America's Cup: New protocols reintroduce cyclor system that propelled Team NZ to 20217 win

Cyclors are back.

The revolutionary concept that helped Team NZ to America's Cup glory at Bermuda 2017 will be legal again for the next defence.

After using the pedal-powered system to great effect during their successful challenge, Team NZ outlawed cyclors for the 2021 defence, but a move to reduce crew sizes on the new AC75's has seen them reintroduced.

The next edition of the Cup will see a reduction in crew from 11 to eight, and boat designer Dan Bernasconi says cyclors will provide a great alternative to grinding, if that's how teams choose to go.

"We are opening the door on human power," Bernasconi says. "Cyclors are back, if you want them - [teams] can go with grinding or cycling systems."

The news could be a Godsend for Sir Ben Ainslee and his INEOS Team UK outfit, given Great Britain''s tremendous pedigree in track cycling.

As a squad, Team GB won 12 track cycling medals, including six gold medals, at the Tokyo Olympics, and have long dominated men's and women's track events in the last decade. 

Petroleum company INEOS also happens to sponsor one of the world’s leading cycling teams that has won seven of the last 10 editions of the Tour de France.

"They are in a good space with the cyclors, if they want to go that way," agrees Team NZ boss Grant Dalton.

"They'd have access to the best [cycling] training in the world and the intellectual property that goes with that."

"The rule is silent. You don't have to go there, but I guess we will, because we've got a bit of knowledge in that area too.

“I just thought it was bloody cool and why not bring it back? Or at least give teams the option to bring it back."