Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Penrith Panthers at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium

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Warriors 16 Panthers 30

Warriors - Egan, Walsh & Berry tries; Walsh 2 conversions

Panthers - Kikau 2, Staines 2, Martin & To'o tries; Crichton 3 conversions

Second half

40th minute - Penrith running the ball upfield, Leota bounces off a tackle, as the siren sounds and gallops upfield, but is eventually dragged down to end the game.

Gutsy effort by the Warriors, but still their sixth straight loss.

39th minute - Edwards knocks on, giving the Warriors one last chance to finish with a flourish.

From the scrum, Walsh sprints left and finds a half gap, but his tackled into touch. He grabs his calf, but looks like cramp.

38th minute - Warriors get the ball back and charge towards the line, but Townsend's pass to Sironen is wide and the ball is in touch.

37th minute - Fisher-Harris leaves the field. Fonua-Blake tries to barge over, Townsend grubbers to the goal area and Staines knocks it dead.

36th minute - Penrith are penalised, so Warriors have attacking opportunity. Lodge and Fonua-Blake combine again.

Walsh goes close again and gets buried under a tackle by the posts - Fisher-Harris, Kikau and Edwards in that tackle.

35th minute - Warriors try to clear their own half and Katoa's offload is knocked down, so a new set.

33rd minute - Warriors hot on attack, but Townsend's pass is tired and to no-one.

TRY to Walsh

Walsh puts Curran through a half gap and the forward offloads in a tackle to his fullback, who scores. Walsh converts, WAR 30-16

32nd minute - Warriors into Penrith half and Walsh finds DWZ with a long pass. Passed back inside, but Walsh is taken in a high tackle with the line in sight.

Fisher-Harris goes on report, as Walsh gets checked.

31st minute - Penrith goe right again, but Staines can't score his third. On the last, Burton's kick bounces dead.

30th minute - Warriors kick off and Leota reaches halfway, another set restart.

28th minute - TRY to STaines

Another short dropout is gathered by Penrith. They spread the ball left, where Yeo and May pass long, and Staines catches one-handed to score.

Crichton hits the posts with his conversion, PEN 30-10

27th minute - Panthers rolling upfield again, Burton kicks to the line and Walsh has fall on it for a dropout.

26th minute - Warriors kick off and Leniu takes them all on with his hit-up.

25th minute - TRY to Martin

Warriors are stretched, May finds Martin cutting off his shoulder and Nikorima glances off his tackle. Crichton converts from wide, PEN 26-10

24th minute - Warriors lose the ball in Penrith half and must defend again.

23rd minute - Montoya is driven back in a tackl and Aitken is almost carried back to his line.

22nd minute - Naden catches the short dropout and Panthers are back on attack. Yeo almost scores again, but is held up by Lodge.

Ball moves left, but Kikau's pass to To'o bounces forward.

21st minute - Burton chips behind the line and Walsh has to knock it dead for a dropout.

20th minute - May almost scores, but Warriors hold on and have the handover. Townsend kicks long and Edwards has another long run to halfway.

19th minute - Tevaga loses the ball in a slamming tackle and will likely face an HIA.

Warriors want an illegal strip in the tackle, but replays rule that out. Panthers scrum on the 30.

Tevaga is still on the field. Yeo breaks a tackle, but can't stretch to the line.

18th minute - Fisher-Harris offloads and Burton kicks long to Walsh on his own line.

Backs are taking all the hit-ups right now, as the forwards wander back.

17th minute - Warriors kick off and Leniu charges forward.

16th minute - TRY to Staines

Warriors are dead on their feet, Panthers move the ball right and Crichton draws two tacklers. before flicking backhanded to Staines, who dives over in the corner. This is about to get ugly.

Crichton hooks his sideline conversion, PEN 20-10

15th minute - Edwards makes big metres upfield and To'o threatens to score. Somehow the Warriors hold on.

14th minute - On the last, Edwards grubbers to the line, but Montoya finds the field of play.

Fonua-Blake charges forward and Townsend kicks long. 

13th minute - Kikau offloads, Panthers move the ball right and Capewell straightens.

Another offload from Kikau and Burton is tackled short of the line.

12th minute - DWZ and Montoya runs strongly, but Nikorima's pass to Fonua-Blake is forward on halfway.

11th minute - Burton kicks high, Walsh catches and DWZ has a run.

10th minute - Ah Mau burrows towards the line, Katoa gallops towards the line, Lodge tries to offload, but May gathers for Penrith.

Ninth minute - Another set restart, but Warriors must score.

Walsh kicks high and Penrith knock on. Another set for the Warriors and a penalty.

Eighth minute - Warriors attack off the scrum, with Walsh looming left. Set restart.

Seventh minute - Capewell loses the ball in a tackle and Warriors will have another chance on attack.

Sixth minute - Fonua-Blake runs off Nikorima, Walsh finds Sironen with a miss pass, Katoa is stopped short of the line and that's five tackles.

Fifth minute - Crichton loses the ball in a tackle and Warriors have great attacking position.

