Cricket: Live updates - Blackcaps v Bangladesh, Second T20 from Dhaka

[Live coverage has concluded]

Bangladesh 141/6 (Naim 39, Mahmudullah 37no, Ravindra 3/22) 
New Zealand 137/5 (Latham 67no, Mahedi 2/12, Shakib 2/29)
Bangladesh win by four runs and lead the series 2-0

Wrap  - A great knock from skipper Tom Latham wasn't enough to take New Zealand to victory in the second T20 against Bangladesh in Dhaka.

The stylish left-handed batsman scored an unbeaten 65 from 46 balls as the Blackcaps fell four runs short of a series-levelling win against the Tigers.

Set 142 for victory, New Zealand were in early trouble again with Rachin Ravindra (10)and Tom Blundell (6) dismissed inside the first four overs.

But Latham and Will Young (22) added 43 at a run a ball pace to give the Kiwis a shot at victory. And with Latham looking assured, the run chase was very much alive.

Colin de Grandhomme (8) and Henry Nicholls (6) failed to hang around, but a last wicket stand of 45 from 28 balls with Cole McConchie (15no) took the game to the final ball.

Needing a six to win the game, Latham could only muster a single and the home side took the spoils and a 2-0 series win.

Earlier, Rachin Ravindra starred with the ball, taking 3/22, but New Zealand would have been disappointed in conceding 25 from the final 12 balls after looking likely to restrict Bangladesh to a score below 130.

That ultimately proved the difference, and New Zealand must now win game three to keep the series alive on Sunday night.

Cricket: Live updates - Blackcaps v Bangladesh, Second T20 from Dhaka
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20th over - Mustafizur to bowl the last.

19.1 - McConchie lifts this to deep mid-wicket - fielder can't get to it and they come back for three. 17 from five.
19.2 - One for Latham down the ground. 16 from four.
19.3 - McConchie cuts and will have two to point. 14 from three
19.4 - McConchie has one to the sweeper on the offside
19.5 - No Ball! And Latham has four to fine leg! Wow. 8 from two needed.
Free Hit - Latham has two to square leg. Six needed from the last ball.
Final ball - 
Latham swings hard but he can only get a single. Kiwis lose by four runs.

19th over - Saifuddin is back for the second last over.

Latham down on one knee and scoops this over the keeper for four runs.
Latham should have been run out, but the keeper knocked the bail off with his gloves before the ball reached his hand.
Just eight off the over so 20 needed from the last.

18th over - Mustafizur is back - Kiwis need 12 runs an over.

Fifty! Latham slog sweeps and has four to cow corner and a half century.
Nine from that over. 28 from 12 needed. NZ 114/5

17th over - Shakib is back 

Latham goes over cover and has four on the offside to end the over.
11 runs from that one. NZ 105/5

16th over - Mahedi is back - 1/6 from three overs.

Nicholls on the sweep and has four to square leg.

WICKET - Henry Nicholls c Mushfiqur Rahim b Mahedi Hasan 6 (5b 1x4 0x6) FOW 92/5
Nicholls looks to repeat the shot but top edges it to Mishfiqur at deep fine-leg.
Six runs from the over. NZ 94/5

15th over - Nasum is back - 0/14 from two overs of his left arm spin.

WICKET - Colin de Grandhomme c Mushfiqur Rahim b Nasum Ahmed 8  FOW 85/4
De Grandhomme smokes this one of the middle but he picks out the fielder at deep square-leg and he has to go. 
Three runs and a wicket from the over puts the skids on the run chase. NZ 88/4

14th over - Saifuddin continues.

Six! Latham down on one knee and smokes this over mid-wicket for a maximum. NZ 85/3

13th over - Mustafizur is back - 0/9 from one over.

Just three runs from the over. NZ 74/3

12th over - Saifuddin continues 

Short and Latham is quick to pull this and he connects well and has four over mid-wicket.
Good over for the Kiwis - 10 runs coming from it. NZ 71/3

11th over - Shakib continues.

WICKET - Will Young c Mohammad Saifuddin b Shakib Al Hasan 22 (28b 3x4 0x6) FOW 61/3
Young looks to go over the top but he gets a thick edge and Saifuddin takes a lovely catch at short third-man. NZ 61/3

10th over - Saifuddin to bowl his medium pace.

