Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Chiefs v Melbourne Rebels from AAMI Park

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Chiefs 33   Rebels 30


The Chiefs need a try to win it. They go with the short kick-off, and Lord wins it, before the Chiefs win a penalty.

Reihana clears for a lineout for the Chiefs, on the 22. Thompson to throw, but Wells gets up to tip it to the Rebels' side!

The ball goes back to clear, but Narawa's charged it down and the Chiefs will have another go!

Sowakula has a go, before the Chiefs go to their right. Norris makes ground, before Ioane slips Narawa through, before he's tackled.

The Chiefs are into the 22, 30 seconds on the clock. Ioane to the 5m line, before Roe finds Norris, who beats his man and scores to win it for the Chiefs!

Ioane converts, and the Chiefs have escaped with a win!

CHI 33 REB 30


Rebels lineout on the Chiefs' 22.

They win it and look to drive, and run down the clock. Powell calls for it, and they go to the backs.

Leota carries, and wins advantage. The Rebels look for the chip through the line, but we'll go back for the penalty.

The Rebels want the points, and to eat up more time.

Hodge lines it up, and puts the Rebels up by four!

CHI 26 REB 30


Chiefs lineout, Thompson to throw. 

Hang on though, the TMO stops play - what's happened?

Potential foul play by Jacobson on Ili. There's a clash of heads, but it comes after Jacobson's initial tackle. 

That should change it from a red card, but it's still a yellow card for Jacobson.

The Chiefs will finish with 14!

75 mins

Gordon will take the dropout, and kicks it down to Tupaea, Roe goes quickly for the Chiefs, before Sowakula puts Cane into space - but he loses it forward!

The Rebels can counter as Kellaway makes ground, as does Leota. The Rebels get into the Chiefs' half, and go to Ripley's wing.

Shades of a forward pass, but Ripley is tackled into touch.

73 mins

The Chiefs kick off to Powell, who returns fire.

The Chiefs are patient inside the Rebels' half, before Tiatia kicks over the top.

Ripley gets back and grounds the ball for a line dropout.


Hanson throws, and the Rebels win the lineout to build an attack.

Wells has a run on the Rebels' left, before they go back to the right through Gordon. He's tackled by Norris, but he gives away a penalty.

The Rebels want the shot at goal, and potentially the lead.

Hodge lines it up, and belts it through the posts! The Rebels lead again!

CHI 26 REB 27

69 mins

The Rebels have the ball after the restart, as Powell goes to the air with a box kick.

Reihana spills it, and the Rebels can break down the wing thhrough Ripley! They've got advantage for obstruction, and we go back for the penalty.

Hodge finds the corner for a lineout on the 22.

67 mins - TRY REBELS

Hanson replaces Uelese for the Rebels, Thompson replaces Taukei'aho for the Chiefs.

Gordon kicks off again, before Ioane returns the ball to Hodge.

Hodge runs before he's tackled in the Chiefs' half. Gordon puts a high kick up that Reihana gathers as his first act on the field.

Narawa kicks back down to Gordon, who puts a kick up that Hodge gathers - and he's through to score now! No communication between Roe and Reihana for the Chiefs, and that opened the door for Hodge! 

Hodge converts his own try, and it's a two-point game again.

CHI 26 REB 24

64 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Chiefs lineout. Taukei'aho throws, Brown wins it and finds Weber.

The Chiefs go to the backs and Narawa - and he just steps right through the Rebels' line to score!

Ioane to convert and put the Chiefs up by more than a converted try. The ball falls off the tee again, so Tiatia comes in to assist.

Ioane converts.

CHI 26 REB 17

62 mins

Chiefs scrum. Weber feeds, but they'll have to reset.

Weber feeds again, and the front row goes down, penalty to the Chiefs. Atu Moli the hero.

Chiefs lineout.

61 mins

Rebels lineout. Uelese throws but the Rebels lose it and the Chiefs can counter.

Ioane kicks down to Gordon, who runs and finds Vaihu, but the Chiefs are there to defend in numbers.

Cabous Eloff runs, but he loses the ball in the tackle for a Chiefs scrum.

59 mins

Gordon kicks off, and Narawa knocks on trying to win it. Rebels scrum. Mitchell Brown replaces Ah Kuoi for the Chiefs. 

Powell feeds, and the Rebels win a penalty against Ollie Norris.

Hodge finds touch for a lineout.

56 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Chiefs scrum. Weber feeds, and goes to Ioane at first receiver. The Rebels have turned it over though, as Kellaway clears downfield - but not out.

Tiatia kicks back, before Hodge kicks it again. Ioane takes it and runs into his own player.

