Live updates: World Test Championship - Blackcaps v Bangladesh, first test, day one from Mt Maunganui

Live coverage has concluded.

NZ 258/5 - (Conway 122, Young 52, Taylor 31, Nicholls 31no)

Wrap: That's a niggly final hour for New Zealand - losing 2/40-odd and from 189/2, ending 258/5 is a great result for Bangladesh after sending New Zealand in.
Conway batted superbly - he is made for test cricket - but he had a huge score in his hands until he got strangled down the legside. A shame. Some work for Nicholls and the middle-lower order to do tomorrow with another 150 needed to build a potentially match-winning score. 


6:25pm - Ebadot is back - 0/49 from 15 overs.

Blundell pulls - can't get any timing on it but it's safe enough and he has two. 

Wicket: Played on! Blundell looks to force off the back foot but he edges back onto his stumps and that will be the last ball of the day.
Tom Blundell b Ebadat Hossain 11 FOW 258/5

6:20pm - 87th over 

Mehidy into the attack with the ball six overs old......

250 up for New Zealand.

Leg glance from Blundell and he has his second boundary.

6:15pm - 86th over 

Taskin continues

Close! Loose from Nicholls and he's struggling with the round the wicket angle from Taskin. Full and Nicholls on the drive and Nicholls almost plays it on. 

6:10pm - 85th over 

Shoriful continues - 2/46 from 19 overs.

Nicholls has three through mid-wicket - he's is a fantastic player through the legside.

Short and Blundell pulls for four to the square-leg boundary.

6:03pm - 84th over 

Taskin continues.

Nicholls whips this one through square-leg and has four - lovely shot off his pads.

5:58pm - 83rd over

Shoriful continues.

Just a single from the over.

5:53pm - 82nd over

Taskin is back - 0/54 from 17 overs.

Maiden from Taskin - Blundell looking a little shaky.

5:49pm - 81st over - New ball is taken.

Shoriful to take the new ball - 2/41 from 17 overs.

Nicholls on the cut and has four off the back foot through point.

5:44pm - 80th over ... New ball due next over.

Mominul continues.

Wicket: Conway strangled! Nude ball down the leg-side and Conway tickles it off the face and the keeper takes a nice catch. 
Devon Conway c †Liton Das b Mominul Haque 122 FOW 227/4

5:40pm - 79th over 

Mehidy continues.

Close! Conway sweeps a well flighted ball and gets a top edge - the ball floats out to deep square-leg and lands just in front of the fielder.

Concussion check for Nicholls after he cops one in the grill missing a paddle sweep.

5:37pm - 78th over

Mominul continues.

Just a couple of singles from the over.

5:33pm - 77th over 

Mehidy switches ends again. 0/60 from 24 overs.

Reverse sweep from Conway and this is dispatched to the fence for four. 

5:30pm - 76th over 

Mominul Haque - the skipper is into the attack with left-arm spin. 

Just a single from the over.

5:28pm - 75th over 

Shanto continues.

Long hop and Conway just smokes this one to the mid-wicket boundary for four. 

5:24pm - 74th over 

Mehidy continues.

Down the track by Nicholls and he has four to deep long on. 

He comes down again and lifts this over mid-on's head for four.

5:22pm - 73rd over 

Najmul Shanto into the attack with his part-time offspin. 

200 up for the Kiwis as Conway gets a couple to third-man.

5:21pm - Still 18 overs to squeeze in today - play will can go through till 6:45pm.


5:14pm - 72nd over 

Mehidy continues - 0/51 from 22 overs.

Again - just a Conway single from the over.

5:10pm - 71st over 

Shoriful continues.

A conway single off the over.

5:07pm - 70th over

Mehidy continues. 

Just a Conway single from the over.

5:03pm - 69th over 

Shoriful continues - 2/36 from 15 overs. 

Nicholls hooks and has his first boundary in front of square.

4:59pm - 68th over 

Change of ends for Mehidy as he replaces Taskin.

Two singles from the over.

4:51pm - 67th over 

Shoriful replaces Mehidy.

Wicket: Full and Taylor drives - can't get on top of it and it's well taken low by Shadman and short cover and Taylor has to go. 
Ross Taylor c Shadman Islam b Shoriful Islam 31 FOW 189/3

4:45pm - 66th over 

Taskin continues - Taylor on strike.

Single for Taylor to deep-point....Conway back on strike. 

100! Conway pulls and has a single to fine leg and a second test match hundred. 

