Live updates: World Test Championship final day three - Blackcaps v India from Southampton's Ageas Bowl

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New Zealand 101/2 - 49 overs: Kane Williamson 12* Ross Taylor 0*
India 217 all out (Rahane 49, Jamieson 5/31)


Barring the loss of Conway, that was New Zealand's day. The Blackcaps trail by 116 runs heading into day four, and will look to bat big with their two senior statesmen - Williamson and Taylor - at the crease.

5:30am - STUMPS

We're now hearing that unless the light improves before 6:30 local time, then that'll be it for the day.

There's one minute for the light to improve... 

It's ticked past 6:30, and that's the end of play.

5:28am - Bad light stops play

The umpires come together, and they've decided it's too dark to carry on. The players leave the field, we'll keep you updated.


Taylor comes out at No.4. It'll be tricky starting at the moment. He's got two balls to face in the over.

Ishant attacks the pads, and Taylor defends. Same ball again from Ishant, but Taylor keeps it out.

Wicket maiden.

5:23am - WICKET!

Ishant replaces Jadeja. Seam from both ends under the dark clouds.

Around the wicket to Conway. Ishant goes wide, and Conway has a nibble at it. India are excited behind the stumps. The momentum has swung their way all of a sudden.

Ishant goes full on leg stump and Conway chips it straight to mid-on where Shami takes the catch! 

Conway has to depart for 54, Ross Taylor replaces him.


Bumrah carries on to Williamson. It's gotten very dark on the ground all of a sudden, Williamson and Conway will need to be very careful here.

Williamson plays out another maiden.


Jadeja continues, Conway on strike. Maiden over though.


Bumrah to Williamson. There's cloud overhead, which should be to India's liking.

And straight away, Bumrah finds some swing with the older ball. Williamson does well to stay inside the line of the ball though. 

Maiden over from Bumrah.


We're back after drinks, Jadeja to bowl to Conway.

The first ball is tucked away down leg and the batsmen come back for two, that raises New Zealand's 100 runs.

Just the two runs from the over.


Bumrah to Conway. The second ball is short at the body and Conway wears it. That was very awkward. The batsmen take a leg bye though.

Bumrah to bowl to Williamson. He goes too straight and Williamson glances for a single to square leg.

Conway back on strike. Bumrah goes straight again and Conway clips him off his pads for three, and that takes him to his half-century! The first batsman in the match to raise his bat.

Williamson to face the last ball of the over - he defends.

That'll be drinks.


Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack, can he manage to find some turn? Conway on strike.

He starts with a no-ball though. Conway late cuts the last ball, and runs three.

Four from the first Jadeja over.


Bumrah carries on. Conway on strike, Bumrah comes around the wicket.

He bowls a no-ball with the second ball of the over, an extra run to New Zealand's cause. 

Conway works one off his hip, and Williamson calls him through for a second, great running from the New Zealand pair.

Bumrah goes back-of-a-length, and Conway edges onto his back pad. Conway responds by turning the ball into leg for a single.

Williamson will face the last ball of the over. Short from Bumrah, and Williamson punches him into the off-side for two more. 

Six from the over.


Williamson v Ashwin continues.

Ashwin goes short, and Williamson cuts. The ball dribbles into the outfield, and by the time the fielders throw it in the batsmen have run four.

Ashwin draws the leading edge next ball, and the ball loops agonisingly close to giving Kohli another catch. Williamson counters by getting very far forward to smother the spin next ball. 

Williamson defends to end the over.


Bumrah comes back, and he'll bowl at Conway. 

He goes too full, and Conway clips the ball onto his pad, and then down to the fine leg boundary. 

Bumrah comes back well though, three dots to finish the over. 


Williamson v Ashwin. Short outside off to start, Williamson tries to work a single to point, but Conway sends him back. 

Ashwin goes straighter, but Williamson defends into the leg-side. Williamson tries again to work a single towards point, but can't get the ball away.

Ashwin has the field up on the leg-side, so Williamson sweeps him for four behind square. Good batting.

Williamson defends the last ball.


