Live updates: Euro 2020 final - England v Italy from London's Wembley Stadium

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England 1 (Shaw)        Italy 1 (Bonucci) - Italy win 3-2 on penalties


Heartbreak for England. Penalty misses for Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka mean that the Three Lions' wait for a major trophy continues, as Italy win their European Championships since 1968.


Last penalty for England, they need to score this to stay in it.

Saka will take it. And he's missed. 



Jorginho to win it for Italy.

And Pickford saves it!!!


Jadon Sancho up for England.

And Donnarumma saves it! Matchpoint Italy.


Bernardeschi for Italy. 

He goes straight down the middle and scores!


Rashford up next, subbed on just for the shootout a few minutes ago.

And he's hit the post!!!

All square after three each.


Bonucci up next for Italy, he scored in normal time.

He stutters, and beats Pickford for height.


Harry Maguire up next.

What can Donnarumma do? And he hits into the top corner! Advantage England!


Belotti up next for Italy. Right footer up against Pickford. 

And Pickford saves! Wembley erupts!


Captain Kane steps up to take England's first.

And belts it home! All square.


Right then, Italy to take first. Berardi up against Pickford. 

He sends him the wrong way and scores!


Handshakes between Pickford and Donnarumma, goalkeepers' union and whatnot.


It looks like penalties will be taken from the England end. Italy appear to be taking the first penalty.


Jeez, for the second time in history, the European Championships will be decided from the spot.

Which players will put their hands up to take one?

You can bet Harry Kane's going to take one for England, while Jorginho and Belotti will surely step up for England.

I'm terrified.


Italy cross from deep on the right, Pickford watches it go out for goal kick - 30 seconds left.

Pickford launces it long, and Kane wins the header. Italy clear for a throw in. 

Grealish takes with Walker off, but there's no time.

We are going to penalties!

120+1 mins

Rashford, playing at right back, wins a throw. England send it right down towards the Italian half. 

They've got to defend for their lives for the next few minutes.

120 mins

Three minutes of added time. 

Italy's corner is swung in, but misses everyone. England clear and Italy go to the back.

119 mins

Italy control the ball in midfield, before putting Florenzi away down the left.

He wins a corner. 

England do make those changes, Rashford replaces Henderson. Sancho on for Walker.

Southgate's thinking about the shootout.

118 mins

Italy make their final change, Florenzi on for Emerson.

England will make two changes, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford are ready to come on.

117 mins

Bernardeschi shoots in the England box, and claims handball against Stones. 

No penalty from the ref though.

116 mins

Phillips takes the free kick, but Donnarumma rises above everyone to take it.

115 mins

Clash in midfield as Grealish is taken out, Jorginho the culprit. England are furious, saying Jorginho's stamped on Grealish.

And he has, his leading leg has trampled Grealish's quad. Not intentional, but surely worthy of a red card?

Nope. Just a yellow.

Jorginho is Italy's best penalty taker, he'll be vital if this goes to a shootout.

112 mins

Grealish is starting to run the game. He slips Shaw in on the left, but he can't get the cross in. 

Italy have shut up shop. England go all the way back to Pickford, and start again from the back.

111 mins

Pickford launches a goal kick towards Kane, but Chiellini beats him in the air. 

Henderson sees the ball out for an Italian throw. England win it back and keep hold of the ball.

Henderson puts Walker through on the right, but Italy don't break their shape.

England go back infield to Phillips, before trying to attack down the left through Shaw.

Maguire plays in Grealish, before Sterling has a run in the area! Bonucci is there and clears the danger though.

109 mins

Chance for England as the ball's fired in for Kane, but Donnarumma gets there to punch it clear.

Italy can counter as Locatelli plays in Belotti - shades of offside?

Belotti crosses, before the offside is called.

107 mins

Italy free kick after Maguire brings down Belotti, he's booked too. 

But free kick taker Insigne has been subbed off, so what will Italy do?

Bernardeschi stands over it, will he shoot or cross?

He shoots, straight at Pickford, who can't hold on at first, before the England keeper gathers before Jorginho can get to the rebound.

