Live updates: World Test Championship final - Blackcaps and India day five from Southampton

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India 217 (Rahane 49, Jamieson 5/31) & 64/2, 30 overs - Cheteshwar Pujara 12*, Virat Kohli 8*
New Zealand 249 all out (Conway 54, Shami 4/76)
India lead by 32 runs

6:01am - STUMPS

This could be the last over of the day. Jamieson will get six balls at Kohli.

Starts with a bouncer, Kohli ducks out of it, no issue for the Indian skipper. Wide called.

Jamieson attacks the pads with an inswinger, Kohli gets two through midwicket. He goes straight and Kohli defends to mid-on.

Short ball next up, Kohli defends and the ball pops up, but no chance of a return catch for Jamieson.

Fifth ball, inside edge down to fine leg, and Kohli scrambles for two.

Last ball. Yorker. Kohli keeps it out, and takes a single. That's that.


Southee to Kohli. If New Zealand can get the Indian captain tonight, they'll surely be favourites for the win on day six.

Southee goes short, and it hits Kohli and flies over the slips and goes for four! Was it off the bat though? Given as leg byes off the helmet.

Kohli's getting checked for concussion, but he's all-clear.

Southee follows up with a leg-stump yorker, and Kohli works him for three.

Pujara to face the last ball of the over. 


Jamieson carries on to Pujara. But he plays it safe.

Maiden over.


One ball for Kohli to face. And he survives.

5:43am - WICKET

Southee comes back. He's still getting it to swing, but Rohit's not tempted into any shots.

Southee pitches one up, and Rohit pads up! He's hit flush on the pad and given out!

Rohit doesn't review, he walks off for 30. Will Kohli bat tonight, or send in a nightwatchman?

Kohli's in.


Wagner to carry on, into the last half-hour of day five. He bowls too straight at Pujara, who clips off his pad and beats Jamieson at fine leg.

That brings up India's 50. Just the four runs from the over.


Jamieson to Rohit again. He starts with a full outswinger that Rohit lunges at and misses. 

Rohit gets forward to the next ball, and defends it back down the pitch. Rohit works to midwicket for two more.

Jamieson goes full, and Rohit edges onto his pad. One ball to come. Rohit defends.


Wagner to Rohit. Starts full, Rohit tries to drive through the covers, but Williamson makes a fine one handed stop in the field to keep him where he is.

Rohit beats Williamson next ball though, punching through cover off the back foot for two. 

Wagner tries the short ball, and Rohit meets him with a pull shot for one more. 

Pujara faces up, with two balls left, and he leaves the first one - as well as the second.


Jamieson to Rohit. The first two balls see Rohit play away from his body, risky given the situation.

Rohit leaves the third ball, and the fourth, before working one off his pad and getting a single to mid-on.

Pujara defends the last ball.


Wagner comes into the attack. Rohit - a compulsive hooker - is on strike.

Wagner starts short down leg, Rohit has a swing but can't connect. Two men back on the hook. 

The next ball is short, and hits Rohit on the thigh pad. Wagner goes full with a bit of inswing, Rohit gets an inside edge to square leg for one.

Wagner beats Pujara's outside edge on the fifth ball, and finishes his over well.


Jamieson stays on, no sign of Wagner or de Grandhomme. 

Starts with an inswinger that Rohit defends down the pitch. Outswinger to follow, Rohit leaves.

Rohit takes a single from ball five, before Pujara leaves the final ball of the over alone.


Boult stays around the wicket to Pujara. He goes too full and Pujara whips him past mid-on for four. Great shot, all wrists. Pujara's first boundary.

Three dots to finish the over.


Jamieson continues to Rohit. And he can't score a run.

Maiden over.


Boult continues, around the wicket to Pujara. Short of a length first ball, Pujara is caught out by bounce. Survives though.

A couple of bouncers from Boult, Pujara happy to duck out of the way though. He sees out the over.


Jamieson to Rohit. And he beats him first up with a beauty. Jamieson goes straighter, and Rohit defends for no run.

Rohit leaves the third ball, and there's swing after the ball passes the bat through to Watling. 

Jamieson goes straighter with his fifth, Rohit gets an edge onto his pads. 

Rohit gets an oustide edge through gully to finish, and runs two.


Back after drinks, and Boult will carry on. Rohit on strike. 

Wide outside off to start with, and Rohit leaves. Boult pitches up and Rohit defends ball two. 

He goes short, Rohit pulls to square leg on the fence, gets one run and India take the lead.

