Live updates: World Test Championship - Blackcaps v India, first test from Kanpur

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India 258/4, 84 overs - Iyer 75* Jadeja 50*

12:05am - STUMPS

What's happening here? It looks like the light's been ruled not good enough to continue. That'll be stumps for day one.

So Iyer and Jadeja walk off unbeaten, having added an unbeaten 113 runs for the fifth wicket.

The Blackcaps meanwhile will wonder what could have been, after having India at 145/4.

We'll be back tomorrow for day two, so join us at about 5pm for day two.

12:02am - 84 overs

The umpires are checking the light, and have decided it's too dark for the fast bowlers. So it looks like Somerville will replace Jamieson. Yup, that's what's happening.

83.1 - Turn and bounce straight away for Somerville with the new ball. Iyer defends.
83.2 - SIX! Iyer's having none of it. He wallops Somerville with the spin, slog-sweeping over midwicket for a huge six!
83.3 - Flatter to come back from Somerville. Iyer defends to short leg. 
83.4 - Flat again from Somerville, Iyer defends.
83.5 - Outside off again, and Iyer defends again, happy to play out the day. 
83.6 - Straight, and Iyer works to leg. No run.

IND 258/4    

11:56pm - 83 overs

Southee remains. Coming around the wicket to Jadeja.

82.1 - Wide, and Jadeja leaves it alone.
82.2 - Southee attacks the stumps, and Jadeja defends.
82.3 - Straight from Southee, Jadeja pushes to mid-off and sets off straight away. He gets home, and raises his bat for his half-century. Well played.
82.4 - Southee cuts Iyer in half! Swings in and seams away. Iyer doesn't get near it. 
82.5 - Down leg from Southee. Blundell spills it and they sneak a bye.
82.6 - Jadeja back on strike. He drives straight to cover to end the over.

IND 252/4

11:51pm - 82 overs

It has to be Jamieson from the other end? It is. Around the wicket to Jadeja.

81.1 - Nibble from Jadeja to start, play and miss.
81.2 - Too straight from Jamieson, and Jadeja flicks the ball past a diving fine leg for four. That's the 100 run stand between these two as well.
81.3 - Short, and this time Jadeja goes back to punch the ball through cover off the back foor for four more!
81.4 - Straighter from Jamieson. Jadeja punches to mid-on. No run.
81.5 - Wide outside off, and Jadeja leaves it alone.
81.6 - Jadeja pushes to cover, and takes a single to finish the over.

IND 250/4

11:46pm - 81 overs

The new ball is offered to the Blackcaps, and they take it straight away. Southee will get the first crack with it.

80.1 - Starts with length, no real shape. Iyer defends.
80.2 - Away shape! Iyer wafts at it, but can't catch up with it through to Blundell.
80.3 - Outswing again, this time Iyer leaves it alone.
80.4 - Straighter, and Iyer defends it back to Southee.
80.5 - Beautiful shape from Southee, but it can't tempt Iyer into playing a shot.
80.6 - Shorter from Southee, Iyer defends off the back foot. Maiden to start with the new ball.

IND 241/4

11:41pm - 80 overs

Last over before the new ball. Somerville to bowl it.

79.1 - Tossed up, and Jadeja drives to cover, no run.
79.2 - Tossed up again, Jadeja gets forward to cover any turn.
79.3 - Jadeja uses his feet and turns the ball into a full toss that he hits to cover, can't beat the fielder.
79.4 - Good use of the feet again as Jadeja drives down the ground for one.
79.5 - Iyer plays across his front pad and turns a single to midwicket.
79.6 - Quicker ball to finish, Jadeja defends.

IND 241/4

11:38pm - 79 overs

Ajaz carries on, two overs until the new ball. Iyer on strike. Staying over the wicket.

78.1 - Straight from Ajaz, and Iyer works him to square leg for one.
78.2 - Jadeja defends, and looks to steal one, but is sent back.
78.3 - Jadeja pads up to a ball outside off. No chance of LBW.
78.4 - On the stumps, and Jadeja defends.
78.5 - Short, and Jadeja cuts out to deep point for a single.
78.6 - Iyer tickles the ball fine, but can't beat Ravindra at short fine leg.

11:35pm - 78 overs

Somerville continues, this partnership is currently an unbeaten 90.

77.1 - Tossed up from Somerville, Jadeja drives back to the bowler.
77.2 - Length, and Jadeja defends.
77.3 - Length again, Jadeja defends at full strech.
77.4 - Full, and Jadeja drives to cover for one.
77.5 - Somerville stays around the wicket to Iyer. Full ball, and Iyer clips off his toes for one to square leg.
77.6 - Jadeja defends back to Somerville to finish the over.

IND 237/4

11:31pm - 77 overs

Jadeja's had to leave the field for some reason? So we're having a short break. He's back, and we're good to go again. Ajaz carries on to Iyer.

76.1 - Stays outside leg, Iyer leaves.
76.2 - Down leg again, Iyer pads up.
76.3 - Down leg, Iyer can leave it.
76.4 - Miles down leg now, Iyer still leaves.
76.5 - Still down leg, and Iyer leaves. The umpire intervenes to warn Williamson and Ajaz about negative bowling. Good umpiring.
76.6 - Straighter from Ajaz, Iyer gets forward to defend.

IND 235/4

11:26pm - 76 overs

Five overs until the new ball is due. Somerville carries on.

75.1 - Straight to Jadeja, who goes back and defends.
75.2 - Jadeja comes forward and defends to point. No run.
75.3 - Length ball, and Jadeja gets forward to smother the spin.
75.4 - Jadeja goes back and cuts, and gets a single to deep point.
75.5 - Somerville comes around the wicket to Iyer, who works him into leg for one more.
75.6 - Jadeja blocks the final ball of the over.

IND 235/4

11:21pm - 75 overs

Patel stays over the wicket to Iyer.

74.1 - Iyer uses his feet again and works a single into leg.
74.2 - Short, wide and Jadeja rocks back to cut four through point.
74.3 - Ajaz flights one, Jadeja drives for a single to Southee at mid-off.
74.4 - Chance! Iyer uses his feet and lofts the ball towards mid-on, but it drops short of Southee.
74.5 - Ajaz stays down leg, Iyer leaves it to Blundell.
74.6 - SIX! Iyer's had enough. He uses his feet and smashes Ajaz over long-on for his first test six.

IND 233/4

11:17pm - 74 overs

Somerville comes back, keeping Southee back for a burst with the new ball before stumps.

73.1 - On off-stump to start. Jadeja defends to point for one.
73.2 - Quicker. Jadeja cuts but doesn't beat short third man.
73.3 - Straight, Jadeja goes back and works down to long-on for one.
73.4 - Iyer gets down and laps the ball over short fine leg, and they come back for three as Taylor saves the boundary.
73.5 - Around the wicket to Jadeja, and a length ball keeps low. Jadeja keeps it out though.
73.6 - Quicker to finish, Jadeja defends.

IND 221/4

11:12pm - 73 overs

Here for the final hour of play. Ajaz carries on to Iyer.

