Triathlon: Kiwi Olympic bronze medallist Hayden Wilde gets creative with MIQ training

Triathlete Hayden Wilde is about to compete in the World Series Triathlon in Canada, as he looks to build on his bronze medal-winning performance at the Tokyo Olympics

And the 23-year-old Whakatane native has had to get creative with his training while limited to the confines of his Vancouver hotel room in managed isolation.

"The bike's just sitting there nicely but then the paincave is in the bathroom," Wilde tells Newshub. "That's where the magic gets done.

"You don't want to stink the room out so you just have to go into the bathroom and sweat a storm up there and hopefully the toilet system works quite well to flush out all that humidity and sweat off the ground."

While most of New Zealand's Olympians returned home on chartered flights, Wilde is immediately cycling his way to two further World title races.

"Two weeks later we go to Edmonton and race the world championships there to finish up, and then back over to Europe for a month of racing, and then potentially back to the States."

So, how exactly does an elite professional athlete train in an MIQ hotel room?

"Obviously we can't get to swimming pools or anything so we're doing some band work, lots of pushups, and trying to find whatever we can find for weights, and try and keep that body moving," Wilde explains.

"Lots of skipping because running back and forth in a five-metre radius isn't the funnest thing to do."

For the meantime, a homecoming party will have to wait.

"Hopefully I can get into MIQ on December 7 and then out by Christmas."

And if you thought that was going to be a stock standard kiwi summer holiday - that’s not the case.

There will be no rest for 'The Wilde', who says, when he finally does get home, he'll be moving straight on to his next challenge - training for the 2021 Commonwealth Games.

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