Live updates: World Test Championship final - Blackcaps v India day six from Southampton

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India 217 (Rahane 49, Jamieson 5/31) & 170 all out (Pant 41, Southee 4/48)
New Zealand 249 all out (Conway 54, Shami 4/76) & 140/2, Kane Williamson 51* Ross Taylor 47*
New Zealand win by eight wickets


What a moment. What a partnership. What a pair to see New Zealand home.

New Zealand are world test match champions.


Shami to Williamson - one hit from victory!

Williamson gets one. Taylor on strike. He whips it off his pads for four and New Zealand are world test champions!


Ishant to Taylor, six runs needed to win.

Ishant splits the webbing of his fingers, so he can't bowl the over after fielding a straight drive!

Bumrah will finish the over. Taylor gets an outside edge, for two. Boundary needed to win!

Taylor sees out the over.


Shami's back. Williamson rocks back and whips him through the leg side for two more!

Dropped! Williamson goes across and looks to heave one over the leg side, but the ball balloons up in the air where Bumrah drops it running in from third man! The batsmen run two.

Williamson rocks back next ball and has another go, and whips it over midwicket for four!

That's his fifty!


Ishant to Taylor. He late cuts the first ball of the over down to third man for three.

Williamson on strike, and he whips another one off his pads for four more! Less than 20 runs needed to win!

Williamson takes three more with a punch through the off side! One ball left in the over, Taylor on strike, and Ishant sends it down leg.


Jadeja stays on at Williamson. His first ball doesn't get up at all, and basically rolls long the ground to Pant's gloves.

Williamson skips down and whips the last ball of the over through wide long-on for four!


Ishant comes back. Taylor looks for the cut first ball, and misses. He goes too full with his third ball, and Taylor clips to deep square for two more.

Less than 30 to win. 


Jadeja carries on to Taylor. Run out chance as Taylor sneaks a single. But Williamson gets home.


Here we go. We're into the last hour of the World Test Championship! Bumrah will keep the ball, Williamson on strike. NZ need 35. 

Williamson plays down the wrong line and is beaten first ball. Bumrah is getting some good bounce from back-of-a-length. 

Full to finish the over and Williamson drives through cover again!


Jadeja to Williamson. He takes a single to point from the third ball. Taylor gets a single with an inside edge to square leg, and it's a no-ball.

Williamson back on strike, and now he gets an inside edge into the leg side for one!

One to come, Taylor on strike. Outside edge this ball. No run.

That's drinks.


Bumrah carries on to Taylor, clouds coming in overhead. First ball takes off again, hits Taylor high on the bat, no run. 

Bumrah strays towards leg, and Taylor works it for four down to fine leg! That's the 100 up. 

Play and a miss from Taylor fifth ball. 


Jadeja stays on. Draws a forward defence from Williamson first up.

He gets the second one to turn square out of the footmark! Williamson reaches, but can't get near it. 

Jadeja goes full, Williamson sweeps, and the ball races away to the boundary for four! That's the 50 partnership between Williamson and Taylor. 

Jadeja comes back with two dots.


Bumrah stays on. He goes straight to Taylor, and gets worked through square leg for two. He gets one to take off, and it's clocked Taylor in the head off a length.

Short break while they check that Taylor's alright. He's good, and we're good to carry on.

Bumrah goes wide first ball after the stoppage, and Taylor leaves it. Straight from Bumrah to finish the over, no run.


Jadeja to Taylor, the field has started to spread. 

Taylor works a single to leg with the last ball of the over. Less than 50 runs needed.


Bumrah continues. He pitches up to Williamson and gets driven for four through cover!

Bumrah beats the outside edge of the bat with the fifth ball though, there's still a bit in this for the bowlers.

Yorker to finish, Williamson defends.


Jadeja carries on to Taylor, and hits him on the pad first ball! India appeal, but Michael Gough says no. Kohli doesn't refer.

Taylor plays out a maiden.


Bumrah comes back. Taylor on strike. 

Dropped! Bumrah draws the edge, but Pujara drops him at first slip! Bumrah goes short and Taylor clips him into leg for a single.

Williamson sees out the over.


Jadeja to Taylor. He drops the second ball short and Taylor cuts to the point boundary. Pujara reels it in, and the batsmen run three.

Williamson onto strike. Fifth ball of the over is short and wide, Williamson cuts it for four. Pujara isn't getting that.

One to come. Jadeja beats him with a ball that really turns.


Change of ends for Ashwin. Pant leaves the field, Wriddiman Saha comes on as the substitute wicketkeeper. We're hearing Pant is feeling unwell. He seemed fine when he was batting.

