Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh - second test, first day at Christchurch's Hagley Oval

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NZ 349/1, 90 overs - Latham 186* Conway 99*

6:25pm - STUMPS

New Zealand's day. They've scored at just under four runs an over, and finish day one with 349/1 on the board.

Latham leads the players from the field after his superb 186 not out, and will resume tomorrow in the hunt for a second test double century.

Conway meanwhile will have to go to sleep thinking of another test hundred, one run away from his third on 99 not out.

Bangladesh meanwhile will be deflated. They chose to bowl on a green top, and are now chasing the game in search of a series win.

There's still a lot of cricket to be played though, so join us tomorrow for day two's action!

6:22pm - 90th over

Alright then! Last over of the day, Conway on 98. Mehidy to bowl it. Can Conway get to three figures.

Huge drive first ball, but straight to the fielder! He pushes the next ball down the ground for one more, moves to 99 with four balls left in the day.

Can Latham get one? He defends the next two, he needs to get one this ball to give Conway a chance.

But he defends! Devon Conway will go to bed on 99 not out!

Latham defends the last ball, and that's that for day one!

NZ 349/1

6:19pm - 89th over

Conway faces, one shot away from a century of his own. Taskin to bowl.

He moves to 98 by defending into off and running. 

Latham faces, and he plays back and gets a leg bye, but there's another overthrow - and that brings up the 200 run stand between this pair!

Latham plays out the over.

NZ 348/1

6:14pm - 88th over

Shoriful to Conway, three overs to go.

Shoriful goes short, and Conway waits before another late cut down to third man, coming back for three runs to move to 97.

Latham on strike. Chance! Latham is squared up by Shoriful, and edges through the gap at gully for another boundary!

NZ 345/1

6:10pm - 87th over

Taskin to Latham, four overs left in the day.

Latham drives the fourth ball back past the bowler, and comes back for two runs. 

Taskin overpitches with the final ball, and Latham drives him through cover for four more to end the over.

NZ 338/1

6:05pm - 86th over

Shoriful Islam to take the new ball from the other end, Conway has five overs to try and bring up his hundred tonight. You wouldn't bet against it.

Not this over though, as Shoriful comes up with a maiden.

NZ 332/1

6:01pm - 85th over

Stop the press, Bangladesh have taken the new ball! Taskin will take it, bowling to Latham, around the wicket.

Latham defends to cover and steals a single. Conway back on strike. 

Taskin overpitches, and Conway just times him through cover for four more!

Taskin hits Conway on the pad as he shapes to glance, and appeals for his life. Not out, as they run a leg bye.

NZ 332/1

5:56pm - 84th over

Mehidy continues, still not taking the new ball. 

And Conway greets Mehidy with a sweep out to square leg for four! Conway plays back and drives down to long-on for one more to move into the 90s.

Latham on strike, and now he attacks! Latham uses his feet and lofts Mehidy up over mid-off as the ball trickles into the rope for four. Latham drives down the ground for one run to finish the over, 10 from it.

NZ 326/1

5:52pm - 83 overs

Ebadot to Conway.

Chance! Ebadot bowls on leg stump, and Conway whips it in the air to beat a diving midwicket for four out to the fence.

Ebadot goes wide, and Conway waits before slicing the ball behind point for four more! Can he get to his hundred tonight?

Ebadot goes short, and Conway pulls into a gap on the leg side for two more. 

Short to finish, and Conway steers a single to point.

NZ 316/1

5:48pm - 82nd over

Still not taking the new ball, Mehidy continues.

Conway goes for an outrageous reverse sweep and misses it, as the ball goes past his leg stump.

Conway plays back and drives out to point for two, and then sweeps to square leg for one more. 

Latham with one ball to play in the over, and he defends.

NZ 305/1

5:45pm - 81st over

The new ball is available, will Bangladesh take it? Doesn't look like it for now. Ebadot continues to Conway.

Conway squeezes a single out towards square leg, and brings up NZ's 300!

Latham tucks the next ball off his hip for a single to square leg for one more. 

Ebadot tucks Conway up, but he still manages a single to square leg. 

NZ 302/1

5:41pm - 80th over

Mehidy is back, one over until the new ball. Latham on strike.

Latham uses his feet and drives a single to cover, and that's the 150-run stand between these two!

Conway on strike, and he pushes the ball down the ground for a single to long-on.

