Live updates: World Test Championship - Blackcaps v Bangladesh, first test, day two from Mt Maunganui

Live coverage has concluded 

NZ 328, 108.1 overs (Conway 122, Nicholls 75, Young 52)
Bangladesh 175/2 -  (Joy 70*,  Mominul 8*, Shanto 64)

6:32pm - Wrap.

Safe to say Bangladesh won every session and have arguably win the last four sessions with three wickets yesterday eveining. The Blackcaps bowlers - Neil Wagner aside - lacked venom. Just kinda put the ball in the right spot and hoped for the best - they didn't bowl badly by any means - but just lacked the spice of Wagner and he should have had three if Latham had reviewed an LBW on Joy in the second session.

Bangladesh have the potential to bat all day tomorrow and take the game away from New Zealand, who need at least three wickets in the openin session to get back in the game.


6:25pm - 67th over 

Jamieson to bowl his last over of the day and the last over of the day.

LBW shout to end the day but umpire Brown says no - looked to be hit outside the line and that'll be stumps.

6:19pm - 66th over

Southee continues.

Close! Joy has had his fair share of luck today and he just got lucky again as he edges the ball back towards off-stump but it just misses by a hair.

6:14pm - 65th over 

Kyle Jamieson to have a two over burst before stumps.

Just a couple of runs off the over.

6:10pm - 64th over

Tim Southee back for a final push before stumps.

Chance! Joy on the drive and Nicholls is low in the gully but can't quite hold on. Tough chance but Nicholls has  a great set of hands so he will be frustrated with that.

Joy drives for four down the ground - superb shot.

6:05pm - 63rd over - five overs remain or 25 minutes.

Boult continues.

Five runs from the over.

6:01pm - 62nd over 

Wagner - 2/25 - continues.

Close! Joy pushes at a slower ball from Wagner in the air just wide of cover and gets a couple.

5:57pm - 61st over 

Boult continues - 0/30 from 12.

5:54pm - 60th over 

Wagner continues.

Testing over from Wagner - just a single from it.

5:49pm - 59th over

Trent Boult is back replacing Ravindra.

Five run penalty as Mominul edges on the bounce to Taylor who deflects the ball back onto the helmet behind Blundell.

5:44pm - 58th over 

Wagner continues - 1/22 from 13.

Wicket! Wagner strikes. Out of nowhere a wide full ball that Shanto could have left but he drives and gets the edge to Young in the gully and that's the breakthrough. 
Najmul Hossain Shanto c Young b Wagner 64  FOW 147/2

5:41pm - 57th over 

Ravindra continues.

Close! Loose from Joy and he gets a big edge on the drive but the ball is just out of the reach of Taylor at slip.

5:37pm - 56th over 

Wagner to continue.

100 partnership up between these two - superb batting for the most part.

5:33pm - 55th over 

Ravindra continues - 0/19 from seven.

Over-pitched and Joy slashes this through the covers for three.

Shanto to the slog-sweep again and is pretty lucky to get away with that one. One bounce to Boult.

5:30pm - 54th over 

Wagner to continue.

Maiden over from Wagner.

5:26pm - 53rd over 

Ravindra continues.

Fifty for Hasan Joy with a single down the ground.

5:23pm - 52nd over 

Wagner continues.

Shanto backs away and slices Wagner through point for four.

5:22pm - Final hour of play coming up .... New Zealand are desperate for wickets - day two has not gone to plan.


5:15pm - 51st over 

Ravindra continues.

Six! Out of nowhere Shanto launches into a cross-bat swipe and gets all of it and has a maximum to mid-wicket and a half century.

5:11pm - 50th over 

Neil Wagner changes ends - 1/14 from nine

Testing over of short-pitched bowling from Wagner but Joy is well up to the task.

5:08pm - 49th over 

Ravindra is back - 0/5 from four.

Two from the over.

5:02pm - 48th over 

Jamieson continues - partnership now at 72.