Seven runs easily taken from that over. NZ 57/2

9th over - Shakib is back - 1/8 from his first.

Six runs from the over. NZ 50/2

8th over - Mahmudullah into the attack to bowl offspin.

Young rocks back and smashes this one to the square leg boundary. NZ 44/2

7th over - Mustafizur into the attack with his left-arm medium.
Nine runs easily taken from the over. NZ 37/2

Short and wide and Latham lifts this over gully for four. 

6th over - Mahedi continues 

Just a single from the over to end the powerplay. NZ 28/2

5th over - Nasum back - 0/6 from his one over.

Young goes over mid-off and that's a one bounce four.
Full and Young gets to it and whips this through mid-wicket for four. NZ 27/2

4th over - Mahedi is back. 0/4 so far.

WICKET - Tom Blundell st †Nurul Hasan b Mahedi Hasan 6 (8b 1x4 0x6) FOW 18/2
Oh no. Blundell down the wicket and heaves across the line, misses and is stumped. Horrible batting.
One run and a wicket from the over. NZ 19/2

3rd over - Shakib into the attack.

Six! Ravindra down the wicket and smokes this one over the bowlers head. Shot!

WICKET - Rachin Ravindra b Shakib Al Hasan 10 (9b 0x4 1x6)  FOW 16/1
Unlucky. Short and Ravindra looks to launch this one but the ball rebounds off his pad and back onto the stumps.
Eight runs and a wicket from the over. NZ 18/1

2nd over - Nasum will bowl his left arm spin.

Short and Blundell smashes this to the mid-wicket boundary for four. NZ 10/0

1st over - Mahedi to bowl the first over.

Ravindra forward and gets an inside edge that must have missed off-stump by a hair. He has his first international runs. NZ 4/0

New Zealand innings 


Innings wrap: That will be a stiff run chase for the Kiwis. 141 represents the highest score in seven T20s in Bangladesh this season, although the pitch is much better than Wednesday nights.

Chase starts shortly 

20th over - Bennett to bowl the last over.

Lovely batting from Nural who steps inside a shortish ball and helps it on its way to long-leg.
WICKET - Nurul Hasan c Young b Bennett 13 (9b 1x4 0x6) FOW 141/6
Bennett gets a wicket from the last ball. Nural looks to hit this one out of the ground but Young makes a lovely diving catch to save a couple of runs. 

19th over - Bracewell is back - 0/17 from two overs.

Streaky four. Mahmudullah comes down the wicket but gets a big edge - it flies over the top of Ravindra at short third-man.
Dropped! Over mid-off this time and Blundell gets under it but his one handed effort only saves two runs - would have been a six. Nice effort.
13 from the Bracewell over. BAN 130/5

18th over - Bennett is back - his two overs have cost 15.

Seven runs from the Bennett over. BAN 117/5

17th over - Ajaz Patel to bowl his last -  0/18 from three overs.

WICKET - Afif Hossain c de Grandhomme b Patel 3 (3b 0x4 0x6) FOW 109/5
Patel has a wicket. Afif comes down the wicket and slogs to De Grandhomme at long-on who makes no mistake.
Patel finishes with 1/20 from his four. BAN 110/5

16th over - Ravindra to bowl his last.

WICKET - Mohammad Naim c Blundell b Ravindra 39 (39b 3x4 0x6) 106/4
Another one for Ravindra! Naim slogs and holds out to Blundell at long-on.
Four runs and a wicket - and Ravindra finishes with 3/22. BAN 108/4

15th over - Bracewell back - 0/6 from his one over.

Short from Bracewell and Mahmudullah cuts well for four through backward point.
Mahmudullah along the ground through the offside and has a second four in the over.
11 runs from the over. BAN 103/3

14th over - Ravindra is back - 2/12

Chance! - Mahmudullah goes high down the ground. Blundell runs in when he should have walked back and the ball is over his head for four. 
Six from the over. BAN 92/3

13th over - McConchie to bowl his final over - 1/21 so far.

Three singles from the over - nice spell from McConchie. BAN 86/3

12th over - Ben Sears to bowl his first over in international cricket 

Sears up to 140km on his third ball - impressive.
Dropped! Hard chance. Naim goes hard and gets an edge - it flies to the left of Latham who gets a fingertip on it. Four runs the result.
Better - Naim goes over mid-off and has four with a superbly timed shot.
11 from the over. BAN 83/3

11th over - McConchie to bowl his third over - 0/10 from 2.