Four for Taylor as he slams this one in front of square. Great shot - front-foot pull.

4:41pm - 65th over 

Mehidy continues - Conway on 98.

Conway sweeps and he might come back for the second - "No" he yells - good call that. One run away.

Taylor has one to long on - Conway back on strike.

Short but Conway can't beat the infield and he will have to wait. 

Ross Taylor
Ross Taylor Photo credit: Photosport

4:37pm - 64th over 

Taskin continues - Conway on 97.

Conway almost plays on - late to play a shot but deflects it to fine leg for one.

Wide and classic Taylor as he cuts this one wide of point for four.

4:33pm - 63rd over 

Mehidy to bowl... Conway four runs away from a ton.

Four for Taylor as he paddles this one around the corner and down to fine-leg. 

4:28pm - 62nd over

Taskin is back - 0/40 from 14 overs.

Just a Conway single from the over.

4:25pm - 61st over

Mehidy continues - 0/39 from 17.

Two singles from the over.

4:18pm - 60th over

Ebadot continues

Full and Conway drives superbly along the carpet through the covers for four.

Dropped! No it was off the lid of Taylor - popped up to gully who spilled it but it was off the helmet, not the bat.

4:16pm - 59th over

Mehidy continues.

Two singles from the over.

4:12pm - 58th over 

Ebadot continues.

Just a Ross Taylor single from the over.

4:10pm - 57th over

Mehidy to continue.

Maiden over.

4:04pm - 56th over 

Ebadot - 0/35 to bowl. 

Taylor cuts and crushes this one to the point boundary for four.

Roscoe repeats the shot and has a second boundary on the bounce.

4:02pm - 55th over

Mehidy to open up - Ross Taylor on strike. 


4:01pm: Welcome back for the final session of day one.

Third Session

Session Wrap: Great session for New Zealand - lost 1/81 and the wicket was needless with Will Young running himself out with 20 minutes to go.
Devond Conway looks set for a big one today and Ross Taylor has looked very solid to open his innings. Back soon. 


3:37pm - 54th over

Ebadot continues

Short and Conway carves this one over point for four. 

3:33pm - 53rd over

Taskin continues - 0/39 from 13 overs.

Taylor cuts through point for the only run of the over.

3:28pm - 52nd over 

Ebadot replaces Shoriful.


3:24pm - 51th over

Taskin continues.

Taylor is off the mark with a couple through mid-wicket. 

3:19pm - 50th over

Shoriful continues.


3:11pm - 49th over 

Mehidy continues - 0/37 from 12.

Wicket! Young throws it away. Pushes on the leg side for one which is not there - he is sent back and the throw is close to the stumps and the bails are whipped off and Young is out by a frame.
Will Young run out (Najmul Hossain Shanto/†Liton Das) 52 FOW 139/2

The run out and no runs from the over. 

3:05pm - 48th over 

Shoriful continues.

Conway pulls in front of a square and has four to mid-wicket.

3:01pm - 47th over 

Mehidy to continue.

Single for Young to fine-leg and he has his third half century in test cricket.

Four for Conway to mid-wicket - sweeps well in front of square. 

Chance! Young down the wicket and can't quite get to it - off the bottom of the bat but falls just short of a deepish mid-on. Lucky. 

2:57pm - 46th over 

Shoriful Islam is back - 1/29 from 11 overs.

Just two singles from the over.

2:54pm - 45th over 

Mehidy - 0/29 from 11 will continue.

Maiden over from Mehidy.

2:48PM - 44th over 

Taskin Ahmed continues - 0/28 from 11 overs.

Short and Conway is quick to pull this off the front foot through square-leg for four. 

Repeats the shot - slightly shorter and well directed but Conway is too good for it and gets on top of the ball and has another four.

2:44pm - DRINKS

2:40pm - 43rd over - this will be the last over before drinks.

Mehidy continues.

A couple singles from the over.

2:36pm - 42nd over 

Taskin continues.

Lovely shot! On drive down the ground for four - Will Young to 46 now. 

2:33pm - 41st over

Mehidy continues.

Just a single from that one.

2:28pm - 40th over 

Taskin Ahmed is back - 0/20 from 9 overs.

Short and wide and Conway dispatches this one through point for four - with disdain. 

2:25pm - 39th over 

Full and Young sweeps past short fine-leg and has four - that brings up the 100-run partnership from 212 balls.

2:20pm - 38th over 

Ebadot continues with his right-arm quicks.