Maiden from the big fella.

4:58pm - 47th over 

Wagner continues.

Close! No third slip!! Big drive from Roy and edges through a vacant third slip for four.

4:55pm - 46th over 

Jamieson continues.

Full and Shanto drives down the ground for four .... lovely shot that. 

Close! Shanto drives in the air and Latham at short cover can't quite get to it and he comes back for two.

4:50pm - 45th over 

Neil Wagner is back - replaces Southee......Latham searching here.

Close! Joy drives loosely outside off and gets an inside edge but the ball bounces just in front of Blundell behind the stumps.

4:45pm - 44th over 

Jamieson contimues - 0/23 from eight.

100 up for Bangladesh and they don't look like losing a wicket...pitch is flat, bowling is flat and ball isn't moving.

4:41pm - 43rd over 

Southee continues.

Short and wide and punched off the back foot for four by Shanto and that's the fifty partnership.

4:37pm - 42nd over 

Kyle Jamieson replaces Trent Boult.

Just a single from the over.

4:33pm - 41st over 

Southee to continue - 0/24 from 11.

Maiden from Southee.

4:29pm - 40th over 

Boult continues.

Full and Shanto drives down the ground for four. Not much happening for the Blackcaps with ball in hand.

4:24pm - 39th over 

Tim Southee is back - 0/23 from 10 and has been the pick of the bowlers so far.

Just a single from the over.

4:20pm - 38th over 

Boult continues.

Wide outside off and Joy pushes through the covers for a couple.

Georgeous shot .... full and Joy clips it off his legs and works this one through mid-wicket for four.

4:19pm - 37th over 

Ravindra continues.

Three from the over.

4:14pm - 36th over 

Boult to continue.

Maiden from Boult but no issues for the batsman, with both looking very solid.

4:11pm - 35th over 

Ravindra continues.

Just a single from the over.

4:07pm - 34th over 

Boult continues.

Maiden from Boult.

4:04pm - 33rd over 

Ravindra to bowl his second over.

Maiden from Ravindra.

4:01pm - 32nd over 

Trent Boult to open up - 0/15 from six.

Too full and Shanto clips this one through mid-wicket for four.

4:00pm - Bangladesh have won the day hands down and another good session for them here and they can push the game forward tomorrow.



3:37pm - 31st over 

Rachin Ravindra to bowl the last over of the session.

Just one from the over and that'll be Tea - Bangladesh in a really good position on a pitch getting better for batting.

3:34pm - 30th over 

Trent Boult replaces Jamieson. 

Maiden from Boult - a very good over that.

3:31pm - 29th over 

Wagner continues - 1/9 from six.

Maiden from Wagner.

3:27pm - 28th over

Jamieson continues.

Full and Shanto leans on it and will have four down the ground.

Jamieson around the wicket and it's too wide and full and Shanto has a couple to cover.

3:22pm - 27th over 

Wagner continues.

Two singles from the over.

3:18pm - 26th over 

Jamieson continues.

Maiden from Jamieson - he is all over Shanto at the moment both verbally and with his bowling.

3:14pm - 25th over 

Wagner to continue.

Testing maiden from Wagner.

3:09pm - 24th over 

Jamieson continues - 0/9 from four.

Full toss and Joy whips this one superbly through square-leg for four. 

Full and wide from Jamieson and Joy edges along the ground past gully for a couple.

3:03pm - 23rd over 

Wagner to continue - he'll be steamed that he didn't go upstairs last over.

Fifty up for the Tigers.

Brute of a short ball from Wagner that has Shanto jumping in defence as the ball sails past his nose.

Good response from Shanto who drives a full ball down through mid-off for four.

2:59pm - 22nd over 

Kyle Jamieson replaces Southee who bowled an excellent spell.

Four runs from the over.

2:55pm - 21st over 

Wagner continues - 1/1 from two.

Wagner strikes Joy on the pads in front and it looks dead but umpire says no - sounded like two noises and NZ don't review.