Pujara on strike, he defends first up. In fact, he defends the rest of the over.

4:50am - DRINKS

Change of ends for Jamieson, Pujara on strike. 

Good areas first up, Pujara defends. Swinging delivery outside off to follow, Pujara leaves. 

Straight again third ball, Pujara defends on the front foot. Jamieson beats the bat and hits Pujara on the pad fourth ball, but that's too high.

Away swinger next up, Pujara blocks. Risky leave from Pujara to finish the over, but the ball doesn't trouble the stumps.


Boult replaces Jamieson - he has a very good record against Pujara, but for now he'll be bowling to Rohit. Unless Williamson wants Jamieson to swap ends? Anyway.

Boult goes short, and Rohit hooks in the air, but it doesn't carry to Wagner at fine leg. 

Pujara takes strike. Boult got him lbw in the first innings. Full and straight from Boult, Pujara gets an inside edge that evades Nicholls at short leg.

Same plan from Boult, Pujara defends it. Kohli is sitting with his helmet on in the dressing room - is he expecting to have to bat soon?

Bouncer from Boult fifth ball, Pujara ducks. Last ball, Boult goes too full, and Pujara clips off his leg for three - scores level.


Southee to Rohit who leaves it alone first up. Rohit advances and defends the second ball, no run.

Comes from wide of the crease, and Rohit tucks a single to square leg. Pujara facing.

Bouncer from Southee, Pujara ducks. Bit of bounce from Southee's fifth ball, hitting Pujara high on the bat. No run.

One to come. Southee goes straight Pujara defends to leg.


Jamieson continues, short leg in place. He starts with an outswinger, Pujara will happily leave those all day.

Same delivery second ball, Pujara leaves. Jamieson forced Pujara into playing a shot next up, defending on off-stump.

Goes wider next up, and Pujara leaves. Jamieson goes straight to finish the over, Pujara pads up with no threat of lbw.

Maiden over.


Two balls to come. Southee gives Pujara a leg side half-volley which he clips to fine leg for one.

One ball left, Rohit on strike. Rohit defends, but gets an edge down to third man and comes back for two.

4:28am - WICKET

Southee continues to Gill. Outswinger to start, Gill leaves. Southee goes full again, Gill works to mid-on, no run.

Southee comes wider on the crease, but Gill defends back to the bowler. 

Southee goes full and straight, Gill plays all around it and is hit on the pad. Southee doesn't even appeal to the umpire, he just celebrates as the finger is raised.

Gill doesn't refer. He's out for eight. India trail by eight.

Cheteshwar Pujara is in at No.3.


Jamieson into the attack. Up against Rohit. Starts too full, and Rohit clips two runs out to midwicket. That's a no-ball too. 

Jamieson goes short next up, and Rohit defends. Short again from Jamieson, Rohit defends late.

He finds some away movement next ball, Rohit leaves. Jamieson just needs to pitch it up slightly.

Like that! He draws Rohit forward, there's a noise as the ball passes the bat, but it was bat hitting ground.

The next ball takes off from Jamieson, as Watling has to gather it above his head. Another outswinger to finish, Rohit leaves.


Southee for his fifth. The first ball is too straight, and Gill clips for two runs down to fine leg.

The second ball of the over is pitched up, and Gill punches to cover, no run. Gill punches two more down the ground.

Last ball of the over, Southee attacks the pads, and Gill clips off his legs for two more out to the midwicket boundary.


Boult with his fourth over. Inswinger to the right hander first up, Rohit defends.

Huge full toss second, Rohit punches to the man at mid-off. Third ball is short and going across Rohit, who plays and misses. 

Boult follows up with a leg-stump yorker, that Rohit clips to the fine leg boundary past a diving Jamieson.

Boult responds by going across Rohit, who leaves. Last ball of the over, Rohit leaves outside off.


Southee to Gill. Half-appeal for lbw first ball, but it might've been too high.

Southee's looking to set him up here, with four outswingers to start, where's the inswinger?

There it is, but Gill keeps it out. Well batted. 

One ball to come, and Gill leaves it.


Boult keeps the ball for another over, bowling at Rohit - his IPL captain.

Short to start, Rohit gets a leading edge that falls safely at where short leg would have been.

Fuller from Boult, a bit of shape, Rohit keeps it out. Boult comes around the wicket for his fifth ball, Rohit defends though.

Short and wide from Boult to finish, and Rohit goes back to flay him for four through cover-point.


