Commonwealth Games: Ex-Silver Fern Anna Harrison to juggle netball, volleyball in race for Birmingham 2022

Former Silver Fern Anna Harrison is having one final dig at heading to the Commonwealth Games.

Having already won two golds and a silver with the Ferns, it's in her second sport of beach volleyball where she feels she has unfinished business. 

As a busy mother of three, Harrison is used to juggling her time. But even by her standards, this is an entirely different ball game.

"Me being me, I can't turn down a challenge so here we are doing both of them," Harrison tells Newshub.

That challenge, dividing her time between netball and volleyball to keep her dream alive.

"I mean, Comm Games would be great, never say never, but I'll be into my 40s for the next one but never say never." 

The 38-year-old came out of retirement last year to join Northern Stars.

"I think it was harder to make the decision to come out of retirement because I didn't want to go back and play at a standard that I knew wasn't good enough."

Not that you'd know it - the long-limbed 1.87 metre defender proved she hadn't lost her touch by notching up the second-most intercepts across the season. 

Anna Harrison for Northern Stars.
Anna Harrison for Northern Stars. Photo credit: Image - Photosport

But the option to re-join the New Zealand Beach Tour with new partner Rachel Gunn was ultimately too good to pass up.

"I love this game and I've always imagined coming back once netball was over," she adds. 

"It's easier on the body and I just love it.

"Although it sounds a lot, it's not like I'm committed to the complete program controlled by both sports, there's a lot of my control and me adapting it to what I can cope with." 

Because at the end of the day her family comes first.

"I think my biggest worry is the emotional, mental [toll].

"How am I going to be when I'm really tired? Especially because I don't want my kids to remember me as a psycho tired mum."

Regardless of what court she's taking, there's no doubt she'll make them proud.