Shami carries on, Conway on strike. The ball swings as it passes the bat, and nearly undoes Pant behind the stumps.

Shami goes short at Conway, who can't time his pull shot. No run. The next ball takes off a length and gives Conway a bit of trouble, hitting him on the fingers.

Conway survives the over, a maiden.


Ashwin to Conway. He works a single into the leg side, Williamson has to face the last ball of the over, Ashwin's gotten him out five times in his career.

Dot ball to finish.


Williamson takes his guard at the other end, he'll have to face Shami. 

The New Zealand captain plays out a maiden.


Williamson takes guard, he's got four balls to face in this over. 

Slip and short leg in place, as Williamson defends his first ball. Williamson turns his third ball around the corner and gets off the mark with a single.

Conway back onto strike, one ball left in the over. Ashwin tosses one up, and it goes past the outside edge of Conway's bat. A bit of excitement from India.

One run from the over.

4:19am - WICKET

Ashwin will carry on after drinks. Latham takes guard. 

He pitches one up that Latham pushes straight to Kohli at cover! India strike!

Latham walks off for a crucial 30, Kane Williamson comes to the crease at No.3.


Shami carries on. This stand is the highest partnership of the match so far. 

Latham defends one into the off-side and takes a single with the third ball of the over.

Conway on strike. He plays out the over. That'll be drinks in the evening session.


Ashwin continues to Conway. Ashwin tosses one up, and Conway smacks him over the infield for four out to the point boundary. 

Just the boundary from the over.


Shami to Conway. First ball is on his body, and worked away for a leg bye. 

Latham on strike again. He manages another uppish punch through the vacant gully area for four more.

Huge lbw appeal with the final ball of the over, but the umpire says no, probably going down leg.


Ashwin carries on, and Conway works him for three first ball of the over to bring Latham onto strike.

Latham runs down the wicket to the last ball, and is hit on the pad. Slight appeal from India, but Latham was way too far down the wicket to be given out lbw.

Three from the over.


Shami comes back from the other end, he's been India's best bowler today.

Straight away he beats Latham's outside edge. Another maiden over.


Ashwin's back. Conway on strike. He plays out another maiden.


Ishant continues to Conway. He beats Conway with a beauty, Ishant is convinced that he's got him, but Pant doesn't appeal. Kohli decides against the review.

Conway tucks Ishant through leg for two, next ball. Ishant goes short, and Conway works away another single. 

Three from the over.


Bumrah comes back to replace Ashwin. He draws a false shot from Latham first ball, with his straight drive hanging in the air for a long time before it drops safely.

There's no fielder in front of the wicket at mid-off though, so Latham scrambles back for two. 

Bumrah follows up with a full ball on leg stump that Latham clips to fine leg for one, bringing Conway onto strike.

Bumrah goes too straight and Conway clips him off his legs to the midwicket boundary. That's the 50-run stand between Latham and Conway! 

Bumrah overpitches, and Conway smacks him through cover for three more, this is turning into a huge over with one ball to come.

Latham to face. Bumrah coming around the wicket. Inside edge from Latham, no run.

Ten from the over.


Ishant stays around the wicket to Latham, who works the first ball into leg for a single to start the over.

He stays around the wicket to Conway. Five dots to finish, just the one run from the over.


Ashwin carries on to Conway. He'll come over the wicket. Six balls at Conway, six defensive shots offered.

Maiden over.


Ishant continues, staying around the wicket to Latham.

The first ball comes back in to Latham, who inside edges onto his back leg. That'll hurt, but Latham's tough.

Latham plays out a maiden.


Ashwin starts from the other end. There was no spin for him in the afternoon, what can he do in the evening? Conway on strike.

Ashwin tempts Conway into a drive, which he smashes straight to Kohli at short cover for no run. 

Conway plays out a maiden.


Ishant will return to the attack after tea. Conway will be on strike to resume. Clouds forming overhead, slightly darker out there than it was before the break.

A bit of swing for Ishant to start the session, Conway lets it go through to Pant. Ishant falls over in his follow-through with his second ball, but he's back on his feet unscathed.

Ishant changes his angle and comes around the wicket to Conway, who drives through cover for three runs to start the session.