Southee carries on to Rohit. Rohit presses at defends the fourth ball, and gets a single to point.

Gill will face up, two to come. He's just changed his bat. Beautiful shape from Southee, curving away from the right hander, but Gill leaves.

Southee goes shorter to finish, Gill defends into leg for no run.

One from the over.


Boult carries on to Gill, who tucks him for two first up to get off the mark. Full and straight next up, Gill inside edges onto his pads. Half-appeal, but obviously not out.

Boult goes across with his third, Gill leaves. Good shape from Boult, swinging it back to Gill, who drives straight.

Pitched up, and Gill defends. Full and straight again, Gill drives to mid-on.


Southee to Rohit, and he beats the outside edge first ball of the over. Goes straighter, and Rohit defends.

Swing from Southee and he finds Rohit's edge, soft hands though, and the ball doesn't carry.

Fuller from Southee, Rohit gets forward and defends. Southee tries to tempt him with a wide ball, but Rohit leaves. 

Straight to finish from Southee, Rohit defends. Maiden over.


Will Boult take the new ball from the other end, or will it be Jamieson? Boult.

He starts back of a length to Rohit, who's solid in behind it. Boult goes too straight, and Rohit works him for a single to fine leg.

Gill faces up to Boult. Boult goes short, Gill defends off his hip. Boult goes wider, Gill leaves. Boult continues across Gill, who isn't tempted into a shot.

One to come, Gill leaves as Boult keeps going across. No real swing for Boult to start.


Right then! Southee with the new ball, Rohit Sharma takes guard. The Indian openers added 62 in the first innings, they'd bite your hand off for the same again.

Swings straight away! Rohit leaves. Southee pitches one up second ball, Rohit edges and the ball flies past Nicholls in the gully for three runs! India are underway.

Shubman Gill takes guard. Southee pitches up again, Gill defends and gets an edge along the ground to Nicholls.

Southee goes wider, Gill leaves. Same again with the fifth ball, Gill happy to leave. 

Inswinger from Southee to finish, and the ball narrowly misses off-stump!

Great first over.


We're back for the final session. Williamson leads the Blackcaps in a huddle, can the bowlers get it swinging?

Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill stride out to open the batting.


So, New Zealand have a lead of 32 runs. Remember, India were bowled out for 36 in Australia at the end of 2020.

They definitely won't be bowled out for 36 again, but remember that this is a final, and there's all sorts of pressure on these players.

3:22am - WICKET, TEA

Spin from both ends, Jadeja comes back. Short ball to start, and Southee goes back and pulls Jadeja into the stands for six! That's the biggest boundary on the ground, and Southee's cleared it easily.

But Jadeja gets his revenge! The next ball is fired in at the pads, and it deflects back onto the stumps.

Southee goes for 30, New Zealand are all out for 249 - 32 runs ahead.

That'll be tea.


Ashwin to Southee. He plays out five dots before getting a single to long-on last ball.


Boult on strike, Shami's back looking for his five-for.

Boult backs away and looks for the flick over the slips, he can't connect. Kohli puts a man back for that flick over the slips. What does Boult do? He defends.

Third ball, Boult backs away and lofts over mid-on for four. Shot. That takes the lead past 20. 

Shami goes wide outside off, Boult backs away and looks to cut, but misses. 

Boult plays out a couple more balls, before he walks across his stumps and clips Shami out to square leg for two to end the over.


Southee and Boult were expected to trouble India with the ball, what can they do with the bat?

Three balls left in the over. Tea will be delayed until the end of the New Zealand innings.

Boult comes down the pitch and defends the first ball - that's a no ball too. Boult advances again, and taps a single to mid-on.

Southee on strike, two to come. He looks to sweep, he misses, the ball hits Pant's knee and falls to Kohli, who catches it at leg slip.

India appeal, and the umpire gives it out. Southee reviews straight away. Has he hit it? It doesn't look like he has - he hasn't. But we'll check for lbw, and it's going miles down leg. Not out.

One to come, Southee keeps it out.

3:07am - WICKET

Ashwin to Wagner. Five minutes until the tea break.

The third ball is tossed up, and Ashwin finds the outside edge for Rahane to juggle the ball at slip, before taking the catch.

Wagner goes for a duck, Trent Boult is the last batsman.


Ishant continues, Southee on strike.

First ball is a decent length, and Southee clears his front leg and smacks a six over long-on! That pushes the lead into double figures. 

Ishant sends a couple of balls down the leg side, he's looking tired too. 