The Chiefs still have the ball though, Ioane steps through the line - and he puts Trask into a gap!

Trask is tackled by Gordon with the line in sight, but Narawa is there to go again. Narawa is tackled, but Taukei'aho picks and goes - and he scores!

Can Ioane convert? Just in from the right touchline. False start as the ball falls off the tee, before Ioane nails it.

The Chiefs lead by two!

CHI 19 REB 17

53 mins

Rebels scrum. Tuttle is replaced by Joe Powell at halfback. 

Powell feeds. Leota and Powell combine off the back, but the new halfback is smashed as the Rebels go backwards.

Knock-on called against Powell. Chiefs scrum in the Rebels' half.

52 mins

Chiefs' lineout inside the Rebels half. But the throw is not straight. Probably justice for the call going Trask's way.

The Rebels call for the scrum.

52 mins

Rebels lineout, Uelese throws and the Rebels look to use it. Kellaway breaks the line and gets an offload to Vaihu! Hodge has a go, but Trask wins a penalty.

Did he knock on though? Doesn't matter, the referee sides in the Chiefs' favour.

50 mins

The Rebels are now back to 15. Ioane restarts with the kick-off, and the Rebels win advantage. Tiatia called for incorrect entry.

Hodge drops the ball so we'll go back for the penalty. Hodge finds touch for a lineout in the Chiefs half.

48 mins - TRY REBELS

Chiefs lineout. Taukei'aho throws and they go for the drive. 

They go to the backs, but Ioane throws it to no one! Kellaway pounces on the bouncing ball, amd races away to score under the posts!

The Rebels have scored twice while down a man.

Hodge converts, and the Rebels lead by five!

CHI 12 REB 17

47 mins

Hodge finds touch, but didn't get it cleanly. The Rebels will have a lineout in the Chiefs' half.

Uelese throws, but Ah Kuoi wins against the throw. The Chiefs counter down their left, before Taukei'aho and Ross combine inside the Rebels' half.

Ioane kicks over the top to a vacant backfield, before Gordon evades the defenders, as Vaihu clears into touch.

45 mins

Rebels scrum, Tuttle feeds again. The front rows go down, and we'll have a reset.

Tuttle feeds again, and the Rebels win a penalty with a huge shove.

Tuttle goes to Hodge, but Tupaea tackles him and we'll go back for the penalty.

43 mins

Rebels scrum, Tuttle feeds. He goes wide to Ili, who kicks downfield as the two sides trade kicks.

Narawa kicks deep into the vacant backfield, before Gordon's reply doesn't find touch.

The Chiefs look to attack as Tiatia takes the ball into the Rebels' half. Ah Kuoi hits the line, but loses the ball.

Rebels scrum.

41 mins

Tuttle clears with a box kick, Trask leaps to try and claim it - but he's knocked it on.

Trask has stayed down afterwards, and looks in real discomfort. He's back on his feet though, as the Rebels have a scrum.

41 mins

The Chiefs are the first side out of the tunnel after the break, followed by the Rebels.

Just under seven minutes remaining on Fa'amausili's yellow card - can the Chiefs capitalise?

Ioane will kick off to get us started again - and does.


Chiefs lineout, Taukei'aho finds Ah Kuoi. The Chiefs just have to be patient with their advantage.

Ioane throws an intercept pass - and Carter Gordon is through to score for the Rebels! Perfect response to losing a man. 

Hodge to convert from right in front, and he does as the siren goes.

CHI 12 REB 10


Taukei'aho throws, and the Chiefs look to run inside their own half again.

Tiatia kicks down to Vaihu, who kicks it back to Tiatia.

Tiatia kicks again, into touch as Worth takes the quick lineout to Hodge, who goes high. 

Trask takes the ball in the air, before Ah Kuoi is smashed in a tackle! The Chiefs can counter quickly though, and go to the wing through Ta'avao.

He loses the ball, so we go back for that hit on Ah Kuoi. Fa'amausili is shown a yellow card after he went back into the ruck to shove Josh Lord.

36 mins

Rebels lineout, just inside the 22. Uelese throws, and Hill wins it as the Rebels look to attack.

Cane disrupts at the breakdown, and wins a penalty as Tuttle looks to pass.

Great work from the skipper!

That'll be a Chiefs lineout.

35 mins

Rebels lineout on halfway. Uelese throws, and the Rebels carry into the Chiefs half.

Taukei'aho tackles Leota high to give away a penalty. Hodge finds touch with his huge boot.

That'll be a Rebels lineout.

33 mins

Gordon kicks off again for the Rebels. The Chiefs again look to keep the ball and run it, before Tiatia finds touch.

32 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Ioane finds touch, and that'll be another Chiefs lineout, this one on the 22.

