World Test Championship: Blackcaps legends Brendon McCullum, Ian Smith bask in groundbreaking success

NZ cricketing legends Ian Smith and Brendon McCullum have been around long enough to remember darker days for our national team - so imagine how they feel today.

As the reality of the Blackcaps' World Test Championship triumph sinks in, the two former wicketkeepers are understandably proud as punch.

Key recruits in the newly established SENZ sports radio network, they still talk a good game and are happy to talk up the achievements of this latest crop of Kiwi cricketers, with Smith daring to go where many fear to tread, proclaiming this victory as our greatest-ever sporting moment.

"It ranks right up there for me, because we expect our All Blacks to win, we expect our rowers to do well, we dominate a lot of things and we have from year dot really," he insists. "But we've been good old Kiwi battlers in cricket. 

"So often, we've not been expected to do well and when we have, it's a bonus - a surprise. It's no surprise any more, we've lost the element of surprise.

"What they've done now is create a level of expectation and that's really good."

McCullum, who was captain when this group began to rebuild NZ cricket from the ashes, echoes those sentiments.

"This team goes down, in my opinion, as the greatest Blackcaps team we've ever seen."

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