Fourth minute - Lodge is having a huge game and will have to stay on the full 80. Fonua-Blake busts towards the posts, Townsend grubbers towards the line, but To'o gathers.

Third minute - Yeo takes Aitken high and Warriors have a clearing penalty.

Second minute - May kicks behind the tryline, Walsh gathers and makes the field of play, but cops a knee to the head for his trouble. 

First minute - Apparently Egan is still suited, ready to come on with a busted shoulder if needed. Big ask for the Warriors here.

Townsend kicks on the last tackle, caught by To'o.

First half

40th minute - Berry is icing his hamstring, so Warriors have their 18th man available, presumably.

Warriors try to move the ball right, but Sironen's pass is behind DWZ and he knocks on.

Panthers have a scrum with four seconds remaining and May tries for a two-point field goal, but it's short, DWZ catches under his posts and takes the tackle to end the half.

39th minute - Another Warriors player down, it's Tevaga. He carries on.

Panthers work their way upfield. RTS is ruled out, as is Egan.

38th minute - From the scrum, Curran reaches halfway. Lodge and Fonua-Blake combine, but Sironen loses the ball in a tackle.

37th minute - Penrith already over halfway, but Kikau can't make a one-handed pass to hand the ball over early.

36th minute - Crichton converts, PEN 16-10

Warriors kick off and Martin hits the ball up.

34th minute - TRY to Kikau

Two set restarts in succession, as the Panthers roll forward. Another set restart for Penrith on the goal-line and the Warriors just can't keep tackling, with Kikau slicing through two weak tackles to score.

33rd minute - Long pass from Katoa puts DWZ into space. Walsh has a kick charged down, but has a second attmpt.

32nd minute - Capewell tries to find the tryline on the last, but dies with the ball. Warriors struggling to clear their line.

31st minute - Walsh kicks from his 30 and Edwards gathers the bouncing ball. Staines crosses halfway and Martin offloads.

30th minute - Panthers run rampant over halfway and assault the Warriors line. Burton kicks, but Townsend gobbles that up.

29th minute - Warriors kick off and Sorenson hits the ball up.

28th minute - TRY to To'o

Panthers run left off the scrum and a long pass from May finds To'o in full flight down the sideline - he dives to score, before Berry pushes him out. Crichton converts from the sideline, 10-10

27th minute - Wobbly kick from May, Warriors can't control and eventually deflect the ball into touch. Panthers scrum on the 10.

26th minute - Martin breaks a tackle and makes metres, Sorenson crosses halfway.

25th minute - Walsh finds Berry with another miss pass and Fonua-Blake charges towards the line. Another set restart.

Curran runs a great line off Townsend to score, looks forward and called forward.

24th minute - Panthers penalised on halfway, so Warriors will have another attacking opportunity.

23rd minute - Townsend kicks high to To'o, who runs into Curran. Burton kicks early, but Montoya gathers.

22nd minute - Naden croses haflway and Burton kicks high across field, Montoya leaps to catch.

Warriors have six again, Nikorima darts, but just can't get a pass away.

21st minute - Townsend kicks along the ground to touch on the last.

20th minute - Panthers kick off, Lodge takes another hit-up. Nikorima crosses halfway.

18th minute - TRY to Berry

Lodge offloads to Walsh. Fonua-Blake is held up, but the ball moves right and Berry takes a gap to score, off a great miss pass from Walsh.

Walsh hits the post with his conversion, WAR 10-4

17th minute - Egan is now leaving the ground... how much more can the Warriors absorb?

Lodge takes the dropout and hits it up. Fonua-Blake reaches the 30.

16th minute - Warriors in great attacking position and Katoa charges into a gap. Townsend grubbers to the goal area and it's batted dead for a dropout.

15th minute - RTS is taking his time and looks better, but will still need an HIA surely.

Warriors ball and Katoa charges forward. Fonua-Blake loses the ball in a tackle, but Penrith are penalised.

14th minute - May crosses halfway after recovering a loose pass. Burton kicks high and it bounces for Fisher-Harris, who tries to find Burton with a pass, but Burton runs into RTS and spills the ball.

RTS is down and out, and won't play any further part in the game, if early signs are an indication. Nikorima comes off the bench and prowls the sideline.

13th minute - Was always a risk bringing Harris back early from the shoulder injury. Panthers cross halfway, Burton kicks high to Walsh, who passes infield to Montoya.

Townsend kicks high again and To'o slides into the catch.

12th minute - Harris is up and will play on for now. Townsend kicks high and Edwards is safe under the ball.

Strong run from To'o and Fisher-Harris offloads. Harris is down again and is leaving the game.

11th minute - Tevaga offloads and Harris crosses halfway. Awkward tackle and Harris stays down.

10th minute - Panthers kick off and Lodge takes the hit-up.

Ninth minute - TRY to Egan

Montoya makes a break down the left and when the ball moves to midfield, Egan and Lodge combine, and Egan takes a return pass to score under the crossbar. Walsh converts, WAR 6-4

Eighth minute - Burton crosses halfway, but the pass is behind Kikau and Warriors recover in good position.

Seventh minute - Townsend tests the line and Tevaga staggers towards halfway. RTS crosses into Penrtih territory, before Berry is eventually taken down.

