Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh - third day, first test at Mt Maunganui

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NZ 328, 108.1 overs (Conway 122, Nicholls 75, Young 52)
Bangladesh 401/6, 156 overs - Yasir 11* Mehidy 20*

Bangladesh lead by 73 runs

6:35pm - STUMPS

Bangladesh's day. The visitors are ahead by 73 runs heading into day four, and have done as good a job as they could ask to avoid defeat on Kiwi soil for the first time.

It's back to the drawing board for the Blackcaps, they've toiled for 156 overs and only have six wickets to show for it.

We'll be back tomorrow for day four, so join us then!

6:34pm - 156th over

Last over of the day. Jamieson to bowl, Yasir on strike.

Jamieson goes full, and Yasir drives straight and gets a single with the third ball. 

Mehidy on strike, three balls to come. And he negotiates them all. That's the end of day three!

BAN 401/6

6:30pm - 155th over

Southee again. There should be enough time for two more overs.

He starts on Yasir's pads, and is clipped to square leg for a single. 

Southee goes short and wide and Mehidy cuts him through point for four, and that's the 400 up for Bangladesh!

BAN 400/6

6:26pm - 154th over

Here's Jamieson. Yasir on strike.

Yasir goes back and punches the first ball of the over for three, as the only scoring of the over.

BAN 395/6

6:22pm - 153 overs

Southee for another. This is Bangladesh's longest innings in terms of overs outside of Asia.

Yasir tucks a single to leg with the final ball.

BAN 392/6

6:18pm - 152nd over

Jamieson replaces Wagner from the other end. Bowling to Mehidy.

He bangs his second ball in short, and Mehidy goes back and hammers four through cover.

Four from the over.


6:13pm - 151st over

Southee comes back for a go with the old ball, 10 overs until the new one. Mehidy on strike.

He drops one in short and Mehidy pulls a single out to midwicket. 

Just a single from the over.

BAN 387/6

6:09pm - 150th over

Wagner to Mehidy.

Mehidy swings at a short ball and gets enough bat to get two runs down to fine leg.

Wagner goes short, and Mehidy steers him through point for four more off the back foot! Shot!

Short again from Wagner to follow, and Mehidy gets one more down to fine leg.

BAN 386/6

6:05pm - 149th over

Boult to Yasir, can he strike again before the close?

A watchful Yasir plays out a maiden.

BAN 379/6

6:01pm - 148th over

Wagner to Mehidy.

Mehidy gets off the mark with a cover drive for four, as Young gives chase to the fence. That's the lead over 50.

BAN 379/6

5:58pm - 147th over

Boult to Yasir.

He attacks the pads from around the wicket, but is clipped out into the leg side for two runs.

There's hints of late swing for Boult, but no further damage for Bangladesh.

BAN 375/6

5:54pm - 146th over

Wagner continues to Yasir, still to get off the mark.

He's tested by a couple of short balls to start, only for Wagner to dish up a full toss that Yasir smashes through cover for three runs as Jamieson fields.

Mehidy takes guard to face Wagner, and he defends.

BAN 373/6

5:49pm - 145 overs

Boult to Das on 86, will he look to bring up his hundred tonight?

Appeal from Boult as Das plays and misses, nothing from his teammates though. Boult seems keen to review, but Latham isn't tempted.

WICKET! He's hit this one though! Boult comes around the wicket, as Das flashes at a wide ball and gets an edge through to Blundell. Das goes for 86.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz is the new man in. Full to start, and Mehidy keeps it out.

BAN 370/6

5:43pm - 144th over

Wagner to Das.

He drops short and Das goes back and pulls into the leg side for two more.

Wagner goes short again, and the ball keeps very low! Das outside edges and gets four along the ground through third man.

Short ball to finish, Das pulls and Conway saves a boundary at square leg, but gives away a single.

BAN 370/5

5:39pm - 143rd over

Boult to continue to Yasir, who takes guard, coming around the wicket.

He bowls a maiden.

BAN 363/5

5:34pm - 142nd over

The partnership of 158 runs is broken by Boult. Yasir Ali is the new batter.

Wagner to bowl from the other end. Das drives to mid-off, where Jamieson misfields to give away two runs.

Just two runs from the over.

BAN 363/5

5:29pm - 141st over

Boult returns with the ball after the break, ending Ravindra's mammoth spell. Das on strike.

Das drives into the covers and gets a single. There's a hint of swing for Boult, away from the left-handed Das.

WICKET! Has he got him? He has! Boult traps Mominul on the pads, and is given out lbw. Mominul refers, potentially going over the top of the stumps. Three reds! Boult breaks through!

