Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Blues v Brumbies from Canberra's GIO Stadium

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Blues 21   Brumbies 19


Swain loses the ball, and the Blues can have one last chance to win this! They go wide to Tuivasa-Sheck, and back infield through Eklund and Sotutu.

Perofeta trie to slip through inside the 22, as does Segner on the right wing.

The siren has gone. Tuivasa-Sheck has another go. The Brumbies try to get over the top - but give away advantage!

Barrett needs no second invitation - and he fires over a drop goal to win it for the Blues!

BLU 21 BRU 19

78 mins - TRY BRUMBIES

Pollard throws, and they drive. They're going forward - and Pollard has it at the back.

Pollard dives for the line - and he scores! Lolesio has missed two of these kicks so far tonight, this one will give them the lead.

But he's got this one! The Brumbies lead by one!

BLU 18 BRU 19

77 mins

Lolesio kicks off, before Perofeta sends it back down to Banks.

The Brumbies take the ball inside the Blues' half, and towards the 22. Sotutu gets over it, but the Blues are penalised as Laulala joins the ruck incorrectly.

Lineout for the Brumbies, right in the corner.


Do they Blues want the points? They do.

Perofeta lines up his kick, and runs the clock down, before converting.

BLU 18 BRU 12

73 mins

Blues scrum, and Tuivasa-Sheck runs as first receiver. Barrett kicks for the wing, where Banks lets it bounce into touch.

Brumbies lineout. Pollard throws and Swain wins it. The Brumbies drive, before Lonergan goes off the back for Muirhead, and he takes it to halfway.

Lolesio kicks down to Perofeta, who kicks back to Banks. 

Advantage for the Brumbies. Ikitau runs, and takes the ball back into the Blues' half.

Lolesio puts a bomb up that Barrett wins, and kicks in behind with no one home at the back for the Brumbies.

Muirhead gets there and kicks to touch, but the Blues take it quickly inside the Brumbies' half.

Telea makes ground on the left wing, and the Blues have advantage. Barrett nearly puts Sullivan away, before Barrett kicks through the line, but we go back for the penalty.

69 mins

Lolesio kicks off, and Tucker wins it.

He's tackled, but the Brumbies don't roll away and give away a penalty.

That'll be a scrum for the Blues.

68 mins - TRY BLUES

Eklind throws, and finds Papalii as the Blues drive.

Christie has it and finds Tuivasa-Sheck, wo has a go, but he's tackled. Swain turns it over, but the Blues turn it straight back! The Blues are on the tryline, but the defence is holding.

Tu'inukuafe picks and goes - and he scores! The Blues lead again!

Perofeta converts from in front.

BLU 15 BRU 12

67 mins

Blues' scrum. Christie feeds, and Tuivasa-Sheck runs as first receiver.

They go wide to Barrett, and he's tackled but the Brumbies give away advantage.

Ikitau called for not rolling away as the penalty is blown.

The Blues call for the lineout.

64 mins

Eklund throws, but it's not clean and Fainga'a pinches it after Swain and Segner clash.

Lonergan box kicks but it's awful and the Blues have it again. Or do they, Fainga'a snaps it up and goes wid to Simone - and he knocks it on.

63 mins

Eklund throws, and the Blues win their own lineout and drive. Eklund has it at the back, before the ball goes to Christie and to Sotutu.

Barrett kicks to Wright's wing, and Wright clears into touch on the full.

Great result for the Blues.

62 mins

Brumbies scrum. Reset needed as the front row goes down. 

The ball comes off the back, and Lonergan clears for a lineout on halfway.

61 mins

The Brumbies kick off again, straight to Perofeta who breaks the line. 

Christie runs into the 22, before Barrett goes himself. Tucker has a run, but he's lost it to Frost.

The ball goes back to Banks, who kicks it deep into the Blues' territory. 

But play is called back for the Blues' knock on, and the Brumbies have a scrum.

59 mins

The Blues want the points again with the penalty.

Perofeta lines up the kick, relatively straightforward, but he's missed!

58 mins

Barrett kicks off to restart. We're hearing Clarke has injured his hamstring.

The Blues win the ball back, and look to use it as Sotutu throws a long ball out to Telea. 

They go back the other way through Tele'a. Tucker hits the line, before Tuivasa-Sheck breaks into the 22. 