Latham comes onto strike, two balls to face. Ishant stays around the wicket, and draws the outside edge straight through the gap between the slips and the gully. 

One to come, Latham's hit on the thigh pad. Seven runs from the over.


We're about ready to go for the final session of play on day three. 

India are back out on the ground first, before Latham and Conway emerge from the dressing room. 

There's a lot of work for the Blackcaps batsmen to do in this first innings, but Latham and Conway are setting a great platform for them to do it.

2:59am - TEA

Another session victory for New Zealand. The Blackcaps picked up the last three Indian wickets, before Latham and Conway reached the break unscathed at 36/0 - trailing by 181 runs.

We'll be back in around 15 minutes for the evening session, with 47 overs scheduled to be bowled today.


Bumrah replaces Ashwin. Latham on strike. The tea break is approaching.

Latham is nearly cut in half by a ball that swings back into him from Bumrah to end the over, and the session. Maiden over. 

That's tea. Well batted by Latham and Conway.


Shami's back for his sixth over. 

Finds bounce again and Latham fends one that just balloons over Rahane diving backwards at gully! Very lucky for Latham, who gets off strike.

Conway faces up. Shami tucks him up second ball, no run. Shami goes fuller, and Conway clips him off his pads down to fine leg for a boundary. 

Great comeback from Shami though, beating Conway's inside edge. Shami finishes the over with three dot balls.


Ashwin to Latham. Latham runs at the bowler first ball and pushes one to mid-on and sets off for a single. Risky run, but Latham gets home.

Conway to face Ashwin for the first time. He drives his second ball out to cover and takes a single.

Ashwin tosses one up to Latham, and he also pushes one out to cover. Conway back onto strike.

Conway defends the final two balls to finish the over.


Shami to Conway. 

He goes short and Conway punches one off the back foot out to deep point, and the batsmen run three. 

Latham onto strike, and he tucks one out to square leg for a single to finish the over, four from it.


Ashwin to Latham. Latham plays out a maiden. Still no real signs of turn for Ashwin.


Shami continues, as Conway edges the first ball onto his pad. India have brought in Shubman Gill to field under the helmet at short leg.

Conway walks across his stumps and takes a leg bye from the fifth ball. Latham defends one into the leg side to finish the over, two runs from it.


Here he is. Ashwin comes into the attack, the first over of spin in three days. Ashwin comes around the wicket straight away to Latham. 

Latham uses his feet well to defend the first two balls, no real turn so far. Latham dances down the wicket to defend the fourth ball, and the Indian fielders are very excited by it.

Ashwin goes shorter to follow up, Latham defends on the back foot. Full again, and Latham defends to play out a maiden.


Shami continues, no sign of Ashwin - or Jadeja even - just yet. 

Shami gets one to bounce off a length, and Conway gloves it over slips and gully to steal a single. Very lucky for Conway.

Latham onto strike, and Shami gets him with a short one too! Latham stays out of any danger though. He tucks one off his hip next ball to get down the other end.

Shami is getting late swing here too, Conway leaves the ball alone. Shami hits Conway on the thigh pad to finish the over.


Ishant will continue for now though, bowling to Conway.

He continues to probe away at Conway's off-stump, before he goes short. Conway pulls him to fine leg for a single. 

Latham onto strike with one ball left in the over, he defends.


Shami to Latham. Another maiden played out by Latham, but Ashwin has started to warm-up in the background...


Conway re-takes his guard for the resumption. Ishant stays around the wicket, and Conway leaves the first ball back alone.

Ishant doesn't trouble Conway though, maiden over.


And just like that, the rain has stopped. Two minutes after the delay was called for.

India didn't even leave the field for the break. Latham and Conway return to the crease.

2:08am - Rain stops play

Ishant continues, the rain is really falling now. Conway on strike. 

He defends the first ball, before the umpires decide that the rain's gotten too heavy. 

We'll have, hopefully, a short break while we wait for the shower to pass.


First bowling change for India, as Shami replaces Bumrah. Latham on strike.

Starts around the wicket and finds Latham's outside edge first ball, along the ground for two runs through gully.