Taylor retakes his guard. Ashwin starts full, Taylor punches to mid-on. 

A couple of dot balls, before Taylor turns one into leg for a single. Williamson faces up, two balls left in the over. 

Ashwin drops one short, and Williamson goes back and hits one through point.

Taylor back at the striker's end, one ball left. Full from Ashwin, Taylor defends into the off side and runs one.


Jadeja replaces Ashwin, turning the ball away from both batsmen.

He starts to Taylor, and gives him one off the pads. Williamson on strike. Jadeja goes full again, and Williamson takes one now - it's a no-ball too!

Taylor on strike. Jadeja beats the outside edge, Pant whips the bails off, but no chance of a stumping.

Too straight to follow from Jadeja, and Taylor turns it through leg for one more. 

Williamson defends the final ball.


Ishant returns to bowl at Taylor. Short first up, but Taylor can't time his back foot shot.

Same ball from Ishant second up, and this time Taylor gets it! Four more through point! 

The fifth ball of the over is short, and Taylor cuts for one more, that means New Zealand are over halfway to the target!

Williamon on strike, one ball to come, he leaves it.


Ashwin stays on to bowl to Taylor. Three dots, before Taylor punches one down to long-on for a single, and brings Williamson on to face Ashwin. Williamson bats out the over.


Shami continues, Williamson faces.

Shami bowls one short and wide that Williamson cuts straight to point for no run. 

Short again from Shami, and Williamson rocks back for a backfoot drive for four through cover!

Just the four from the over.


Ashwin carries on to Taylor. He pitches one up and Taylor slogs him over midwicket for four!

Great comeback from Ashwin! He beats the bat with some turn, and Pant doesn't even read the spin!

Tosses another one up, and Taylor cover drives him for four more!

Ashwin comes around the wicket to finish the over, two dots.


Back after drinks, 31 overs left today. Shami continues, Williamson faces.

He goes straight and Williamson clips a leg bye. Taylor takes his guard to face Shami.

Short and wide first ball, Taylor cuts straight to Jadeja - classic crowd catch as the India fans celebrate, bump ball though.

Short again from Shami, and this time Taylor cuts it behind point for four! Taylor's first runs and 50 up for New Zealand.

Shami goes for the pad (where you probably should bowl at Taylor), and gets clipped for one. 

One to come, Willliamson on strike. Defends a straight one.

3:46am - DRINKS

Ashwin continues, after a decent chat with Kohli. Taylor bats out another maiden - that's 31 dots in a row.

That's drinks.


Shami stays on to Williamson. He plays out another maiden.


Ashwin carries on to Taylor. Maiden over.


Will Kohli turn to Jadeja? Let his left-arm spinner bowl at the two right handers? Nope. Shami continues.

He hits Williamson on the back leg again, the crowd appeal more than the players do. Shami goes wide down leg next ball, Williamson doesn't catch up with it through to Pant.

Straighter from Shami, Williamson goes through square leg again for two more runs.

Short and outside off next, Williamson leaves. Williamson defends the final ball of the over.


Taylor takes his guard, four balls to come. New Zealand's two highest run scorers come together. 

Straight first up, Taylor gets out in front of his pad and defends. Even straighter next ball, Taylor defends it into leg.

The India supporters have found their voice. Full again from Ashwin, and Taylor meets it with the full face of his bat. 

One ball to come. Taylor defends. Wicket maiden.

3:27am - WICKET

Ashwin continues, and he gets Conway lbw! Great flight that doesn't really spin, and he doesn't review it!

Conway goes for 19, Ross Taylor comes to the crease at No.4.


Shami's back. He took four in the first innings, India need him to do the same now.

Williamson takes his guard. Straight first up, and the swing beats Williamson. Shami appeals, but that's hit Williamson very high on the back leg. Not out the call.

Too straight next ball, Williamson turns him through leg for two. Good comeback from Shami. Wide outside off, Williamson leaves it.


Exactly 100 runs needed to win. Ashwin carries on to Williamson. Ashwin pitches one up, Williamson looks to sweep, misses and he's hit on the pad!

The umpire raises the finger! Williamson refers it though. It didn't look like he hit it, but is it hitting the stumps? Williamson's shot suggests that he thinks it's going down leg, we need ball tracking. But the ball's going down leg! Great review from the NZ skipper, and credit to Conway for telling Williamson to challenge it.

Williamson punches the next ball through cover off the back foot, and gets three to finish the over. 

Less than 100 needed to win!


Bumrah continues. First ball is down leg, Conway has a nibble at it. Pant takes the ball down leg and appeals. Umpire is unmoved, as is Kohli.

