Rugby: All Blacks coach Ian Foster casts doubts over new 50:22, goal-line dropout rules

All Blacks coach Ian Foster has expressed his doubts over the new 50:22 and goal line dropout rules, seen in rugby throughout 2021.

Modelled on rugby league's 40:20, the 50:22 is seen when a player kicks the ball from inside his own half, before it bounces into touch in the opposing team's 22. If a kicker can successfully do this, then the resulting lineout is awarded to the attacking team.

Similarly, the goal line dropout is also modelled from rugby league - that sees teams kick from behind their own try line when a defending player puts the ball dead in-goal, replacing a 22 dropout.

But despite the initiative, confusion has still played its part in how the rules will be implemented.

While in theory the rule changes, and 50:22 in particular, would lead to more attacking rugby, in reality the rule has come at the detriment of counter attacking, with the ball in play less after it's been kicked. 

During the final match of this year's Rugby Championship, that saw the Springboks defeat the All Blacks 31-29 on the Gold Coast, South Africa came under fire when their waterboy was seen chasing a touch judge, insisting his side had kicked a successful 50:22 when they hadn't.

And speaking before the All Blacks leave Australia for the northern hemisphere, Foster outlined exactly where he stands on the new rule changes.

"I'm not a fan," says Foster.

"I don't really think it's added a lot to the game to be honest. I know it'll be reviewed at some point.

"I don't really feel they've changed the shape of the game, maybe, to the extent that perhaps was thought.

"I encourage the fact that we're trying something, I've got no opposition to that, but I'm not sure that it's added spice to the game."

Aside from its usage in this year's Super Rugby and Rugby Championship competitions, the 50:22 and goal line dropout laws will also be used in England's Premiership season.