Shami squares Latham up with his third ball, which takes the outside edge that falls short of Rahane at gully. 

Rain has started to fall, again. Two runs from the over.


Ishant still, Latham facing. There's two men back for the hook shot, is Ishant about to go short?

Latham tucks one into leg for a single. Conway onto strike, and sees out the over.


Bumrah continues to Conway. Conway defends the second ball towards point, looking for a run, but Latham sends him back.

Bumrah goes full, and Conway drives through cover for four. Great shot. 

Next ball is straight and hits Conway on the pad, India appeal for the lbw, but that's clearly going over the top of the stumps. Replay shows it was an inside edge, so a non-event all round.

Bouncer to follow up, Conway ducks under it. 

Four from the over.


Ishant stays around the wicket to Latham. Probing over from Ishant, but Latham plays out a maiden without any real hassle.


Bumrah continues. How long will India wait to give Ashwin a go at the two left-handers?

Bumrah stays around the wicket to Latham, and is honing in on off-stump. Latham leaves the first two balls, but really needs to be careful around his off-stump. Clear plan from Bumrah.

Same thing third ball, before Latham defends the fourth on the back foot. Arguably, that fourth ball was probably the one that Latham least needed to play at. 

Bumrah goes straighter, and Latham works off his pad for one run through midwicket.

Conway on strike, but Bumrah sends one down leg to finish the over.


Ishant continues to Conway. 

The fifth ball is pitched up, and moves away from the left-hander, as Conway edges the ball through a vacant gully for four to get off the mark. Not convincing, but they all count.

One ball to come, and Conway comes up with a huge play-and-miss. 

Four runs from the over.


The rain appears to have passed. Bumrah continues, he'll come around the wicket to Latham.

Goes short outside off, and Latham leaves it alone. Bumrah overpitches his fourth ball, and Latham smacks a cover drive for NZ's first boundary. Shot.

Bumrah is touching speeds of around 145km/h though, decent pace. 

Latham leaves one to finish the over.


Ishant continues, round the wicket to Latham, who works one off his pads into the leg side for another single.

Conway to face Ishant for the first time. Stays around the wicket and pitches one on off-stump, Conway defends. Straight again, Conway defends to leg this time.

Ishant continues to pitch the ball up, Conway pushes one to cover but can't get a run. 

Beauty from Ishant with ball five, drawing Conway forward and beating the bat. 

Last ball, straight from Ishant, Conway defends.


Jasprit Bumrah takes the new ball from the other end, and will stay over the wicket to Latham.

First ball is left alone by Latham, not troubling the stumps. Bumrah strays onto leg stump second ball, and Latham flicks a single to fine leg. That brings Conway onto strike.

Straight from Bumrah, and Conway defends. Bumrah goes wider with ball four, and Conway leaves it alone through to Pant.

Drops of rain starting to fall. Straight again from Bumrah, Conway defends and gets an inside edge back onto his pads.

Last ball coming up, and Bumrah finds a bit of bounce that catches Conway out. No run.


Ishant starts wide to Latham, who leaves it through to the keeper. Straighter second ball, Latham plays and misses as the ball goes through to Pant.

Straight again from Ishant, and Latham clips short of Gill at midwicket. Good start from Ishant here.

There's a plan here to Latham. Ishant goes straight again, Latham defends off his pads. Sharma targets the leg stump now, as the ball goes down leg through to Pant.

Ishant goes short, and Latham tucks him past square leg for the first run of the New Zealand innings to end the over.


Right then, we're back for New Zealand's first innings. Latham takes guard, and Ishant takes the new ball and comes around the wicket straight away.

The clouds have come back, and the sun's gone away...


So far so good for New Zealand on day three, they've taken 7/73 to bowl India out for 217, and will get to bat in the sunshine.

Still, a lot of work to be done - starting with Tom Latham and Devon Conway at the top of the order.

1:06am - WICKET

How will Jadeja play it from here? He'll face Boult. There's a slight delay, something up with the sightscreen, which is now blue instead of white.

We're ready to go, and Boult gets Jadeja! He gloves one down the leg side, and he's on his way for 15.