72.1 - Stays over the wicket looking for the rough. Iyer happy to leave the ball outside leg.
72.2 - Same result, but a bit more turn. 
72.3 - Iyer walks outside leg, and flicks the ball to long leg for a single.
72.4 - Jadeja on strike. Full, and Jadeja drives back to the bowler.
72.5 - Jadeja drives through cover and gets a single.
72.6 - Iyer back on strike, Ajaz keeps up the outside leg ploy. Iyer pads up.

IND 217/4

11:05pm - 72 overs

Fourth over of this spell for Southee. Jadeja on strike.

71.1 - Wide to start, Jadeja leaves.
71.2 - Short-ish. Jadeja goes back but can't time the ball. No run.
71.3 - Short and wide, Jadeja cuts to deep point and runs back for two.
71.4 - Wide, and Jadeja leaves.
71.5 - Wider, Jadeja leaves comfortably.
71.6 - Straighter, and Jadeja defends to end the over. That'll be drinks.

IND 215/4

11:01pm - 71 overs

Ajaz carries on into his 17th over. 

70.1 - Jadeja pads up, and pushes the ball to point.
70.2 - Jadeja blocks straight to cover.
70.3 - Fuller from Ajaz, and Jadeja turns it down to long-on for one.
70.4 - Over the wicket from Ajaz to Iyer, targeting the footmarks. Iyer pads up.
70.5 - Iyer pads up again, no risk of LBW.
70.6 - Sharp turn out of the footmark, Iyer leaves it alone. Possibility of Iyer being bowled behind his legs here.

IND 213/4

10:56pm - 70 overs

Southee stays on, if he's feeling any pain, he's not showing it. Around the wicket to Jadeja.

69.1 - Full, and Jadeja defends to cover.
69.2 - Straighter, Jadeja defends to midwicket.
69.3 - Wider, Jadeja is tempted into a nibble but pulls his hands away at the last second.
69.4 - Full, Jadeja drives and gets an outisde edge between the keeper and gully to run away for four.
69.5 - Southee goes too straight, and Jadeja clips the ball to fine leg for another single.
69.6 - Tiny hint of reverse swing. Iyer looks to drive but doesn't time the ball.

IND 212/4

10:51pm - 69 overs

That last shot raised India's 200. Ajaz Patel comes back to replace Somerville.

68.1 - Over the wicket to Jadeja. Hits the footmark first ball, Jadeja pads up, slight LBW appeal, no chance.
68.2 - Straight, and Jadeja turns the ball to backward square leg for one.
68.3 - Around the wicket to Iyer. He late cuts for four more playing with the turn.
68.4 - Wider from Ajaz, and Iyer watches it through to Blundell.
68.5 - Arm ball, Iyer looks to cut but it's too close. He gets a botttom edge straight into the ground.
68.6 - Full ball from Ajaz, Iyer defends to finish the over.

IND 207/4

10:47pm - 68 overs

Southee to continue. Iyer approaching a debut milestone.

67.1 - Full to start the over, and Iyer punches down to long-on for a single that takes him to 50 on test debut! Well batted, taking 94 balls to raise his bat.
67.2 - Around the wicket from Southee, and Jadeja leaves it.
67.3 - Wide again, and Jadeja leaves again.
67.4 - Another wide ball, another Jadeja leave.
67.5 - Wide again, Jadeja just watches it through to Blundell's gloves.
67.6 - Straight from Southee, and Jadeja gets a leading edge to mid-on. Oh, but there's overthrows! Somerville saves it from being five, but it's still three.

IND 202/4

10:41pm - 67 overs

Somerville into his 19th over. 

66.1 - Starts on off-stump, and Iyer defends back to the bowler.
66.2 - Short, Iyer can wait before cutting behind point for two runs.
66.3 - Good length, squares Iyer up into defending.
66.4 - Shorter, Iyer defends back to the bowler.
66.5 - Somerville drifts onto leg stump, and Iyer turns the ball behind square for a single.
66.6 - Full at Jadeja to finish, and he defends.


10:38pm - 66 overs

Southee comes back into the attack, can he bowl with his hip the way it is?

65.1 - Southee starts straight to Iyer, who defends to square leg. Only 129km/h from Southee, hardly express.
65.2 - Outside off, Iyer drives but gets no timing.
65.3 - Straight and on the pads, and Iyer clips to midwicket to raise the 50 partnership between these two.
65.4 - Jadeja on strike, Southee comes around the wicket. First ball to the left-hander is wide, and Jadeja leaves it.
65.5 - Wide again from Southee, and again Jadeja leaves.
65.6 - Wide to finish, Jadeja leaves it.

IND 195/4


Somerville to Jadeja.

64.1 - Ravindra works to mid-on, no run.
64.2 - Somerville attacks the stumps, Jadeja defends.
64.3 - Arm ball, Jadeja defends to cover.
64.4 - Quicker ball, and Jadeja steers to point for one.
64.5 - Tossed up, and Iyer steers the ball to point for one more.
65.6 - Drift from Somerville, Jadeja defends back to Somerville.

IND 194/4

10:29pm - 64 overs

Another over for Ravindra. No sign of Ajaz.

63.1 - Iyer backs away and looks to drive through cover, but can't beat the fielder.
63.2 - Quicker ball. Iyer steers to point. No run.
63.3 - Iyer gives himself room again, and late cuts down to third man for four more.
63.4 - Iyer uses his feet now! He runs at Ravindra and hits four over cover. Not timed at all well, but enough to beat the field.
63.5 - Iyer turns one off his pad into leg for one more. 
63.6 - Last ball of the over, and Jadeja goes back and works the ball to deep midwicket for one.

IND 192/4

10:25pm - 63 overs

Somerville carries on, Southee is back on the field.

62.1 - Big turn back into Iyer, who late cuts against the spin down to third man for three.
62.2 - Jadeja presses forward, and defends. Appeal for LBW, but I'm certain that's straight off the bat. Inside edge onto pad.
62.3 - Jadeja pushes one down to long-on.
62.4 - Iyer goes back and drives to mid-off. No run.
62.5 - Slower ball. Iyer gets forward and defends.
62.6 - Quicker now, and Iyer turns him into leg for a single to finish the over.

IND 182/4

10:21pm - 62 overs

Ravindra stays on. Not good signs for Southee, who's now off the field.

61.1 - Tossed up to start the over, Iyer defends.
61.2 - Quicker ball from Ravindra, Iyer defends to cover.
61.3 - Iyer uses his feet, and smashes the ball down to long-on for one.
61.4 - Jadeja on strike. He presses forward and gets an inside edge into the leg-side, no run.
61.5 - Jadeja gets further forward to cover the spin. No run.
61.6 - On the pads, and Jadeja goes back to flick to short fine leg. No run.

IND 177/4

10:18pm - 61 overs

Somerville stays on to Jadeja.

60.1 - Full to start, Jadeja works to mid-on for no run.
60.2 - Huge appeal as Jadeja is hit on the pad! Williamson opts against the review, most likely heading down leg. They've run a leg bye too.
60.3 - Full, and Iyer drives for no run to cover.
60.4 - Quicker ball, Iyer plays back and defends.
60.5 - Full, and Iyer turns the ball out to deep square leg for one.
60.6 - Short, wide and Jadeja waits and waits before cutting behind point for four to finish the over.

IND 176/4

10:15pm - 60 overs

Ravindra continues to Jadeja.

