World Test Championship: Newshub's Lloyd Burr witnesses wild celebrations after Blackcaps triumph

As veteran batsman Ross Taylor put the punctuation mark on New Zealand's world test triumph at Southampton, Newshub's Lloyd Burr could barely hold back a tear from his media perch.

After months of reporting COVID-19 lockdowns and - before that - the Blackcaps' heartbreaking countback defeat at the 2019 Cricket World Cup one-day tournament, our man finally had something to cheer, as the Kiwis ground down their Indian rivals.

"To see the runs that we needed to beat them come down to the last four runs was so exciting," Burr told The AM Show. "To be in there was absolutely magic - I'm on Cloud Nine.

"It's pretty hard to explain, and probably not what we can show on the telly or describe on the radio. People just took their clothes off and it was like watching a whole bunch of football hooligans really.

"People had their shirts off and were swinging them around, it was just so much elation."

Burr reports disappointed Indian fans at the stadium were largely warm in their respect for the plucky New Zealand team.

"They've been really, really good losers actually," he says. "They've said 'you deserved it… if there's any team, we want to lose to, it is you Kiwis'."

Despite his emotions, Burr - ever the professional - insists he kept his shirt on, just in case the footage ended up surfacing on social media... or worse.  

"I was going to, but my cameraman was filming on his phone, so I thought 'I'm not going to do this, just in case anyone knows who I am or it ends up on your show, for example'," he tells AM Show host Duncan Garner.

"I didn't take my shirt off, probably quite a good idea, but my cameraman did. He had his shirt off and was swinging it around, and having a great time."

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