Conway drives the second ball to point, Jadeja throws the stumps down, but Williamson is home.

Williamson takes guard to face Bumrah. He defends off the back foot towards the vancant cover-point, and takes the run.

Conway back on strike. Bumrah goes short, and Conway hooks him for four! Two balls to come, Bumrah gets one to bounce and smash into Conway's bottom glove! 

Last ball is pitched up, Conway drives but can't beat cover.


Williamson takes guard, he battled incredibly hard for 49 in the first innings. The Blackcaps would take all of those runs again in a heartbeat!

He's got three balls left to face this over. Full ball to start from Ashwin, Williamson works it to mid-on, no run. 

Ashwin follows up with a short ball, Williamson goes back to cut it, but can't beat the man at point.

Full ball to finish, Williamson gets forward to cover the spin. Wicket maiden from Ashwin.

3:06am - WICKET

Ashwin stays on to Latham. 

Ashwin holds one back, tossing it up. Latham dances right past it and he's stumped!

India strike! Latham goes for nine, Kane Williamson replaces him.


Bumrah to Latham. Latham drives through cover off the back foot, and the batsmen run three.

Conway to face up. Short and on leg stump, Conway looks to flick to fine leg but doesn't get it, the ball takes the thigh pad past the diving Pant for four leg byes.

Bumrah goes straighter, and Conway leaves it, watching the ball bounce over the stumps.

Sharp reply from Bumrah, Conway plays inside a ball going across him, going through to Pant's gloves.

Bumrah goes fuller, and Conway just punches it through cover for four more. Dot ball to finish, 11 from the over.


Ashwin continues. Conway on strike. Bats out a maiden.


Bumrah continues, and attacks Conway's leg stump. They get a leg bye.

Latham faces up, he leaves it through to Pant - but the ball really wobbles after passing the batsman, Pant dives to take it.

Beauty from Bumrah to follow, drawing Latham into the shot, as the ball moves past the outside edge. And again next ball! Great ball from Bumrah. Same result again! Latham needs to be careful here.

One ball to come. Straight and Latham defends.


Spin now. Ashwin takes over, looking to turn the ball away from the two lefties.

Latham on strike. False start as Ashwin doesn't deliver the ball in his stride. The first actual ball is short and Latham punches to cover-point for one.

Conway on strike, Ashwin goes straight, and he defends. No real spin at the moment. Inside edge into the leg side from Conway, Latham thinks about the run but gets sent back.

Conway does turn one into leg next ball, and takes the single.

Kohli adds a man at leg-slip for Latham. Ashwin attacks the stumps, Latham defends on the back foot.

Latham gives the last ball the charge, and gets a leading edge over Ashwin! Nervy end.


No spin yet. Bumrah will resume after tea. Conway will face. There will be 45 overs in this session - unless a result is achieved beforehand of course.

Bumrah to Conway then. Full and straight to start, Conway defends. Slightly wider from Bumrah, and Conway leaves the second. Third ball hits Conway on the thigh, no issue though.

Conway plays out a maiden after tea.


And we're back for the final session! Virat Kohli again leads India's huddle.

Latham and Conway return to the wicket.


The World Test Championship final will go down to the last session of the last day.

All three results are possible. Imagine not liking cricket.

We'll be back shortly for the final session, and conclusion of this test match.

2:25am - TEA

Shami stays on, tea approaching. Latham prods at the fourth ball of the over, and is beaten through to Pant. 

Latham gets in behind the fifth ball, much better shot. But he's beaten again as Shami beats the outside edge again.

That's tea.


When do India turn to their spinners? Not now, but Bumrah replaces Ishant all the same. He starts over the wicket to Latham.

He goes short, and Latham manages to work one away down to fine leg for one. 

Conway comes onto strike. Fifth ball is a leg stump yorker, Conway flicks it down to fine leg for four more!

Play and miss to finish the over.


Shami stays on, around the wicket to Conway. He beats the outside edge on the fourth ball, and India come up with a slight appeal, not out though, never a serious shout.

One ball left in the over, Shami goes too straight and Conway punches it back past the bowler for four!


Ishant carries on to Conway. Leg bye to start, off the pad to square leg for a single.

Latham on strike, he plays back and works the fourth ball of the over through backward point for two to get off the mark.

Ishant goes full, Latham gets an inside edge behind square on the leg side, and runs two more.

Latham defends the final ball.


Shami continues. Latham faces. Shami around the wicket.

Shami goes short with his third ball, Latham goes back to pull it over the leg side, but plays the completely wrong line. Slight appeal as Pant takes the ball, not out. 

Nervous times for everyone here.

Too straight from Shami to finish, clipping Latham's pad and going for four leg byes!