Huge appeal for caught behind as the ball beats Latham's bat. Umpire says no, and Bangladesh refer. Daylight between bat and ball on the replays, another wasted appeal from Bangladesh.

NZ 299/1

5:36pm - 79th over

Taskin to Latham, coming around the wicket. 

Taskin goes too short and gives away a wide. Latham gets a single out to deep square leg.

Two runs from the over.

NZ 297/1

5:31pm - 78th over

And Ebadot comes on for a pre-new ball burst from the other end. Latham on strike.

Latham plays back and cuts to point first ball of the over. Conway to face Ebadot.

Conway on strike, and he defends for a single to point. 

Latham gets a leg bye off his thigh pad to end the over.

NZ 295/1

5:26pm - 77th over

We're ready for the final hour of play. Taskin Ahmed returns with the ball, Conway on strike.

Taskin comes around the wicket, as Conway cuts him over the slips for four more. 

NZ 292/1

5:18pm - 76th over

Shanto bowls to Latham.

And straight away Latham gets off strike with a single to short fine leg. 

Conway faces, and he plays back to drive a single to deep cover. Latham uses his feet and drives another down to long-on. 

Shanto goes short, and Conway late cuts and comes back for three runs. Latham defends to finish the over. And that's drinks.

NZ 288/1

5:15pm - 75th over

Mehidy carries on to Conway.

Conway cuts to point and gets a single. Latham uses his feet and drives a single to long-on for another. 

Two from the over.

NZ 282/1

5:11pm - 74th over

Shanto for another, seven overs until the new ball.

Conway gets a single to cover, and Latham adds another to point.

Conway gets one more to fine leg, as Latham plays out the over.

NZ 280/1

5:09pm - 73rd over

Mehidy to Conway.

Conway cuts to point for one, and Latham defends and steers it past slip for another. 

Conway drives down to long-off for yet another single, three runs from the over.

NZ 277/1

5:06pm - 72nd over

Shanto continues. Latham on strike.

Too straight to start, and Latham works off his pads for one more out to square leg. 

Conway on strike, and it's a carbon copy, one out to square leg. This is now the highest second wicket partnership at Hagley Oval.

Latham faces again, and he gets one to point.

Conway again, and there's one more, a single to long-on.

NZ 274/1

5:03pm - 71st over

Mehidy to Latham.

He cuts a single to point to bring Conway back on strike.

Conway sweeps and gets a single to square leg. 

Latham faces again, and goes back and cuts through point for another single.

NZ 270/1

5:00pm - 70th over

Bangladesh throw the ball to Shanto in the hope of buying a wicket.

Conway on strike, and he gets one out to deep cover.

Latham drives to long-off and grabs one more. 

NZ 267/1

4:57pm - 69th over

Mehidy stays on for his 18th straight over. Latham on strike.

Latham drives and gets a single to long-off.

Conway takes strike, and he reverse sweeps to get four behind point on the off-side. That moves Conway to 49.

And make that 50! Conway turns another out to square leg, and raises his bat for another half-century!

NZ 265/1

4:53pm - 68th over

Conway faces up to Ebadot. 

He pulls and gets a single out to deep square leg to bring Latham onto strike.

Latham on strike, and he pushes a single out to deep point. 

Conway faces again, and gets a single defending to point. 

Ebadot goes short to Latham, and he pulls in front of square for one to midwicket.

NZ 259/1

4:49pm - 67th over

Mehidy to Latham.

He misses a sweep, but then drives down to long-on off the back foot for a single.

Conway on strike, and he gets one with a single down to long-on as well.

NZ 255/1

4:46pm - 66th over

Ebadot to Latham now.

Latham pulls a single to square leg. Conway with one ball to face, and he defends.

NZ 253/1

4:42pm - 65th over

Mehidy to Conway.

Huge appeal first ball! Conway reverse sweeps, but misses through to the keeper. Umpire says not out, and Bangladesh don't review. It looks like the bat hit the ground, there was a noise through to the keeper.

Conway takes a single down to long-on.

Latham turns the ball out to square leg for one to finish the over.

NZ 252/1

4:38pm - 64th over

Ebadot to Latham.

Latham cuts four more through backward point. It was aerial, but no one was catching that. 

Ebadot goes too straight, and Latham works him off his pads for four through midwicket - and that's his 150!

That's also his century stand with Conway!

NZ 250/1

4:33pm - 63rd over

Mehidy to Latham.