Joy didn't hit and the ball was hitting halfway up middle - missed chance for the Blackcaps and Wagner. Have to say shocking decision from the umpire but the Blackcaps should have reviewed.

2:50pm - 20th over 

Southee continues to Joy again.

Just a single from the over.

2:46pm - 19th over 

Wagner continues after drinks.

Wicket: Got'em first ball! Full and swinging and Shadman looks to work on the legside but he gets a leading edge and spoons it back to Wagner who dives forward and takes a superb catch. Breathrough looked like it was coming and Wagner gets it.
Shadman Islam c & b Wagner 22 FOW 43/1

Najmul Shanto the new batsman.

Close! Shanto nibbles outside off to a swinging  ball and Taylor grabs it on the half-volley at first slip.

Wicket maiden for Wags. 


2:39pm - 18th over 

Southee continues - 0/21 from eight overs.

Joy standing up to the challenge but Southee is all over him.

2:34pm - 17th over 

Neil Wagner replaces Jamieson.

Just a single from Wagner's first.

2:30pm - 16th over 

Southee continues.

Close! Pressure valve off. Joy nibbles at a wide one from Southee and he edges past third slip for four. Lovely bowling.

Wide of the crease from Southee and Joy plays and misses...Timmy is all over him here but can't get the wicket.

2:25pm - 15th over 

Kyle Jamieson will continue.

Maiden from the big man - pressure starting to build now.

2:20pm - 14th over 

Southee to continue - have to say it looks pretty comfortable for Bangladesh so far.

Excellent over from Southee - got six balls at Joy and worked him over outside off stump.

2:17pm - 13th over 

Jamieson continues.

Short from Jamieson and Shadman pulls this around the corner for a couple.

2:13pm - 12th over 

Change of ends for Tim Southee - replaces Boult.

Tidy over from Southee - just a single from it.

2:09pm - 11th over 

Kyle Jamieson into the attack - his bounce on this pitch could be crucial.

Three runs from the over - a good one from Jamieson.

2:05pm - 10th over 

Boult continues 

Just a single from the over - best ober by Boult so far - made the batsmen play.

2:01pm - 9th over 

Southee continues - 0/13 from four.

Two singles from the over.

1:57pm - 8th over 

Trent Boult to continue - 0/12 from three overs.

Just a single from the over and no troubles for the tourists as of yet.

1:52pm - 7th over 

Southee will continue.

Three runs from the over.

1:49pm - 6th over 

Boult continues 

Shadman drives through the cover in-field and has three - good chase from Wagner to save one run.

1:44pm - 5th over 

Tim Southee to continue - 0/5 from 2.

Straight from Southee and Joy whips this through mid-wicket for three - was lucky he hit that as he was right in front.

Short from Boult and Shadman pulls hard through mid-wicket for a well-times four.

1:40pm - 4th over

It'll be Trent Boult to open up after lunch.

Boult strays down leg and Joy whips this one away of his pads and has four.

1:38pm - Welcome back - this could very well be the old moving session. Wickets for the Blackcaps and they will go a long way to winnig the test, while for the Tigers, if they can be 100-odd for 1 or 2 at Tea they will be in a good position.

Second Session

Bangladesh trail by 323 runs

1:03pm - LUNCH

Bangladesh's session. The tourists took the last five New Zelaand wickets, and have gotten through three overs without loss.

They still trail by 323 runs, but the rest of today will be the best time to bat in this test.

We'll be back in around 40 minutes for the second session.

1:01pm - 3 overs

Southee for what could be the last over before lunch.

Southee floats up the third ball, and Mahmudul drives to get off the mark with three. 

Shadman to face, not long to lunch as we tick past 1pm. He negotiates the rest of the over, and that's lunch!

BAN 5/0

12:57pm - 2 overs

Boult takes the ball from the other end, Shadman on strike.

On off-stump to start, and Shadman defends. Boult follows with a bouncer and he ducks.