Ishant carries on, bowling at Conway now. A good probing over from Ishant, a maiden.


Shami takes the ball at the other end ahead of Bumrah, Conway takes his guard.

Short ball to start, Conway looks to pull, fetching from outside off, but can't time it.

Shami goes short again, and Conway this time walks across to off and turns it into square leg for one. First runs for New Zealand and Conway is off the mark!

Latham takes his guard at the other end. Shami around the wicket. Huge swing back towards the left hander, Latham can leave it alone though. Shami finds more swing, shaping the ball back towards Latham's stumps, Pant has to really move to take the ball.

One ball to come, Latham defends.


Ishant Sharma will open up. Tom Latham takes strike. Around the wicket straight away.

Ishant attacks the stumps, Latham defends and gets an edge onto his pads.

Latham plays out the first over, a maiden.


Virat Kohli leads India's huddle. They'll be confident that they have enough to defend here. 

Tom Latham and Devon Conway walk out to the middle. There's a minimum of 53 overs left in the day, and the test.


Right then! The Blackcaps have rolled India for 170, and need 139 runs for victory.

We'll be back in 10 minutes for New Zealand's run chase,

1:37am - WICKET

India's last two batsmen at the crease. Bumrah on strike, four to come.

He defends the first ball on the front foot, straight out of the coaching manual.

Southee throws up a tempter next ball, Bumrah watches it through to Watling. Full next, Bumrah defends again.

Last ball of the over, and Bumrah edges it behind to Latham!

He's gone for a duck.

1:35am - WICKET

Southee keeps up to Shami.

The batsman backs away first ball, has a huge swing, and edges over the slips for four. India's lead is creeping towards 150.

Williamson moves Latham back to fly slip for that shot Shami just played.

And he's in business straight away! Same shot from Shami, and Latham takes the catch comfortably!

Shami falls for 13, Jasprit Bumrah is the last batsman.


Boult backs up after his successful last over. Ishant walks across the stumps to work a single first ball.

Shami on strike. Yorker from Boult, Shami keeps it out. Boult goes fuller, and Shami defends a single to point. 

Ishant back on strike. Three balls to come in the over. Wide from Boult, Ishant swings at it, but can't reach it.

Short from Boult, Ishant defends to leg. No run. One ball left in the over. 

Full again from Boult, Ishant drives straight, no run.


Southee to Shami.

The third ball of the over is too short, and Shami rocks back to cut him for four. 

Southee goes short again, and Shami pulls him for four more! Great shot from the No.9!

Two boundaries from the over.


Boult's first ball to Ishant hits the gloves, but falls safely. Boult comes around the wicket for his last ball, but Ishant leaves it.

Double wicket maiden.

1:21am - WICKET

Boult continues to Ashwin, four balls left in the over. Ashwin defends the first ball after drinks.

The second ball is pitched up, Ashwin drives and now he's gone too!!!

Two wickets in the over as Ashwin is caught behind by Taylor. 

Ashwin goes for seven, Ishant Sharma comes in at No.10.

India are out of batsmen.

1:16am - DRINKS

That's drinks too. Some Indian supporters in the crowd were shouting "drop, drop, drop" as Nicholls took the catch, and boy, did he let them know he'd caught it.

11:15am - WICKET

Boult replaces Jamieson, and he finds some swing away from the left-handed Pant straight away. Pant isn't tempted though.

He's tempted this time though! Boult goes to length, and Pant runs down the wicket, and slices the ball high into the air! Nicholls sprints back from the gully, and he takes the catch!

Brilliant catch by Nicholls!

Pant goes for 41, Mohammed Shami replaces him at the crease, promoted ahead of Ishant.


Southee replaces Wagner. Starts around the wicket to Pant.

Full to start, Pant defends into leg. Second ball swings away from Pant after passing the bat.

Five dots to start from Southee, before Pant drives a single to deep point.


Jamieson to Pant, but Southee is warming up. 

Pant pulls one to deep midwicket for a single, and gives Ashwin one ball in the over to face.

He blocks it out.


Wagner keeps on, Pant on strike. Another short ball, another hook to fine leg. 

Ashwin faces Wagner. He walks across his stumps anticipating the short ball, but gets an outside edge through the gully, and the batsmen run three. That brings up India's 150.

Pant returns to strike. Short ball hits Pant's gloves, another single to fine leg. 

Short ball, Ashwin pulls to fine leg.

Pant back, India have scored from every ball this over. Bouncer down leg, Pant can't catch up with it.

Short ball to finish the over, Pant pulls to deep midwicket for one.


Jamieson carries on, he's looking very tired - having bowled a lot of overs today.