Chance! Latham plays late, so late that the ball nearly trickles back onto the stumps off the inside edge. He gets lucky though.

Latham turns the ball out to square leg for one to end the over.

NZ 242/1

4:31pm - 62nd over

Ebadot returns, NZ's chief destroyer at the Mount. Bowling to Latham, over the wicket.

Latham defends and steals a single to point first ball. 

Conway on strike. He cuts a single out to point. 

Latham back on strike, and he cuts through backward point for four more! Latham cuts to point for one more. 

Conway to face again, seven runs from the over already. Two dots to finish.

NZ 241/1

4:25pm - 61st over

Mehidy carries on to Latham.

He gets one more, playing out to square leg. 

Conway on strike, and he drives out to long-off for one more run. 

Latham finishes the over with one run down to long-off.

NZ 234/1

4:22pm - 60th over

Shoriful to Latham.

He gets a leg bye to square leg after being hit on the thigh pad. 

Just that run from the over.

NZ 231/1

4:18pm - 59th over

Mehidy to Conway.

Conway drives to mid-on and runs a single, despite some hesitation from Latham.

Latham sweeps, and gets a second ball that goes over the head of the keeper and comes back for two. Clear intent after tea.

Latham sweeps again and is hit on the pad, Bangladesh appeal but he's outside the line of off-stump.

Latham gets a single to short fine leg to end the over.

NZ 230/1

4:15pm - 58th over

Shoriful to Latham.

Latham gets off strike with a leg-bye to fine leg. 

Conway faces, and he gets a single with one more down to fine leg. 

Latham on strike, and Shoriful goes short. Latham rocks back and pulls in front of square for four through midwicket.

Chance! Short again, and this time Latham runs it over the slips for four more! Chance of a catch at second slip, but the ball goes over Yasir Ali's head.

Big over, 10 from it.

NZ 226/1

4:11pm - 57th over

Mehidy to Conway.

Conway reverse sweeps and gets four to third man! Unreal shot, but you expect these from Conway.

He tries to go again, but is hit on the pad and Bangladesh appeal. Hold on, it looks like Conway hit it.

Just four from the over.

NZ 216/1

4:08pm - 56th over

Shoriful to open up from the other end, Conway faces.

He pushes through cover and gets two first ball of the over. Shoriful goes short, and this time Conway pulls two out to square leg.

Shoriful goes too straight, and Conway turns the ball to square leg for one more.

NZ 212/1

4:04pm - 55th over

Right then, Mehidy will get us underway with the ball, Conway faces.

Conway sweeps and gets a single to deep square leg second ball. Latham on strike, and this time he sweeps, splits the gap and gets four out to square leg! Great start to the evening for the skipper.

Five runs from the first over after tea.

NZ 207/1


Latham and Conway arrive at the crease for the afternoon session, can they see out a near perfect day with the bat for the Blackcaps?

3:45pm - TEA

New Zealand's session.

Even after the loss of Young, Conway has joined century-maker Latham and kept the runs flowing. They'll carry on shortly, but today could be a long one for the tourists.

Bangladesh meanwhile will be shaking their heads. After opting to bowl, they've taking just one wicket in 50-odd overs, and been an absolute shambles in the field.

We'll be back in about 15 minutes for the final session of day one.

3:43pm - 54th over

Should be the last over before tea. Taskin for another to Conway.

He gets a short ball that he turns to fine leg for a single. 

Latham sees out the over, and that's tea.

NZ 202/1

3:38pm - 53rd over

Mehidy to Latham.

Latham turns the ball out to deep square leg and brings up NZ's 200!

Conway with five balls still to come. Conway gets a single off the last, driving out to point off the back foot.

NZ 201/1

3:35pm - 52nd over

Taskin to Conway.

Lbw appeal with the penultimate ball, but clearly shaping down leg. Bangladesh don't refer.

Bangladesh appeal again as Conway plays and misses at a wide ball, again they don't refer.

Maiden over.

NZ 199/1

3:30pm - 51st over

Mehidy to Latham. 

Latham punches a ball out through the covers for two, and then gets a single to fine leg with a sweep. 

Conway faces, and he turns the ball to square leg for one. 

Latham faces, and he gets a short and wide delivery that he cuts for four - and that's the 50-run stand with him and Conway!

NZ 199/1

3:27pm - 50th over

Bowling change. Taskin replaces Ebadot. Over the wicket to Conway.