59.1 - Starts full, and Jadeja pushes one down to long-on for a single.
59.2 - Iyer on strike, Ravindra gets turn and bounce that is left alone.
59.3 - Iyer plays a horrible swipe across the line, but ends up with four through midwicket. 
59.4 - Iyer pushes to cover, and Jadeja calls him through for a single.
59.5 - Short, and Jadeja goes back and turns one to midwicket.
59.6 - Full to finish. Iyer defends back to Ravindra.

IND 170/4

10:11pm - 59 overs

Somerville carries on. Jadeja on strike.

58.1 - Full, and driven to long-on for one.
58.2 - Iyer faces up. Length ball, and Iyer defends on the front foot.
58.3 - Fuller, and Iyer turns to midwicket, no run.
58.4 - Tossed up by Somerville, Iyer isn't tempted and defends.
58.5 - Length ball, and Iyer is right in behind it as he defends.
58.6 - On the pads. Iyer looks to turn to leg, but can't beat Latham at short leg.

IND 163/4

10:09pm - 58 overs

Ravindra continues after tea from the other end, bowling to Iyer.

57.1 - Tossed up from Ravindra, and Iyer drives through cover for four first ball!
57.2 - Iyer nibbles at one, and gets an outside edge for three down to third man.
57.3 - Jadeja on strike. He drives down to long-on for a single.
57.4 - Eight from the over with three balls to come. Full from Ravindra, and Iyer pushes to silly mid-off. No run.
57.5 - Length ball, Iyer pushes to cover. No run.
57.6 - Length to finish, as Iyer defends.

IND 162/4


Somerville to start. 

56.1 - Short and wide to start. Jadeja cuts, Southee fields. He still doesn't look right after coming off earlier.
56.2 - Somerville targets the pads, but Jadeja gets back and defends.
56.3 - Jadeja gets forward and steers to point. No run.
56.4 - Jadeja goes back now, and defends to cover.
56.5 - Short again, Jadeja cuts to point.
56.6 - Straight to finish, and Jadeja defends back down the pitch. Maiden after the break.

IND 154/4


Back and ready for the final session.

It'll be a huge victory if the Blackcaps can keep India to less than 300, but there's still a bit of batting to come.

Jadeja will take strike after tea, Somerville continues with the ball.


New Zealand's session. Three wickets for 72 runs, and removing all bar one of India's specialist batters.

Jamieson stood out with two wickets, to go with his first earlier in the day, while Southee removed Pujara, India's rock. Somerville also bowled exceptionally without reward.

India meanwhile will look to regroup at the break, needing a partnership if they're to get close to a comfortable first innings.

We'll take a short break, and be back for the final session.

9:42pm - 56 overs

This should be the last over before tea. Ravindra comes back into the attack. He'll bowl to Iyer.

55.1 - Starts on the pads, Iyer pushes to mid-on, no run.
55.2 - Outside off, Iyer presses on the front foot in defence. No run.
55.3 - Iyer drives to mid-off, no run. 
55.4 - Iyer pushes at the ball, but can't beat the point fielder. No run.
55.5 - Straight from Ravindra, Iyer's happy to defend it.
55.6 - Turn and bounce from Ravindra! Iyer defends, but is a bit surprised. That's the over. That's tea.

IND 154/4

9:39pm - 55 overs

Somerville continues, bowling to the left-handed Jadeja for the first time.

54.1 - Somerville around the wicket, and attacks the pad. Jadeja gets bat on it and keeps it out.
54.2 - Short, Jadeja goes back and cuts for a single to cover. 
54.3 - Iyer on strike. Defends to cover.
54.4 - Chance! Iyer pushes at a ball turning back to them, that pops up in the air but evades a diving Nicholls at short midwicket. They run one.
54.5 - Jadeja on strike, and he pushes one to Williamson at mid-off, and takes the run. Williamson fumbles his attempted gather.
54.6 - Iyer drives a single to long-on to end the over.

9:35pm - 54 overs

Jamieson starts another over, bowling to Iyer. About 10 minutes to the tea break.

53.1 - Back of a length, Iyer defends.
53.2 - Fuller, as Iyer defends straight.
53.3 - A bit of reverse swing back into Iyer, who front-foots and drives to cover.
53.4 - Short, and Iyer punches to point. No run.
53.5 - Full, and Iyer drives beautifully, straight to Williamson at mid-off for no run.
53.6 - Short ball. Iyer pulls and gets a bottom edge that drops short of Blundell. No run. Maiden over.

IND 150/4

9:30pm - 53 overs

Somerville carries on, but Tim Southee has also returned to the field.

52.1 - Length, and Iyer defends.
52.2 - Length again, Iyer defends under his eyes.
52.3 - Length, Iyer defends again. Somerville giving nothing away for the last couple of overs.
52.4 - Fuller, Iyer defends back to Somerville.
52.5 - Huge appeal for LBW, given not out by the umpire. Williamson, Taylor, Blundell and Somerville confer, and they review. Iyer's missed the ball altogether, and he's hit on the back leg. Where was he hit, was it outside off? Impact umpire's call! Iyer survives, but that could have gone either way.
52.6 - Full, and Iyer drives down to long-on for a single that brings up India's 150.

9:26pm - 52 overs

Jamieson stays on to Jadeja.

51.1 - Full to start. Jadeja defends to cover.
51.2 - Short, Jadeja pulls and pulls down to fine leg to get off the mark with a boundary.
51.3 - Full to comeback from Jamieson, Jadeja defends on the front foot.
51.4 - Back of a length, Jadeja defends into leg for no run.
51.5 - Wide ball from Jamieson, Jadeja leaves it alone.
51.6 - Full to finish, and Jadeja defends on the front foot.

IND 149/4

9:21pm - 51 overs

Somerville continues, what can he do to Jadeja? He'll have to bowl to Iyer first though.

50.1 - Starts straight, and Iyer defends back to the bowler.
50.2 - A bit shorter, Iyer still defends off the back foot.
50.3 - Starts on middle, turns down leg. Iyer misses it, as does Blundell with the gloves. India don't run a bye.
50.4 - Iyer drives to mid-off, and doesn't take a run.
50.5 - Short, Iyer goes back and defends to Latham under the helmet. No run.
50.6 - Iyer plays back and looks to go through mid-on, but an outside edge squirts to point. No run. Maiden over.

IND 145/4

9:18pm - 50 overs

Jamieson stays on, still no word on what's happened to Southee. Rahane on strike.

49.1 - Huge appeal for a strangle down leg, and he's given! Rahane reviews straight away though, and for good reason. The ball's hit his back leg. Decision reversed and Rahane survives.
49.2 - WICKET! But he goes next ball! Jamieson pitches one up, but Rahane plays back and drags the ball onto his stumps! The Indian captain goes for 35, Ravindra Jadeja replaces him.
49.3 - India's first left-hander takes guard. He drives straight back to Jamieson with his first ball.
49.4 - Jamieson coming around the wicket. Outside off, Jadeja leaves. He'll need to watch that ball coming back into him.
49.5 - Wide outside off, Jadeja isn't tempted.
49.6 - Outside edge from Jadeja, but it rolls along the ground to gully. 

IND 145/4

9:10pm - 49 overs

Somerville to Rahane.