The fourth ball of the over is very wide, Ashwin has a huge waft at it and misses it completely.

Maiden over.


Wagner to Pant, goes short first ball and is pulled to fine leg for one. Ashwin faces up - a lot of trust from Pant to give the new man five balls of Wagner.

Back over the wicket from Wagner, short leg and leg slip in place. Bouncer, Ashwin tries to take it on, but it drops short of Jamieson at square leg. 

Short again, and this time Ashwin manages to pull the ball to deep square leg for two to get off the mark.

Another short ball, Williamson's just moved himself into square leg, and the ball goes over his head! Williamson had just taken the place of Jamieson, and that catch would have gone straight to him!

Dot ball at Pant to finish.


Jamieson stays on at Pant - how will India's wicketkeeper play it from here?

He goes short, and Pant pulls out to deep square leg for one. Ashwin to face Jamieson.

Full to Ashwin, who defends to cover. Jamieson goes fuller and swings it away, Ashwin plays and misses.

Full again to finish the over, Ashwin leaves.


Huge passage of play now, India have no recognised batsmen after this pair.

Ashwin has one ball to face. Wagner comes back over the wicket. Full and straight, Ashwin defends.

12:44am - WICKET

Wagner stays around the wicket to Jadeja. 

Third ball is short, and flies over the head of Nicholls at short leg. Tough chance. 

Two balls to come.

Wagner changes tack and gets his man! He bowls one across Jadeja, who fishes at it and feathers through to Watling - who takes the catch with a broken finger!

The umpires want to check his back foot for a no-ball, but it's fine!

Jadeja goes for 16, Ravichandran Ashwin is in at No.8.


Jamieson continues to Pant. He goes full, and the ball basically rolls along the ground after it pitches. Uh oh. This pitch could be difficult to chase runs on...

Pant snatches a single to mid-off, even as Conway tries to kick the ball onto the stumps. Pant was gone if that hit. 

Jadeja to face, the last ball of the over is too full and is driven for three.


Wagner to Pant, and the batsman starts with a reverse-pull to third man for one. Interesting shot choice.

Jadeja takes strike. Wagner goes short, and Jadeja takes it on the body. Short again for ball three, Jadeja leaves it down leg, same result ball four. 

Ball five is short and at the body, Jadeja is hit again. Very wide ball down leg to finish, Jadeja leaves.


Jamieson. Jadeja.

He finds some swing with the fourth ball. Jadeja doesn't read it, and plays it way too late, and watches the ball go over his off stump. 

Maiden over.


Wagner to Jadeja. Around the wicket. Bouncer to start, Jadeja hooks but it drops short of the man on the fine leg fence.

Pant v Wagner. Short ball that Pant tries to scoop, he misses, and Watling can't hang on. The batsmen run a bye. Uncharacteristic mistake from Watling.

Jadeja on strike, Wagner goes short, and he defends into the leg side. Wagner goes short to finish, Jadeja wears it and runs a leg bye.


News coming through that Watling has fractured his right ring finger. He's playing on. Hero.

Jamieson continues to Pant. He goes too full with the fifth ball, and Pant drives through cover for two.


Wagner will keep up his battle with Pant after lunch. Around the wicket.

Short balls to start, Pant is tempted into the pull, but can't connect with Wagner's first two deliveries. Two men out for the hook. 

Wagner goes fuller, and Pant works to fine leg for one. India's lead passes 100.

Jadeja faces, short ball down leg, the batsman isn't tempted. Short again, Jadeja defends off the back foot. One ball to come, three men on the leg side fence for the hook.

Another bouncer to finish, Jadeja leaves it alone.


No surprises, Jamieson starts with the ball, he'll bowl at Pant, who's batting outside of his crease. 

Starts outside off, Pant leaves. Second ball is fuller, Pant charges again, swings and misses. Watling juggles the ball, he's in clear pain with that finger injury.

Pant steals a single with the fourth ball, Jadeja comes onto strike after lunch.

Jamieson pitches up, and Jadeja leaves his first one alone. Last ball of the over goes across Jadeja, and he leaves it.


Pant and Jadeja come back out onto the ground. They've already added 21 runs together, how big can they go?


Back for the afternoon session. Another huddle for the Blackcaps. Watling has come out with the gloves, so he looks like he's going to continue keeping.


All up, a pretty even session, but New Zealand will be the happier of the two sides.

Jamieson struck to remove Kohli and Pujara, and nearly had Pant too. Boult chipped in with the wicket of Rahane, meaning that NZ have removed all of India's specialist batsmen.

But Pant is still there, not out with 28, and will be the key if India are to push for a win. 