Chance! Outside edge first ball as Conway gets four through gully. 

Conway gets off strike by turning a single to square leg. 

Latham faces, and Taskin gives away a wide trying to bounce him. Latham gets a single to square leg. 

NZ 191/1

3:21pm - 49th over

Mehidy to Latham. And it's a maiden.

NZ 184/1

3:18pm - 48th over

Ebadot to Latham.

Ebadot beats Latham's outside edge, before he's driven down the ground where Mominul saves a boundary, as they run three. We have to check the replays to see if the boundary was saved, and it was.

Conway to face the last ball of the over, and he drives straight back past Ebadot for four more!

NZ 184/1

3:14pm - 47th over

Mehidy to Conway.

Conway gets a single down the ground after a fumble by the bowler.

Latham nudges the last ball of the over to fine leg, and gets one more.

NZ 177/1

3:10pm - 46th over

Ebadot to Latham.

Chance! Edge first ball of the over, but it drops short of slip and runs away for four more!

Latham gets a single out to point to bring Conway onto strike. 

He turns a full ball off his pads to square leg for another single. Latham's pinned on the back leg last ball, no chance of lbw though.

NZ 175/1

3:06pm - 45th over

Latham on 99, Mehidy with the ball.

And he gets his hundred! He turns a short ball to deep square leg and gets a single to take him to three figures!

That's Latham's 12th test century, his first as New Zealand captain, his fastest, and first in front of his newborn son! 

Conway faces, and gets a top edge from a sweep shot that allows him to run two. 

NZ 169/1

3:03pm - 44th over

Latham on 98. Ebadot comes back into the attack.

Leading edge from Latham that travels along the ground to cover, one run. 

Conway plays out the rest of the over.

NZ 166/1

2:58pm - 43rd over

Latham faces Mehidy, one shot away from three figures.

And he goes for it! Latham uses his feet and hits to long-on, but can't beat the fielder, just one.

Conway faces - and he shows Latham how it's done! He runs at the bowler, and lofts him over long-on for six!

Conway gets one down the ground and takes a single to long-on. 

Latham back on strike. He turns the ball to square leg for one more.

NZ 165/1

2:56pm - 42nd over

Shoriful to Conway.

Lbw appeal third ball, but surely that's too high? Umpire says no, and Bangladesh don't review.

Maiden over.

NZ 156/1

2:52pm - 41st over

Mehidy to Latham, on 95.

And he gets a single out to deep square leg to bring Conway to face. 

Conway drives to cover and runs a quick single. 

Latham plays out the over.

NZ 156/1

2:49pm - 40th over

Shoriful to Latham.

Chance! Shoriful gets one to take off and completely catches Latham off guard. The ball takes the shoulder of the bat, but falls safely in between the oncoming fielders! 

Latham gets a single out to midwicket next ball. 

NZ 154/1

2:44pm - 39th over

Mehidy to bowl after drinks, Latham faces.

Young drives to mid-off and gets one, bringing Conway to face his first ball.

Conway gets off the mark second ball, driving through cover for four, and that brings up the 150 for the Blackcaps!

NZ 153/1

2:39pm - 38th over

Shoriful to Young, around the wicket.

Shoriful goes too short and is called for a wide - the first extra of the day. 

WICKET! And Young falls! He drives a wide ball straight to the man at point, where Naim takes the catch. Young goes for 54, Devon Conway is in at No.3.

And that's drinks too.

NZ 148/1

2:33pm - 37th over

Mehidy for another over, Young faces.

Young turns to square leg for a single. Latham faces, and sweeps to fine leg for one more.

Young on strike again, and he turns out to deep midwicket for another single.

NZ 147/0

2:30pm - 36th over

Double bowling change, Shoriful Islam comes back. Around the wicket to Young.

Shoriful goes short and Young pulls a single to square leg that nearly takes out the umpire. 

Just a single from the over.

NZ 144/0

2:26pm - 35th over

Spin comes into the attack as Mehidy Hasan is thrown the ball - can he find any turn? Latham faces.

Latham defends the first ball, before using his feet and whipping the ball through midwicket for four more to move into the 90s! 

Latham plays back and gets a single down the ground to long-on. 

Young faces, and he frees his arms and lofts the ball down to long-on for four, and brings up his half-century! It's come in 98 balls, his third 50 in a row after scoring one in each innings at the Mount.