106 mins

And just like that, England prepare Marcus Rashford to come on, he'd presumably take Sterling's place?

Italy start the second half of extra time. 


Italy have made five subs, England have made only three.

If they can be patient, England can bring on their better penalty takers.


Handball called against Locatelli, England will have a free kick about 40 out. 

Shaw will cross it in, looking for Maguire's head surely?

Shaw takes, and Belotti goes down under the challenge of Kane.

That's halftime in extra time.

105 mins

One minute left in the first half of extra time. Italy go forward in search of Locatelli, his shot is blocked by Phillips. 

The ball's cleared towards the centre circle, where Kane chops down Jorginho.

We'll have one minute of stoppage time.

104 mins

Italy throw in. The ball drops to Magure, who sends it into touch for another Italian throw.

Chance for Italy down the left - but Pickford somehow gets his back to the ball against the oncoming Bernardeschi, as Italy can't hit the target and force a goal kick.

102 mins

Belotti is called for offside, so England can restart.

Grealish has his first touch, and looks to slip Saka in on the left, but he can't control it and gives away a goal kick.

101 mins

Free kick for England, Maguire stands over it and finds Shaw on the left. 

Saka is played in, before Shaw's attempted cross is cleared back to Maguire, who goes back to Pickford.

99 mins

Jack Grealish is getting ready to come on.

Belotti gets past Stones and shoots, but Pickford gathers and throws long to Mount. Jorginho fouls him.

That'll be Mount's last act, as Grealish replaces him.

97 mins

Shaw takes the corner, and it's headed out as far as Phillips, who drives the ball agonisingly close of the right post.

96 mins

Italy are playing at their pace. Verratti is bossing the game in midfield, before Bonucci goes long. Pickford gathers safely though, and rolls out to Stones for England to try and build something.

Henderson slips Sterling through after an interception, but the winger can only win a corner!

Verratti comes off, Manuel Locatelli replaces him.

95 mins

Italy win the ball back, before Sterling gives away a foul on Jorginho. 

94 mins

High boot from Berardi catches Maguire in the face chasing a long ball. Another free kick for England as Pickford starts the attack.

They go up to Saka, who's forced to go back to the defence through Stones and Maguire. England go down the left before Sterling wins a throw for Shaw to take.

93 mins

Henderson stays down after running into the back of Emerson. Free kick for England deep in their own half.

92 mins

Free kick for Italy to start, and they pass it around the back. 

91 mins

We're all ready to kick off extra time. England will have first use of the ball.

Italy bring on Andrea Belotti, he comes on for Insigne.


Chiellini takes out Saka on the break, and he's shown yellow! The six minutes are up, but England will have one last free kick. Phillips stands over it and floats it out to Maguire.

He can't control it though, the whistle blows and we're going to extra time!

90+6 mins

Italy cross in from the right, and Walker chests the ball down to Pickford. England clear, but Italy will have one last attempt towards the end of normal time.

90+4 mins

Italy holding onto the ball, they'd be happy to take this to extra time. 

90+3 mins

Italy burst down the right through Berardi, but the cross is to no one. Walker and Insigne tussle on Italy's left, and the England man comes away with it.

He looks for Saka ahead of him, but Italy smother the young winger.

90+2 mins

Sterling's fouled, England have a free kick on the left. Shaw to float it in. He meets Maguire's head, but Italy can clear.

Hendeson brings down Verratti to give Italy a free kick.

90+1 mins

There will be six minutes of added time. 

90 mins

Phillips wins the ball back and England counter inside the Italian half. They go to Sterling on the left, but he loses the ball under Verratti's challenge.

89 mins

Sterling runs at the defence, but he goes too far as Bonucci sees him out for a goal kick.

88 mins

Will either team push for a winner in normal time? There's a delay before England restart through Pickford.

85 mins

Insigne takes out Phillips to give away a free kick - and he's booked. Chiesa has come back on, but he looks in trouble. 

Mount stands over the dead ball, Bonucci clears and Shaw sends the volley into orbit.

Bernardeschi now replaces Chiesa.

84 mins

England restart, with Mount and Shaw coming down the left.