Mominul has to leave for a brilliant 88.

BAN 361/5

5:23pm - 140th over

One hour to go on day three, Wagner will bowl to Mominul.

And he starts with a maiden after drinks.

5:16pm - DRINKS

Bangladesh's hour for sure, very close to being their day.

What can the Blackcaps do in the last 60 minutes before stumps?

Stick around and find out.

5:15pm - 139th over

Another for Ravindra, Das on strike.

Short, and Das cuts and misses the first ball. Short again with the fourth ball, and this time Das cuts out to deep point for two more.

Just two runs from the over, and that's drinks.

BAN 360/4

5:12pm - 138th over

Alright, here's Wagner. Das on strike. 

Wagner goes short, Das pulls and gets a single to deep square leg. 

Mominul plays back and steers through cover to run back for another two.

BAN 358/4

5:08pm - 137th over

And another over for Ravindra, perhaps Latham trying to race through to the new ball? Das on strike.

Short to start, and Das goes back and gets a single with a punch to deep cover.

Ravindra tosses the fifth ball of the over up, and Mominul cover drives him for four to bring up the 150 partnership.

BAN 355/5

5:04pm - 136th over

Jamieson to Mominul.

That's a maiden.

BAN 350/4

5:00pm - 135th over

Ravindra to Das.

Chance third ball as Das plays across the line, but the ball lands safely as they run back for two and bring up the 350 for Bangladesh.

Only runs of the over.

BAN 350/4

4:58pm - 134th over

Jamieson for another to Mominul.

Mominul drives and beats cover on the second ball, and comes back for two runs. 

Just two from the over.

BAN 348/4

4:52pm - 133rd over

Ravindra into his 12th consecutive over. Mominul on strike.

Mominul drives the first ball to mid-on and takes a single. Das on strike.

Das sees out the rest of the over.

BAN 346/4

4:49pm - 132nd over

Jamieson for another over, around the wicket to Das. 

He gives away a wide second ball as the only runs of the over.

BAN 345/4

4:44pm - 131st over

Yet another over for Ravindra, bowling to Das.

He goes short and wide and Das cuts out to vacant deep point, where Young races and saves the boundary as they run three.

Three runs from the over.

BAN 344/4

4:41pm - 130th over

Bowling change, Jamieson replaces Southee.

Chance first ball, as Mominul drives on the up, but the ball beats the dive of Latham and trickles to the midwicket boundary for four.

Just the boundary from the over.

BAN 341/4

4:37pm - 129th over

Ravindra to Mominul.

Mominul uses his feet and slaps Ravindra to the midwicket boundary for four.

Chance! Mominul goes to turn a ball around the corner, but doesn't time it and nearly scoops it to Nicholls at leg slip! Another life for Mominul.

He gets a single next ball to rub some salt into the NZ wounds.

BAN 337/4

4:34pm - 128th over

Southee for another, at Mominul.

Too straight to start, and Mominul works a single into the leg side.

Das faces, and Southee goes too straight with the fifth ball of the over and is worked down fine for two more.

Southee gets away with a very wide ball down leg to finish the over.

BAN 332/4

4:30pm - 127th over

Another over for Ravindra. Bowling to Das.

And it's a maiden.

BAN 329/4

4:27pm - 126th over

Southee for another over. Mominul faces.

Maiden over.

BAN 329/4

4:23pm - 125th over

Right then, scores level. Ravindra to Mominul.

Ravindra drops it in short, and Mominul miscues a pull shot and gets a single to take the lead! 

This is the first time Bangladesh have held a first innings lead batting second outside of Asia. 

Just the one run from the over.

BAN 329/4

4:20pm - 124th over

Big chat between Southee and Latham. Mominul on strike.

He gets a single with the third ball, driving to mid-on. Das on strike. 

Southee drops short and Das pulls four more through square leg.

Southee goes straight to finish the over, and Das tucks two more off his hip to level the scores.

BAN 328/4

4:16pm - 123rd over

Another over for Ravindra, Das faces.

Short and wide with the last ball, and Das cuts four through point to bring NZ's lead down to single figures.

BAN 321/4

4:13pm - 122nd over

Southee continues. Mominul faces.

Chance as Mominul drives and gets a huge inside edge back onto his pad, otherwise a maiden over.

BAN 317/4

4:09pm - 121st over

Ravindra continues after tea, around the wicket to Mominul.

Short to start, and Mominul tucks a single to square leg. Das faces, and Ravindra drops it in short again, and he's cut for four.

Five runs from the over.

BAN 317/4

4:06pm - 120th over

Southee takes the ball to start the evening, coming around the wicket. Mominul is on strike. 