If the Blackcaps can break this partnership, then only Ravichandran Ashwin stands between NZ and India's very long tail.

We'll be back in about 35-40 minutes for the second session.

11:31pm - LUNCH

Wagner carries on. Pant takes a single to leg first ball. Jadeja back on strike. This partnership is already worth 21 in 25 balls.

Wagner comes around the wicket to Jadeja. Five dot balls to finish. And that's lunch.


Boult to Jadeja.

He defends one to de Grandhomme at point for one, ODI shot. Pant faces up, and he tucks one into leg for one more. 

Jadeja faces again, the last ball of the over swings after passing the bat.

Watling looks in real pain with the gloves on.


Wagner v Pant resumes. Full and at the pads first, no run. Full at leg stump next up from Wagner, Pant clips down to fine leg for one.

Jadeja on strike. Full again from Wagner, and Jadeja clips through midwicket for four more.

Next ball sees Jadeja try to pinch a single to mid-on, but Williamson fields to keep him at the striker's end. But his throw clips the end of Watling's finger, and he looks like he's in a lot of pain.

The physio comes out, and Watling's good to go. Short delay, but we're ready to go again.

The first ball is driven to point, Jadeja sets off but is sent back. Conway hits the stumps with his throw and India steal a run after the ricochet. 

Pant on strike, one ball to come, and he defends back to Wagner.


Boult stays on, he finished the last over with a wicket remember. Pant on strike.

Boult goes short, and Pant runs him down to third man for one. Jadeja on strike. Boult attacks the stumps, but Jadeja keeps it out.

Straight again from Boult, and Jadeja whips it through midwicket for four! Great shot.

One ball to come, Boult goes short again, Jadeja sways out of the way.


Jadeja is on strike, but he'll be at the non-striker's end for now. Pant faces up to Wagner - and he keeps on running down the wicket! Play and miss at another ball, this is make or break stuff from Pant.

Full and straight, hits Pant on the pads and New Zealand appeal! Not out the call as the batsmen run two, given as runs. Williamson refers at the behest of Southee and Taylor.

No bat involved, is the ball hitting the stumps? There's a delay waiting for ball tracking. But it's going comfortably down leg. 

Pant clips Wagner out to midwicket for two more next ball. Bouncer to follow, Pant can't time his pull shot but still gets one - that ball was 140km/h.

Jadeja takes strike for his first ball, two left in the over. He's hit on the pad first ball, but there's no real appeal from NZ.

Jadeja drives in the air last ball of the over, the batsmen get two.

11:03pm - WICKET

Boult stays at Rahane. There's now 79 overs left in the day, meaning if NZ end up chasing a target, India will only get one new ball.

Boult goes short, Rahane pulls it with no timing and gets two to fine leg. 

Rahane produces with a textbook cut off the back foot, racing to the boundary for four. 

But Boult comes back with a wicket! He strangles Rahane down the leg side, gloved behind to Watling!

Rahane goes for 15, Ravindra Jadeja is the new man.


Wagner continues at Pant. Good battle on the cards here.

He goes full, Pant drives straight to the man at backward point. Pant runs at Wagner again, and edges through gully for four more! He's living by the sword today! That's the 100 up for India too - 71 run lead.

Pant runs at Wagner again, but doesn't connect. Pant stays still this time, as Wagner beats his outside edge.

Dot ball to finish the over.


Boult to Rahane. Huge drive from Rahane, doesn't get anywhere near it. 

Rahane clips ball three off his pads to the square leg boundary, as Wagner cuts it off and keeps it to two.

Boult beats him with a beauty two balls later, can't find the edge though. Straight ball to finish, little bit of shape back into the right hander, Rahane defends.


Wagner carries on. Pant gets a huge inside edge that balloons up in the air, but Wagner can't get there in time for the caught and bowled.

Maiden over.


Boult comes back into the attack at the other end. He finds a bit of bounce to Rahane that's too close to cut, the batsman is lucky to miss the ball altogether.

Boult goes short again, and this time Rahane pulls to square leg for one.

Pant on strike now, Boult will look to swing the ball away from him. Boult goes too straight to finish his first over, as Pant works a single out to square leg.


Wagner comes into the attack as the first bowling change of day six, bowling to Pant.

Starts with a fuller ball that Pant hits to cover for one. Rahane on strike. He works one off his body for another single.

Pant returns to face. He runs at Wagner and clubs him past mid-off for four! 

Wagner's fired up now. He nearly throws the stumps down as Pant defends back to the bowler.

Pant gets an inside edge back onto his pad to finish the over.


Will Jamieson carry on after the drinks break? He does. Massive spell.