48.1 - Short and wide, but Rahane uses his feet perfectly to cut him for four.
48.2 - Somerville over corrects, as Rahane pushes a single down to long-on.
48.3 - Iyer on strike. Much slower ball from Somerville, Iyer waits and waits before he steers the ball for one behind point.
48.4 - Rahane on strike. He defends a length ball turning back to him.
48.5 - Rahane uses his wrists and gets a single down to long-on.
48.6 - On off-stump to finish. Iyer defends but can't beat the field.

IND 145/3

9:06pm - 48 overs

Jamieson carries on. Iyer on strike.

47.1 - Straight to start the over, and Iyer defends.
47.2 - Beautiful on-drive from Iyer, but straight to mid-on.
47.3 - Too full on Iyer's pads, and he glances the ball through midwicket for four.
47.4 - Short, and Iyer goes back and punches a single out to deep point.
47.5 - Short again, and this time Rahane punches a single out to deep point.
47.6 - Straight, and Iyer drives straight back to Jamieson, who fields well.

IND 138/3

9:01pm - 47 overs

Somerville stays on, Iyer on strike. "Come on, dad," is the encouragement from Blundell behind the stumps.

46.1 - Length ball, and Iyer plays with the spin and gets a single around the corner.
46.2 - Length again, Rahane defends with the spin into the leg-side.
46.3 - Rahane uses his feet, and defends back to the bowler.
46.4 - Outside off, and Rahane defends to cover the spin. No run.
46.5 - Rahane drives away from his body, but can't beat point. No run.
46.6 - Somerville turns one back towards Rahane, who defends.

IND 132/3

8:58pm - 46 overs

Southee continues to Rahane.

45.1 - Length ball on middle and off. Rahane defends under his eyes.
45.2 - Full from Southee. Rahane drives straight but Southee gets down low to field off his own bowling.
45.3 - Outside off. Rahane gets forward and defends to mid-on.
45.4 - Length on off. Rahane defends straight.
What's happening here? Southee is leaving the field, and he looks in real strife. Jamieson will finish the over.
45.5 - Jamieson starts with a yorker, and finds some revers back into Rahane, who defends.
45.6 - Too full, and Rahane drives through cover for four more to end the over.

IND 131/3

8:52pm - 45 overs

Somerville continues.

44.1 - Beats Rahane with a ball that keeps low as he looks to cut.
44.2 - Rahane gets all of this, and punches the ball through cover for four. Williamson tries in vain to save the boundary.
44.3 - Rahane uses his feet and defends back to the bowler.
44.4 - Outside off, and Rahane gets forward to smother the spin and defend.
44.5 - Outside off again, Rahane defends.
44.6 - Rahane drives down to long-on for one to end the over.

IND 127/3

8:49pm - 44 overs

Back after drinks. Southee continues, searching for reverse swing.

43.1 - Starts wide, Iyer leaves it alone.
43.2 - Rahane looks to play late, but can't beat gully.
43.3 - A bit of shape back into Iyer, but not enough to tempt him into a shot.
43.4 - Iyer drives, but can't beat mid-off. No run.
43.5 - Straight from Southee, Iyer stands still and defends.
43.6 - Southee comes wider and angles back towards Iyer, who leaves.

IND 122/3

8:43pm - 43 overs

Somerville replaces Patel from the other end. How will Iyer play with the ball turning into him?

42.1 - On off-stump to start. Iyer plays back and defends.
42.2 - No real turn for Somerville. Iyer defends straight.
42.3 - Too full. Iyer clips off his toes and gets a single to midwicket.
42.4 - Rahane to face. On off-stump, Rahane defends.
42.5 - Outside off, Rahane looks to play the ball late, but can't beat short third man.
42.6 - Fuller, and Rahane defends back to the bowler. That'll be drinks.

IND 122/3

8:39pm - 42 overs

Southee carries on to Rahane.

41.1 - Back of a length and straightening slighly, Rahane defends.
41.2 - Back of a length again, but too straight. Rahane tucks past midwicket and runs back for two.
41.3 - Southee attacks off-stump. Rahane defends.
41.4 - Back of a length, Rahane leaves it alone outside off.
41.5 - Back of a length again, Rahane defends off the back foot.
41.6 - Fuller, Rahane defends outside his off-stump again.

IND 121/3

8:34pm - 41 overs

Another over for Ajaz, bowling to Iyer looking for his first test runs.

40.1 - Turn! Iyer goes forward and is beaten as the ball turns past the outside edge of the bat.
40.2 - Full. Iyer pushes off his toes to mid-on. No run.
40.3 - Chance! Iyer clears his front leg and has a massive swipe! The ball skies up in the air, but Williamson can't get there running back from mid-off. Iyer gets back for two for his first runs.
40.4 - Quicker length ball, Iyer defends.
40.5 - Flatter. Iyer gets forward and smothers the spin. No run.
40.6 - Too short. Iyer rocks back and pulls Ajaz for four over midwicket.

IND 119/3

8:31pm - 40 overs

Southee stays on after taking a wicket last over. 

39.1 - Starts on a good length, Rahane defends.
39.2 - Length again. Rahane defends though.
39.3 - Huge appeal for LBW, but Rahane is a long way outside off playing a shot, and could have gotten an inside edge? Williamson reviews anyway. Ball tracking shows him outside off. Not out stands.
39.4 - Full, Rahane gets forward and defends under his eyes. Shades of reverse swing from Southee.
39.5 - Southee comes wider, but Rahane goes right back and cuts him behind point for four. Classy shot.
39.6 - Straighter from Southee. Rahane defends.

IND 113/3

8:26pm - 39 overs

Ajaz continues for another over.

38.1 - Huge appeal for LBW, but Rahane's edged it onto his pad. No review.
38.2 - Rahane plays back to a ball that he should get forward to. He keeps it out though.
38.3 - Rahane drives in the air and beats point, they run back for three. Iyer to face Ajaz.
38.4 - Iyer gets well forward to defend his first ball from Ajaz.
38.5 - Iyer plays with the spin, and looks to steer the ball to point. No run.
38.6 - Full from Ajaz. Iyer pushes the ball back to him.

IND 109/3

8:22pm - 38 overs

Southee comes back into the attack for his third spell of the day. Pujara to face.

37.1 - Full to start, Pujara clips off his pads in the air, that falls short of square leg.
37.2 - Full and on off-stump. Pujara defends.
37.3 - Full, outside off. Pujara defends again.
37.4 - WICKET! Southee comes wider, and Pujara prods at the ball and gets an edge behind to Blundell! No real movement, just great use of the crease by Southee. Pujara goes for 26, debutant Shreyas Iyer comes in at No.5.
37.5 - First ball at Iyer is down leg, he has a nibble but can't catch up to it. 
37.6 - Length from Southee, and Iyer defends to short midwicket.

IND 106/3

8:16pm - 37 overs

Ajaz carries on for his 13th over. Rahane on strike.

36.1 - Good length, and Rahane defends first up.
36.2 - Fuller, and Rahane looks to drive to long-on, can't time the ball though.
36.3 - Full again, and Rahane produces the shot of the match, bisecting two fielder to drive it to the cover fence for four. That brings up India's 100.
36.4 - Straight from Ajaz, and Rahane works him towards square leg for a single.
36.5 - Pujara on strike. Full toss from Ajaz, and he smacks it through midwicket for four more. Pressure release from Pujara.
36.6 - Straighter and quicker. Pujara works to square leg for one.