Sixth minute - Capewell reaches halfway and Edwards searches for a gap. Burton kicks high to DWZ and Warriors have a penalty in the tackle.

Fifth minute - Big run from Lodge and Fonua-Blake reaches halfway. Townsend kicks high, but Edwards is under no pressure.

Fourth minute - Warriors kick off again and Fisher-Harris does the honours once more.

Yeo reaches halfway and Burton kicks high to Walsh, who is safe.

Third minute - Crichton's conversion attempt from wide left drifts across the posts, PEN 4-0

Second minute - TRY to Kikau

Warriors can't make halfway and Townsend's kick is charged down by Kikau, who regathers to score. Not a good start!

First minute - Exciting to see RTS move closer to the ball and hopefully he will test the Panthers defence with his footwork.

RTS kicks off and Fisher-Harris has the first hit-up.

Burton kicks long and Walsh is underneath, evading the first tackle.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NRL clash between NZ Warriors and Penrith Panthers at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium.

If you've just rolled out of bed, you'll be shocked to learn the Warriors have given their matchday line-up a real overhaul from the one named on Tuesday, with skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck injected into the halves for possibly the first time in his career.

Originally named on the wing, RTS will partner Chad Townsend, who missed just one game with a shoulder injury that was supposed to keep him out for a month.

Star forward Tohu Harris has also returned early from a similar shoulder niggle, while Josh Curran and Euan Aitken are back from their forced isolation, after sharing a flight with a crew member that tested positive for COVID-19.

We say this every week, but this is really a must-win game for the Warriors, if they hope to resurrect their playoff hopes... but maybe it's too late anyway.

The Panthers were early frontrunners on the points table, but lost their way somewhat during the State of Origin series and have also lost their star halves combo of Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai. They could be vulnerable and the Warriors shake-up will have them guessing.

NZ Warriors: 1-Reece Walsh, 2-Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 3-Rocco Berry, 20-Euan Aitken, 4-Marcelo Montoya, 5-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 21-Chad Townsend, 8-Addin Fonua-Blake, 9-Wayde Egan, 10-Matt Lodge, 12-Bayley Sironen, 22-Tohu Harris, 13-Jazz Tevaga.

Interchange: 6-Kodi Nikorima, 11-Eliesa Katoa, 14-Josh Curran, 15-Leeson Ah Mau.

Penrith Panthers: 1-Dylan Edwards, 2-Charlie Staines, 3-Stephen Crichton, 4-Brent Naden, 5-Brian To'o, 6-Matt Burton, 7-Tyrone May, 8-Moses Leota, 9-Apisai Koroisau, 10-James Fisher-Harris, 11-Viliame Kikau, 12-Kurt Capewell, 13-Isaah Yeo

Interchange: 14-Mitch Kenny, 15-Scott Sorenson, 16-Spencer Leniu, 17-Liam Martin

Gould reduces Warriors role to join Canterbury Bulldogs as general manager

NZ Warriors have been handed another blow, with NRL guru Phil Gould "reducing" his role as club consultant to take over as general manager of Canterbury Bulldogs.

Gould, 63, linked up with the Warriors in August 2020, with the intent of helping the Kiwi club develop both on and off the field.

The former premiership-winning coach with both the Bulldogs and Penrith Panthers intended to grow the Warriors in both commercial and footballing capacities, and was to focus on player development pathways in New Zealand as well as the Pacific Islands.

Phil Gould discusses tactics with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Phil Gould discusses tactics with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Photo credit: Photosport

But just shy of a year into the role, Gould has opted to take over as the Bulldogs' general manager, citing COVID-19 and the challenges the pandemic has brought to his role and its impact on his ability to travel to New Zealand.

Gould will return to the Bulldogs, who he coached from 1988-89, winning the premiership in his first year.

"Because of COVID, the things I had been wanting to do with the Warriors was impossible," Gould told Channel Nine.

"We had lockdowns, bubbles, I couldn't get across to New Zealand.

"Finally the bubble was opening up around Magic Round, and I went to New Zealand that week. I went over there twice and we've put the framework in place for a new Warriors academy and some pathway programs over there.

"But it just made sense. It made sense for the Warriors and me too.

"The opportunity to come back to my old club, the Bulldogs, who I had an association with back in the '80s and to take on a very challenging role. It's a great opportunity."

Warriors chief executive Cameron George though made it clear that Gould will still be involved with the Kiwi club, albeit in a "reduced" capacity.

"We've agreed to reduce Phil's position due to the ongoing uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, not least the restrictions on travel and the NRL bubble," George says.

"It's hugely disappointing but it has been extremely difficult if not impossible for Gus to provide us with his presence either in New Zealand or in our NRL bubble in Australia.

"He'll continue to offer advice to our pathways staff on request which will allow him to commit to work closer to home in Sydney without the challenges we're experiencing.

"If Gus chooses to work with another NRL club he does so with our support."

Gould's reduction comes with the Warriors languishing in 13th on the NRL ladder, with 12 points from 16 games in 2021, sitting four points adrift of a top eight spot.