India are all out for 217.


Hat-trick ball. Jamieson goes way too full, and Shami drives him through point for four to finish the over.

Four runs and two wickets from the over.

12:57am - WICKET

Two in two for Jamieson! Another inswinger that smacks right into Bumrah's front pad, and given out straight away by the umpire.

That's a five-wicket haul for Jamieson - his fifth in test cricket. 

Golden duck for Bumrah, Mohammed Shami comes in to face the hat-trick ball.

12:55am - WICKET

Jamieson to Ishant. Starts with an outswinger, Ishant plays and misses. Lbw appeal second ball, but Ishant was hit outside the line of off-stump. 

Fourth ball is pitched up and Ishant edges behind to Taylor! Jamieson strikes after lunch, and he's got four wickets now. 

Ishant goes for four, Jasprit Bumrah is in at 10 - given a promotion ahead of Mohammed Shami.


That's 90 overs bowled, meaning we've now had an acutal day's worth of play! Take that Southampton weather. Boult resumes after lunch from the other end.

Boult starts short, Ishant fends it behind the wicket, no run. Boult goes short again, and gets some swing after the ball passes the bat. 

Ishant squeezes a through the gully, bringing Jadeja onto strike for the last ball of the over. 

Jadeja leaves the last ball. One from the over.


Right then, second session, day three. Ishant will be on strike, and Kyle Jamieson will take the ball for New Zealand. 

Huge inswinger to start, and Ishant spoons it to vacant square leg for one. Jadeja on strike, how will he play this?

Jamieson starts straight at Jadeja, who pushes the ball to mid-off for no run. Jamieson comes around the wicket, Jadeja leaves the first two, then drives to de Grandhomme at point.

One ball to come, Jamieson needs to keep it tight to give NZ an over at Ishant at the other end.

And he does, dot ball to finish, one run from the over.


We're just about ready to go for the afternoon session.

The major news after lunch is that the sun is out. That'll start to naturally dry the pitch out, and should make batting pretty uncomplicated.

If the Blackcaps can grab these last three wickets, they'll get to bat in easily the best conditions of the match so far.

12:05am - LUNCH

New Zealand's session. India lost 4/65 in the morning, with the Blackcaps getting the big wickets of Kohli and Rahane.

India still have Jadeja at the crease though, and he'll have a huge part to play in his side's quest for runs.

We'll be back in around half an hour for the afternoon session.

12:02am - LUNCH

This should be the last over before lunch. Boult to bowl at Jadeja.

Starts with a bouncer that looks to have hit Jadeja on the arm, Watling appeals for the caught behind, but the umpire says no.

Jadeja follows it up with a drive through the covers for two. Boult comes back well with three dots.

One ball left in the session, what can Boult do? Down leg, off the thigh pad and through to Watling.

That's lunch.


Southee carries on after his dropped catch. Jadeja takes one first ball to bring Ishant onto strike.

False shot first ball, with Ishant getting a leading edge, but it falls safe. 

Ishant gets off the mark with a push for two into the covers. Ishant survives the rest of the over, three runs from it.


Boult stays on, Jadeja on strike - how will he play with the tail?

Jadeja plays out five dots, but gets an edge last ball - but Southee can't hang on to the catch!

Huge chance put down by the Blackcaps as Jadeja is dropped on 11.


One ball to come in the Southee over. Ishant on strike. He's India's nightwatchman, usually, so he'll back his defence against the new ball.

Southee sprays one down leg that Ishant can leave.

11:48pm - WICKET

Southee stays on, Ashwin on strike. Ashwin pushes one down the ground for two, and that brings up India's 200.

Ashwin drives one off the back foot through cover for four more, he's moved into the 20s and is looking good here.

Two balls to come, Southee goes fuller and gets the edge behind! Latham takes the catch and sends Ashwin on his way for 22. 

Ishant Sharma is the new batsman.


Boult to Ashwin. He gets a single from the fourth ball, working to midwicket.

Jadeja on strike. He sees out the last two balls of the over.


Southee carries on to Jadeja. Second ball of the over is worked into leg for one, Southee has a half-appeal, but didn't look like there was any pad involved.

