Live updates: Rugby World Cup Qualifying - Manu Samoa v Tonga at Hamilton

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Samoa 37 Tonga 15

Samoa - Fidow, Tuiloma, Ili & Taumateine try; Taefu 3 penalties & 4 conversions

Tonga - Fonokalafi & Tu'ipolotu tries; Faiva penalty & conversion

Second half

40th minute - Samoa control the kickoff and threaten to bust out for another try on the final siren, but they lose the ball and that's the game.

Manu Samoa secure their spot at the next World Cup, Tonga now face Cook Islands for a shot at the Asian qualifying spot.

39th minute - TRY to Tuiloma

Halo feeds the scrum, but the ball emerges untidily, Tonga knock on, but are then offside. Tuiloma has the ball near the line and spins over.

Try is called, but Williams wants to check that he grounded the ball, which came down on a boot initially. Review rules it rolled off the boot and was grounded.

Taefu converts, SAM 37-15

38th minute - Replays show Tuiloma is short of the line, so no try. The advantage was only for a knock-on, so no penalty, just a scrum.

37th minute - Samoa win a lineout and Motuga charges towards the posts. They have penalty advantage, but Williams goes upstairs to check for a try.

36th minute - Samoa win a scrum in their own half and Filipo charges to halfway. Leuila kicks to the corner, pinning Tonga inside their 22.

35th minute - Tonga have a lineout inside Samoa territory. They throw long, but not straight.

33rd minute - TRY to Ili

Leuila chips the ball over the advancing Tongan defensive line, Ili gathers and outpaces the nearest defender to score. That should ice it.

Teafu converts, SAM 30-15

32nd minute - Samoa win a lineout and drive to halfway.

31st minute - Tonga win the lineout and try to maul it to the line. They're told to use it and they don't - Samoan penalty.

30th minute - Tonga have penalty advantage in midfield and Williams calls them back. Faiva kicks to the corner for a lineout.

29th minute - Samoa try to mount an attack, but lose the ball on halfway. Tonga kick long and have a lineout inside Samoan half.

Aisea Halo makes his Tonga debut, replacing captain Takulua.

28th minute - Slade wins the lineout and Samoa win another defensive penalty.

27th minute - Samoa are over the breakdown and win a clearing penalty on their own line. Big play by Jack Lam.

26th minute - Tonga have an attacking scrum, Takalua scrambles from the base and fowards drive in behind him.

25th minute - Tonga trying find a way through the defence and Faiva makes ground in the tackle, before the ball bobbles into touch.

Tonga win one agains the throw and have penalty advantage. Williams blows the whistle twice - Tamauga is marched for 10 minutes, so Samoa will have to defend with only 14.

24th minute - Filipo makes his Samoa debut off the bench. Samoa have been warned against any further infringement or they'll been down a man.

23rd minute - Fidow spills a high kick and Tonga will have an attacking scrum.

22nd minute - Tonga have the ball inside their own half, but Tameifuna rumbles to halfway.

21st minute - Samoa lose the ball on the 22 and Tonga hack ahead, but can't regather.

Fomai puts Fidow away down the right, but the pass is forward.

20th minute - Samoa win a lineout on halfway and Noa carves down the right touchline.

19th minute - Tonga control the kickoff and win a penalty that takes them back into Samoan territory.

Tonga win another lineout - they've sorted that area of the game out for the second half.

16th minute - TRY to Tu'ipolotu

Saumaki is at the bottom of the maul and recycles the ball. Tu'upolotu is standing one-off and reaches out to score in a tackle.

Faiva can't bring his conversion back enough, SAM 23-15

15th minute - Tonga win another attacking lineout and try to maul to the line. The maul collapses just short...

14th minute - Tonga win the lineout inside the 22 and rumble forward towards the line.

Faiva kicks across field, where Fidow barely stops Foliaki from scoring.

13th minute - Tonga steal a lineout against the throw and win a midfield penalty to go onto attack again. They've turned their performance around with the wind at their backs.

12th minute - Samoa kick off and Saumaki controls, Hala clears.

11th minute - TRY to Fonokalafi

At the bottom of the ruck, Tonga are claiming a try and Williams goes upstairs to confirm. Fonokalafi has the ball on the line and video replay can't find a reason not to award it.

Faiva converts, SAM 23-10

10th minute - Fifita charges off the scrum and Tongan forwards pour into the ruck.

Ninth minute - Tonga go for another attacking scrum. Three points aren't going to help them and lineouts aren't reliable either.

Eighth minute - Tonga are playing under penalty advantage and are eventually brought back. Hala is clutching a knee and the Tongans may have run out of replacements.

Seventh minute - Vaipulu runs off the back of the scrum and Fafita threatens out wide right.

Sixth minute - Tongan forwards build some phases within metres of the line. Samoa are penalised for not rolling away in the tackle and Tonga want a scrum in the shadow of the posts.