The cross comes in, but Saka can't get out of the way! The ball's cleared, and England go again.

83 mins

Chiesa limps off after a bit of a delay - this time will be added on remember.

Bernardeschi readies to come on for Chiesa, his night could be over. He's been Italy's best tonight.

80 mins

Italy break through Chiesa, but Walker, Phillips and Saka are all back to deal with him. Chiesa stays down.

Italy take a moment to regather heading into the final 10 minutes.

79 mins

Saka attempts to cut in from the right, and now he's taken out by Verratti. This is a great display of the footballing dark arts from Italy's midfield, fouling England whenever a break is on.

78 mins

Italy in full control now. They're just passing around through Verratti and Jorginho.

Phillips wins the ball and tries to start a counter, but Jorginho fouls Maguire to break up play.

75 mins

Cristante has a chance in England's area, but can't control the ball as it's tapped back to Pickford. 

Italy find Chiesa out on the left, but Walker covers to concede a throw in.

73 mins

England prepare to bring on Jordan Henderson.

Italy go long towards Berardi, Pickford comes off his line, but can't get to the ball. Berardi's effort is off-target though.

Henderson replaces Rice in the centre of midfield.

71 mins

England are about to make a change, Bukayo Saka coming on. He was key in the semi-final win over Denmark, and replaces Trippier. 

So England move back to a 4-3-3. Walker and Shaw move back into full back roles, with Mount moving into No.10, Sterling on the left, Saka on the right.

69 mins

All the momentum with Italy. Chiesa has the ball on the right, and fires a cross in that shapes away from England's goal, and out for a throwin. 

67 mins - GOAL ITALY

Italy equalise! Classic goalmout scramble from Insigne's corner! Pickford's forced into a save at his near post, but Bonucci follows up to smash the ball home from point-blank range!

67 mins

Shaw goes over the top looking for the run of Mount, but Donnarumma comes off his line to gather. 

Verratti sprays the ball out to Emerson on Italy's left, before they switch to the right and Berardi.

Bonucci comes up from centre-back to playmake alongside Jorginho. Verratti finds Chiesa, who crosses in looking for Insigne, but Maguire clears out for a corner.

64 mins

Mount wins a corner up against Di Lorenzo. Trippier to take it. He takes his time to wander over to the corner flag.

Trippier swings it in, and it meets Stones' shoulder! Donnarumma gets up to tip over the bar. 

Another corner, Trippier takes but Bonucci clears.

63 mins

Pickford comes off his line to clear the ball on England's left, and Italy attack again.

Chiesa dances in the area, and gets a shot away! Pickford goes down low to his left and saves it one-handed!

Italy have had two outstanding chances this half, but Pickford is making it count in England's goal.

60 mins

Italy cross into the area through Berardi, looking for Emerson - but he's handled in the area.

England are weathering a real storm here!

59 mins

Jorginho runs from deep, as Berardi and Di Lorenzo struggle to keep the ball on the right. 

Shaw will get us back underway with a throw in.

57 mins

Italy work into the box! Chiesa's shot is blocked, but falls into the path of Insigne. The oncoming Insigne shoots from the left, but Pickford closes down the angle to make the save at his near post. 

56 mins

England free kick on the left after that foul on Sterling. Shaw stands over it, looking for the cross. 

Maguire meets the ball, but heads over the bar.

55 mins

That change will take place, Cristante on, Barella comes off. Immobile also comes off for Domenico Berardi, leaving Italy without an out-and-out striker.

Shaw will restart with a throw in on the left, but Bonucci fouls Sterling and he's shown yellow.

54 mins

Italy break again through Emerson and Insigne down the left. Insigne tries to cut back in for a shot on his right foot, but belts it well into touch for a goal kick.

Italy are going to make the first substitution, Cristante will come on, but who for?

53 mins

Pickford restarts with a goal kick, and hits Kane. Kane plays in Trippier, but he can't keep the ball and gives Italy a throw on the left. Emerson takes, before Italy win a throw on the right. Di Lorenzo takes it, but Rice wins the ball back in midfield.

Kane then gives the ball away as Chiesa looks to counter. He crosses in for Insigne, but Walker gets up to head back to Pickford.