Southee clips another two into the leg side. One ball to come, and he drives off the back foot that Ashwin does well to save runs.


Ashwin replaces Shami for his first spell of the day, Southee on strike.

Ashwin goes short and doesn't find any turn, and Southee rocks back and cuts for four through cover.

Southee works one behind square on the off-side for one, and brings Wagner onto strike.

Wagner defends his first ball, and watches his second into Pant's gloves.

2:55am - WICKET

Ishant to Southee. He defends one off the back foot to bring Williamson back onto strike.

The umpires are checking the state of the ball, but India are told to get on with it. Ashwin is warming up, India's seamers are running out of steam.

One ball to come - and Williamson's out! A short ball from Ishant has Williamson play away from his body, taking the outside edge to Kohli behind the wicket!

Williamson goes for 49, replaced by Neil Wagner.


Shami to Southee, men back for the hook. He starts on the pads and Southee gets a leg bye to square leg.

Williamson faces up, and steers one behind point, looking for two but kept to one. 

Southee back on strike. He defends off the back foot and Williamson calls him through for a single. 

Shami is getting tired here, really down on pace. He drops one short to Williamson who hammers him through cover for four off the back foot - and that's the lead for New Zealand!


Williamson on strike as Ishant returns.

Short and wide first ball, Williamson punches to deep point off the back foot for a single.

Southee on strike, and he dishes up a caught and bowled chance that Ishant can't hang on to! Tough chance, but you've got to take those.

Bouncer to follow from Ishant, Southee ducks under it. Ishant goes full and on Southee's legs, but he manages a leg bye to point.

Williamson defends out the over.


Shami to Southee. Bouncer first up, and Southee wears it, but the ball ricochets to the fence for four leg byes! India's lead is now less than 10.

Southee tries to turn the last ball of the ove through leg, but gets a huge leading edge over the fielder running back at point.

The batsmen run two.


Bumrah to Southee. He gets the edge first ball, but it doesn't carry to slip. Williamson-esque defence from Southee.

Bumrah pitches it up, and Southee bangs him back over his head! But the ball plugs in the outfield to limit the shot to two runs.

The next ball is straighter, and Southee glances for a single to square leg. 

Williamson on strike, two balls left in the over. He pushes the first one to cover for no run, and leaves the last one.


Shami continues to Williamson. He goes full and on leg-stump, and Williamson clips the ball down to fine leg for four. Short reply from Shami, and Williamson gets a leg bye down to fine leg. 

That brings Southee onto strike against Shami. Southee gets a leading edge to point for one, and that brings up New Zealand's 200! Every run is going to count here.

One ball left in the over. Shami goes full and Williamson punches past mid-on for two more.

Eight from the over.


That was an eventful over. The batsmen crossed, so Southee will take strike to Bumrah at the other end.

Bumrah attacks the stumps, Southee edges the ball onto his back pad, no run. Goes full, Southee defends to mid-off. Third ball is full as well, Southee gets another inside edge. Clear plan to Southee.

Full again from Bumrah, and Southee defends straight. Two balls to come. 

Full again, Southee edges but it drops short of Rohit Sharma. Final ball is on the pads, and Southee clips it out to deep square leg for two.

2:21am - WICKET

Jamieson faces Shami, and drives the first ball awkwardly through point for a single.

Williamson takes strike. Shami goes short, and Williamson swivels back to pull him for four! 

Shami goes for the pads, and Williamson tucks him to mid-on for a single to get off strike.

Jamieson back on strike. Bouncer. Jamieson goes for the hook and can't get near it as it goes over his head. That was really short. Pant dives to take the ball.

Shami goes full and Jamieson clears his front leg and bops him down the ground for six! First six of the match! 

What does Shami come back with? Another bouncer and Jamieson falls for the trap!

He hooks straight to Bumrah at fine leg and has to go for a valuable 21. Tim Southee is the new batsman.


Bumrah replaces Ishant to Jamieson. 

Beats him first up, before Jamieson gets a single to point from the second ball. 

Williamson on strike. He sees out the over, but looks in real discomfort with his elbow.


Williamson on strike to Shami. Short ball to start, and Williamson works him off his hip out to square leg for two. That was Williamson's 150th ball faced, he's batted for coming up to four hours for his 30.

Straight again from Shami, Williamson turns him into the leg side again for two more.

Fourth ball from Shami is an outswinger, Williamson plays and misses. Uh oh. Williamson looks like he's aggravated that elbow injury.