Advantage for the Blues, Sotutu and Telea combine again on the left, but the Brumbies defend well.

The ball comes loose, so we go back for the penalty.

55 mins - TRY BRUMBIES

Fainga'a throws, and the Brumbies drive again.

Fainga'a has the ball at the back, and he splits through to score!

Lolesio to convert, 10m in from the right touchline, but he misses again.

BLU 8 BRU 12

54 mins

Caleb Clarke is hurt, and leaves the field. Tele'a takes his place.

Brumbies lineout. Fainga'a throws as the Brumbies drive, but the Blues give away a penalty.

The Brumbies take another lineout.

53 mins

Brumbies scrum, as White takes it off the back and clears into touch.

Blues lineout. Eklund throws, and Segner takes it at the front. They look to keep it, but Tuivasa-Sheck knocks it on and it bounces straight to White, who's through!

He has to score - but Tuivasa-Sheck chases him down and makes the tackle! The Brumbies are still on attack though and have advantage. Lolesio kicks for the wing, where Heem gets it in the air.

We go back for the penalty.

51 mins

Eklund throws, Segner wins it and the Blues have the ball on halfway.

Barrett goes to the air again. Muirhead takes it, again, and calls for the mark - again.

He taps and goes quickly. The ball goes to Lolesio who clears to Perofeta. 

The ball goes to Barrett again and he kicks to Muirhead. Muirhead kicks it back to Perofeta, who kicks to Banks. 

Banks finds Lolesio, who kicks back to Barrett and this time the Blues run.

Barrett stabs a kick through that sits up for Perofeta, but he's lost it - or has he? The ball is chased into the in-goal where Tucker claims a try.

We'll check upstairs. Wright steals the ball from Perofeta in the tackle, where Tucker snaps it up and goes for the line, but was he held up?

The call from the TMO is a knock-on against Christie as he tackled Wright.

Brumbues scrum.

48 mins

Blues lineout, Eklund throws and Tucker wins it. Barrett goes to the air, where Muirhead catches it and calls for the mark.

Muirhead finds touch for a Blues lineout.

47 mins

Blues scrum. Christie feeds, and they in a penalty, Tuungafasi the hero.

Rory Scott is sent for an HIA for the Brumbies.

46 mins

Blues scrum sorry, the knock on was judged against the Brumbies from the lineout.

Christie feeds, but the front row collapses. Reset.

Christie feeds again, and Sotutu runs off the back before Barrett clears. It goes straight to Muirhead though, and the Brumbies come right back.

Hooper carries inside the 22, as Wright attacks the left wing. Hooper goes again, and Sio does the same.

Wright takes the line on, but he's tackled. Alaalatoa attacks as well, tackled again.

But the Brumbies knock on! The Blues are out of danger.

Swain returns to make it 15 v 15 again.

42 mins

White clears with a box kick, and Perofeta knocks it forward to Clarke trying to catch it.

Banks clears for a lineout in the corner. Fainga'a throws, but Segner gets up to disrupt it.

Christie can't hang onto it though, and the Brumbies have a scrum.

41 mins

We're ready for the second half, still three minutes with 14 for the Brumbies.

Barrett kicks off to start the second 40.


ANOTHER scrum. The siren goes in the background. Christie feeds, and the scrum spins, Sotutu was away but the ref had blown.

Another scrum then. Christie feeds again. This time he has it at the back. He finds Perofeta at first receiver. Tuivasa-Sheck runs a dummy line, as Perofeta puts Barrett into a gap to score!

Finally the Blues break through!

Perofeta lines up the kick, wide on the left, but he misses.

That's halftime!

40 mins

Papalii calls for another scrum. Fainga'a is back on the field for the Brumbies. 

Christie feeds, but the scrum will have to reset. Christie feeds again, but there's another penalty.

The front row collapsed again.

38 mins

The Blues want another scrum, not long until the Brumbies are (at least) back to 14.

Christie feeds, and the Blues have advantage again. Christie finds Barrett, who goes wide to Telea, but he's bundled into touch.

We go back for the penalty. 


White clears over halfway from the dropout. The Blues go again.

Barrett and Telea combine, but the defence is resolute still from the Brumbies. Clarke hits the line, as the Brumbies give away advantage.

We'll stop for another penalty - and now Swain is shown a yellow card - 15 v 13!