51 mins

Sterling then runs down the other end and takes out Insigne just outside the area. Italy can really rub salt into England's wound here.

Emerson and Insigne stand over the ball, about 25 metres from goal, bang in the middle of the field. 

Insigne shoots and looks for the top right corner, but can't hit the target with his right foot.

49 mins

England go long from the resarting free kick, and win a throw as Di Lorenzo heads into touch.

Sterling has the ball and runs at Italy's defence - he's taken out by Bonucci, but no penalty is given?!

Harsh call against Sterling, but you can argue that's the ledger levelled after the Denmark semi-final.

48 mins

Italy win a throw in to start the second half. Di Lorenzo looks for a cross on Italy's right, but Shaw blocks it, and then does well to win England a throw of their own.

Kane is taken out by Barella, who's shown the first yellow card of the final.

46 mins

Kane and Sterling kick us off to get back underway at Wembley!


Italy are back out after the break, what changes will they make?

England take their time, before Kane leads them out of the tunnel. 

It looks like both teams are unchanged for the second half.


England are 45 mins away from their first (men's) trophy since 1966. Luke Shaw's first international goal has given the Three Lions a 1-0 lead - but Italy are by no means out of it.

What will Roberto Mancini's side come back with after the break? Stay tuned to find out.


Italy try one last attack to end the half, but the hafltime whistle goes.

45+4 mins

Mount finds Sterling on the edge of Italy's area, he looks for Kane, but they can't keep the ball.

Italy quickly move the ball down to the other end of the pitch, Jorginho passes out to Di Lorenzo, who goes back inside to Bonucci - and the defender has a shot from miles out?!

England watch the ball sail well wide of the target.

45+2 mins

Italy restart, where Di Lorenzo crosses into the box, where Immobile shoots - but Stones blocks it!

Italy have another shot from further out, but Pickford is safely in behind it.

45+1 mins

Italy continue their assault on England's area. Di Lorenzo finds Barella, who chips over the top for Insigne on the left. He looks for the overlapping Emerson, but Stones breaks it up to give Italy a throw.

There'll be four minutes of stoppage time.

45 mins

Rice feeds Kane, who chips over the top for Sterling. Slight contact on Sterling, who goes down, but no foul given.

Italy clear as far as Rice, who tries to find Sterling again, but the pass is intercepted by Chiellini.

43 mins

Insigne loses the ball under Walker's challenge and concedes a goal kick for England.

43 mins

Italy buld from the back as Jorginho slips Immobile through. But the Italian striker has nowhere to go, and looks for Barella. 

The Italian midfielder is fouled by Rice, and Italy have a free kick in the England half.

Verratti stands over it, and launches it into England's box, but Maguire heads it away. 

Italy still have possession though, Emerson's cross is blocked by Tripper to win a throw.

40 mins

Italy win the ball back, and try to play in Immobile, but he doesn't beat England's offside trap. 

39 mins

Donnarumma's long ball forward is intercepted by Phillips, as Kane holds up play outside Italy's area. He loses the ball in search of a free kick, but play is waived on. 

Rice and Emerson clash, with the Italian left back giving away a foul.

37 mins

Chance for England now! Maguire's long ball finds Shaw in the box, he crosses in for Kane but the ball beats him, Italy clear for an England throw.

36 mins

Chiesa dances past Rice in midfield, and fires a shot with his left foot, but can't get the ball on target!

That was agonisingly close for Italy, but Pickford watched the ball go past his post.

35 mins

Chance for England as Pickford goes long! Mount has the ball in the box after Kane puts him through, and looks for the one-two with Sterling, but the winger can't control the ball!

Italy get rid of the danger.

34 mins

Italy work into England's box, but can't pick the lock as Verratti goes backwards. 

Rice and Phillips are sitting so deep in midfield that Italy can't find any space. 

Verratti goes wide to Emerson, who crosses in under Trippier's challenge, and earns England a goal kick.

32 mins

Mount is fouled by Di Lorenzo to win a free kick in England's half. Maguire stands over it and passes to Walker, who nearly loses the ball before Sterling goes back to the keeper. 

