E-Sport: Latest signing Noah Abray carries Wellington Phoenix hopes in E-League

Wellington Phoenix hope to book an A-League semi-final spot on Saturday, but on the very same day, two Kiwis will represent the club in the virtual E-League competition. 

While the real 'Nix are lacing up for their clash with Western United, they'll be glued to their screen, trying to beat Australia's best FIFA esport players.

"I've played FIFA since I was a little kid," said Noah Abray, 17, the latest Phoenix signing.

The competition a massive deal internationally, with a full blown World Cup - something this young Kiwi dreams of.

"Go across to Europe, play over there in the pro tournaments and win the World Cup," he said.

Which is more realistic - the Phoenix winning the A-League or Abray taking out the E-League?

"I think me winning the E-League is more realistic."

Under competition rules, his side only need to have two actual Phoenix players on the pitch at any given time, and Abray's team are a flurry of stars past and present. 

"I've got Ronaldo… and Pele. I've got Messi on my bench."

If Abray can guide his stacked Phoenix side to the E League finals, he'll book himself a trip to Melbourne at the end of the month.

The Phoenix are certainly in good hands for the E-League.

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