Fifth minute - Tonga control the ball from the scrum and make good metres down the left touchline. Faiva slices towards the posts...

Fourth minute - Samoa control the kickoff and Iona's kick finds touch just outside the 22. Former Chiefs prop Ben Tameifuna comes into the Tongan front row and Maama Vaipulu packs down at No.8 for his final appearance for Tonga.

Third minute - Taefu's low kick at goal is successful, extending the lead, SAM 23-3

Second minute - Faiva can't handle a chip ahead and Takulua is offside on the loose ball. Taefu lines up the penalty...

First minute - It's been a pretty hard watch so far, probably conditions have contributed to that, but Tonga need to score first to say in the contest. Samoa kick off and Takulau kicks high into Samoan territory.

First half

40th minute - Faiva takes high kick in his own half, but he's wiped out by a tackle from Taefu. Tonga win a penalty, as the siren goes.

Faiva kicks to touch and Tonga win the lineout on the 22, but lose possession and Taumateine finds touch to end the half.

38th minute - Samoa try to create an attackin from their own half and throw a long pass to Fomai on the wing. He beats tackle after tackle, before Taumateine looms in support to score.

Taefu converts, SAM 20-3

37th minute - Takulua fakes a clearing kick and scrambles a few metres for Tonga.

36th minute - Samoa win the lineout and try to build an attack, but Fidow can't take a long pass on the sideline.

Untidy ball for Tonga and Samoa have another lineout turnover.

35th minute - Time-Stowers runs from the back of the scrume and Samoa earn a clearing penalty. 

34th minute - Tongan throw-in is not straight. Samoan scrum feed.

33rd minute - Samoa win the scrum, but the ball squirts out and into touch for a Tonga lineout.

32nd minute - Tonga win a lineout and drive towards the line, but Time-Stowers wraps the ball up and earns a Samoa feed to the scrum.

31st minute - Samoa threaten to break upfield, but are penalised in their own half and Faiva kicks to touch for a lineout inside the 22.

30th minute - Saumaki takes a high kick and chips ahead to the in-goal area. Samoa are slow to control the bounce, but eventually forces for a dropout.

29th minute - Alosio tries to break upfield, but is buried in a two-man tackle and Tonga kick ahead to touch. Samoa win the lineout and drive forward.

28th minute - Tonga kick off and Samoa control in the forwards, Taumateine kicks high.

26th minute - TRY to Fidow

Samoa win agains the throw and spread the ball right, where a long pass from Iona gives winger Fidow space to score in the corner. Taefu converts, SAM 13-3

25th minute - Ili kicks towards the corner and Tonga have a defensive lineout just metres out from their line.

24th minute - Samoa win a lineout and cross halfway, they have a penalty advantage.

23rd minute - Tonga win an attacking lineout and Tu'ipolotu charges towards the tryline, but is dragged into touch short.

22nd minute - Samoa win the lineout, but lose the ball forward. Tonga kick long, Alosio returns the favour, but his kick is out on the full.

21st minute - Big scrum from Tonga, but Samoa chip over the top and Saumaki controls the bounce this time. Tonga clear.

20th minute - Two more Tonga players requiring medical attention. Nginingini replaces Felemi at prop.

19th minute - Samoa win a free kick at the scrum, Stowers takes a quick tap and Saumaki can't handle the kick downfield. Samoa have an attacking scrum for the knock-on.

17th minute - Taklua puts a kick over the top and it bounces badly for Fidow, who has to scramble back and dive on the ball under pressure. Taumateine eventually clears.

16th minute - Tonga win a penalty in midfield and can clear their half.

15th minute - Tonga win the scrum, but immediately knock on. Alosio kicks deep into Tonga half for a lineout.

14th minute - Samoa control the kickoff and Taumateine kicks to touch on the full from outside the 22... another error.

13th minute - Taefu lines up a long-range penalty and slots it, SAM 6-3

11th minute - Fonokalafi throws long and Tonga win the ball, but are penalised just inside their own half for not realising on the ground.

10th minute - Samoa attack off the scrum and Taefu kicks ahead to touch. Samoa win the lineout against the throw, but they're penalised for offside.

Ninth minute - Faiva kicks off, but it's out on the full... just one mistake after another from both teams.Tongan hooker Maile is holding his ribs and they may lose their second player in quick succession.

Fonokalafi replaces Maile for the scrum on halfway.

Eighth minute - Taefu lines up the shot at goal and slots it to level scores, 3-3

Seventh minute - Samoa win penalty advantage, but continue to drive through the forwards. Ili kicks through, but there's a man in front and Williams brings them back for the penalty.

Sixth minute - Mataele is clutching his ankle and looks doubtful to continue. Looks like he landed from a lineout lift on someone's foot and he's replaced by Taulani.

Takulua feeds the scrum, but Samoa win a tighthead and attack.

Fifth minute - Samoa kick off and Tonga take into the forwards. Faiva's clearing kick slices into touch, but Nuia's throw to the lineout isn't straight.