Ashwin takes guard to Southee. First ball swings and beats the bat,

Concerns that the ball might have gone out of shape already. Umpires check the ball, but it's given the all clear.

Southee pitches one up, Ashwin drives and gets the outside edge over the slips for four runs. 

Full again from Southee, and Ashwin punches down the ground for three.

Good over for India, eight from it.


Boult takes the new ball from the other end, he'll no doubt look to attack Ashwin's pads.

He starts wide, and Ashwin leaves it alone. Bit of bounce next up from Boult, it takes the shoulder of Ashwin's bat but lands safely. 

Goes for the pads now, but Ashwin works one through leg for two runs to get off the mark. 

Shorter from Boult, and Ashwin punches into the off-side now for a couple more.

Boult finishes with a straight one, and Ashwin flicks off the pads to finish the over with a boundary.

Eight runs from the over.


Southee continues, New Zealand still haven't taken the new ball.

Jadeja leaves the first one alone, and does the same with the second. Southee attacks the stumps with the third, Jadeja works into leg but doesn't get a run.

And with that, they've taken the new ball.

No real swing first up, Jadeja defends. Huge full toss from Southee to finish, bit of shape there.

Maiden over.


The new ball is due, but Williamson wants to give Wagner another over at Ashwin with the old one.

Bouncer first up, Ashwin gets out of the way. Fuller next up from Wagner, Ashwin drives to the fielder. 

Short again ball three, but Ashwin does well. He plays out a maiden.


Southee replaces de Grandhomme after one over. Getting a warm-up in before the new ball maybe?

Jadeja on strike, six balls until the new cherry. Southee starts back of a length to Jadeja, who defends into leg.

Southee beats him for pace next ball, but Jadeja survives. Win predictor has moved up to 32 percent for New Zealand.

Two wide balls follow from Southee, one down leg and one outside off. Last ball, and Southee gets it to swing back sharply. Jadeja lets it go, but could have lost his stumps.

Maiden over.


Ashwin takes guard with two balls left in the over. He has five test hundreds, but all of them have come in India, and four of them are against the West Indies.

First ball to Ashwin is back of a length, which is awkwardly defended. Ashwin backs away and has a huge swing at the last ball - and misses.

Appeal from Watling behind the stumps for caught behind, but given not out.

11:11pm - WICKET

Wagner carries on, two overs until the new ball is due. Starts with a yorker, Rahane defends.

Full again second up, Rahane pushes to mid-off, no run though. Sends down a bouncer that Rahane pulls, not in control but it lands safely, they get back for two.

The field goes back for the bouncers now, and the plan works straight away!

Another bouncer and Rahane pulls it straight to Latham at midwicket!

Rahane goes for 49. Ravichandran Ashwin is the new batsman.


De Grandhomme comes into the attack, and he's greeted with a boundary by Rahane, who tickles him down to fine leg.

Too short to follow up from de Grandhomme and Rahane cuts for a single. De Grandhomme goes too full to Jadeja with his last ball, and gets pushed for four down to long-off.

Expensive over, nine from it.


This should be the last over before drinks. Wagner continues, and bounces Rahane first ball. Rahane pulls out to deep square leg for two.

Too full from Wagner, and Rahane clips him off his toes out to midwicket for three. Runs are starting to flow now.

Jadeja on strike. Plays out the over, five from it.


Jamieson keeps going from the other end, Rahane on strike. 

Jamieson overpitches and Rahane drives through cover, Williamson saves the boundary but they run three. 

At the start of play, the win predictor gave NZ a 19 percent chance of victory. That's now at 29 percent.

Jadeja comes onto strike. Too full again from Jamieson, and Jadeja drives for a couple of runs. 

Bouncer to end the over, Jadeja sways out of the way. Five runs from it.


Wagner continues, Rahane on strike. Six overs until the new ball is due.

The second ball is very full, and Rahane clips into leg for one. Jadeja comes onto strike. Quick stat: Since 2019 the Blackcaps have caught 91 percent of their catches in the slips - the best of any side in international cricket.