Chance second ball as Mominul inside edges, but back onto his thigh pad. Mominul edges a drive through gully and gets four next ball. 

Mominul drives and gets a single out to cover from ball five. Das faces up to start after tea, one ball to come.

Short ball, and Das defends.

BAN 312/4


And we're back for the evening session. The Blackcaps make their way back to the middle, in desperate need of a wicket or two.

Bangladesh meanwhile are close to a first-innings lead, after that it'll be about how big can they go?

3:43pm - TEA

Another session for Bangladesh. They've added 87 runs without losing a wicket, and are just 21 runs away from parity with New Zealand.

For the Blackcaps, they'll need a serious rev up over the break, otherwise they'll be facing the prospect of ending their run of nine consecutive test victories against Bangladesh on home soil.

We'll be back shortly for the final session of day three.

3:42pm - 119th over

Ravindra to Mominul. Should be the last over before tea.

He strays onto the pads first ball, and Mominul gets a single to short fine leg. Das onto strike.

Ravindra drops one short, and Das cuts him out to point for two and brings up his 50!

Das plays out the rest of the over, and that'll be tea!

BAN 306/4

3:38pm - 118th over

Wagner to Mominul, bit of verbals in the last over - will it continue?

Wagner goes full and is driven through mid-on for three, and that's the 100 run partnership between Mominul and Das!

Das on strike, and he gets a no-ball from Wagner. One more run to the total.

Four from the over.

BAN 304/4

3:33pm - 117th over

Ravindra to Das, one run away from his half-century.

It won't come this over though, Ravindra bowls a maiden.

BAN 300/4

3:30pm - 116th over

Wagner to Das, over the wicket now.

Short to start, and Das pulls a single out to deep square leg for one, and that's 300 up for Bangladesh!

Just a single from the over.

BAN 300/4

3:26pm - 115th over

Ravindra to Das.

He steals a single to point with the second ball to bring Mominul onto strike. 

Ravindra drops one short and Mominul rocks back and pulls to deep square leg, but only gets one. Das to face again.

Das drives out to deep cover for one. Three runs from the over.

BAN 299/4

3:23pm - 114th over

Wagner comes back for another burst before tea. Around the wicket to Das.

Two short balls to start, and Das survives both, before he gets a single with a glance to square leg.

Mominul sees out some bouncers of his own to end the over.

BAN 296/4

3:18pm - 113th over

About 30 minutes to tea. Ravindra continues to Das.

Das drives down to long-off for a single, bringing Mominul on to strike. 

He sees out the over, one run from it.

BAN 295/4

3:15pm - 112th over

Boult resumes to Mominul. 

Slight chance as Mominul nearly drags the third ball back onto his stumps, but gets away with it.

Mominul gets a single to mid-on next ball. 

Das faces up, and gets a single out to deep point off the back foot. 

Mominul back on strike, one ball to come. And he defends.

BAN 294/4

3:10pm - 111th over

Worth pointing out that Bangladesh's first innings has lasted longer than New Zealand's 108 overs batted.

Bowling change for the Blackcaps, Ravindra comes back for another spell.

And he bowls a maiden to start.

BAN 292/4

3:07pm - 110th over

Boult to Mominul.

Chance! Boult finds the outside edge of the left-hander's bat, but it drops short of Taylor at wide slip! Mominul survives again.

Boult bowls a full toss with the fifth ball, and Mominul turns it out to deep square leg for two.

BAN 292/4

3:03pm - 109th over

Southee to Das, coming around the wicket.

Das gets a single with a pull to midwicket on the third ball. Mominul to face.

Mominul drives and gets a single to the off-side sweeper. Appeal as Das tries to cut the last ball, but no bat through to Blundell.

BAN 290/4

2:59pm - 108th over

Boult from the other end, Mominul on strike. Slight delay as Das needs physio on his back.

Boult tries a slower ball to end the over, but gets it wrong as Mominul drives him through cover for four to bring up his 50!

Good innings from Mominul after being given a life from Wagner.

BAN 288/4

2:50pm - 107th over

Right then, ready for the second half of the afternoon session. Southee will resume to Mominul. NZ in desperate need of a wicket!

Southee comes around the wicket, and Mominul steers the ball down to third man and comes back for three, chance of a run out at the batter's end! It's close, Das' bat is in the air after diving as the bails are removed - but he'd grounded it first, meaning it's not out. 

BAN 284/4


2:38pm - 105th over 

Boult to continue - should be the last over before drinks.

Maiden from Boult.