Shakib goes down the ground with intent for four.
On the back foot this time and Shakib powers this to wide mid-off for four.

WICKET - Shakib Al Hasan c Sears b McConchie 12 (7b 2x4 0x6) FOW 72/3
Not this time. Shakib looks to go over mid-off but he can't get enough on it and Sears runs in...bobbles...but takes the catch. BAN 72/3

10th over - Ravindra continues.

Six! Big shot from Das who goes down on one knee and launches this into the mid-wicket stand.
WICKET - Liton Das b Ravindra 33 (29b 3x4 1x6) FOW 59/1
Got em! Das steps outside off and looks to tuck this into the onside but the ball deflects off his pad and back onto the stumps

WICKET - Mushfiqur Rahim st †Latham b Ravindra 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) FOW 59/2
He gets another!  Mushfiqur goes first ball. Beaten on the front foot and over balances - Latham whips off the bails.

Oh! Shakib almost hits the hat-trick ball back to Ravindra but it's on the half-volley.
Seven and two wickets from the over. BAN 60/2

9th over - Ajaz Patel back into the attack - 0/12 from 2.

Six singles from the Patel over. BAN 53/0

8th over - Rachin Ravindra into the attack - 1/21 with the ball 48 hours ago.

Ugly swipe from Naim and he doesn't make contact - the ball whistles past off stump.
Five singles from the over. BAN 47/0

7th over - McConchie is back - 0/3 from a single over.

Six from the over. BAN 42/0

6th over - Bennett to bowl the last over of the powerplay.

Naim swipes across the line and has a thick edge down to the third-man boundary for four. 
Nine runs from the over. BAN 36/0

5th over - Doug Bracewell into the attack replacing Patel.

Naim pulls, can't get a hold of it, but the ball falls safely in front of De Grandhomme at mid-on.
Six runs from the over. BAN 27/0

4th over - Hamish Bennett into the attack with his right arm quicks.

Naim drives a wide, full ball through the infield for four.
Six from the over. BAN 21/0

3rd over - Patel continues 

Das goes over the infield and has four to wide mid-on. Lofted that superbly.
Short and wide and Das rocks back and cracks this one to the point boundary.
Good comeback from Patel - nine from three, but ends with three dots. BAN 15/0

2nd over - Cole McConchie with his off-spin.

Dropped! Short from McConchie and pulled - De Grandhomme drops a sitter at square leg. Ouch!
Three runs and the drop catch from the over. BAN 6/0

1st over - Opening up for New Zealand will be Ajaz Patel who was excellent a couple of nights ago.

Naim with an ugly swipe first ball - makes contact and has a couple of runs.
Three runs from the first over. BAN 3/0

Bangladesh Innings 


9:56pm - Almost set for a start in Dhaka - Looks to be hot and dry for tonight's clash. 

9:43pm - Bangladesh: Nasim Sheikh, Liton Das, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Afif Hossain,  Mahmudullah (C), Nurul Hasan (WK), Mohammad Saifuddin, Nasum Ahmed, Mahedi Hasan, Mustafizur Rahman

9:39pm - New Zealand: Rachin Ravindra, Tom Blundell, Will Young, Colin de Grandhomme, Tom Latham (C/WK), Henry Nicholls, Cole McConchie, Doug Bracewell, Ajaz Patel, Hamish Bennett, Ben Sears

9:37pm - Ben Sears and Hamish Bennett in for Jacob Duffy and Blair Tickner. No Finn Allen tonight.

9:33pm - Bangladesh have won the toss and will bat first - teams coming shortly.

Hello cricket fans and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Blackcaps second T20 against Bangladesh from the Mirpur Stadium in Dhaka.

The Kiwis were thoroughly outplayed 48 hours ago, bowled out for 60 batting first, and despite a gutsy effort with the ball, they fell to a seven-wicket defeat.

Hard-hitting right-hander Fnn Allen returns to selection consideration after recovering from COVID-19 and is a likely starter given the horror display on Wednesday night.

Teams will be announced at 9:30pm, with the toss a few minutes later. 

TAB odds: New Zealand $2.60, Bangladesh $1.45