Wagner starts with an outswinger to Jadeja, who leaves it alone. Wagner goes straight next up, Jadeja clips straight to the man at midwicket. 

Wagner sends one down outside off, Jadeja drives and gets the edge, but it drops short of slip and races away for four. Jadeja off the mark with a boundary.

Five runs from the over.


Jadeja takes guard, if he gets going he can really take the game away from New Zealand.

He leaves the last two balls of the over though. A wicket and six runs from it.

10:44pm - WICKET

Jamieson carries on, with an unreal economy rate of 0.83 runs conceded per over.

But he starts his 19th over with a no-ball. Jamieson goes short to Rahane, who tucks him to fine leg for a single.

Pant on strike, and he clips one through midwicket for a boundary, surreal shot - he had no business playing that ball there. Pant gets off the mark.

WICKET! Jamieson goes across Pant and he gets the edge behind!

Huge drive from Pant, but he gets the edge straight to Latham who takes the catch at slip!

Pant goes for four, Ravindra Jadeja is in at No.7.


First bowling change of the morning, Wagner takes over from Boult, Pant on strike.

Outswinger to start, Pant leaves. Wagner is sending down some beautiful outswingers, but Pant isn't tempted.

Yorker to finish from Wagner, Pant defends to mid-off. Maiden.


Jamieson carries on, bowling to Rahane.

Maiden over. Only four runs have been scored this morning.


Boult stays on from the other end. Rahane works a leg bye. 

But that'll mean Boult v Pant. Boult beats the outside edge third ball of the over. Pant looks to take the attack to Boult, and gets a huge inside edge with an attempted drive. 

Pant survives the over though.


Jamieson stays around the wicket to Pant. Jamieson contiues to attack the stumps, but Pant's defence is up to the task.

Pant smokes a cover drive out of the middle of the bat, but Williamson saves a certain boundary. The Blackcaps' fielding has been great so far this morning.

Pant is trapped on the pad fourth ball, but again it's going down leg. Jamieson comes back over the wicket and hits Pant on the pad again! Lbw appeal is turned down, but Williamson reviews.

There's no bat involved by the looks of it, but the ball could be heading down leg. Umpire's call! Unlucky for the Blackcaps. Pant survives by the skin of his teeth.

Maiden over.


Boult continues to Rahane, he'll be eyeing a crack at the left-handed Pant up the other end though.

Boult hits Rahane on the pad second ball of the over, but too high for the lbw. Rahane plays and misses the next ball. This is a great start for NZ.

Bouncer to follow up, Rahane ducks under it. Rahane drives the next ball, but Latham dives to make a one-handed stop at cover. 

Rahane leaves the last ball. Maiden over.


Two balls to come in the over, Jamieson to Pant - the first left-hander in India's lineup.

Jamieson comes around the wicket and hits Pant on the pad, but clearly missing the stumps.

Again Jamieson goes straight, Pant can't score.

Wicket maiden from Jamieson and the dream start for the Blackcaps!

10:14pm - WICKET

Jamieson continues to Kohli. The Indian skipper is batting a long way outside of his crease.

Kohli can't score from the first three balls. The fourth ball is pitched up, and hits Kohli on the pad! Huge lbw appeal, and he's given out! Huge moment!

Kohli reviews, and there's no bat involved. Waiting for ball tracking, and it's three reds!

Kohli's out for 44, lbw to Jamieson. Rishabh Pant is the new batsman.


Boult carries on to Rahane. First ball of the over is worked into leg for two runs.

No real swing for Boult so far, but Rahane is very watchful in defence. 

Fifth ball sees Boult go across Rahane, who plays and misses. Rahane leaves the last ball, two runs from the over.


Jamieson takes the ball from the other end. Good move. He was the pick of the bowlers yesterday. Rahane takes guard.

Jamieson starts on middle and leg, Rahane defends into the leg side, no run. He follows up with a back-of-a-length ball outside off, Rahane leaves it through to Watling, but there's still a bit of movement.

Rahane works one down to fine leg next ball for the first run of the day.

Kohli comes onto strike now, this could be the battle of the morning. Jamieson starts outside off, there's some away swing as Kohli leaves it.