Young cuts and gets this one past point and has a four.

2:17pm - 37th over 

Mehidy continues - 0/20 from 7 overs.

Maiden over.

2:14pm - 36th over

Ebadot continues.

Maiden over.

Devon Conway raises his bat for fifty
Devon Conway raises his bat for fifty Photo credit: Photosport

2:09pm - 35th over

Mehidy will continue.

Six! Conway launches this one over deep square-leg to raise his bat for his third fifty in four tests - oh and he has a double ton aswell. 

Short and Conway cuts this one away for four.

Full and Conway sweeps for four - the foot is on the gas pedal.

Live updates: World Test Championship - Blackcaps v Bangladesh, first test, day one from Mt Maunganui
Photo credit: Photosport

2:05pm - 34th over 

Ebadot Hossein is back, replacing Shoriful. Ebadot 0/25 from 7.

Just a Devon Conway single from the over.

2:03pm - 33rd over

Mehidy continues - 0/6 from 5.

Maiden from Mehidy.

1:59pm - 32nd over 

Shoriful continues with his left-arm seamers.

Conway drives down the ground - not quite got all of that and it's chased down for three.

Young through the offside all along the ground and has three himself to the cover boundary.

1:54pm - 31st over 

Mehidy to continue with his offspin.

Three singles from the over.

1:52pm - 30th over 

Shoriful continues - 1/20 from 9.

Full and Conway works this one through the legside for three runs.

1:49pm - 29th over

Mehidy will continue - 0/2 from 3 overs.

Single down the ground for Conway to end the over. 

1:42pm - 28th over

Shoriful Islam to open up after lunch - Will Young on strike.

Young beaten outside off with an absolute peach - does well not to nick that one.

Maiden from Shoriful - replay shows Young edged that one - the finest of edges - so fine that no one heard it.

1:41pm - Welcome back for the second session - Blackcaps looking to bat Bangladesh into submission on an improving wicket.

Second Session 

1:03pm - LUNCH

You'd have to say that's New Zealand's session. After being asked to bat first, the Blackcaps have reached lunch at 66/1, with a 65-run stand between Conway (36) and Young (27) to resume after the break.

Bangladesh's seamers started well, only giving away eight runs in the first 10 overs, but since then it's been one way traffic.

We'll be back in around 40 minutes for the afternoon session, as the Blackcaps look to build a sizeable first innings score!

Live updates: World Test Championship - Blackcaps v Bangladesh, first test, day one from Mt Maunganui
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1:02pm - 27 overs

Right, last over before lunch. Mehidy to bowl, Conway on strike.

Mehidy oversteps with the fifth ball, no-ball called, but otherwise Conway blocks out the over and takes us through to lunch!

NZ 66/1

12:59pm - 26 overs

Taskin carries on to Young. Could be the last over before lunch.

The last ball is short and wide, Young rocks back and smacks it for two through point.

We should squeeze one more over in before the break.

NZ 65/1

12:56pm - 25 overs

Mehidy to Conway - and he blocks out a maiden! The first for a while.

NZ 63/1

12:53pm - 24 overs

Taskin returns for another spell before the break, he's bowled seven overs so far. Young faces.

First ball is full, and Young defends to point and steals a single. Taskin comes around the wicket to Conway, and cramps him for room as he defends to leg with the third ball of the over, but Young calls him through for one more.

Short ball to Young, and he rocks back and pulls four more through square leg! 

Huge drive outside off from Young to finish, but he can't connect.

Six from the over though.

NZ 63/1

12:49pm - 23 overs

Spin introduced, as Mehidy Hasan Miraz comes into the attack before lunch.

Young works a single down to long-on with the fourth ball, bringing Conway onto strike with the ball turning away from him.

He drives the last two balls of the over to cover and the bowler respectively, beating neither.

One run from the over.

NZ 57/1

12:45pm - 22 overs

Shoriful has another over.

Chance second ball of the over! Conway pulls and gets a top edge over the keeper for four! No real catching opportunity for Bangladesh, but hardly under control from Conway.

Four runs from the over.

NZ 56/1

12:40pm - 21 overs

Shoriful stays on, Conway faces.

Shot! Too full from Shoriful, and Conway stands tall and drives through mid-on for four more! That's the shot of the match.

Back to back boundaries with the next ball, as Conway pushes four more through midwicket, and that's the 50-run stand between him and Young! 

Shoriful finds some bounce and hits Conway on the gloves with his fourth ball, but he looks alright to continue. He's hit on the pad next ball, but outside off. Not out.