Fifth ball is full, and Williamson is hit on the pad! Lbw appeal is turned down - was he outside the line?

Kohli reviews - it'll need to be conclusively out to overturn the decision. No bat involved, umpire's call for impact and hitting the stumps. Williamson survives. If that had been given out by the umpire, Williamson would have been gone.

One ball to come. Williamson defends it.

That's drinks.


Jamieson takes guard at the other end, he'll face Ishant. Big unit v bigger unit.

First ball is full on middle, Jamieson squeezes through midwicket and they run two.

Ishant pitches up outside off, and Jamieson cracks it past cover for two more. Outswinger from Ishant next up, big swing from Jamieson but he doesn't connect.

Full again from Ishant, and again Jamieson swings and sends it past cover for two more. 

Ishant pitches up, Jamieson clubs it to mid-off for two more. Eight off the over with one to come.

Back of a length ball to finish, Jamieson backs away and swings it through the leg side for two more!

Big over, ten from it.


Jamieson takes guard. Averaging 47 with the bat. There was talk of him batting at No.7 for this game, he'll need to play like a batsman here.

First ball is pitched up, Jamieson drives straight to the man at cover. Good shot for no run. Shami swings the next one away, Jamieson leaves.

Another outswinger next up, Jamieson leaves. Shami pitches up, and Jamieson punches it straight back past the bowler for three.

Williamson on strike for the last ball of the over. He defends.

Three runs and a wicket from the over.

1:52am - WICKET

Shami to de Grandhomme. 

He hits de Grandhomme on the back leg and gets him lbw!

Does de Grandhomme review? No. He walks off for 13, Kyle Jamieson comes in at No.8.

That could have been worth a review though?


Ishant with the new ball from the other end. He goes short at de Grandhomme first up, who swivels back and pulls him into the outfield, but Jadeja saves a certain boundary down at square leg. What's more, he keeps it to one run. 

Williamson faces up. Ishant gets a bit of inswing that takes the ball down leg with his third ball, no danger for Williamson though.

One from the over.


India take the new ball, and give it straight to Shami. He'll bowl at de Grandhomme.

Big outswinger first up, de Grandhomme plays and misses. Second ball doesn't move as much, de Grandhomme defends under his eyes and runs a single through point.

Williamson on strike. Shami strays onto leg stump and the ball deflects for four leg byes.

Short and wide from Shami, and Williamson cuts him away for four more over point! Just Williamson's third boundary in 142 balls. 

One ball to come, Williamson leaves it, big swing after the ball passes the bat.


Jadeja carries on, last over before the new ball. De Grandhomme on strike. Shami warms up in the background.

De Grandhomme gets one away behind square for one. Williamson on strike.

Williamson goes back and steers a couple of balls behind square, but can't beat the fielders - that's been his major issue today.

One ball to come before the newie. Williamson turns to leg but can't get a run.


Bumrah to continue at Williamson, his last over before the new ball.

Williamson blocks it out.


Jadeja v de Grandhomme. Huge front foot press from de Grandhomme first ball, he manages to work the ball down towards long-on for one. Brings up New Zealand's 150.

Williamson faces up, five balls to come. Jadeja goes short, Williamson rocks back to cut, but misses it. That's two cut shots Williamson's missed today - normally one of his strenghts.

Short again from Jadeja, Williamson does connect with the cut this time, and gets a single.

One to come, de Grandhomme on strike. Dot ball.


Williamson faces up to Bumrah again, four overs until the new ball is due.

Four dots, then Williamson manages an outside edge along the ground through gully and the batsmen run two.

One ball to come. Williamson defends.


Jadeja continues to de Grandhomme.

Maiden over.


Bumrah carries on to de Grandhomme.

Short ball to start the over, de Grandhomme skies a pull shot towards mid-on, but there's no one there, the batsmen get two.

Kohli puts a man on the leg side fence, so de Grandhomme gets a single into the vacant area at midwicket.

Williamson faces up. Four balls to come. Williamson plays out the over.


Spin from the other end! Jadeja to take the ball from the other end, turning the ball away from the two right handers. Williamson faces up.

Williamson goes back and turns Jadeja behind square for one, his first runs after the break.

Jadeja to de Grandhomme, this could be interesting - India have four men on the boundary.

De Grandhomme clips one off his pads for one through the leg side, it's a no-ball from Jadeja too.

Williamson on strike, two to come. He works one into leg as well. 

Last ball, de Grandhomme on strike, he clips another single through the leg side.