IND 106/2

8:12pm - 36 overs

Running repairs for Pujara's finger. There's already a pretty nasty bruise. Slight delay, but we're ready to continue.

35.1 - Short ball from Jamieson to start, Pujara ducks under it.
35.2 - Short again. Pujara in a bit of trouble as he sways out of the way.
35.3 - Very short. Pujara doesn't need to duck under it. Wide called.
35.3 - Short, Pujara is tempted into playing at it, but drops his hands in time.
35.4 - Around the wicket from Jamieson. You love to see it. Short and in at Pujara's body, he defends.
35.5 - Short, but doesn't get up. Pujara defends comfortably off the back foot.
35.6 - Great short ball. Pujara does well to get out of the way.

IND 96/2

8:05pm - 35 overs

Pujara's in real trouble after that last ball, hit on the fingers. Ajaz to bowl to Rahane.

34.1 - Slow through the air, Rahane defends.
34.2 - Straighter from Ajaz, and Rahane gets forward to defend again.
34.3 - Aggression from Rahane, driving square but not beating the fielder.
34.4 - Short, Rahane goes back to cut but can't beat point.
34.5 - Good length, Rahane gets forward to defend.
34.6 - Quicker ball to finish. Rahane plays back and defends. Maiden over.

IND 95/2


Jamieson continues to Rahane, yet to get off the mark.

33.1 - Short ball to start the over. Rahane pulls, but gets a bottom edge straight into the ground. No pace in this pitch.
33.2 - Shortish. Rahane goes back to drive, but can't beat mid-off. The siren goes off for another no-ball - his third of the day.
33.2 - Shortish again. Rahane stays back and guides the ball in front of point to get off the mark with a boundary.
33.3 - Outside off to follow from Jamieson. Rahane leaves it.
33.4 - Short, Rahane punches towards cover off the back foot and gets a single past the diving Latham.
33.5 - Short, Pujara sways out of the way. Another no-ball siren goes off. This is becoming a problem for Jamieson.
33.5 - Short and wide, Pujara rocks back and cuts him for four through point. His first boundary after 75 balls.
33.6 - Shorter, and the bounce hits Pujara high on the bat. No run.

IND 95/2

7:56pm - 33 overs

Ajaz continues.

32.1 - Slow and loopy to start. Pujara gets forward and defends.
32.2 - Straighter, Pujara comes forward to smother the spin. No run.
32.3 - Pujara uses his feet and clubs the ball to mid-on. Slight misfield from Young lets them get back for two.
32.4 - Pujara uses his feet again, but doesn't beat Nicholls at midwicket.
32.5 - Slower. Pujara looks to turn through leg, but can't get it away. 
32.6 - Straighter. Pujara defends to finish the over.

IND 84/2

7:53pm - 32 overs

Jamieson to continue, as Rahane takes his guard. Made a stunning hundred against Australia in the Boxing Day test, but has struggled since.

31.1 - Wide to start at Rahane, who leaves it alone.
31.2 - Straight, and Rahane gets forward and defends.
31.3 - Jamieson is going after the pads. Rahane gets well forward and defends.
31.4 - Wide and nipping back in to the right-hander. Rahane leaves.
31.5 - Angles in from Jamieson, as the ball misses leg stump through to Blundell.
31.6 - Back of a length to finish, Rahane defends.

IND 82/2

7:48pm - 31 overs

Great start to the session for the Blackcaps. Ajinkya Rahane is in at No.4. He'll be up the other end though, as Ajaz Patel takes the ball from the other end.

30.1 - Slow to start from Ajaz, and Pujara dead bats straight back to the bowler.
30.2 - Flighted from Ajaz, Pujara defends to cover.
30.3 - Pujara uses his feet, but can't beat midwicket.
30.4 - Flatter, Pujara defends to cover.
30.5 - Slower, Pujara goes back to cut but can't get any timing.
30.6 - Pujara uses his feet again, can't beat Nicholls at midwicket. Maiden over.

IND 82/2

7:45pm - 30 overs

It'll be Jamieson to start us off after lunch, Gill on strike.

29.1 - Short to start. Gill looks to pull and gets an inside edge onto his body.
29.2 - Short again, and tucks Gill up as he works into the leg-side. No run.
29.3 - Wide from Jamieson, and Gill leaves it alone.
29.4 - Gill defends to point and tries to steal a single, but he's sent back by Pujara as Ajaz fields.
29.5 - Short, Gill goes back and tucks to square leg. No run.
29.6 - WICKET! Bowled 'em! Jamieson nips one back and re-arranges Gill's stumps! Inside edge from Gill back onto his pegs, but they all count. Gill goes for 52.

IND 82/2


We're back and ready for the second session. 

The Blackcaps need wickets, and need to get rid of Shubman Gill before he cashes in. India meanwhile will just want to go huge, bat once - and bat New Zealand out of the game.

A big couple of hours coming up.


Even after Jamieson's early strike, that was India's session. The hosts did well to recover from the early loss of Agarwal, led by Shubman Gill's 52 not out. He'll be desperate to convert that into his maiden test ton in the afternoon. He's joined at the other end by the immovable Pujara, who has 15 from 61.

Kyle Jamieson's opening spell stood out for the Blackcaps, quelling any doubts about his ability to bowl in the subcontinent, while Rachin Ravindra has had a fine start to his test career with the ball.

We'll be back in aroud 40 minutes for the afternoon session - stay tuned!

7:01pm - 29 overs

Approaching lunch. Somerville to continue. 

28.1 - Straight. Gill uses his feet and pushes back to the bowler for one.
28.2 - Gill waits and looks to late cut, but can't get his shot away.
28.3 - Gill uses the feet, and dead bats the ball straight into the ground.
28.4 - Short, and Gill turns the ball with the spin down to fine leg for a single.
28.5 - Pujara comes forward and defends. No run.
28.6 - Is this the last ball before lunch? Pujara shows some intent and clubs straight to mid-off. No run.

That will be lunch.

IND 82/1

6:57pm - 28 overs

Ravindra continues. 

27.1 - Good length, Gill defends on the front foot.
27.2 - Gill goes back and takes a single to cover.
27.3 - Full, and Pujara drives to mid-off. No run.
27.4 - Full, and Pujara drives to mid-off again. Williamson fields. No run.
27.5 - Footwork from Pujara, who can't beat mid-on.
27.6 - Straight from Ravindra, and Pujara drives to mid-off. No run.

IND 81/1

6:54pm - 27 overs

Somerville continues from the other end. Gill on strike, one away from a half-century.

26.1 - Straight, and Gill defends into leg with the spin.
26.2 - Straight again, Gill pushes into the leg side looking for one, but can't beat Southee at short mid-on.
26.3 - He beats him this time, Gill uses his feet and pushes a single out to wide mid-on to reach his 50! It took him just 81 balls.
26.4 - On off-stump to Pujara, who defends.
26.5 - Pujara uses his feet and punches to mid-on, no run.
26.6 - Turned to midwicket, no run.

IND 81/1

6:50pm - 26 overs

Here we go! Ravindra comes into the attack on debut! Gill on strike.