Pickford sends the ball towards the Italy half, where the Azzurri start an attack of their own.

30 mins

Italy give the ball away as Rice intercepts in midfield, and frees Kane through the middle.

England are patient in possession, and go back to Maguire. They work back upfield through Mount on the left, who gifts the ball back to Italy.

28 mins

Italy are holding onto possession inside England' half. 

They can't work an opening, so Insigne shoots from distance, well wide of Pickford's goal.

26 mins

Trouble for Italy, as Jorginho hobbles off. Looks like an ankle issue. Bryan Cristante warms up as a result.

Back to the match, where Chiesa breaks down Italy's right, but his cross is intercepted by Rice. 

England win the ball back and pass it around the back. Maguire goes to Pickford, who launches downfield to Mount. 

Sterling tries to run through the middle, but loses the ball. Donnarumma starts the counter to play Insigne down the left, but England win a goal kick.

Jorginho is back on the field.

22 mins

Trippier takes the free kick and finds Shaw on the left, who switches back to the right. Emerson gets there first and clears into touch for an England throw. 

England go all the way back to Pickford, who lumps the ball upfield in search of Mount, but into touch.

20 mins

Italy's attack is broken up by Sterling, and England look to counter from inside their own half. 

They win a throw in on the left, Shaw takes and finds Phillips. Kane is fouled by Chiellini and Verratti to earn a free kick.

17 mins

Rice concedes a throw in down England's left as he attempts to break. 

Jorginho finds Emerson with a ball over the top, but the winger is offside down the left.

15 mins

Mount wins another England corner. Trippier stands over it.

Bonucci heads clear as far as Shaw, who passes to Mount, who crosses into the box for Donnarumma to claim.

13 mins

Kane is taken out by Verratti to win a free kick. They go to Trippier again, unmarked down the right, but he crosses in to the box where no one waits for him. Italy clear for a corner.

Trippier takes, but Donnarumma gets up to claim it.

11 mins

England throw in on the left, deep in their own half. Shaw finds Kane who clears in search of Sterling.

Sterling is smothered by Chiellini, who gives away another free kick, England go quickly before winning another throw on the left.

Shaw looks for Sterling, but Bonucci heads out for another throw. Kane drops deep to get it, and then plays in Trippier.

The right back crosses in, but Chiellini blocks and clears.

8 mins

Italy lay siege to England's area, with Barella and Insigne looking to force an opening on the left.

Chiesa goes down under Shaw's challenge, and Italy have a free kick in a very dangerous position - shooting distance. 

Insigne and Emerson stand over it - only one free kick has been scored this tournament, funnily enough against England.

Insigne takes it, but curls it over the bar.

6 mins

Free kick for England after a handball by Jorginho. Maguire lumps it forward, before Mount fouls Jorginho to give Italy a free kick of their own.

4 mins

Here we go then! What do Italy come back with?


Insigne sends it in, and England clear early before looking to break. Kane plays in Trippier down the right, and he crosses in where Luke Shaw fires it past Donnarumma!!!

What a start - England lead through their left-back!

2 mins

Italy go all the way back to Donnarumma, before trying to play from the back. Phillips and Rice disrupt in midfield though to earn an England throw-in.

England go back to their keeper, before Maguire kicks the ball out for an Italy corner.


The players take the knee before we begin in honour of 'Black Lives Matter'

We're away at Wembley! Italy have first use of the ball.


England follow with 'God Save the Queen' and Wembley sings as one.

Not too many Italian fans in the house today.


Anthem time. Italy first, England second. Huge passion from the Italians (no surprises there).

The players are pumped.


Here we go then! Italy are the first out of the tunnel, followed by England.


We're having to sit through the tournament's closing ceremony, before the final is actually played.

UEFA, ladies and gentlemen.


Wembley Stadium have told the UK's Sky News that all of the security measures in place have worked, and that none of the invading England supporters have made it into the ground.

This means we should be good to go for kick-off in around 20 minutes!


Both teams are going through their final warm-ups ahead of kick-off.

England's Phil Foden is out of action though, he picked up a knock in training though and will miss today's final.