Young gets a single to long-on to finish the over, 10 from it.

NZ 143/0

2:21pm - 34th over

Ebadot for another over, Young on strike.

Young gets a single first ball of the over, defending to midwicket. This is now the highest opening partnership at Hagley Oval. 

Ebadot goes short and wide, and Latham cuts him for four through point. Ebadot goes short again, and Latham pulls him out to midwicket for three more.

Chance! Young is lucky to finish the over, he presses hard at the ball and edges it through the slips for four.

NZ 133/0

2:16pm - 33rd over

Here's Taskin, Latham faces.

Maiden over.

NZ 121/0

2:12pm - 32nd over

Ebadot continues, just the three bowlers used by Bangaldesh so far. Latham faces.

Latham drives to cover and gets a single second ball. Young clips a single off his pads out to deep square leg.

Chance! Latham pulls but mistimes it with a top edge, but the ball lands safely in no-man's land in front of fine leg. Another run to the total.

Lbw appeal against Latham last ball, clear inside edge. Bangaldesh don't review.

NZ 121/0

2:08pm - 31st over

Taskin for another, Young on strike.

Young's outside edge is beaten again as he fishes at a wider ball that bounces off a length.

Maiden over.

NZ 118/0

2:04pm - 30th over

Ebadot for another over, Young faces. 

Young clips a single to mid-on and gives Latham two balls in the over to face.

Lbw appeal final ball, but Latham's surely hit this? Bangladesh don't review.

NZ 118/0

2:00pm - 29th over

Taskin to Young. 

Huge movement back into the right hander, but Young can leave on length. 

Young gets a single to fine leg with the last ball. 

NZ 117/0

1:56pm - 28th over

Ebadot continues to Young.

And there's more overthrows! Young steals a single to midwicket, before Mehidy's throw at the stumps runs away to the boundary - five more to the total.

Latham finishes the over with a drive down the ground for four. It's all happening.

NZ 116/0

1:51pm - 27th over

Taskin Ahmed takes the ball from the other end. Latham on strike.

And Latham produces a textbook cover drive for four first ball, and that's the 100 partnership between the openers!

Taskin beats the outside edge of Latham's bat with his fourth ball, before Latham edges through the slips for four more!

Eight runs from the over.

NZ 107/0

1:46pm - 26th over

Young faces after the break, Ebadot has the ball.

Dropped! Young edges the final ball of the first over back, but second slip dives in front of first and spills the catch.

Latham and Young run back for three, but then there's overthrows at the bowler's end! The ball trickles to the rope for four - so that's seven runs from the one ball!


NZ 99/0


We're about ready for the second session, it's all New Zealand at the moment, but Bangladesh have already shown they can turn it around with the ball in this series.

1:00pm LUNCH

A very rewarding session for New Zealand, who lost the toss - Latham is now 0-6 as captain - and were sent into bat on a pitch expected to support the bowlers.

The skipper, who had missed out twice at Mt Maunganui, has reverted to usual form, finding the boundary regularly, with the Bangladesh bowlers unable to find a consistently testing length.

Latham has been given out twice, but won both leg-before-wicket reviews, while Young has quietly supported his opening partner from the other end. 

25th over - Final over before lunch will come from Shoriful. Latham swings lustily at the fifth ball and finds the legside boundary, NZ 92/0

24th over - Taskin opens his 10th over and Young jumps on the first ball, cutting hard to the boundary.

Taskin beats Latham's edge with his final ball, NZ 88/0

23rd over - Shoriful into his eighth over, but Latham plays him straightish to the rope - his 11th boundary of the day.

Latham plays and misses at the third ball, and keeper and bowler are exited about an edge. There's none, NZ 82/0

22nd over - Taskin starts his ninth over and Latham fends him through vacant gully for another boundary.

Second ball takes Latham's pad, Gaffney isn't interested, but Taskin insists. Monimul seems to review, but none is forthcoming - he either had second thoughts, missed the time limit or it was the world's quickest review.

Replays show there may have been bat, but it also looked outside off-stump, NZ 76/0

21st over - Shoriful returns to replace Ebadot, so just the three bowlers used so far. Latham punches him square to the boundary.

Fourth ball beats the outside of Latham's bat, but the Blackcaps skipper takes a sharp single off the next ball to bring up his fifty off 65 balls - 23rd in tests and fifth at Hagley Oval, NZ 71/0

20th over - Taskin opens his eighth over and Latham off-drives square for four.