25.1 - Good start, on off-stump that Gill defends.
25.2 - HUGE turn from Ravindra! Gill plays and misses.
25.3 - Less turn from Ravindra, Gill defends. 
25.4 - Same ball, Gill defends again.
25.5 - Straighter. Gill looks to work off his pads, but can't beat the field.
25.6 - Straight again, and Gill gets a single down to long-on to end the over.

IND 79/1

6:47pm - 25 overs

Mid pitch meeting between Williamson, Ajaz and Somerville, who'll continue for another over.

24.1 - Short, and Pujara defends back to the bowler.
24.2 - Pujara uses his feet, and clips a single to Southee at midwicket.
24.3 - Gill on strike. He uses his feet and drives a single down to long-on.
24.4 - Straight from Somerville. Pujara defends to midwicket.
24.5 - On off-stump. Pujara defends again.
24.6 - Pujara uses his feet, and whips it to Southee again for no run.

IND 78/1

6:44pm - 24 overs

Ajaz for another over.

23.1 - Pujara uses his feet and clips to midwicket. No run.
23.2 - Wide outside off, and Pujara leaves.
23.3 - Great line. Ajaz attacks off-stump and hits Pujara on the pad. Slight appeal, but well outside the line.
23.4 - Inside edge as Pujara looks to turn through leg. He gets back for two runs down to fine leg.
23.5 - Pujara uses his feet and drives to mid-off. No run.
23.6 - Too straight, and Pujara gets a tickle on the ball down to fine leg. They get back fo three.

IND 76/1

6:41pm - 23 overs

Somerville continues to Gill.

22.1 - Straight, and Gill gets one down to long-on.
22.2 - Pujara gets forward to whip through midwicket, but can't beat Southee.
22.3 - Great length from Somerville, Pujara defends.
22.4 - Pujara uses his feet again and gets a single out to deep backward square, that's the 50 partnership between these two. Gill's scored 41 of them.
22.5 - Straight, Gill defends.
22.6 - Full, and Gill flicks to midwicket. No run.

IND 71/1

6:38pm - 22 overs

Ajaz carries on for another over. Bowling to Gill.

21.1 - Gill uses his feet and looks to clear mid-off! He just beats the leap of Williamson to get four!
21.2 - Slower, and Ajaz gets some real turn. Gill misses.
21.3 - Gill gets forward and defends to midwicket.
21.4 - Short. Gill looks to cut but can't find any timing.
21.5 - Straight from Ajaz, Gill defends.
21.6 - Quicker to finish, and Gill turns a single out to deep square leg.

IND 69/1

6:34pm - 21 overs

Somerville carries on for his second over. Gill on strike. Big discussion between Williamson and Southee.

20.1 - Somerville tosses one up, Gill uses his feet but he's beaten in flight. He's squared up as the ball's hit to cover.
20.2 - Flight again. Gill uses his feet and defends.
20.3 - Turn and bounce! Gill is squared up as the ball pops up to Latham under the helmet. Slight appeal for a bat-pad catch, but don't think he's hit that. No real appeal from the Blackcaps.
20.4 - Gill uses his feet again, and works to midwicket, no run.
20.5 - Gill drives down to long-on for one.
20.6 - Pujara on strike. He uses his feet to come down the wicket and defend.

IND 64/1

6:30pm - 20 overs

Change of ends for Ajaz to bowl to Gill. Spin from both ends.

19.1 - Full, and Gill defends straight.
19.2 - Full again, same shot from Gill.
19.3 - Ajaz strays onto leg stump, and Gill goes back and whips four more through midwicket. All wrists from Gill.
19.4 - Gill uses his feet, and turns a single to midwicket.
19.5 - Pujara on strike. Wide down leg. Blundell takes.
19.6 - Straighter. Pujara defends to end the over.

IND 63/1

6:26pm - 19 overs

Will Somerville comes into the attack, bowling off-spin to the two right-handers. The 37-year-old is affectionately known as 'Dad' by the Blackcaps. Pujara on strike.

18.1 - Loopy to start, and Pujara uses his feet to clip out to deep square leg for two.
18.2 - Better from Somerville, Pujara uses his feet again and defends.
18.3 - Pujara stays where he is. Defends to short midwicket.
18.4 - Footwork again from Pujara, whips to Southee at midwicket. No run.
18.5 - Shorter, and Pujara goes back and drives to mid-on off the back foot. No run.
18.6 - Outside off to finish, Pujara looks to steer to third man. No run.

IND 58/1

6:22pm - 18 overs

Southee to Pujara.

17.1 - Full, and Pujara prods straight to the man at silly midwicket. No run.
17.2 - Pujara defends into leg, and they try to steal a single! Young tries to throw the stumps down, but can't hit.
17.3 - Gill goes back and punches through cover off the back foot. They get back for two.
17.4 - Straight from Southee. Gill defends.
17.5 - Gill walks at Southee and uses his feet to hit into the leg-side, but Latham does brilliantly to save any runs.
17.6 - Back of a length to finish, Gill defends to mid-on.

IND 56/1

6:17pm - 17 overs

Another over for Ajaz, Gill faces.

16.1 - Tossed up, and Gill uses his feet to defend.
16.2 - SIX! There we go! Gill uses his feet again, and this time sends him straight and high for the first six of the test!
16.3 - Good comeback from Ajaz, slower through the air. Gill defends.
16.4 - Shorter from Ajaz, Gill punches to cover. No run.
16.5 - Short, and Gill waits for it before cutting to the third man boundary. That's India's 50 up!
16.6 - Flatter from Ajaz. Gill goes back and defends.

IND 53/1

6:14pm - 16 overs

Southee carries on from the other end. Gill on strike.

15.1 - Straight, and Gill defends.
15.2 - Too straight now. Gill flicks him for four off his pads. Great shot.
15.3 - Straight again with a bit of shape. Gill gets an outside edge through gully that gets him two more. No real catching chance.
15.4 - On off-stump from Southee. Gill defends.
15.5 - On off-stump again. Gill defends to point, playing very late to negotiate any swing.
15.6 - On the pads again from Southee, Gill tucks a single to midwicket.

IND 43/1

6:10pm - 15 overs

Back after drinks. Ajaz continues to Pujara.

14.1 - Short to start, Pujara punches back to the bowler.
14.2 - Straight. Pujara comes forward to defend.
14.3 - Straight again, no real turn. Pujara gets forward and defends again.
14.4 - Back of a length, Pujara pushes back to Patel.
14.5 - Flatter. Pujara pushes back to Patel again.
14.6 - Short, Pujara steers to point. No run. Maiden over.

IND 36/1

6:04pm - 14 overs

Southee returns, taking over from Jamieson. Bowling to Gill.

13.1 - Straight to start, Gill defends into leg.
13.2 - Full with a tiny bit of swing. Gill punches through cover for a single.
13.3 - Pujara faces Southee for the first time. He defends into leg. No run.
13.4 - Pujara defends, and takes a single to the vacant point region.
13.5 - Wide to Gill, who leaves it alone.
13.6 - Wide, inswinger that Gill can leave.

That'll be drinks!

IND 36/1

5:59pm - 13 overs

Ajaz carries on for his fourth. Pujara faces.