One ball to come, and Conway steals a single to point.

Nine from the over.

NZ 52/1

12:36pm - 20 overs

About 30 minutes to go until lunch. Ebadot continues, Conway faces.

Too full to start, and Conway clips two more off his pads through midwicket.

Too full again with the third ball, and this time Conway gets it a bit better to come back for three, helped by some ordinary fielding from Taskin.

Young wafts at the final ball of the over, but misses through to Liton.

NZ 43/1

12:32pm - 19 overs

Shoriful to Young. 

Chance as Young hooks down to fine leg, but the fielder on the rope hangs back instead of attacking as the ball drops short of him. One run.

Conway turns the fifth ball of the over to mid-on and gets one more. 

Just the two runs from the over.

NZ 38/1

12:28pm - 18 overs

Ebadot continues.

Loose drive outside off to start from Young, and follows up with a mistimed pull shot. 

Young clips a single to wide mid-on to end the over, one from it.

NZ 36/1

12:24pm - 17 overs

Bowling change, Shoriful comes back for another spell. Left-arm over to Conway.

Single to start as Conway gets an inside edge to fine leg with the first ball.

Young gets an outside edge through gully to the fifth ball, and runs a single to third man.

Two runs from the over.

NZ 35/1

12:20pm - 16 overs

Taskin to Young.

Length to start, Young defends with soft hands and gets an outside edge to third man for two.

The fifth ball is too full from Taskin, and Young punches back down the ground for four through mid-on! Shot of the day so far.

NZ 33/1

12:15pm - 15 overs

Ebadot continues to Conway.

Conway leaves the first two balls, but the third is too full and Conway drives through cover for four!

Great comeback from Ebadot though, beats Conway's outside edge. Appeal from Bangladesh, but Conway's not hit it, and they don't refer.

Better comeback from Conway! Ebadot drops it in short, and Conway pulls four more through midwicket!

Big over, eight from it.

NZ 27/1

12:11pm - 14 overs

A good first hour for Bangladesh, getting rid of the Blackcaps' captain and keeping a lid on the run rate. But Young and Conway are still at the crease, as the pitch slowly becomes better to bat on.

Taskin resumes. He finds Conway's inside edge with his first ball as it trickles to square leg. That's a no-ball though, so he'll have to bowl that again.

The third ball is full outside off and Conway pushes a single to cover. Young faces, and gets an inside edge as he defends, with the ball trickling away for two more into the leg side.

Young plays out the rest of the over.

NZ 19/1

12:02pm - 13 overs

Ebadot to Conway.

Full to start, Conway drives to mid-off. Second ball is wide, and Conway leaves. Short with ball three, Conway pulls but can't beat mid-on. 

Short and wide, but doesn't bounce as Conway looks to cut, but misses. 

Conway works to leg for one to finish the over, and that's drinks.

NZ 15/1

11:58am - 12 overs

Change of ends for Taskin as he comes back into the attack. Young faces.

Full to start, Young defends to mid-off. Short and wide to follow, Young cuts to point, no run. Full next up, Young gets forward to defend. Straight, Young defends with the outside half of the bat towards gully, no run.

Wide outside off, hint of movement away, and Young leaves. One ball to come. Wide again and Young leaves to finish the over.

NZ 14/1

11:53am - 11 overs

Ebadot for another over, Conway on strike.

Conway turns the first ball of the over to mid-off and gets a single. 

Young faces up. Shorter ball, and Young rides the bounce as he defends to square leg, no run. Back of a length, Young defends. Too straight from Ebadot, and Young works the ball through square leg as they run three.

Conway faces, two balls to come. Full and Conway drives square between point and cover for two more. 

Last ball of the over. Full to finish, Conway drives but can't beat mid-off.

NZ 14/1

11:49am - 10 overs

Shoriful to Young.

Too straight first ball of the over, and Young whips the ball off his pads and gets underway with four through midwicket! His first runs after 22 balls!

Short, and Young defends off the back foot and gets a single to square leg. Conway takes strike.

Wide with ball three from Shoriful, and Conway leaves. Next ball is full on off-stump. Conway defends to gully.

Short, and Conway pulls a single to fine leg. One ball to come. 

Bouncer to finish, Young ducks under it.

NZ 8/1

11:44am - 9 overs

Bowling change for Bangladesh, Ebadot Hossain replaces Taskin. Bowling to Conway.