Taukei'aho throws, Lord wins it and they look to run. Cane runs and wins a penalty advantage, before Finau hits the line at pace inside the 10.

They go wide as Tupaea offloads to Ta'avao. Ioane puts Trask through the line, before throwing a huge cutout pass out to Tiatia's wing - and he scores in the corner!

Ioane to convert from the left touchline. But he pushes it wide to the left.

CHI 12 REB 3

29 mins

Chiefs lineout, Taukei'aho throws, Ah Kuoi wins it.

Advantage for offside too. They go wide to Tiatia's wing, as he tries to chip over the top. The ball goes into touch, so we go back for the penalty.

28 mins

Philip is staying down hurt for the Rebels. He's back on his feet through, and he'll continue.

Rebels lineout, Uelese throws, but Ah Kuoi disrupts for the Chiefs. Tupaea carries the ball to halfway, before Lord is taken high to win advantage.

Cane puts a kick through, but Hodge fields it so we go back for the penalty.

27 mins

Gordon kicks off to restart, straight to Ah Kuoi. The Chiefs look to run from their own half aagain, before Tiatia clears downfield.

That'll be a lineout for the Rebels then.

26 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Chiefs lineout. Taukei'aho throws and Ah Kuoi wins it.

They go wide to Tiatia, but the pass from Ioane isn't clean. Hodge gives away advantage against Trask as the Chiefs go to the right.

Tupaea and Weber both try to dart through, before Jacobson picks and goes to score the first try of the match.

Can Ioane convert? He can.


24 mins

Rebels scrum, Tuttle feeds - but the Chiefs shove and win a penalty! Aidan Ross the hero this time.

The Chiefs clear for a lineout on the 5m line.

23 mins

Chiefs lineout, Taukei'aho throws and it falls to Weber who lets Tiatia hit the line.

They get inside the 22, but Weber throws it forward. 

That'll be a Rebels scrum.

23 mins

Ioane's clearance into touch is shocking, and kicks it dead looking for the corner. 

That'll be a restart for the Rebels on their 22 then. Gordon kicks down field as Jacobson runs at the line.

Ah Kuoi wins advantage, before the Chiefs go wide. Taukei'aho takes the ball to halfway, before Ioane breaks!

He's through, but his ball inside to Weber goes to ground, and the Rebels clear into touch to get out of danger!

21 mins

Ioane kicks off, straight to Tuttle who kicks into touch for a Chiefs lineout.

Taukei'aho throws, Ah Kuoi claims it. Taukei'aho has a run himself, before Ioane puts Ah Kuoi into a gap and into the 22.

Poihipi goes into the 10, before the Rebels give away a penalty for an illegal turnover.


Rebels lineout, Uelese throws and Hill wins it. Fa'amausili runs at the line, before Philip has a go under advantage.

Philip is tackled just short of the line, so we go back for the penalty.

The Rebels want the points this time, and Hodge lands his penalty from in front.


17 mins

Rebels lineout. Uelese throws and they win. The Rebels go forward to the 22, before Cane gives away a penalty. Hands in the ruck the call.

Do the Rebels want the points again? Nope, they'll take the lineout.

16 mins

Chiefs' lineout. Taukei'aho throws and again they look to run from their own tryline.

The ball eventually goes back to Tiatia, who clears into touch for a lineout.

16 mins

The Chiefs will restart on the 22, as Ioane kicks downfield. Not the best kick.

Hodge has the ball and carries it back into the Chiefs' half. The Rebels break through Uelese and Hill. 

Gordon puts a kick through on the right, but it trickles into touch again. 

Chiefs lineout.

15 mins

Do the Rebels want the points? They do. Hodge lines up the first kick of the afternoon. 

But he pushes it to the right, and we stay scoreless.

13 mins

Rebels knock on sorry, so that's the Chiefs' feed. They go early, so the Chiefs get a free kick as Ioane clears into touch for a Rebels lineout.

Uelese throws, and the Rebels can attack as they approach the 22. They go wide to Vaihu, before Hill goes back infield under advantage.

Kellaway goes nowhere, so we'll go back for the offside penalty.

12 mins

Taukei'aho throws, Ah Kuoi wins it and the Chiefs run from their own line. The ball goes back to Tiatia, who kicks into touch, but Worth takes the lineout quickly.

The Rebels have the ball again, inside Chiefs' territory. They go wide to Kellaway, who chips over Weber, but the bounce isn't kind.

Narawa gets there first and is tackled in goal for a scrum.

10 mins

Uelese throws and the Rebels win it to attack inside the Chiefs' half again. Gordon kicks along the ground and finds touch for a Chiefs lineout right in the corner.