Well then, England have changed their shape from their semi-final victory. Kieran Trippier comes in as a right wing-back, taking the place of Bukayo Saka and seeing Kyle Walker drop back into centre-back alongside John Stones and Harry Maguire.

Risky to switch your formation before a final, but Trippier is one of the best dead ball kickers on the planet (remember this anyone?), and that set piece option could just be too good to turn down.

Italy meanwhile are unchanged from their penalty shootout victory over Spain.


Here's the final confirmed starting XIs:

England (3-4-3): 1-Jordan Pickford (gk), 2-Kyle Walker, 5-John Stones, 6-Harry Maguire, 12-Kieran Trippier, 14-Kalvin Phillips, 4-Declan Rice, 3-Luke Shaw, 19-Mason Mount, 9-Harry Kane (c), 10-Raheem Sterling

Italy (4-3-3): 21-Gianluigi Donnarumma, 2-Giovanni Di Lorenzo, 19-Leonardo Bonucci, 3-Giorgio Chiellini (c), 13-Emerson Palmieri, 18-Nico Barella, 8-Jorginho, 6-Marco Verratti, 14-Federico Chiesa, 17-Ciro Immobilie, 10-Lorenzo Insigne


Good morning to all! The first real news is that we could be in for a bit of a delay.

A small section of England fans have invaded Wembley. We're not fully aware of all the details yet, but local reports indicate that they're trying to get into the ground without tickets.

This is still developing news, so we'll bring it to you as it comes, but for now kick-off should be in around an hour.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the final of Euro 2020, with England hosting Italy from London's Wembley Stadium.

After 55 years of heartbreak, failure and embarrassment, is today the day that football finally comes home?

Gareth Southgate's side have done what no other England team since 1966 have done, reaching the final of a major tournament.

The Three Lions will play for the European crown for the first time, but they'll have a huge ask if they're to get past their opponents - Italy.

While England are playing in only their second major final, this is Italy's 10th - only Germany (14) have played more.

Roberto Mancini's Azzurri are unbeaten in their last 33 matches, and have only conceded 10 goals in that time.

Italy reached the final after beating Spain in a penalty shootout, however every side that's won from the spot in this tournament has then gone on to lose their next match.

In England's favour though, is the fact that they'll be playing in front of their own fans, with Wembley Stadium to be at 75 percent capacity - or just shy of 65,000 fans.

TAB odds

England $2.50, Italy $3.10, Draw (after full time) $2.88

Kiwi English ex-pat tempts fate with Euro 2020 victory tattoo

English football fanaticism has reached new heights this week, after the country secured its first ever berth in the European Championships final.

While the patriotic fervour has been on full display in the UK, those celebrations have swept up ex-pats across the planet alike, all to the incessant tune of 'Football's Coming Home'.

That includes NZ-based Brit Harry Hiscock, who's now proudly sporting a tattoo with a bold prediction that football is indeed coming home, when England takes on Italy in Monday's final.

After England went down a goal during their semi-final against Denmark on Thursday (NZ time), Hiscock's friend offered to pay to have the tattoo done if they were able to come back and win.

As it happened, Harry Kane's extra time goal secured a 2-1 comeback victory and Hiscock's date with the tattooist.

Unfortunately for Hiscock, his frugal mate was unable to keep his end of the bargain.

"I took him up on the deal," Hiscock tells The Project. "I was a man of my word, unfortunately he wasn't the same and he left his wallet at home so I had to pay for it."

Unsurprisingly, Hiscock's partner wasn't a huge fan of the tattoo, which reads 'It's coming home MMXXI'.

"She was pretty filthy about it when I came home on Wednesday," he recalls.

"She wants me to take her out for dinner tonight. Trouble is, her favourite restaurant is Italian so that's definitely not happening."

Obviously Hiscock's latest piece of body art won't look great should Italy get the better of their English foes on Monday, although Hiscock has devised a - albeit equally ambitious - contingency plan.

 "Fortunately for me the World Cup is next year, so if it doesn't come off I can just add another 'I' to my 'XXI' and I'll be alright," he laughs.