Australian Open: Kiwi Michael Venus questions Australian pair Nick Kyrgios, Thanasi Kokkinakis' behaviour after doubles quarter-final loss

Disgraceful and pathetic. That's how Michael Venus has labelled the antics of Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis in their Australian Open doubles quarter-final victory.

Following the three set loss on Tuesday, the Kiwi doubles star isn't the only one questioning the Australian pair's tennis etiquette - after they at times whipped the local crowd up into a deafening frenzy.

But it's a ratings winner, with networks switching away from Rafael Nadal's game to broadcast the action.

The Kokkinakis and Kyrgios show will roll on into the Australian Open semi-finals. The Australian pair are entertainers alright - but what type of show are they putting on?

"Probably a circus might be the best way to describe that," Venus tells Newshub.

Venus is questioning whether the pair, dubbed the 'Special Ks', have taken their on-court antics too far.

Kyrgios at times even egged the vocal home crowd to jeer after faults and between serves.

Venus was clearly annoyed, and even Australian Grand Slam finalist Mark Phillipousis has called out Kyrgios' antics.

"I'm a fan of the boys, but you don't do that," he said in commentary.

But Kygios appears to have no problem with his on-court behaviour.

Nick Kyrgios.
Nick Kyrgios. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

"Me and Thanasi, we're role models to the youth in Australia," Kyrgios said in his post-match press conference. "Now, at 26, I've matured."

But Venus isn't so sure.

"Disgraceful and pathetic," he adds. "But that's on them. Kind of shows their maturity and where they're at in life."

The Kiwi doubles star has good reason to be annoyed, as he struggled with the toss on his serve thanks to vocal crowd jeers, prompting Kyrgios to mock him.

Kyrgios was also lucky to escape a lash out which saw him strike a young boy in the crowd, and for dismantling his own racket. 

Former Grand Slam umpire Tony Glentworth believes the temperamental Aussie crossed a line, and more should've been done.

"I've been involved in some pretty hairy tennis matches over the years," Glentworth tells Newshub.

"But the way that he acted was pretty much an absolute prat."

Venus and German partner Tim Putz put up a great fight - and even appeared for a time like they'd get the last laugh.

But as much as Venus fired up, battling his opponents and the frenzied crowd, he and Putz lost in three sets.

So the show will go on.

"I'm not finished, I wanna win this f****** thing," Kyrgios says.

As for the antics, don't expect anything to change, with more of the same from Kokkinakis.

"The rowdier the better from everyone," he adds. "Honestly, sink piss and come here."

That will happen when the pair meet Argentina's Horacio Zeballos and Spain's Marcel Granollers in Thursday's semi-final.