35 mins

Eklund throws, and the Blues go again through the forwards. Penalty against the Brumbies and Christie takes it quickly.

Heem has a go inside the 22, before Barrett tries to put Clarke away. Papalii goes but he's tackled. 

Barrett grubbers for Heem to chase, but Lolesio gets there first to ground the ball for a dropout.

33 mins

The Blues want the lineout this time. Eklund throws and Tucker wins it as the Blues drive.

But the ball comes loose and the Brumbies claim it! White clears into touch.

Telea things about a quick throw, but decides against it.

The Brumbies survive!

31 mins

The Blues want the scrum with the extra man advantage. Can they finally cross over now?

Christie feeds, and waits at the back, but the scrum turns and will be reset.

Christie feeds again. and goes to Telea at first receiver. Sotutu gores, and the Blues work left through Eklund.

The Brumbies are called for offside though. Another penalty for the Blues.


Another lineout, Eklund throws to Papalii again. The ball goes loose, but Sotutu claims it.

Tuungafasi has a go, but he's short. The Blues have advantage - but they don't need it!

Eklund goes for the line, and he's over to score. The try is awarded, but was Eklund in control of it?

We'll check upstairs as the TMO intervenes. It looks like Eklund's lost the ball. He has, the try is overturned.

Fainga'a is shown a yellow card for giving away that advantage though. So the Blues will have another chance.

27 mins

Blues lineout. Eklund throws and Papalii claims it as they go for the drive.

The Brumbies defend well, but have given away a penalty for incorrect entry.

Fainga'a the culprit. The Brumbies are warned for repeat infringements.

26 mins

White kicks again from the dropout. Christie takes it and sets Sotutu away.

Heem throws a pass that Muirhead intercepts. The Blues have turned it over though, and win a penalty.

There's some more push and shove, and the referee stops play to tell the two captains to calm it down.

The Blues will have a lineout.

25 mins

Eklund throws, Tucker wins it and the ball goes back to Barrett who puts a bomb up.

Sotutu controls it, and Christie kicks for the corner. Wright gets there, but the Blues turn it over.

They've got advantage and take the penalty quickly! They go wide to Tuivasa-Sheck, but he's held up as well!

Another dropout.

24 mins

Eklund throws and Tucker wins it as the Blues bring it down.

They go to the right wing through Sotutu and Heem, but the Brumbies' defence is all over them.

White's stolen it, and Lolesio kicks over the top for Wright - but the ball bounces into touch.

22 mins

White's dropout goes into touch, so that'll be a 5m scrum for the Blues!

Christie feeds, but the Brumbies win a free kick. Christie and White come face to face for a bit of push and shove.

White clears for a Blues lineout.

20 mins

Barrett clears into touch from the restart to give the Brumbies a lineout.

Fainga'a throws, and the Brumbies bring it down. They go forward, before the ball pops up on the Blues' side!

Segner has a run down the Blues' left, and the Blues have advantage. 

Barrett kicks over the top for Telea, and he gets the ball to Papalii who bursts down the right!

He's tackled, but Telea is there in support and goes for the line, but he's held up.

That'll be a dropout for the Brumbies.


Nope. The Blues want the points, sorry.

Perofeta lines up his first kic of the night, and he lands it. The Blues are on the board! 

That's 100 points for Perofeta this season too.


16 mins

Blues scrum, Christie feeds and goes to Telea as first receiver. 

The Blues have advantage, and we'll go back for the penalty. Ikitau was offside to give away the penalty.

That'll be a Blues lineout.

14 mins

There's a slight delay as Reimer is treated. Blues lineout, Eklund throws and it's a mess before the Blues claim it.

Clarke runs as first receiver, but the Brumbies' defence has them going backwards. Barrett puts up a bomb that Banks claims.

White returns fire, but Muirhead knocks it on in the air.

Blues scrum.

13 mins

Fainga'a throws, but Swain loses it forward to give the Blues a scrum.

Christie feeds, but the front row goes down. Reset.

Christie feeds again, and they run from inside their own half off the back.

The Blues are playing under advantage for a high shot on Clarke, before play is stopped.

That'll be a penalty for the Blues.

10 mins

Brumbies scrum, White looks to feed but the front rows go down. That'll be a reset.

They set the scrum again, but Tuungafasi is penalised for angling in.