Umpire Chris Gaffney warns Taskin for running on the pitch, NZ 65/0

19th over - Ebadot begins his sixth over and he's been expensive so far, conceding 32 runs. He hits Young on the pads, but Knights isn't falling for it this time, ruling not out.

Replays show that was travelling over the stumps, but a rare maiden for Ebadot NZ 61/0

18th over - Taskin into his seventh over. Young and Latham both take singles to rotate strike.

Young almost plays the last ball onto his stumps, NZ 61/0

17th over - Ebadot into his fifth over and Latham has four through slips off the first ball.

The NZ skipper slaps through the offside, but the ball is cut off centimetres from the rope - he runs four anyway, NZ 58/0

16th over - Taskin into his sixth over. Two bouncers to open the over, so maybe a change of approach from the Bangladesh bowlers.

That's a maiden, but didn't really test the NZ batters, NZ 50/0

15th over - Ebadot starts his fourth over, Latham plays on the offside, but elects not to run on the misfield.

Ebdot digs the third ball short and Latham lashes viciously at it, top-edging over slips to the boundary. Fifty partnership for Latham and Young, NZ 50/0

14th over - Taskin replaces Shoriful for his fifth over. Latham takes a single, but Young is struck on the pad, given not out and no review.

The ball actually hits thigh pad and almost plays onto the stumps, NZ 46/0

13th over - After drinks, Ebadot begins his third over and Latham immediately plays him back along the ground for four.

Fourth ball is in the slot and Latham drives through cover for another boundary, NZ 43/0

12th over - Shoriful starts his sixth over, a decent opening spell. Young ducks under a bouncer and it's a maiden, NZ 34/0

Time for a drinks break and New Zealand will be relieved to complete the opening hour without losing a wicket, although they had to use a couple of reviews to keep their slate clean.

11th over - Ebadot's second over starts with Young playing off his pads for four. Second ball misses Young's outside edge and falls short of the keeper, NZ 34/0

10th over - Shoriful's fifth over. After that last over, the Bangladesh bowlers smell blood in the water, but just one single from the over, NZ 29/0

Ninth over - Ebidot Hossain replaces Taskin and Latham cuts him to the boundary, doesn't even think about running.

Second ball hits Latham on the pads and he's give out - Latham immediately reviews, it may be heading down leg side and is also above the knee roll.

The review is successful, but an early let-off for the skipper. He takes two off the next ball to relieve the tension.

Fourth ball also hits Latham pad and he's give out. Latham reviews incredulously, claiming it's way too high, and he's right.

Umpire Wayne Knight is 0/2 in this over, NZ 28/0

Eighth over - Shoriful for his fourth over. Latham plays dead straight, hitting the stumps at the non-striker's end and sending Young scrambling to make his ground.

Shoriful's second ball finds Latham's back pad and there's some interest from the field, but given not out and Mominul won't review it.

Latham cuts square for three, NZ 22/0

Seventh over - Taskin to deliver his fourth over. Young plays streakily through the slip cordon for four, NZ 19/0

Sixth over - Shoriful into his third over. Third ball beats Latham's outside edge and another maiden, NZ 15/0

Fifth over - Taskin into his third over. Another very late leave from Young.

Young plays through midwicket for two runs to break the drought. NZ 15/0

Fourth over - Shoriful bowls his second and Latham shows correct defence. Another maiden, NZ 13/0

Third over - Taskin to bowl his second over, Young leaves the second ball late.

Moninul dives well to cut off Young's off drive close in and Taskin completes a maiden over. NZ 13/0

Second over - Shoriful Islam to bowl the second over. Young takes two off his opening ball.

Latham cuts the fourth ball to the boundary for four. NZ 13/0

First over - Taskin Ahmed takes the ball for Bangladesh's first over, with Tom Latham to face the first ball. Three slips and a gully form an attacking field.

Latham opens the scoring with a sharp single off the third ball. Young plays off the pads to leg side for his opening run.

Latham follows a ball down legside for a boundary off the last ball. NZ 6/0

10:33am - Bangladesh have won the toss, continuing Tom Latham's appalling record with the coin, and New Zealand will bat first on a Hagley Oval pitch expected to offer pace and bounce early.

Opener Mohammad Naim will become Bangladesh's 100th test player, replacing Mahmudul Hasan Joy, who is injured.