Last ball coming up, Kohli gets an inside edge onto his back leg. One run from the over.


Right then. Day three. Here we go.

Kohli on strike, Boult with the ball.

Boult starts on off-stump, Kohli defends to backward point. Boult goes straighter next up, Kogli defends to end the over.


Kohli and Rahane have made their way out to the middle, followed by the Blackcaps.

Trent Boult will resume the over that was cut short last night, he's got two balls left.


The local groundstaff say that we should be in for a full afternoon without rain - which is great. The only issue is whether any rain falls in the morning.

At the moment we're still pencilled in for that 10pm start time.


Interestingly, Virat Kohli is yet to hit any balls in his warm-up. The Indian skipper holds the key for his side, six runs away from a very deserved half-century.

The Blackcaps bowlers are getting through their preparations on one of the practice pitches. They let India get off to a good start yesterday, and can't afford to do the same if New Zealand are to have any hope of victory in this final.


Confirmed! Play will start at 10pm NZ time.


The word from the middle is that there's going to be a delayed start. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can start. Fingers crossed for the first ball at 10pm NZ time.


India are out doing their warm-ups, they're clearly expecting play to start on time.

The umpires are out in the middle inspecting conditions.


The covers are off the pitch, and it doesn't look like there's been too much water on the surface.

The groundstaff are confident that we'll start on time at 9:30pm NZ time.


Good evening! Well, the bad news is that there's been rain overnight at the Ageas Bowl, and the covers are over the pitch.

Word from the ground is that it isn't really raining - more of a drizzle, but it'll still take time for conditions to dry.

We'll keep you updated as soon as there's any developments.


Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of day three of the World Test Championship final between the Blackcaps and India from Southampton's Ageas Bowl.

After two days and just under 66 overs play, the World Test Championship final is on a knife edge.

Kane Williamson's decision to bowl first after winning the toss has been blunted by a fine knock from counterpart Virat Kohli. 

India are 146/3, and have the chance to bat big and really put the Blackcaps under pressure, with bowler-friendly conditions on offer.

The weather forecast makes for okay reading, with scattered showers expected across the day.

TAB odds: New Zealand $5.55, India $3.50, Draw $1.57

'Pretty even': Blackcaps heartened by World Test Championship final start

Blackcaps bowler Kyle Jamieson believes his side is well poised, after a hard-fought start to the World Test Championship final against India in Southampton.

After losing a day to rain, the Indians finished the second day at 146/3, with captain Virat Kohli (44) and Ajinka Rahane (29) rebuilding from a mini collapse that had them 89/3, before bad light ended play early.

Jamieson was the most effective bowler for the Blackcaps, snaring the key wicket of Rohit Sharma and conceding just 14 runs from as many overs, including nine maidens.

"I think it's pretty even at the moment," says Jamieson. "A pretty good day of test cricket really.

"The disruptions didn't help the momentum we were trying to get that we had at periods of time. They played really well. 

"They put away the bad balls when they were there and they were really patient outside off.

"Our plan was to stick around there and, credit to them, they were able to play pretty well. We were able to keep things relatively restricted and grabbed three important wickets as well."

Neil Wagner and Trent Boult claimed the other two scalps for New Zealand, who perhaps should've further capitalised on the favourable overhead conditions and what seemed a critical win at the toss.

"It was obviously pretty crucial to keep the ball in reasonable areas for a long period," Jamieson adds. 

"It was good to halt their momentum a little bit. How we did that as a bowling unit throughout the day, after they started off pretty well, was pleasing and it kept things in the balance very nicely.

"Obviously, we know they are a quality line-up from one to 11. There's a reason why they've been one of the top teams in the world for a long period of time."

The 26-year-old Aucklander insists there are plenty of encouraging signs to build on, heading into day three, although the weather forecast continues to cast a long shadow over proceedings, with more rain on the radar.

"As a unit, it was about trying to keep the ball in the right areas for long periods and I think we were able to do that for the most part today," says Jamieson. 

"We'll certainly take a lot of confidence out of that moving into tomorrow."