Five runs from the over.


Bumrah will open up after lunch, de Grandhomme on strike.

The first ball is pitched up and de Grandhomme smokes it through cover for four! If de Grandhomme can bat his way - even just if it's for an hour - the Blackcaps will be more than happy.

Bumrah's third ball is short, and de Grandhomme looks to go back and pull it, but he only manages an inside edge onto his legs.

Last ball of the over, India put a man back for the hook. It's a bluff. Bumrah goes full and de Grandhomme leaves it.


The umpires emerge and make their way out to the middle. The New Zealand batsmen follow, while Kohli leads India's huddle.

This session could be decisive in deciding who wins the World Test Championship.


We're all set for the afternoon session. India are out on the ground. Williamson and de Grandhomme wait on the boundary's edge.


India took 3/34 in that session, but Kane Williamson is still there for the Blackcaps.

New Zealand's task has gotten much harder though if they're going to push for a win.

We'll be back in around 35-40 minutes for the afternoon session.

12:33am - LUNCH

Williamson faces up to Ishant. This should be the final over before lunch.

Williamson manages another outside edge, but he plays it so softly that it's never in any danger of finding Pujara at slip.

Maiden over. India's session.


Colin de Grandhomme comes in at No.7. The Blackcaps need a partnership, badly.

Four balls left in the over. Shami goes full to start, de Grandhomme defends.

Shami looks for the same ball that got Watling, but de Grandhomme is solid in behind it. 

De Grandhomme blocks out the last ball of the over, wicket maiden.

12:23am - WICKET

Watling on strike to Shami, who's swinging the ball away from the right handers.

Don't worry about the swing though - as Shami nips one off the seam, and beats Watling's defence to rattle the stumps!

Watling goes for one, Colin de Grandhomme comes in.


Watling takes guard, three balls to come in the over. He gets one in at the ribs first up, and takes a single behind square on the leg side.

Williamson to face up, two balls to come. Williamson sees out the over, a wicket and one run from it.

12:18am - WICKET

Ishant's back, he'll come around the wicket to Nicholls.

And he gets Nicholls! Ishant's angle draws a prod from the left-hander, taking the edge behind where Rohit dives in front of Pujara to take the catch.

Nicholls is out for seven, BJ Watling is the new batsman - playing in his last test.


Bumrah comes around the wicket to Nicholls. 

No-ball third ball of the over, before Nicholls works the fifth off his pads for one out to square leg.

Williamson to face the last ball of the over. Bumrah goes too full and Williamson clips him off his toes for four!

Williamson's first boundary of the day.

Six from the over.


Shami to Williamson now. Maiden over.

Williamson's now faced 103 balls for his 15 runs. 


Bumrah to Nicholls, he stays over the wicket. 

Beats Nicholls for pace and hits him on the pad second ball, slight appeal, but pitched outside leg. 

India have two back on the hook shot, are they luring Nicholls into a trap? The next ball is full, Nicholls edges onto his pads.

Nicholls bats out a maiden.


Shami to Nicholls, coming round the wicket.

Starts with a bouncer that Nicholls fends at. India appeal for caught behind, but the umpire's unmoved.

Shami goes short again and Nicholls hangs back and cuts him for four! Great shot.

The fourth ball is full, Nicholls presses at it and gets an inside edge to fine leg for a single.

Williamson on strike. Two balls left in the over. Two dots to finish.


Bumrah continues to Williamson. 

The first ball takes off a length and suprises Williamson with a bit of bounce, but the NZ captain gets his bat out of the way in time.

Short and wide from Bumrah with ball three, Williamson looks to cut but doesn't get close to it.

Bumrah follows it up by beating Williamson's outside edge. Williamson is really battling here, these are tough conditions to bat in.

Bouncer to finish, Williamson ducks. Maiden over.


Five balls to come in the over. Nicholls joins Williamson in the middle. 

Nicholls is squared up first ball, and gets a leading edge through cover for a single.

India's lead is now less than 100.

Shami to Williamson, who clips one down to fine leg for another single. Nicholls back on strike, Shami sends down a ball that swings back into the left hander, and it beats everyone to race away for four byes.

Nicholls sees off the last two balls of the over.

Six runs from it, four of them byes.

11:45pm - WICKET

Shami continues from the other end - and he strikes right away!

He bowls one back of a length that Taylor looks to drive at, spooning the ball in the air straight to Gill at short cover!

Taylor falls for 11, Henry Nicholls comes in at No.5.