9 mins

Taukei'aho throws and Jacobson does well, before Weber clears into touch for a Rebels lineout.

8 mins

Uelese throws and Hill wins it as the Rebels look to attack.

Hill takes the ball inside the 22, but the Chiefs' defence holds. They go to the left wing and Vaihu, as Leota takes the ball to the 10m line.

Kellaway has a dart on the right, but he's tackled. They go back to the left again as Hodge kicks for Vaihu, but the ball goes into touch.

Chiefs lineout.

6 mins

First scrum of the day. Tuttle feeds for the Rebels, and they win a penalty, Gibbon against Ta'avao.

Hodge boots into touch for a lineout on the Chiefs' 22.

5 mins

Rebels lineout. Uelese throws, but Ah Kuoi wins it and the Chiefs have it inside the opposition half.

They look to go through the hands, but Tupaea can't hold onto it, and knocks on for a Rebels scrum.

4 mins

Chiefs lineout. Taukei'aho throws and Lord can't take it cleanly. The ball still ends up on the Chiefs' side.

Weber clears with a box kick, and Worth takes it in the air for the Rebels. Tuttle clears with a box kick, and Ioane is smashed as he takes it. The Chiefs still have the ball though.

Weber clears again, and Tiatia wins it against Worth. Weber kicks again, and finds touch, missing a 50-22.

1 min

The Chiefs look to run out of their own half and go wide to Tiatia on the left. They go back infield and win a penalty against Uelese.

Ioane clears into touch.


And we're away as Carter Gordon kicks off to get the game rolling at AAMI Park!


And Michael Wells brings the Rebels out of the sheds. The home crowd make their support for the Rebels known.


Sam Cane leads the Chiefs out onto AAMI Park, there's a decent crowd in for a Sunday afternoon.


Both sides are back in the sheds for their final bits of preparation, kick-off around five minutes away.


A late change for the Chiefs, Chase Tiatia replaces Etene Nanai-Seturo on the left wing.

No explanation has been given, but the rest of the team remains unchanged from what was originally named.


Good afternoon! So far this weekend, it's 4-0 to the Kiwi sides in Super Rugby Pacific, and the Chiefs can make it a perfect five from five with victory today.

Kick off is around 30 minutes away, so stay tuned.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this Super Rugby Pacific clash between the Chiefs and Rebels from Melbourne's AAMI Park.

After watching on as the Hurricanes took fourth place on the ladder last night, the Chiefs have the chance to move back into contention for a home quarter-final berth.

Standing in their way is a Rebels side battling to stay in contention for a playoff spot of any kind, and coming into this clash off the back of a 71-28 hiding at the hands of the Blues last Friday.

The Chiefs celebrate.
The Chiefs celebrate. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

The Chiefs have won seven of their eight matches against the Rebels, and last four in succession - as well as winning seven of their last eight matches outside of New Zealand.

The visitors' cause is aided by the return from injury of co-captain Brad Weber, and one-test All Black first-five Josh Ioane from injury, with the pair starting in the No.9 and No.10 jerseys respectively.

Lock Naitoa Ah Kuoi also returns, and partners Josh Lord in the second row, while Luke Jacobson shifts to No.8 with Pita Gus Sowakula dropping to the bench.

TAB odds: Chiefs $1.06, Rebels $7


Chiefs: 1-Aidan Ross, 2-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 3-Angus Ta'avao, 4-Josh Lord, 5-Naitoa Ah Kuoi, 6-Samipeni Finau, 7-Same Cane (cc), 8-Luke Jacobson, 9-Brad Weber (cc), 10-Josh Ioane, 11-Chase Tiatia, 12-Quinn Tupaea, 13-Rameka Poihipi, 14-Emoni Narawa, 15- Kaleb Trask

Reserves: 16-Tyrone Thompson, 17-Ollie Norris, 18-Atu Moli, 19-Pita Gus Sowakula, 20-Mitch Brown, 21-Xavier Roe, 22-Rivez Reihana, 23-Inga Finau

Rebels: 1-Matt Gibbon, 2-Jordan Uelese, 3-Pone Fa'amausili, 4-Matt Philip, 5-Josh Hill, 6-Michael Wells (c), 7-Brad Wilkin, 8-Rob Leota, 9-James Tuttle, 10-Carter Gordon, 11-Glen Vaihu, 12-Stacey Ili, 13-Andrew Kellaway, 14-George Worth, 15-Reece Hodge

Reserves: 16-James Hanson, 17-Cameron Orr, 18-Cabous Eloff, 19-Josh Canham, 20-Richard Hardwick, 21-Joe Powell, 22-Nick Jooste, 23-Lukas Ripley