Starts with an outswinger to Rahane, left alone. Jamieson tempts him again but Rahane is happy to play it safe.

Maiden over.


Southee carries on to Pant. The second ball is full, Pant prods and gets an outside edge along the ground to gully. 

Pant gets into him fifth ball though, hitting through long on for four. Great shot, all wrists.

That's drinks. NZ win the first hour.


Jamieson carries on for his eighth over of this spell. Rahane on strike.

Maiden over.


Southee to carry on after shelling that catch - can he make up for it with the ball?

Rahane gets a single into the leg side, bringing Pant back to face.

Pant runs at the first ball he faces from Southee in the over, but misses. Interesting shot when trying to save a test.

Southee goes straighter second ball, and Pant gets two out to midwicket. 

Inside edge onto Pant's pads to finish the over.


Jamieson to Rahane. Full ball to start, Rahane pushes him through the off side for two runs to get off the mark.

Outside edge from Rahane next up, and he gets two down to third man. Jamieson responds with a bouncer down leg, Rahane leaves it and Watling does brilliantly to save four byes.

Attacks leg stump again, there's an appeal as Jamieson hits the pad, turned down as the batsmen run a leg bye.

Pant to face the last ball of the over. Edge and dropped! 

He draws the edge from Pant but Southee grasses it at second slip. How costly could that be?


Southee carries on. He comes around the wicket to Pant. 

First ball is wide and Pant flashes at it, getting the outside edge through the gully for four! 

Pant looks like he's going to attack. Southee goes wider, but Pant isn't tempted.

Hooping inswinger to the left hander to follow, but Pant gets forward to defend it. That was a similar ball that Southee got James Bracey with against England a couple of weeks ago, but Pant is a superior player and defends it properly, rather than having his stumps re-arranged.

Two men back for the hook, but Pant isn't tempted, and leaves the fifth ball.

Southee comes back over the wicket, and finishes with a yorker, Pant defends.


Pant can be the key for India here. He's got three balls to survive from Jamieson. He prods a single into the offside to get off the mark. 

Rahane on strike for the last ball of the over. And he defends it.

10:04pm - WICKET

Jamieson to Pujara - and he gets him!

A shorter ball sees Pujara push at it, and takes the outside edge to Taylor at slip!

Pujara goes for 15. Rishabh Pant is the new batsman. 


Southee to Pujara. Barring Rishabh Pant down at No.6, you'd probably say India don't have the batsmen to score quickly enough to push for a win.

How will Pujara and Rahane play? Pujara sees three off, then works a single to square leg. 

Rahane to face Southee, who has it swinging. Rahane plays out the rest of the over.


One ball for Rahane to face, he was India's top scorer in the first dig.

He gets an outside edge to start, along the ground to gully. No run. Wicket maiden.

9:55pm - WICKET

Jamieson carries on to Kohli. Hits Kohli on the pad first up, but Kohli is batting a long way down the wicket. Ball tracking shows it going over the stumps.

Fifth ball is moving away and Kohli gets an edge behind to Watling! Huge wicket - Kohli is gone for 13!

Ajinkya Rahane is the new man.


Southee to Pujara. Four dot balls to start.

Southee calls for a short leg in place to Pujara, and Williamson obliges. Nicholls comes in under the helmet. 

It's a bluff though, Southee carries on with outswing. Maiden over.


Jamieson. He goes too full with the third ball, and Pujara clips it to fine leg for one.

Kohli on strike. Jamieson beats him second ball outside off-stump, Kohli presses forward at one and misses.

One to come, same ball from Jamieson as he beats the outside edge of Kohli's bat.


Southee to Kohli. Slight shape away from the right hander, but Kohli leaves it. 

Bigger swing away second ball, but Kohli isn't tempted into a shot. Two outswingers to start the over, will he send one back in?

Not yet, another big outswinger that Kohli leaves. Kohli squirts the fourth ball behind point for two runs from the fourth ball, the batsmen look for three, but Pujara is slow between the wickets.

Another outswinger with ball five, Kohli leaves. One to come, will it be the inswinger?

Nope, another outswinger that Kohli leaves.


Jamieson will take the ball from the other end, he'll open up to Pujara.

Three dot balls to start, Pujara looks relatively untroubled in defence. 

Three more dots, and Jamieson starts with a maiden.


Southee will take the ball first, Kohli on strike.

On the money first up, Kohli gets forward to defend. Second ball starts to shape away, but Kohli covers the swing.

Southee goes too straight third ball, and Kohli clips out to midwicket for three runs, the first of the morning. Kohli is warned for running on the pitch.

Pujara takes guard. Bouncer from Southee first up, Pujara ducks. Southee goes straight, Pujara clips to square leg for no run.

