World Test Championship: Blackcaps insist victory still possible in rain-affected final

Despite a second full day lost to rain in Southampton, the Blackcaps are still confident they can force a result against India in cricket's World Test Championship final.

Fine weather is forecast for the last two days of the match and with that in mind, the team remains positive - and competitive - during a frustrating day indoors at Southampton's Rose Bowl.

"The guys have been filing the time," says batsman Henry Nicholls. "A bit of table tennis, a bit of darts… mucking around.

"Tommy Simsek the physio and coach Gary Stead won the doubles, so that was a lot of fun. The darts guys are your Kane Williamsons and Matt Henrys, so we've got a range of different sports and certainly a lot of competitiveness."

The Blackcaps are adamant that competitiveness will be on display, when the teams return to the middle to resume their battle to be the best test team in the world.

"It was a bit of a shame to lose a day's play, but day six is obviously going to be important now, with two full days left to play and plenty to play for," says Nicholl. 

With 98 overs scheduled for each of the two remaining days, there's still plenty of time to force a result. 

The Blackcaps have revealed how they intend to approach day five, 116 runs behind eight wickets in hand. 

"Kane and Ross [Taylor] have to go out there and start a new day on a pitch that's been covered," says NZ batting coach Luke Ronchi. "The way the fast bowlers have been bowling this entire game so far, it's been pretty tough for the batters to get away and score freely.

"It might take you all day to score 250, but if we can bat the whole day and do something like that, that gives us a lead and an up in the game."

But will either captain be the aggressor and risk losing in order to win? 

"They'll talk a good game in that respect," says former NZ opening batsman and commentator Mark Richardson. "But to put yourselves under pressure and potentially lose this - being the inaugural one - I don't think either team wants to do that." 

But Ronchi insists victory is still within reach.

"I just think it's going be positive cricket from everyone and it's going be a really exciting couple of days." 

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