12.1 - Attacks off-stump, Pujara defends.
12.2 - Pujara uses his feet and whips one to midwicket, Nicholls saves runs.
12.3 - Slower through the air. Pujara defends again.
12.4 - Pujara goes back to turn the ball around to short fine leg, can't beat Jamieson.
12.5 - Wide from Ajaz. Pujara leaves it through to Blundell.
12.6 - Pujara uses his feet, but he's squared up with an outside edge that squirts into the off-side.

IND 34/1

5:56pm - 12 overs

Another over for Jamieson? Herculean effort in the heat from the big fella. Pujara faces.

11.1 - Straight to start, Pujara defends it under his eyes.
11.2 - Full again. Pujara defends towards mid-on.
11.3 - Too straight from Jamieson, Pujara clips off his hip out towads deep square leg for two runs.
11.4 - Too full. Pujara drives straight to mid-on.
11.5 - Outside off, Pujara leaves it alone.
11.6 - Too full, too straight. Pujara flicks a single down to fine leg.

IND 34/1

5:52pm - 11 overs

Ajaz carries on for another, bowling to Pujara.

10.1 - Pujara uses his feet and looks to whip through midwicket, can't beat Nicholls though.
10.2 - Uses his feet again, this time hits towards mid-on. Can't beat Somerville.
10.3 - Uses his feet for a third time, this time threads between midwicket and mid-on for a single.
10.4 - Gill goes back and drives straight off the back foot. The batters run two as Williamson saves the boundary.
10.5 - Short. Wide. Rubbish. Gill cuts for four - his first boundary.
10.6 - Gill uses his geet and defends to cover.

IND 31/1

5:48pm - 10 overs

Five overs on the bounce for Jamieson. Gill faces.

9.1 - Starts wide down leg, good take from a diving Blundell.
9.2 - Wide outside off, Gill leaves.
9.3 - Wider. Gill leaves again.
9.4 - Slightly straighter, but still wide. Gill leaves.
9.5 - Another wide ball. Gill isn't tempted into a shot.
9.6 - Gill advances and defends to point. No run.

IND 24/1

5:44pm - 9 overs

Ajaz continues. Replays showe dhis LBW appeal against Gill in the last over was out, if NZ had reviewed it.

8.1 - Full, and Gill defends.
8.2 - Gill goes back and works two through midwicket.
8.3 - Same ball, same shot. This time they're only kept to a single.
8.4 - Starts full to Pujara, who dead bats it into the ground.
8.5 - Patel attacks the stumps. Pujara goes back to cut but can't get it away.
8.6 - Patel attacks the pads. Pujara gets some bat on it into leg.

IND 24/1

5:40pm - 8 overs

Jamieson carries on for his fourth in a row. Agarwal faces.

7.1 - Bouncer! Where's that been? Agarwal ducks under the short ball.
7.2 - Beats him outside off, great bowling from Jamieson.
7.3 - Overpitches. Jamieson looks for more swing, but Agarwal gets on the front foot and drives square through point for four.
7.4 - Straighter from Jamieson. Agarwal defends to midwicket.
7.5 - WICKET! Agarwal prods at a ball that just holds his line outside off, and he knicks it through to Blundell! Agarwal thinks about the review. He goes for unlucky 13. Cheteshwar Pujara replaces him.
7.6 - Pujara to face his first ball. Full to start, and he defends to gully.

IND 21/1

5:34pm - 7 overs

Bowling change! Ajaz Patel comes in to replace Southee, bowling to two right-handers. Lets see how much it turns...

6.1 - Turn and bounce first ball! It gets the outside edge of Gill's bat that evades a diving Taylor at slip.
6.2 - Fuller from Ajaz, Gill defends.
6.3 - Straight, and Gill defends to cover.
6.4 - Gill gets forward and turns into leg, no run.
6.5 - Gill advances and is hit on the pad. LBW appeal, but probably too far down to give it.
6.6 - Keeps low! Gill manages to get bat on it and keep his stumps intact.

Maiden over.

IND 17/0

5:30pm - 6 overs

Jamieson stays on for another over. Gill on strike.

5.1 - Back of a length, Gill defends to point.
5.2 - Straight, and Gill defends back to the bowler.
5.3 - Straigher, Gill defends into leg. No ball called. An annoying siren goes off to signal that the bowler's overstepped. That won't get annoying at all...
5.3 - Great comeback. Outswinger beats Gill's prod through to Blundell.
5.4 - Wide and shaping away. Gill leaves.
5.5 - Gill advances again and defends to cover.
5.6 - Gill defends to cover and the batters sneak a single.

IND 17/0

5:25pm - 5 overs

Southee continues to Gill.

4.1 - Starts full, and Gill drives through cover where Williamson saves the boundary. They get back for three.
4.2 - Agarwal on strike. Outside off with a bit of away shape from Southee, beats the front foot press of Agarwal.
4.3 - Straight. Agarwal defends to gully. No run.
4.4 - Outside off with a bit of swing. Agarwal leaves.
4.5 - Outside edge from Agarwal! But it dies on Blundell, and rolls along the ground for four. No real chance of a catch, but the keeper and slips are too far back.
4.6 - Agarwal defends to point.

IND 15/0

5:20pm - 4 overs

Jamieson continues, Agarwal on strike.

3.1 - Beats him with a beauty! Pitches on off and swings away to beat the bat.
3.2 - Shorter. Agarwal defends and steers the ball behind square, but doesn't beat the fielder.
3.3 - Fuller. Agarwal defends on the front foot.
3.4 - Full again, Agarwal punches towards mid-on where Ravindra cuts it off. No-ball called though.
3.4- Agarwal gets forward and punches through cover, and comes back for two runs.
3.5 - Inswinger, but it's too wide to trouble Agarwal, who watches it through to Blundell.
3.6 - Short and wide outside off. Agarwal leaves.

IND 8/0 

5:15pm - 3 overs

Southee continues. Gill on strike.

2.1 - Away shape from Southee now, Gill leaves.
2.2 - Wide down leg, Gill looks to glance but can't reach it. 
2.3 - Huge appeal from Southee as Gill's struck on the pad - and it's given out lbw! Gill reviews straight away, questions over whether or not he's hit it. And he's absolutely bashed the cover off it. This'll be overturned, and is.
2.4 - Gill walks at Southee and defends straight. Ravindra comes around from mid-on to save the single.
2.5 - Full and straight from Southee, Gill defends on the front foot.
2.6 - Gill advances again, and tucks Southee into the leg side to get off the mark with two.

IND 5/0

5:11pm - 2 overs

Who takes the ball from the other end? It'll be Kyle Jamieson, so no spin from the outset from Williamson. He'll bowl to Agarwal.

1.1 - Shape away from Jamieson to the right hander to start! Agarwal leaves.
1.2 - Outswinger to follow. Agarwal fishes at it, and misses.
1.3 - Inswinger now! Too wide though, so Agarwal leaves. Great start for Jamieson.
1.4 - Back to the outswinger. Agarwal leaves.
1.5 - Another outswinger, Agarwal doesn't want any of it.
1.6 - Fuller from Jamieson. Agarwal defends. No run.

IND 3/0

5:06pm - 1 over

Southee at the top of his mark, and we're ready to go.