Fourth minute - Faiva slots the goal and first points, TNG 3-0

Third minute - Tonga win a penalty advantage and angle a kick towards their wing Saumaki, who's tackled. Williams brings them back for the penalty and a kick for goal.

Second minute - Tonga lineout inside the 22 and they win the throw.

First minute - Paul Williams will referee this match, as Tonga kick off through Faiva. Conditions are terrible and Samoa can't control the kickoff, knocking on.

Takulua feeds the scrum and Samoa are penalised for driving on an angle.

Pre-game - Both teams performing their stirring pre-game challenges, perhaps the highlight of any encounter between Pacific rivals. Chills.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Rugby World Cup Oceania qualifying match between Manu Samoa and Tonga at Hamilton.

Samoa will head into this second leg of the two-game series with a commanding 42-13 lead, after their decisive win at Mt Smart Stadium last week.

Leading 6-3 at halftime, the Samoans came to life after the break to pile on five tries and put themselves in the box seat for a spot in the 2023 RWC Pool D, along with England, Japan, Argentina and a qualifier from the Americas.

Samoa have promoted Hurricanes halfback Jonathan Taumateine to the No.9 jersey, with Ed Fidow coming onto the wing and Tomasi Alosio moving to fullback. Losi Filipo will likely debut off the bench.

Tonga bring Siua Maile into hooker and Harrison Mataele into the second row, while James Faiva starts at first-five, after being a late withdrawal from the opening encounter. Kalione Hala will move to fullback.

Manu Samoa: 1-Tietie Tuimauga, 2-Ray Niuia, 3-Michael Alaalatoa (c) , 4-Benjamin Nee-Nee, 5-Samuel Slade, 6-Olajuwon Noa, 7-Alamanda Motuga, 8-Henry Time-Stowers, 9-Jonathan Taumateine, 10-Rodney Iona, 11-Neria Fomai, 12-Henry Taefu, 13-Stacey Ili, 14-Ed Fidow, 15- Tomasi Alosio.

Reserves: 16-Seilala Lam, 17-Jonah Aoina, 18-Kalolo Tuiloma, 19-Theo McFarland, 20-Jack Lam, 21-Dwayne Polataivao, 22-D'angelo Leuila, 23-Losi Filipo

Tonga: 1-Jethro Felemi, 2-Siua Maile, 3-Sila Puafisi, 4-Don Lolo, 5-Harrison Mataele, 6-Sione Tu'ipolotu, 7-Mateaki Kafatolu, 8-Nasi Manu, 9-Sonatane Takulua (c), 10-James Faiva, 11- Hosea Saumaki 12-Nikolai Foliaki, 13-Fine Inisi, 14-Penikolo Latu, 15-Kalione Hala

Reserves: 16-Jay Fonokalafi, 17-Duke Nginingini, 18-Ben Tameifuna, 19-Maama Vaipulu, 20- Viliami Taulani, 21-Aisea Halo, 22-Nafi Tu'itavake, 23-Walter Fifita.

TAB Odds: Samoa $1.09, Tonga $6.50

Moana Pasifika team locked in for revamped Super Rugby competition

Moana Pasifika's place in next year's Super Rugby competition has been confirmed.

In April, NZ Rugby granted the franchise a conditional license to join a revamped competition, alongside fellow newcomers Fijian Drua.

On Monday, the NZR board made the decision to upgrade the licence's status to unconditional, satisfied the new club had met the criteria to become a fully fledged franchise, and opening the door for them to begin recruiting players, coaches and sponsors.

NZR is still "working closely" with Fiji Drua, whose progress has been hindered by the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the Pacific Island nation.

"We always anticipated it would take some time to formalise the arrangements and conditions we needed to progress, but we are now in a position to move forward again," says interim Moana Pasifika chief executive Pelenato Sakalia.

"Today’s announcement will no doubt generate another wave of excitement and enthusiasm about Moana Pasifika."

Rugby Australia and NZR continue to work together toward finalising the structure for next year’s tournament, based on the inclusion of Moana Pasifika and the Fijian Drua in a 12-team competition.

"A lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes, and it will be exciting for everyone to watch developments in the coming weeks and months," says NZR chief executive Mark Robinson.

Despite the pandemic roadblock, Fijian Drua are still "progressing well" in their path to unconditional and Fiji Rugby Union chief executive John O'Connor is confident they'll be ready to go next year.

"We are encouraged by the progress we are making toward gaining an unconditional licence to compete in next year’s competition," says O'Connor.

"COVID-19 has presented some obvious challenges, but we are confident we will be in a position to join Moana Pasifika in entering the final phase of planning for 2022 and beyond."

Former Highlanders coach Aaron Mauger is expected to become the team's first head coach, with Filo Tiatia as his assistant.

Mauger was part of their coaching team for the game against Māori All Blacks last year, when they were edged 28-21 in Hamilton.