Banks clears for a lineout.

8 mins

Brumbies dropout, and the Blues try to run before Perofeta loses the ball forward.

Brumbies scrum inside their own half.

8 mins

Blues lineout. Eklund throws and Darry wins it.

They go to Barrett, who hits Clarke with a short ball - and he goes close! He's held up though, so the Brumbies have a dropout.

7 mins

Barrett kicks off, and the Brumbies return fire through Banks.

Telea brings it down, and the Blues look to use it. Clarke slips out of a tackle - and runs it insude the 22, before the Brumbies give away a penalty, Samu is offside.


Blues lineout. Eklund throws, but Swain steal sit and the Brumbies are in a great position!

White has a go close to the line, but he's tackled short. They're so close - and Pete Samu goes over to score!

Lolesio converts from right in front.


3 mins

First lineout of the night. Fainga'a throws and Swain wins it, and the Brumbies have the ball inside the Blues' half.

The forwards build towards the 22, before they go wide to the right through Wright. 

But Perofeta gets across to tackle him into touch.

1 min

The Blues control the ball, before it goes back to Perofeta who clears into touch for a Brumbies lineout.


And we're away! Nic White kicks off to get us going in Canberra!


The two teams walk out side by side as part of Super Rugby's culture round.

There's a traditional welcome to country ceremony before kick off as well.


Both sides are back in the changing sheds for their final preparation, kick off not far away.


Good evening! There's one more game to go tonight - and it's the biggest of the lot!

The Blues can seal top spot in the regular season with a win tonight, but the Brumbies are no easy beats.

Kick off isn't far away, so stay tuned!


Kia ora, good evening, and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this Super Rugby Pacific clash between the Blues and Brumbies, from GIO Stadium in Canberra.

Tonight could be a season-defining one for the Blues, in more than one way.

Victory in Canberra will guarantee the Blues first place in the regular season, and home advantage for every playoff game they'll have in the quest for the title.

The Blues celebrate.
The Blues celebrate. Photo credit: Image - Photosport

What's more, a win will also see the Blues pick up their 11th on the bounce, equalling the class of 1997 for a franchise record streak.

But they won't be at their best. The pair of Rieko and Akira Ioane, as well as influential loose forward Tom Robinson, have all been ruled out with various injuries.

In their place, Anton Segner takes the No.6 jersey, while Hoskins Sotutu anchors the scrum at No.8. Bryce Heem takes Rieko Ioane's place alongside Roger Tuivasa-Sheck in midfield.

Their opponents meanwhile will look to recover and cement themselves as the team to beat out of Australia, after last week dropping their first game to a Kiwi side this year.

Thanks to the Crusaders' huge win over Fijian Drua last night, the Brumbies are now third on the ladder, and at risk of missing out on the chance for a home semi-final.

But with a 3-1 record over Kiwi sides so far this year, don't be surprised if they put up a fight to stop the Blues' run.

TAB odds: Blues $1.45, Brumbies $2.60


Blues: 1-Alex Hodgman, 2-Kurt Eklund, 3-Ofa Tuungafasi, 4-James Tucker, 5-Sam Darry, 6-Anton Segner, 7-Dalton Papalii, 8- Hoskins Sotutu, 9-Finlay Christie, 10-Beauden Barrett, 11-Caleb Clarke, 12-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 13-Bryce Heem, 14-Mark Telea, 15-Stephen Perofeta

16-Ricky Riccitelli, 17-Karl Tu'inukuafe, 18-Nepo Laulala, 19-Luke Romano, 20-Adrian Choat, 21-Sam Nock, 22-Tanielu Tele'a, 23-Zarn Sullivan

Brumbies: 1-James Slipper, 2-Folau Fainga'a, 3-Allan Alaalatoa (c), 4-Darcy Swain, 5-Caderyn Neville, 6-Tom Hooper, 7-Luke Reimer, 8-Pete Samu, 9-Nic White, 10-Noah Lolesio, 11-Andy Muirhead, 12-Irae Simone, 13-Len Ikitau, 14-Tom Wright, 15-Tom Banks

Reserves: 16-Billy Pollard, 17-Scott Sio, 18-Sefo Kautai, 19-Nick Frost, 20-Rory Scott, 21-Ryan Lonergan, 22-Hudson Creighton, 23-Ollie Sapsford