Bumrah resumes to Williamson after the break.

Williamson plays out a maiden, but Bumrah is hitting speeds of more than 140km/h.


Just 16 runs from the first hour, but Williamson and Taylor have kept their wickets intact. Kohli brings Bumrah back into the attack - no sign of spin so far.

If the Blackcaps can keep this up, with India cycling through their three quick, we could see some very tired bowlers come this afternoon.


Ishant carries on to Taylor.

Taylor plays out a maiden. And that's drinks after the first hour.


Shami to Williamson. The ball keeps low through to Pant as Williamson leaves it.

Good shape away from the right hander to Shami, but when will he bring one back in?

Williamson plays out a maiden. We'll get one more over in before drinks.


Ishant to Williamson.

Williamson pushes at a ball outside off, but gets an inside edge through midwicket for a single.

Taylor faces up. Short ball from Ishant and Taylor gloves it past the diving Pant for four! Taylor gets lucky, but they all count.

Ishant pitches up, Taylor drives and is beaten on the inside. Last ball of the over, Taylor defends.

Five from the over.


Shami to Taylor. The first ball of the over is played so straight by Taylor that it hits the stumps at the non-striker's end. No run.

Shami bowls another maiden.


Ishant changes ends, he'll bowl to Taylor.

He goes at the pads, and Taylor manages a leg bye. Williamson on strike. He inside edges onto his back leg.

Slight appeal from the final ball, as the ball hits Williamson and drops to Gill at short leg. Straight off the thigh pad though.

Just the leg bye from the over.


First bowling change of the day. Mohammed Shami replaces Ishant. Shami was India's best bowler on day three - even if he went wicketless.

HUGE swing first ball! Taylor doesn't get anywhere near it, and neither does Pant, as he spills his one-handed take.

Second ball is a peach. Pitching on off and swinging past the bat. Pant again struggles to take it behind the stumps.

Shami pitches up and Taylor answers him with a cover drive for four! India won't mind that though. Taylor's first boundary.

Shami finds some bounce next ball, and hits Taylor high on the bat. The batsmen snatch a single.

Williamson to face, two balls left in the over. Shami goes back of a length, there's a bit of swing but Williamson defends late. No run. 

Last ball, hits Williamson on the back leg, but too high for the lbw.

Five runs from the over.


Bumrah to Williamson. He plays out a maiden.


Ishant keeps his battle with Taylor going. 

He diverts from the straight line, and pitches one outside off, Taylor leaves. Ishant does go straight again, and Taylor clips one to wide mid-on for a single.

Williamson to face. Ishant goes short at Williamson's body, and the NZ captain wears it. That'll hurt.

Ishant pitches one up next, Williamson defends. The next ball is down leg, Williamson's untroubled. Kohli appeals? 

The last ball is pitched up, Williamson turns one into leg for a single, his first run of the morning.

Two from the over.


Taylor takes his guard to face Bumrah.

Short ball to start, finds the outside edge of Taylor's bat, but there's no danger of it finding a fielder.

Taylor defends Bumrah into the off-side and takes a single to get off the mark.

Williamson back onto strike. And he gets another bouncer - is this a plan from India?

Bumrah goes fuller, but Williamson leaves it outside off. Same again with ball five. One to come. 

Williamson defends. One run from the over.


Ishant to Taylor.

The fourth ball of the over hits Taylor on the pad, India appeal but it's clearly going down leg. The batsmen run a leg bye. 

Williamson marks his guard to face Ishant for the first time today. He starts with a bouncer, well over Williamson, Pant does well behind the stumps to save four byes.

Williamson defends the last ball. One run from the over, no runs off the bat so far today.


Bumrah carries on. 

Williamson blocks out a maiden.


Ishant Sharma takes the ball from the other end, bowling to Taylor. He attacked Taylor's pads at the end of day three - will he go for the same again now?

He goes for the pads again indeed. First ball is well down leg, Taylor misses his attempted glance.

Carbon copy next ball, Taylor misses the glance. Straighter from Ishant, still attacking the pads, Taylor defends into leg.

Straight again from Ishant, Taylor defends with the full face of the bat to mid-on, no run. 

Ishant's fifth ball is on middle and off, Taylor clips to midwicket for no run.

Taylor defends the last ball of the over - a maiden.


Here we go then! Bumrah to Williamson. Clouds overhead, good time for the bowlers.

The first ball is outside off, and Williamson leaves it through to Pant. Second ball is on off-stump, back of a length, Williamson defends.