Chance last ball! Length from Boult, and finds Shadman's edge - but it drops short out Southee at third slip!

BAN 2/0

12:54pm - 1 over

Southee to start, left-handed Shadman to face.

Wide outside off to start, and Shadman leaves. Too straight second ball, and Shadman works off his pads for a single down to fine leg.

Mahmudul faces up, a right-hander. Straight to start, and he defends. Swing for Southee next ball, and Mahmudul gets forward to defend. 

Shape again, and Mahmudul defends. Bouncer to finish, and he ducks under it - won't finish sorry. Wide called.

Straight again, and Mahmudul defends to finish the over.

BAN 2/0


Bangladesh's openers make their way to the crease, they'll have a difficult task to get through before lunch, but the pitch now looks fantastic to bat on.

Southee will take the ball for the Blackcaps.


A good morning for Bangladesh. They've taken the last five wickets for 70 runs, and will have about 10 minutes to bat before lunch.

Join us then!

12:40pm - 108.1 overs

Mominul to Nicholls.

WICKET! And he gets him! Nicholls reverse sweeps straight to the man at short third man! Another catch for Shadman. Nicholls is the last man out for 75. NZ are all out for 328.

NZ 328/10

12:39pm - 108 overs

Mehidy to Nicholls.

He cuts the second ball and gets a single out to deep point. Boult faces, four to come in the over.

What does Boult do? He runs down the track and lofts four over mid-on! Shot!

Boult drives the next ball straight, where Mehidy fumbles to let them through for one.

Nicholls faces, two to come. And now Nicholls gets one, he drives and beats mid-off for a single.

One ball left, Boult faces. And he gets four more! He uses his feet again and finds the hands of the man on the boundary, but he drops it into the rope!

Eventful over.

NZ 328/9

12:35pm - 107 overs

Mominul brings himself on to bowl. Nicholls on strike. How does he play from here? How much does he trust Boult?

Nicholls goes back and works a single out to deep square leg with the fifth ball, giving Boult one to face.

Boult defends the last ball.

NZ 317/9

12:33pm - 106 overs

Right then! Hat-trick ball, Boult will face it. 

No fielders around the bat? Anyway, here we go. 

Boult blocks it straight to mid-off, perfectly played.

NZ 316/9

12:31pm - 105.5 overs

Wagner comes out at No.10. He can definitely play some shots, but can he partner Nicholls towards a century?

WICKET! Huge appeal for caught behind first ball as Wagner presses forward and misses. Given not out, and Bangladesh review.

And it looks like he's hit it!

Wagner goes for a golden duck, Trent Boult will face a hat-trick ball!

NZ 316/9

12:28pm - 105.4 overs

Mehidy to Nicholls.

Nicholls gets a single to deep square first ball, bringing Southee to face.

WICKET! And Southee throws it away now! He uses his feet and chips the ball to midwicket, where Mominul takes the catch. Southee goes for six, Neil Wagner is next in.

NZ 316/8

12:26pm - 105 overs

Another bowling change. Shoriful's back, bowling to Nicholls.

He goes short with his third ball, and Nicholls rocks back and pulls for more through midwicket! Great shot.

Nicholls punches the fifth ball into the covers, and runs back for two. Great running, moves him to 70.

Short ball to finish, and Nicholls pulls to deep square leg to get a single and keep the strike.

NZ 315/7

12:21pm - 104 overs

Mehidy to Southee, how long before he goes after him?

He uses his feet to the third ball of the over and works to midwicket, but can't beat the fielder. 

Southee won't attack this over, and plays out a maiden.

NZ 308/7

12:18pm - 103 overs

Taskin resumes, Southee on strike.

And he's greeted with four! Short and wide outside off, and Southee rocks back and goes over the off-side for a boundary to bring up NZ's 300!

Appeal for lbw third ball as Southee's hit on the pad, but looks like it's going down leg. Bangladesh don't refer.