Around the wicket to start, wide ball and Conway leaves. Full on off-stump, Conway defends second ball.

The next three balls are all wide outside off, and Conway isn't tempted.

Full to finish, and Conway drives to mid-off to end the over. No run.

NZ 2/1

11:40am - 8 overs

Shoriful to Conway.

Full to start, Conway whips to mid-on but can't beat the fielder. Next ball is wide outside off, Conway leaves.

Wide again with ball three, and Conway leaves it again. Fourth ball. On off-stump and Conway defends and steals a single to get underway! New Zealand double their score!

Young faces Shoriful for the first time, staying over the wicket. Wide, and Young has a nibble across his pad but misses.

Straight to finish the over, Young defends.

NZ 2/1

11:35am - 7 overs

Great first half-hour for Bangladesh, what can the Blackcaps come back with? Taskin resumes to Young.

Full to start, and Young drives to mid-on. No run. Bouncer! Young ducks under the second ball. Third ball is wide down leg, Young plays and misses.

Inswing, Young looks to work to leg but misses and is hit on the pad. Bangladesh appeal for lbw, but umpire says no - probably heading down leg.

Wide and angling back in towards off-stump, Young leaves the fifth. Last ball to come, and Young leaves a wide one.

Another maiden.

NZ 1/1

11:31am - 6 overs

Shoriful continues after dismissing Latham, bowling to Conway.

Lbw appeal first ball! The umpire says no, Bangladesh beat the 10 second countdown to review. Did Conway get outside the line? No bat involved, impact is umpire's call. Conway survives.

Conway gets forward and defends the next ball with the full face of the bat. Third ball is wide and Conway lets it go.

Full fourth ball, and Conway drives to mid-on, no run. Wide again with the fifth, and Conway leaves it.

One to come, wide and Conway gets an outside edge as he drives - but it drops short of gully.

Eventful over. A maiden.

NZ 1/1

11:25am - 5 overs

Taskin carries on to Young. Three slips and a gully in place.

Good line and bounce draws Young in to defend as the ball goes past the bat. Wide and moving away to follow, Young leaves.

Straight, and Young gets forward to defend next up. No run again. Wide again with ball four, Young leaves again. Still yet to get off the mark after 11 balls.

Wide with the fifth ball, and Young leaves it once more. Wide to finish, Young happy to leave it alone.

NZ 1/1

11:20am - 4 overs

Great start for Bangladesh. Conway takes guard, three balls to come this over. Conway's only warm-up was a second-ball duck against Bangaldesh in the lead-up to this match.

His first ball is full outside off, and Conway pushes at it, getting an inside edge towards square leg. 

Wide outside off to follow, Conway leaves it alone. One ball to come in the over.

Full, and Conway looks to leave it, before defending at the last second. No run.

NZ 1/1

11:18am - 3.3 overs

Shoriful to Latham.

Full to start the over, Latham drives to mid-on. Great shot for no run. Wide to follow, Latham leaves it alone.

WICKET! And Latham falls to the second ball! The Kiwi skipper drives, and gets an inside edge onto his pad that goes behind the wicket, where Liton Das takes a brilliant catch diving forward! 
Tom Latham c †Liton Das b Shoriful Islam 1 FOW 1/1

Latham goes for just one, Devon Conway replaces him.

NZ 1/1

Live updates: World Test Championship - Blackcaps v Bangladesh, first test, day one from Mt Maunganui
Photo credit: Photosport

11:15am - 3 overs

Taskin continues, Young faces.

Wide and shaping away from the right-hander, Young leaves it. Slightly straighter next up, but still wide enough to let Young leave it alone. Wide with the third ball, and Young leaves again. 

Full fourth ball, and Young defends. No run. Yorker next up, Young keeps it out. Outside off to finish the over, Young defends.

Another maiden.

NZ 1/0

11:10am - 2 overs

Good first over for Bangladesh, with Taskin getting some movement with the new ball. Shoriful Islam takes the new ball from the other end, left-arm over. Latham on strike.

Wide and moves away from Latham, who leaves it to start. Same ball next up, Latham happy to leave it. Angling into off-stump, but Latham trusts the bounce and leaves on length. 

Wide again and moving away again, Latham leaves ball four. Fuller and straigher, hits Latham on the pad but easily heading down leg. No real lbw appeal from Bangladesh. Full on off-stump to finish, Latham defends.

Maiden over.

NZ 1/0

11:05am - 1 over

Taskin to Latham, summer about to get underway!