2:33pm - 104th over 

42 runs in 11 overs since the break - New Zealand are officially in trouble in this test unless they can pick up two or three quick wickets.

Southee replaces Wagner.

Full and wide and Mominul drives through wide point for four - too easy.

Four more for Mominul as he guides this one past Taylor at a sole slip. 

2:28pm - 103rd over

Trent Boult replaces Jamieson - Boult 1/44.

Four for Mominul along the ground through third-slip.

2:24pm - 102nd over 

Wagner continues - Bangladesh just 72 behind NZ's total now.

Loose from Das as he drives outside off and gets a thick edge but well over the in-field and he has four to the third-man boundary.

Short from Wagner and Das on the pull through mid-wicket for four.

2:19pm - 101st over

Jamieson will continue - 0/54 frrom 22 overs.

Full and swinging in but Das looks like he has all the time in the world as he drives down the ground for a couple.

2:16pm - 100th over

Wagner to continue.

Single for Das to deep square-leg and that's a fifty-run partnership.

2:11pm - 99th over 

Jamieson continues - Blackcaps really need a wicket. 

Just a single from the over.

2:08pm - 98th over 

Wagner continues.

Lovely bowling. Wagner brings Mominul forward and he plays and misses as the ball just moves off the pitch slightly.

And again - this time Mominul brings out the big drive but makes no contact.

Superb maiden over of bowling.

2:04pm - 97th over 

Jamieson continues.

Das has really changed the flow of the innings as he smashes this one through the covers for four. 

1:58pm - 96th over 

Wagner continues - 3/51 from 24.

Lovely shot down the ground from Das earns him four - runs are coming. 

1:52pm - 95th over 

Bangladesh trail by just 95 now - first innings lead of any margin could be vital on a wearing pitch that will take turn.

Jamieson continues.

Punched down the ground for three from Das - lovely straight drive. More intent from the Tigers after lunch.

Another leg glance from Mominul and another four.

1:46pm - 94th over 

Wagner joins Jamieson in opening up after lunch.

Full from Wagner - no swing - and despite Young's effort on the rope that is four through cover.

Leg glance nudged around the corner for another four to the Bangladeshi skipper - no swing for Wagner.

1:41pm - 93rd over 

Kyle Jamieson to open up - 0/37 from 18 overs.

Great shot to open up - Das off the back foot square drives through the offside and Young saves four with a great diving scoop.

Big LBW shout on Mominul but Gaffney shakes his head. Latham goes upstairs, but it's pitching outside leg. 

1:40pm - Back for the second session - New Zealand bowled superbly in the first two hours but didn't get enough rewards. 

Second Session

Wrap: That's been an interesting two hours of cricket - Bangladesh didn't really go anywhere losing 2/45, but they didn't lose wickets back-to-back which has halted New Zealand's charge.
Big session up next - the Blackcaps could wrap up the middle-lower order or they could be chasing the cherry all around the park. Back soon.


12:57pm - 93rd over

Rachin Ravindra replaces Boult.

12:52pm - 92nd over 

Southee continues - 0/50 from 20.

Full from Southee and swinging out and Das drives through the covers for four.

Too short and Das rocks back and pulls for four in front of square. 

12:48pm - 91st over

Boult continues.

Das off the mark with a couple to square-leg.

12:43pm - 90th over 

Tim Southee continues.

Outside edge along the ground goes through third-slip for four from Mominul.

12:36pm - 89th over 

Wicket: Bowled him! In-swinging yorker from Boult and he cleans Mushfiqur up hitting middle. Corker ball that.
Mushfiqur Rahim b Boult 12 FOW 202/4

Wicket maiden from Boult - 1/41 from 19. 

12:32pm - 88th over 

Southee continues.

Mushfiqur looks set for a big one - looking very solid as he noodles one around the corner for one.

12:29pm - 87th over 

Boult continues.

Short and wide from Boult and Mominul looks to break the shackles with a big cut shot but he plays and misses through to Blundell.

12:23pm - 86th over 

Southee to continue.

Two runs for Mushfiqur as he flicks a fall ball from Southee through square-leg.

12:20pm - 85th over 

Boult continues.

Mominul drives square on the up and has two runs to deep-point. 200 up for the Tigers.

12:15pm - 84th over 

Southee continues - 0/43 from 16.

Just a Mominul single from the over.

12:12pm- 83rd over 

Boult continues.

Two from the over - less happening with Wagner and Jamieson out of the attack.

12:07pm - 82nd over

Tim Southee to replace Wagner who was simply outstanding this morning.

Just one from the over.

Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh - third day, first test at Mt Maunganui
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11:59am - 81st over 

Tom Latham takes the new ball - Trent Boult into the attack.