Southee gets a single from the fifth ball, working out to square leg for one.

Nicholls with one ball to face - and he backs away and swipes the ball through cover for four more!

Nine from the over.

NZ 308/7

12:13pm - 102 overs

Nicholls takes guard after the wicket, four balls to come in the over.

Length, and Nicholls goes back and punches down to long-on for one. Southee takes guard, he turns one round the corner to get underway second ball.

Nicholls back on strike, and he defends the last ball.

NZ 299/7


Mehidy resumes to Jamieson after the drinks break.

WICKET! And he gets him second ball of the over! Jamieson looks to smash one over long-on, but doesn't time it and only finds the hands of Shadman coming in off the rope. Jamieson goes for six, Tim Southee is in next.

NZ 297/7

12:06pm - DRINKS

A good first hour for the Blackcaps. They've lost Ravindra, but scored 39 runs with Nicholls passing 50. The big question will be what the NZ plan is before lunch? Will they look to bat deep into the day? Or try to force the pace to have a crack at Bangladesh this evening?

12:04pm - 101 overs

Taskin to bowl to Nicholls, the field's gone out for the left-hander.

Bouncers first up for Nicholls, before Taskin goes back of a length. Nicholls works a single out to square leg.

Jamieson on strike, and Taskin attacks his pads. Jamieson works a single to deep midwicket.

Nicholls back on strike. And he sees out the over. And that's drinks!

NZ 297/6

11:59am - 100 overs

Spin into the attack now, Mehidy Hasan Miraz is thrown the ball to bowl to Jamieson.

Chance third ball! Jamieson plays with the spin, and he's dropped at short leg! Tough chance, but they all count.

Maiden over.

NZ 295/6

11:55am - 99 overs

Taskin replaces Shoriful, bowling to Jamieson.

Fourth ball is back of a length, and Jamieson pushes it into cover for one. 

Just a single from the over.

NZ 295/6

11:50am - 98 overs

Ebadot to Nicholls.

Very short and very wide second ball, and a wide is called. Another run to the NZ total.

Short again, and Nicholls pulls in front of the man at square leg, gets four and brings up his 50! It comes from 97 balls with eight boundaries.

Short and wide again next ball, and Nicholls steers it through third man for four more! Make that three in a row! Ebadot comes around the wicket, and dishes up another short and wide one, which Nicholls cuts to third man for the third boundary in the over. 

Big over, 13 from it for the Blackcaps.

NZ 294/6

11:45am - 97 overs

Shoriful to Nicholls. 

Bouncer with the fifth ball, and Nicholls pulls a single to the man at deep square leg for one.

One ball for Jamieson to face, and he defends to mid-off.

NZ 281/6

11:41am - 96 overs

Another bowling change, Ebadot returns after bowling three balls in the first over of the morning. Over the wicket to Nicholls.

Ebadot goes too straight, and Nicholls clips off his pads to square leg for one. Jamieson faces up.

Jamieson has a huge drive at the fourth ball of the over, and misses. But he doesn't miss the fifth, and gets off the mark with a drive through cover for four. 

Jamieson leaves to end the over.

NZ 280/6

11:36am - 95 overs

Shoriful to Nicholls, already with a career-best three wickets to his name.

Chance fourth ball! Short ball, and Nicholls pulls but doesn't get it, as the ball loops over a diving Liton Das behind the stumps, and races very fine for four.

Lbw appeal next ball, but too high against Nicholls. 

One ball to come, and Nicholls gets a single to square leg.

NZ 275/6

11:32am - 94 overs

Kyle Jamieson comes in at No.8, but he won't face right away. Nicholls faces up to Taskin at the other end, coming around the wicket.

Taskin bangs the third ball of the over in short, and Nicholls cuts him up and over third man for four! Nicholls then gets off strike with a leg bye down to fine leg.

Jamieson to face his first, he edges the ball onto his pad first up. Slight appeal, but clear bat involved. 

