Football: New Zealand Football move to assure All Whites' safety after militia attacks in UAE

New Zealand Football says it's taking every measure possible to ensure the safety of its staff and players in Abu Dhabi, just days after a missile attack on the city was intercepted.

The national men's team the All Whites are in the UAE preparing for upcoming friendlies against Jordan and Uzbekistan, but the team are staying put - for now.

The sky over Abu Dhabi lit up in the early hours of Tuesday (NZ time) as the UAE and US military intercepted two ballistic missiles, launched by Yemen's Houthi militia.

The All Whites witnessed the scary sight from the ground, but NZ Football has moved quickly to assure the safety of the team and support staff.

"[I've] had long and many chats with the ambassador based in the UAE, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who've been great," chief executive Andrew Pragnell tells Newshub.

"There's been no adjustment to the security settings, which is really positive."

The attack is the second on the UAE capital in a week, after the Houthi claimed responsibility for a strike that killed three people.

But while the New Zealand team is staying put, expert consultations will take place to maximise the All Whites' safety.

"The advice is there isn't any need to change what we're doing," Pragnell adds.

"What we are going to do regardless is do an independent security assessment on top of what we've already done. We just want to make sure no stone is left unturned." 

Staff and players are willing to see the tour through ahead of the Oceania World Cup Qualifiers in just two months' time.

"The messages we've had from the players is that they're comfortable with the current situation as it stands at the moment," NZ Players Association chair Harry Ngata says.

And if the situation worsens, New Zealand Football will be quick to move.

"If the security settings were to change, that would absolutely trigger for us to re-evaluate the situation," says Pragnell.

But for now, the friendlies against Jordan and Uzbekistan will go ahead as scheduled.

"As long as we take necessary precautions to ensure they can play in a couple of days' time and get out safely," adds Ngata. "That's got to be first and foremost."

"Confident, but eyes wide open," adds Pragnell.

And in this case - literally.