Leg-stump yorker to finish the over, Pujara clips one to mid-on.


Here we go! Kohli and Pujara make their way out to the middle, as do the Blackcaps after a Williamson-led huddle.

NZ need to get Kohli as quickly as they can. Pujara will occupy the crease for as long as he can, but won't trouble the scorers in the same way his captain does.

Great gesture from Kohli, shaking BJ Watling's hand as he enters his final day as an international cricketer.


We're hearing that play can continue right through until 8pm local time (7am in NZ) to get the full 98 overs of play in.

HUGE first hour coming up, play's about 10 minutes away.


Good evening! The sun is shining, and we're all on for a full 98 overs of play.

Can the Blackcaps strike early - we'll bring you all of the action as it happens.


Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the sixth and final day of the inaugural World Test Championship final between the Blackcaps and India from Southampton’s Ageas Bowl.

After five days - two of them washed out - we’re here for an unfamiliar day six, with all three results on the cards and 98 overs to play.

India are 64/2 in their second innings, ahead by 32 runs, with their captain Virat Kohli at the crease.

The Blackcaps will need to take quick wickets and look to restrict India to anything less than 150 runs to chase on the last day, if they’re to win this inaugural World Test Championship final.

Their opponents can either push for a win themselves, looking to score quickly and set the Blackcaps a target, or bat themselves to safety in the knowledge that the trophy will be shared.

Today's weather forecast is for mostly sun, with a chance of some cloud - better late than never right?

TAB odds: New Zealand (suspended) $5, India $17, draw $1.18


Southee gives Blackcaps hopes of WTC final crown

An all-round display from Tim Southee has given the Blackcaps hope of an improbable victory over India in the World Test Championship final over India.

A fighting 49 with the bat from captain Kane Williamson, as well as cameos from Southee (30) and Kyle Jamieson (21) saw the Blackcaps bowled out at tea for 249 - 32 runs ahead in the first innings.

Southee (2/17) then struck early with the ball, removing opener Shubman Gill for eight, and Rohit Sharma for 30, as India finished the day's play at 64/2 - a lead of 32 runs. 

India will resume on day six with captain Virat Kohli (8 not out) and Cheteshwar Pujara (12 not out) at the crease.

Day five's play likely leaves all three results possible on the final day of play on Wednesday,  however with just 98 overs left, the safe money will certainly be on the draw.

As rain again caused a delay, resulting in half-an-hour lost before a ball could be bowled, the Blackcaps began watchfully on what was originally intended to be the final day's play.

Williamson and senior statesman Ross Taylor resumed as the overnight pair, but could only score 16 runs in the first hour that favoured India's seam bowlers.

But after the drinks break, India took control of the morning session.

Taylor was the first batsman to fall, getting out in the second over after the drinks break when he chipped Mohammed Shami to Shubman Gill at short cover for 11.

Henry Nicholls could only add seven before he was the next man out, as he edged Ishant Sharma to Rohit Sharma behind the wicket.

Playing in his last test match before retirement, BJ Watling was out for one, bowled by a ball from Shami that hit the seam to disturb the stumps.

The three wickets in quick succession had New Zealand slip from 117/2 to 135/5 at lunch on day five, still 82 runs shy of India first innings score of 217 all out.

Colin de Grandhomme came and went after lunch for 13, trapped in front by Shami, and was replaced by Jamieson - who entertained with his brisk 21, including the first six of the test as he sent Shami over the long-on boundary.

But Jamieson perished the very next ball, falling into a classic trap when he hooked Shami straight to Jasprit Bumrah on the fine leg boundary. 

Amid the wickets falling around him, Williamson stood tall. Even in visible pain with a suspected elbow injury, the Blackcaps' captain batted on.

After taking New Zealand past India's total with a backfoot punch to the cover boundary, Williamson fell one run short of what would have been a deserved half-century, out for a marathon 49 from 177 balls.

With the captain back in the pavilion, Southee seized the initiative, striking a lusty 30 runs from 46 balls including two huge sixes to push the Blackcaps' lead to 32 runs before he was the last man out, bowled by Ravindra Jadeja to see New Zealand all out for 249.

Southee carried that momentum into his innings with the ball, as he broke India's opening stand when he trapped Gill (8) in front at 24/1 - still eight runs shy of New Zealand's lead.

Rohit took India back in front, before Southee struck again by removing him lbw padding up to a ball that umpire Michael Gough decided was going to hit the stumps. 

Both sides will return with hopes of victory on day six, starting Wednesday night (NZ time).

In the instance of a draw, New Zealand and India will share the inaugural World Test Championship title.