One ball to come, and Jamieson drives beautifully - but straight to mid-on.

NZ 270/6

11:26am - 93 overs

Good pressure from Bangladesh, Shoriful for another to Nicholls.

He goes too straight with the third ball, as Nicholls works off his pads into a gap at midwicket to come back for three runs. Nicholls' first runs of the day.

Ravindra takes strike to face Shoriful, three slips and a gully in place. And he beats the outside edge first ball! Shape away from the left-hander.

WICKET! And Ravindra falls to the final ball of the over - he pushes at a length ball that takes the outside ede through to Shadman Islam behind the wicket. 

NZ 265/6

11:21am - 92 overs

Taskin for another over to Ravindra, the pitch still has a bit in it for the seamers.

Taskin comes around the wicket, but Ravindra isn't tempted into attacking.

Four maidens in a row.

NZ 262/5

11:16am - 91 overs

Shoriful continues to Nicholls.

Good bowling from Shoriful as Nicholls sees out the third maiden on the trot.

NZ 262/5

11:12am - 90 overs

Bowling change. Taskin Ahmed comes back into the attack, yet to take a wicket. Ravindra takes strike to the right-armer coming over the wicket.

Swings straight away as the ball sails down leg first up. Ravindra's beaten by a deliver going across him with the fifth ball of the over, but sees out a maiden.

NZ 262/5

11:06am - 89 overs

Shoriful Islam takes the ball from the other end, he bowled well yesterday to take two wickets. Henry Nicholls on strike to the left-armer. Packed slip corden to start to Nicholls.

Nicholls blocks the first ball, and drives off the back foot to point with the second, not getting a run with either.

Nicholls sees out the rest of the over - a maiden.

NZ 262/5

11:02am - 88 overs

Right then! Ebadot to Ravindra, three balls to come. The ball is less than eight overs old.

Straight to start, and Ravindra blocks the first ball of the day. Ravindra drives his second ball to point, no run.

One to come, and Ravindra drives a full toss through cover to get off the mark with a boundary!

NZ 262/5


Not far away from the resumption now!

Ravindra will take strike for the first ball of the day, with Ebadot Hossain to complete the over he was bowling last night - dismissing Tom Blundell with the final act of day one.


It's no real surprise, but the weather in the Bay of Plenty is picture perfect.

Finger's crossed it holds for the entirety of the test match!


Good morning! How great is it to have test cricket back on Kiwi soil?!

We're about 50 minutes out from day two starting, as New Zealand will look to take control of this test - starting with the bat.

Nicholls and Ravindra will resume as the batting pair, with Bangladesh looking to mop up the rest of the Blackcaps' order.

Stick around as we bring you the day's play from Bay Oval!


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of day two of the first test between the Blackcaps and Bangladesh from Mt Maunganui's Bay Oval.

Carrying on from day one, let's see what the Blackcaps have in store for us today. Asked to bat first by Bangladesh, New Zealand will resume at 258/5 - thanks to a near flawless 122 run innings from Devon Conway.

But in search of a big first innings score, hopes rest on overnight batter Henry Nicholls, who's not out with 32. He'll be joined by all-rounder Rachin Ravindra at the crease to start the day, as the youngster suits up for his first test appearance on home soil.

Ravindra is the last recognised batter though, meaning if Bangladesh can strike early, the chances of dismissing the Blackcaps for less than 400 will greatly increase.

Bangladesh meanwhile will be happy with their first day's work, but could also contemplate what could have been. 

After opting to bowl first on a greenish pitch, the visitors would have wanted more to show for their day's effort than five wickets, but would have definitely settled for the scalps of Tom Latham, Will Young, Conway, Ross Taylor and Tom Blundell.

The good news for Bangladesh is that this pitch will get easier to bat on the longer this test goes on, as the tourists look to avoid defeat in a test in New Zealand for the first time.

TAB odds: NZ $1.04, Bangladesh $45, draw $10.20