Wide again third ball from Bumrah, Williamson leaves it. Bumrah draws a play and miss from Williamson, good start from India's strike bowler.

Straight from Bumrah with ball five, Williamson defends to point. No run. One ball to come - hang on a sec, Bumrah's overstepped. That's a no ball, and the first run of the day.

Bumrah pitches the fifth ball up, Williamson drives to point. No run. Outside edge last ball of the over, but Williamson's soft hands see it drop well short of second slip.

Maiden over to start.


India are out in the middle in their huddle. Williamson and Taylor are making their way to the wicket.

Williamson will take strike for the first over of the day, and it looks like Jasprit Bumrah will open up with the ball.


The plan is to have 91 overs today. Light providing, play will go through until 6:00am on Wednesday.

Strap yourselves in, it's going to be a long night!


Word's just come through, play will start at 10:30pm!

Stay tuned, we're not far away from some live cricket!


The covers are coming off! Not too much rain has fallen, so it'll just be a case of how quick they can dry the ground.

The umpires are out in the middle having a look.


News from the ground is that they're hoping to start play in around 20 to 30 minutes.


Because of how long daylight actually lasts during the English summer, play can be extended well into Wednesday morning (NZ time).

We won't actually start losing any overs for another hour or so - provided play doesn't start.


Yep. You aren't going to believe this, but the start of play has been delayed.


There's a very light drizzle across the ground. Ugh.

Fingers crossed that this is just a passing shower.


The covers are out on the pitch, but there's no rain actually falling.

Make of that what you will.


Just over 30 minutes before play starts. While you're waiting, why not catch up on just why the Blackcaps have enough about them to force a win over the next few days.


Good evening! Good news to start the day, there's no rain - albeit there is a healthy cloud covering over the Ageas Bowl, and it's cold. A good day to be a bowler.

But both sides are out on the ground warming up, and we're told to expect a full day's play - weather and light permitting.


Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's live updates of day five of the World Test Championship final between the Blackcaps and India from Southampton's Ageas Bowl.

Now, with two days washed out, time may be the Blackcaps’ biggest enemy in their quest to win this inaugural test championship.

New Zealand enter today's play at 101/2, still 116 runs behind, but with favourable weather conditions predicted for the next two days.

If the Blackcaps can bat well today and secure a lead of more than 150 runs, then expect fireworks by the time day six rolls around on Wednesday.

But India aren’t out of the contest either. A couple of quick wickets in the opening hours of play will open this test match right up. 

Even though a draw seems most likely, a result is by no means off the cards.

TAB odds: New Zealand $3.85, India $16, draw $1.27

Blackcaps insist victory still possible in rain-affected test final

Despite a second full day lost to rain in Southampton, the Blackcaps are still confident they can force a result against India in cricket's World Test Championship final.

Fine weather is forecast for the last two days of the match and with that in mind, the team remains positive - and competitive - during a frustrating day indoors at Southampton's Rose Bowl.

"The guys have been filing the time," says batsman Henry Nicholls. "A bit of table tennis, a bit of darts... mucking around.

"Tommy Simsek the physio and coach Gary Stead won the doubles, so that was a lot of fun. The darts guys are your Kane Williamsons and Matt Henrys, so we've got a range of different sports and certainly a lot of competitiveness."

The Blackcaps are adamant that competitiveness will be on display, when the teams return to the middle to resume their battle to be the best test team in the world.

"It was a bit of a shame to lose a day's play, but day six is obviously going to be important now, with two full days left to play and plenty to play for," says Nicholl. 

With 98 overs scheduled for each of the two remaining days, there's still plenty of time to force a result. 

The Blackcaps have revealed how they intend to approach day five, 116 runs behind eight wickets in hand. 

"Kane and Ross [Taylor] have to go out there and start a new day on a pitch that's been covered," says NZ batting coach Luke Ronchi. "The way the fast bowlers have been bowling this entire game so far, it's been pretty tough for the batters to get away and score freely.

"It might take you all day to score 250, but if we can bat the whole day and do something like that, that gives us a lead and an up in the game."

But will either captain be the aggressor and risk losing in order to win? 

"They'll talk a good game in that respect," says former NZ opening batsman and commentator Mark Richardson.

"But to put yourselves under pressure and potentially lose this - being the inaugural one - I don't think either team wants to do that." 

But Ronchi insists victory is still within reach.

"I just think it's going be positive cricket from everyone and it's going be a really exciting couple of days."