Single for Mushfiqur around the corner.

11:53am - 80th over 

Wagner to bowl the last over before the new ball. 

Wicket: No it's not - a no ball from Wagner as he gets the edge of Mominul's bat and Blundell takes a lovely catch but his foot is on the line - very, very close. 

Just the no ball off the over - superb spell from Wagner - he deserved three or four this morning. 

11:49am -79th over

Rachin Ravindra to replace Jamieson who took 0/1 this morning from five overs.

Mominul gets a single to square leg - first tun in seven overs.

11:45am - 78th over

Wagner to continue.

Maiden from Wagner - again a testing six balls but no issues for Mushfiqur.

11:41am - 77th over 

Jamieson looking likely - can he snare a wicket here before the new ball?

Absolute jaffa from Jamieson as he beats the outside edge of Mominul.

Three maidens on the bounce for Jamieson who has bowled beautifully this morning.

11:36am - 76th over

Wagner continues.

Testing over from Wagner but Mushfiqur looking very composed.

11:32am - 75th over 

Jamieson continues - 0/37 from 16.

Dropped! Super effort that by the big fella. Mominul gers a leading edge back to Jamieson - high and to his right - and he dives and gets a hand to it but he can't hold on. 

Another maiden from Jamieson who is bowling superbly this morning.

11:29am - 74th over

Wagner to continue.

Full and straight from Wagner and Mushfiqur turns this one nicely on the legside for a couple.

11:25am - 73rd over 

Jamieson to continue.

Back-to-back maidens from the big fella - getting some serios reverse swing this morning.

11:19am - 72nd over 

Wagner continues - he has 3/35.

Close! Bat to pad from Mushfiqur and the ball pops up but floats wide of Young under the lid.

Lovely shot down the ground from Mushfiqur earns him four runs.

11:16am - 71st over 

Jamieson continues - looks in good rhythm this morning.

Good areas from Jamieson and he completes a maiden.

11:09am - 70th over

Wagner continues - 2/30 from 17.

Fullish from Wagner and Joy is on the drive through the covers for a couple of runs.

Joy a lot looser this morning looking to score and this time he drives on the up - in the air - but safely through the in-field for a couple.

Wicket: Got'em! I said he was looking loose. Square-cut is guided into the hands of Nicholls in the gully and he takes the catch. 
Mahmudul Hasan Joy c Nicholls b Wagner 78 FOW 184/3

11:05am - 69th over 

Kyle Jamieson to bowl - 0/36 from 13.

Play and miss from Joy to a wide ball - Jamieson getting real nice away shape this morning.

11:01am - 68th over

Neil Wagner will open up this morning - Joy on strike.

Early runs for Joy as he picks up two through cover.

10:59am - Helo folks - stunning day in the Mount today - a great day for batting? We will see. Blackcaps need wickets early.

Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the opening Blackcaps v Bangladesh at Mt Maunganui's Bay Oval.

After Devon Conway's century set the tone for New Zealand on the opening day, the tourists fought back valiantly on Sunday, wrapping up the home team's lower order cheaply and laying a strong foundation to challenge a 328-run target.

Bangladesh will resume this morning at 175/2, with opener Mahmudul Hasan Joy unbeaten on 70 and captain Monimul Hague on eight.

Joy's 104-run partnership with Najmul Hossain Shanto has put them in prime position to kick on and perhaps establish a first-innings lead over the reigning world test champions on their home turf.

The pair frustrated New Zealand's much-vaunted four-prong pace attack of Trent Boult, Tim Southree, Neil Wagner and Kyle Jamieson, with only Wagner enjoying any success.

When play begins at 11am, the Blackcaps will want to capture early wickets to re-establish their authority on proceedings, as they chase a valuable victory in their defence of the world crown.

NZ 328 (Conway 122, Nicholls 75, Young 52, Shoriful 3/69, Mehidy 3/86) Bangladesh 175/2 (Joy 70no, Shanto 64, Wagner 2/27) 

New Zealand: Tom Latham (c), Will Young, Devon Conway, Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Tom Blundell (wicketkeeper), Rachin Ravindra, Kyle Jamieson, Tim Southee, Neil Wagner, Trent Boult

Bangladesh: Shadman Islam, Mahmudul Hasan Joy, Najmul Hossain Shanto, Mominul Haque (c), Mushfiqur Rahim, Liton Das (wicketkeeper), Yasir Ali, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Taskin Ahmed, Ebadot Hossain, Shoriful Islam 

TAB odds: NZ $1.46, draw $3.15, Bangladesh $9.20