There's also a change at wicketkeeper, where Liton Das takes a specialist batting role, replacing injured Mushfiqur Rahim, with Nurul Hasan taking the gloves. 

The only change for New Zealand - as expected - sees Daryl Mitchell replace Rachin Ravindra as the all-rounder, eliminating spin from the hometown attack.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the second Blackcaps v Bangladesh test at Christchurch's Hagley Oval.

World champions New Zealand find themselves in a position that seemed unfathomable a week ago, trailling the ninth-ranked Tigers 1-0 in their two-test series on home soil.

Bangladesh created history with their first test victory over their rivals at Mt Maunganui, batting obstinately during their first innings and exposing some fragility in a Blackcaps order without injured captain Kane Williamson.

Veteran Ross Taylor - New Zealand's most prolific international runscorer - will make his final test appearance for his country over the next few days and his teammates must rally to give him the send-off he deserves, while also trying to salvage World Test Championship points from a series that offered maximum returns before it began.

The Bay Oval result was certainly a setback to their chances of defending their world test crown.

Composition of the Blackcaps line-up will depend on conditions in Christchurch, with selectors likely to keep faith with their players, but possibly tinkering with the all-rounder spot between spinner Rachin Ravindra and medium-pacer Daryl Mitchell

With specialist spin exponent Ajaz Patel not part of the squad, the home side will stick with their four-prong pace attack of Trent Boult, Tim Southee, Neil Wagner and Kyle Jamieson, with Matt Henry the only other option available. 

Despite their shock defeat in the series opener, the Blackcaps are still overwhelming favourites at the TAB to take out the second encounter.


New Zealand: Tom Latham (captain), Tom Blundell (wicketkeeper), Trent Boult, Devon Conway, Matt Henry, Kyle Jamieson, Daryl Mitchell, Henry Nicholls, Rachin Ravindra, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Neil Wagner, Will Young 

Bangladesh: Mominul Haque (captain), Abu Jayed, Ebadot Hossain, Khaled Ahmed, Litton Das (wicketkeeper), Mahmudul Hasan Joy, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Mohammad Naim, Mushfiqur Rahim (wicketkeeper), Najmul Hossain Shanto, Nurul Hasan (wicketkeeper), Shadman Islam, Shakib Al Hasan

TAB Odds: NZ $1.19, draw $6.70, Bangladesh $9.40


Greentop expected as Blackcaps face fight to save test series against Bangladesh

The Blackcaps begin their fight to save the series against Bangladesh in the second and final test in Christchurch on Sunday. 

The traditionally green and fast wicket at Hagley Oval would be salvation playing a touring subcontinent side, but Bangladesh believe they can create more history if they can win the toss. 

New Zealand captain Tom Latham is in familiar territory at Hagley Oval - but it's very much the opposite for the Blackcaps, now fighting to save a series at home after defeat at Mt Maunganui.

"They played really well and we probably weren't quite at our best," he says. 

Coach Gary Stead musters the Blackcaps at training
Coach Gary Stead musters the Blackcaps at training. Photo credit: Photosport

On the other hand, Bangladesh have their tails up, as they look to achieve a historic series win.

"The boys have got a lot of confidence, a lot of belief," says coach Russell Domingo. 

"There's a lot of smiles, a lot of joking, and real determination to try and do something special."

If the Blackcaps are to stop Bangladesh, they'll need to be far better than they were at Mt Maunganui.

Latham hints at just one change to the playing XI being considered, a toss-up between Daryl Mitchell and Rachin Ravindra.

"Yeah, it's probably just the all-rounder, in terms of whether we believe spin may come into it," he says.

If it doesn't, Mitchell will likely take the No.7 spot from spinning all-rounder Ravindra.

The biggest factor in who takes the spoils will be made before the match even gets under way, at the toss.

Whoever gets the ball in their hand first will be licking their lips.

"It's not often Bangladesh can say that they're actually looking forward to bowling on a wicket that's got a bit of grass on it," adds Domingo.

"Ebadot Hossain is one player that could certainly pose a problem on day one, if he's able to replicate his form from the Mount." 

But Latham doesn't expect the toss to be as decisive a factor as you'd think.

"I certainly don't think it's a win-the-toss-win-the-game type surface," says Latham. "We've seen here before, we've won when we've been put in."

Regardless of whether they bat first, the Blackcaps are already under pressure in this series - one they're now fighting to save.