0.1 - Starts on a good length, Agarwal goes back and degends.
0.2 - Straight from Southee, no real movement. Agarwal defends.
0.3 - Agarwal plays away from his body and steers through gully to come back for two. India are underway.
0.4 - Agarwal looks for the same shot, but can't beat Young behind square.
0.5 - Agarwal steers behind square again, and this time gets one.
0.6 - Gill takes guard to face his first ball. He goes back and defends to point.

IND 3/0


Southee with first use of the ball, can he find some swing in these harsh bowling conditions? Mayank Agarwal takes his guard at the striker's end. Both Indian openers are making their test comebacks in this match - they'll be hungry for a big score!


Right then! We're all good and ready to go! 

The Blackcaps are in their huddle, a few pats on the back for Rachin Ravindra - about to play his first day as a test cricketer.

Tim Southee takes the new ball, India's opening pair make their way to the middle.


We'll have the two national anthems, and then we'll get underway.


The match officials make their way out to the middle, followed by the two teams.


Play is about 10 minutes away. 

You can hardly blame Rahane for batting first on this wicket, but that decision will come down to not wanting to bat last on what will be a minefield.


So, both teams are going with three spinners. The Blackcaps have named the pair of Ajaz Patel and Will Somerville, while Rachin Ravindra makes his test debut! Neil Wagner misses out on the playing XI, with Tim Southee and Kyle Jamieson to share new ball duties.

For India, Shreyas Iyer has been presented his test cap, confirmed to debut last night. Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel will make up their spin attack.

NZ: 1-Tom Latham, 2-Will Young, 3-Kane Williamson (c), 4-Ross Taylor, 5-Henry Nicholls, 6-Tom Blundell (wk), 7-Rachin Ravindra, 8-Kyle Jamieson, 9-Tim Southee, 10-Will Somerville, 11-Ajaz Patel.

India: 1-Mayank Agarwal, 2-Shubman Gill, 3-Cheteshwar Pujara, 4-Ajinkya Rahane (c), 5-Shreyas Iyer, 6-Ravindra Jadeja, 7-Wriddiman Saha (wk), 8-Ravichandran Ashwin, 9-Axar Patel, 10-Umesh Yadav, 11-Ishant Sharma.


Both captains are out in the middle for the toss. Williamson for NZ, Rahane for India.

The coin lands in Rahane's favour, India win the toss and will bat first.

We'll have the final XIs for you shortly.


Just having a closer look at the pitch. There's cracks on the surface before a ball's even bowled.

This'll be a bat first encounter for whoever wins the toss. Don't be surprised if this game doesn't even reach day four, nevermind day five...


An hour to go before the first ball in Kanpur.

We're about 30 minutes away from the toss, and the confirmation of the playing XIs.

Early shots of the pitch make one thing clear. It's. Going. To. Spin.

Three spinners for each side could be the go. That could mean a debut for Rachin Ravindra as a batting all-rounder, or a surprise test return for Mitchell Santner.

Stay tuned.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the first test of the new World Test Championship cycle, as India host New Zealand at Kanpur.

It feels like we've hardly had time to breathe from the excitement of the WTC final and Twenty20 World Cup, but the Blackcaps return to the longest format, opening their title defence with arguably cricket's toughest challenge - India away.

New Zealand enter this series without three key players from their inaugural test championship triumph. Trent Boult and Colin de Grandhomme have opted out of the test leg of this tour, while BJ Watling called time on his career after the final ball in Southampton.

In their place, Tom Blundell will take the gloves, while Will Somerville and Ajaz Patel will come into the XI on an almost guaranteed spin-friendly wicket. 

As for the all-rounder spot, expect Rachin Ravindra to push for a debut, batting down the order, or Daryl Mitchell to make his return to the test ranks.

India enter the series without several key personnel. Captain Virat Kohli will miss the first test, while senior batter Rohit Sharma, wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant, and fast bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami are all rested - perhaps as a sign of the home side's confidence.

But an inexperienced line-up could just open the door for an unlikely Blackcaps upset.

Ajinkya Rahane will lead the side in Kohli's absence and Shreyas Iyer comes into the team for his test debut, after impressing in limited opportunities in India's white-ball programme - including an maiden one-day hundred against the Blackcaps at Hamilton last year.

TAB odds: NZ $4.55, India $1.56, draw $4.15

Teams (predicted):

NZ: Tom Latham, Will Young, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Tom Blundell, Rachin Ravindra, Kyle Jamieson, Neil Wagner, Will Somerville, Ajaz Patel

India: Shubman Gill, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane (c), Shreyas Iyer, Ravindra Jadeja, Wriddiman Saha (wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel, Umesh Yadav, Mohammad Siraj

'My turn': Blundell eyes making keeper spot his own after Watling retirement

When the Blackcaps take the field in Kanpur for the start of their World Test Championship defence, they'll be doing so for the first time in a test since the retirement of wicketkeeper BJ Watling.

Watling, 36, signed off from international cricket in perfect fashion earlier this year, taking the gloves as the Blackcaps won the inaugural World Test Championship title. 

But after 75 tests, and 67 of those as wicketkeeper, Watling's influence on the team will be hard to fill for the Blackcaps, often the man New Zealand turned to in a crisis.

Fortunately, the Blackcaps haven't had to look far to find his replacement, with Wellington gloveman Tom Blundell already a key part of the side to reach the World Test Championship summit.

Playing as either a wicketkeeper or top order batsman, 31-year-old Blundell has proven his worth to the Blackcaps time and time again. Now, with the wicketkeeper spot his for the taking, Blundell simply wants to live up to the standards set by Watling.

"It was fantastic, to be in his pocket for a number of years and watch what he does, I wouldn't have it any other way," Blundell says.

"He was a great influence on my development as a keeper, and now it's sort of my turn - which I'm looking forward to, and hopefully I can do as great a job as he did.

"In the past, I've sort of been in and out, been in BJ's pocket a little bit. But [I] know it's my chance to put my stamp on the role, which I'm looking forward to.

"It's big boots to fill, filling in for BJ, but I think I can do a really good job."

Tom Blundell and BJ Watling.
Tom Blundell and BJ Watling. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

Now about to enter his first series as the Blackcaps' go-to man behind the stumps, Blundell couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to show his wares as a gloveman.

Beginning their World Test Championship title defence, the Blackcaps will take on one of cricket's greatest challenges - facing India in India.

Playing on pitches that take square turn from day one, wicketkeepers need to be at their best in the subcontinent, and when the players take the field for day one of the opening test, Blundell knows what he's in for, relishing the challenge.

"Obviously it's a lot of spin, which is exciting. As a keeper, you love these conditions," he adds.

"You're in the game a lot more, and [it's] something that's exciting for me. Keeping back home, you don't get to keep up to the stumps too much. 

"But it's an exciting time ahead for me."

India are unbeaten in home series since losing to England in 2012 - nearly a decade ago.

But with a series win over Pakistan in the UAE in 2018, and series draw in Sri Lanka as part of the last World Test Championship cycle, the Blackcaps have proven they can adapt to alien conditions.

And with no New Zealand side ever having won a test series in India, Blundell is aware of the history on offer for a Blackcaps side that's had no problem in re-writing their own up to now.

"There's no better place to come [to] play cricket. It's a great place to come play, [and] experience the culture.

"If we can win a series here, that'll be the pinnacle for us."