Ryan Bridge: Spare me your weeping - there's no point hand-wringing about America's Cup financial failure

OPINION: So it turns out America's Cup cost New Zealand more money than it made.

$150 million apparently, give or take.

Well, spare me your weeping and gnashing of teeth.

What else could we really expect?

Like so many things over the past 16 months, you simply cannot judge them fairly under the cloud of the pandemic.

Border closures cost us 26,000 international visitors, about 170 superyachts and plenty of fast-flowing cash at the hotels, bars, restaurants and much more.

In other words, we're angry because we didn't sell enough hot dogs when the stadiums weren't allowed to have spectators.

It just goes with the territory - and it's OK.

The event was a massive party that the rest of the world could only watch with desperate jealousy.

Those images will not soon be forgotten.

New Zealand is a great place to live because we do the basics - and we put the icing on top sometimes as well.

The cup captured the imagination of New Zealanders; we enjoyed it and we let our hair down.

I think, given it was meant to pay off and the fact it didn't was out of our control, there's no point hand-wringing about its financial failure.

Ryan Bridge is a fill-in host on The AM Show.