The first ball is straight with a hint of swing, Latham drives to mid-off but doesn't get the timing. Same ball next up, hint of swing back into Latham. Again he mistimes a drive to mid-off.

Third ball is wide outside off, and Latham leaves it. Swings back towards the left-hander after passing the bat.

Taskin comes around the wicket, he shapes it back into Latham, who leaves it and is hit on the pad, but too high for lbw. Outside off and swinging back. Latham pushes to midwicket to get underway with a single.

Young takes guard to face his first. Taskin comes back over the wicket. Beats him outside off! 

NZ 1/0


Latham marks guard to face the first ball. Taskin Ahmed will open up with the ball for the visitors.


Anthems done and dusted. Latham and Young get ready to open the innings.

Mominul leads Bangladesh in their huddle before the first ball.


The players make their way out to the middle. We'll have both national anthems, and then play can get underway!


Interesting to note that Bangladesh haven't selected seamer Abu Jayed, who had the best figures (3/36) in Bangladesh's warm-up match against a New Zealand XI - including taking the wicket of Devon Conway.


Team news is in, Rachin Ravindra beats out Daryl Mitchell for the all-rounder's spot.

NZ: 1-Tom Latham (c), 2-Will Young, 3-Devon Conway, 4-Ross Taylor, 5-Henry Nicholls, 6-Tom Blundell (wk), 7-Rachin Ravindra, 8-Kyle Jamieson, 9-Tim Southee, 10-Neil Wagner, 11-Trent Boult.

Bangladesh: 1-Shadman Islam, 2-Mahmudul Hasan Joy, 3-Najmul Hossain Shanto, 4-Mominul Haque (c), 5-Mushfiqur Rahim, 6-Liton Das (wk), 7-Yasir Ali, 8-Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 9-Taskin Ahmed, 10-Shoriful Islam, 11-Ebadot Hossain.


Here we go then, out in the middle for the toss, Tom Latham is yet to win one as Blackcaps captain.

Heads is called by Mominul Haque, and Bangladesh have won the toss and will bowl first!

We'll have the final XIs for you shortly.


Good morning, and happy new year! What a treat, starting 2022 with test cricket, as the Blackcaps play their first match at home as World Test Champions!

We're less than 10 minutes out from the toss at Bay Oval, with the winning captain almost certain to look to bowl first on what looks like a seam-friendly deck.

Stay tuned as we bring you all the action.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the first test between the Blackcaps and Bangladesh, from Mt Maunganui's Bay Oval.

A month can be a long time in cricket. This time in December the Blackcaps were in India, preparing for the second test at Mumbai - where a record defeat followed.

But now as we start the New Zealand home summer, there are plenty of storylines to keep things interesting for Blackcaps fans.

First up, this series will be the last time we see Ross Taylor in whites, with the Blackcaps' all-time leading run scorer to call time on his career after the second match.

Ajaz Patel became the first New Zealander to take all 10 wickets in an innings in the Blackcaps' last test outing. But he won't even be running the drinks today, dropped to accommodate the four-pronged seam attack of Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Kyle Jamieson and Neil Wagner.

Devon Conway returns to the side after missing that India series with a broken hand, and will replace regular captain Kane Williamson at No.3 in the batting order - a hint of a post-Taylor world for New Zealand.

The only real selection question for the Blackcaps will be who takes the all-rounder spot? With Rachin Ravindra and Daryl Mitchell contesting the final place in the XI.

Bangladesh meanwhile are on a hiding to nothing. The Tigers have never bested the Blackcaps in New Zealand, and will have to try and do so this time without two of their best players in Shakib al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal, rested and recovering from injury respectively.

TAB odds: NZ $1.06, Bangladesh $21, draw $8.80

Teams (predicted):

New Zealand: 1-Tom Latham (c), 2-Will Young, 3-Devon Conway, 4-Ross Taylor, 5-Henry Nicholls, 6-Tom Blundell (wk), 7-Rachin Ravindra, 8-Kyle Jamieson, 9-Tim Southee, 10-Neil Wagner, 11-Trent Boult.

Bangladesh: 1-Shadman Islam, 2-Mahmudul Hasan Joy, 3-Najmul Hassan Shanto, 4-Mominul Haque (c), 5-Mushfiqur Rahim, 6-Liton Das (wk), 7-Yasir Ali, 8-Mehidy Hasan Miraz, 9-Taskin Ahmed, 10-Abu Jayed, 11-Ebadot Hossain.