Despite securing managed isolation spot, Braden Currie and family may join potential sporting exodus from New Zealand

Triathlete Braden Currie has won the lottery - the MIQ lottery.

He was one of the lucky New Zealand athletes to get a spot in the second and final release of rooms before the end of the year.

The Government has hinted bespoke M.I.Q arrangements are being worked on, which would include specific rules for individual athletes.

But those changes could be too little too late, with several high-profile New Zealand sports stars contemplating shifting abroad.

Currie was one of those but will be home within the week thanks to his MIQ jackpot.

It's the Christmas present the Curries were hoping for.

But Currie and his wife Sally are subdued with so many others missing out once again in what has been a frustrating few weeks.

"So yeah, Bradan will be back in the country on Wednesday," Sally Currie tells Newshub.

"Bittersweet, in the sense we know Hayden Wilde missed out and there are many others too."

Tokyo triathlon bronze medallist Wilde, who ended up second overall in the Super League Triathlon Series, told Newshub last week if he missed out again, he wouldn't be able to return to New Zealand until after next July's Commonwealth Games. 

UFC Champion Israel Adesanya vented at the MIQ system earlier this week, announcing he's relocating to the states and Newshub understands several of his City Kickboxing teammates are considering following suit.

"I think it's a huge loss for New Zealand that may be the trend in the coming 12 months unless we can action a more strategic strategy.

The Curries say they're likely to move overseas themselves - to Australia - to avoid gambling on their future.

But on Wednesday, the Government teased there is a strategic strategy in the works.

"Some things we might not have been willing to do previously, we would be willing to do in the future, and that might include more of those bespoke arrangements," says Chris Hipkins.

Isolating in different environments outside of MIQ is an option, something our neighbours across the ditch have already begun, which could see several Kiwi's jump ship.

Sally Currie says the Government needs to get on with it.

"It's pretty sad to think we have to leave New Zealand in order for Braden to continue to be an athlete."

And unless change comes sooner rather than later, that's exactly what will happen.