty and the Reds will have a lineout just five metres out. 

4 mins - Try Hurricanes to Ngani Laumape

What a try to the man farewelling the Hurricanes and it's his 48th for the side from the capital. Laumape runs onto a perfect short ball from Goosen and breaks through two tackles to score under the posts. 

Barrett converts the try. (HUR 7-0)

2 mins

After a scrappy piece of play, the Hurricanes win a breakown penalty and Barrett gives his side a lineout 10-meters out. 

Kickoff - The Reds get the contest underway and the ball doesn't go 10-metres to give the Hurricanes a scrum on halfway.

7:04pm - Ngani Laumape leads the Hurricanes for his final game in New Zealand before heading over to France and James Doleman is the man in the middle.

A late change for the Hurricanes with Ben May onto the bench in place of Alex Fidow. May will wear the No.18 jersey. 

7:00pm - We are just five minutes from kickoff on a perfect Wellington night. The Hurricanes need a win to keep their slim grand final hopes alive while the Reds will be looking to eliminate the side from the capital. 


Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman clash between the Hurricanes and Queensland Reds at Wellington's Sky Stadium.

The Hurricanes come into their final round clash looking to bounce back from their 12-10 defeat to ACT Brumbies in Canberra.

The defeat leaves the Wellington side on 16 competition points, three behind the Blues atop the table, and two behind the Highlanders and Crusaders.

They'll need to defeat the Reds and hope two of the teams above them lose, if they are to claim a spot in next week's final. 

Ngani Laumape will have a chance to farewell the Hurricanes faithful, with the blockbusting midfielder to start in the No.12 jersey for his 84th and final game for the yellow-and-blacks, before heading to France to join Top 14 side Stade Francais on a three-year deal.

The Reds started the competition with back-to-back loses, before claiming the first Australian win of the trans-Tasman competition against the Chiefs.

The Super Rugby AU champions sit as the second-placed Aussi team in the competition, only behind the Brumbies on points differential. A win over the Hurricanes would be enough to claim top spot, if the Brumbies are toppled by the Highlanders.  

The Hurricanes hold the wood over the Reds, winning 16 of the 22 match-ups, with the Queensland side winning just twice in the capital.

The Reds are yet to taste victory at the 'Cake Tin', with their two wins coming back in 1996 and 1998 at Athletic Park. 

The Hurricanes have won 25 of their last 26 Super Rugby home games against teams from outside New Zealand, with their only defeat in that span coming against the Jaguares in Round 14, 2019.

TAB odds: Hurricanes $1.20, Reds $4.15

Hurricanes: 1-Xavier Numia, 2-Asafo Aumua, 3-Tyrel Lomax, 4-James Blackwell, 5-Scott Scrafton, 6-Reed Prinsep, 7-Du'Plessis Kirifi, 8-Ardie Savea, 9-Cam Roigard, 10-Ruben Love, 11-Wes Goosen, 12-Ngani Laumape, 13-Billy Proctor, 14-Julian Savea,15-Jordie Barrett

Reserves: 16-Dane Coles, 17-Pouri Rakete-Stones, 18-Alex Fidow, 19-Liam Mitchell, 20-Devan Flanders, 21-Luke Campbell, 22-Peter Umaga-Jensen, 23-Salesi Rayasi

Reds: 1-Feao Fotuaika, 2-Brandon Paenga-Amosa, 3-Taniela Tupou, 4-Angus Blyth, 5-Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, 6-Angus Scott-Young, 7-Liam Wright, 8-Harry Wilson, 9-Tate McDermott, 10-Bryce Hegarty, 11-Filipo Daugunu, 12-Isaac Henry, 13-Hunter Paisami, 14-Josh Flook, 15-Mac Grealy 

Reserves: 16-Richie Asiata, 17-Harry Hoopert, 18-Zane Nonggorr, 19-Ryan Smith, 20-Fraser McReight 21-Kalani Thomas, 22-Hudson Creighton, 23-Moses Sorovi

'I haven't decided': Ardie Savea coy over future with NZ Rugby

All Blacks star Ardie Savea is not thinking about his next move, as his NZ Rugby contract nears its end after the 2021 season.

Savea, 27, is a free agent after the current season, yet to put pen to paper on a new deal with NZR and the Hurricanes.

The loose forward has emerged as one of the standout players in Super Rugby over the last few years and favoured to fill the All Blacks No.7 jersey in place of injured captain Sam Cane this year.

Ardie Savea
Ardie Savea Photo credit: Getty

But Savea has made it clear that he isn't thinking about his future and is instead concentrating on finishing the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman round robin stage on a high for the Hurricanes.

Savea says his priority is returning to full fitness from a knee injury, after missing the end of Super Rugby Aotearoa.

"I still haven't decided what I'm doing just yet," Savea says. "[I've] just been focussing on getting my injury right.

"That was my main focus the last couple of weeks. 

"I haven't really thought about it actually at the moment, but [I] should do. Being a leader of this team, you just want to stay in the moment, stay present, and I think for me my mindset has just been to get the boys ready for this week and I haven't really thought too far ahead.

"Probably after this week or next, I will start to think about that stuff."

Savea could command a huge contract playing overseas in either Europe or Japan, or could become a marquee player for the newly formed Moana Pasifika side for their 2022 entry into Super Rugby.

Savea isn't the only off-contract All Black at the Hurricanes, with Jordie Barrett's deal with the Wellington side also up at the end of 2021.

TJ Perenara re-signed with the club in May, while Ngani Laumape has signed for French side Stade Francais.