Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Hurricanes v Waratahs from Sydney's Leichhardt Oval

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Hurricanes 22   Waratahs 18


Roigard takes the ball from the penalty, and kicks into touch to seal a comeback win for the Hurricanes!

82 mins

This should be it for the Hurricanes, they've got a scrum on the 5m line.

Roigard feeds, Ardie Savea takes the ball off the back and the Hurricanes have advantage.

It's a messy finish, Garden-Bachop goes over, but there's at least two knock-ons in the lead-up. 

The referee sends it upstairs, where the knock-ons are confirmed so we go back for the penalty.

80 mins

Do the Waratahs want the scrum or the lineout? They're without a prop remember. They want the lineout.

Vailanu throws, and Holloway wins it. But they've lost it.

Sullivan toes the ball through, but its grounded in goal for a Waratahs dropout.

Holloway takes the ball, and completely fluffs the clearance for a Hurricanes scrum.

79 mins

Barrett's back on his feet, and clears for a lineout.

Coles throws, and the Hurricanes win it. They just need to keep hold of the ball.

Barrett loses the ball on the right flank, and gives away a lineout.


Donaldson kicks off, and the Waratahs turn it over!

Jordie Barrett has stayed down, so play is stopped. Barrett's covered in his own blood here.

He's been hit in the face by the shoulder of Paddy Ryan. Could this be a red card.

It will be. Ryan is sent off, and the Waratahs will finish this game with 14.

77 mins

Coles throws and Blackwell wins it. 

They go wide to the left as Rayasi and Barrett nearly get through, but the Waratahs defend in numbers. Ardie Savea stays down hurt.

Barrett nearly sends Rayasi away again, and the Hurricanes have advantage. Julian Savea has a go at the line, but he's taken short.

Ardie Savea goes at the line - and he's over! Huge display from the captain, he's clearly in a lot of pain, but scored what could be the game winner! The Hurricanes lead for the first time tonight.

Can Barrett add the extras? He sure can!

HUR 22 WAR 18

74 mins

Hurricanes scrum, Roigard to feed as replacement halfback. Garden-Bachop is also on for Morgan.

Roigard feeds, and the Hurricanes win a penalty straight away. The ball's cleared into touch for a lineout.

73 mins

That'll be a lineout in the corner for the Waratahs. Vailanu throws, and Holloway wins it as the Waratahs drive.

Gordon has the ball at the back and sends Foketi at the line, but the Hurricanes defend.

Holloway runs, but he's tackled, as is Harris. Gleeson has a turn, but he's dropped it!

That'll be a Hurricanes scrum.

71 mins

Gordon feeds, and the Waratahs go wide to the left from the back of the scrum.

The Waratahs have advantage, and look to break down the left. Julian Savea stops the attack, so we go back for the penalty.

70 mins

Coles concedes a turnover to Holloway and Gamble, and that'll be a scrum for the Waratahs.


Perese limps off, and gets a standing ovation - he's had a great game so far.

Donaldson lines up a shot at goal after the penalty, from halfway - and he's got it!

HUR 15 WAR 18

68 mins

Hurricanes lineout, Coles throws, but it's a shocker! It hits Savea in the shoulder, and gives the Waratahs a scrum. Savea was a lifter, not a jumper there.

Big chance for Franks here. Gordon feeds, and goes off the back to Foketi. Donaldon clears but Rayasi keeps it in.

Booth knocks on trying to pass, and the Waratahs will get another go with the ball.

Perese kicks through the line, but Morgan gets there first. Perese is staying down afterwards too.

The Hurricanes have given away a penalty though.

65 mins

Hurricanes scrum, Booth feeds.

He runs off the back and finds Proctor as first receiver. Walker-Leawere has a run, as does Delany. 

Barrett puts a kick through for Coles to chase on the left wing, but Newsome gets there and takes the ball into touch for a Hurricanes lineout right in the corner.

63 mins

Replacement first-five Ben Donaldson kicks off for the Waratahs.

Barrett kicks the ball back, and Newsome has a run. Paddy Ryan has a go, but he's knocked it on.

Hurricanes scrum.


Barrett restarts by kicking down to Nawaqanitawase, and the Waratahs look to use the ball.

Edmed puts a kick up, and it ends up with the Hurricanes through Proctor inside the Waratahs' half.

Morgan has a run, and offloads to Savea - who spins a wide pass to Sullivan out on the right wing.

Sullivan has no one in front of him as Nawaqanitawase tries to come across and make the cover tackle, but he won't get there!

Sullivan scores in the corner - and levels the scores at Leichhardt. 

Barrett to convert - for the lead. But he pushes it left - we're all square!

59 mins

More changes. Walker-Leawere replaces Sangster for the Hurricanes, as the Waratahs opt for a shot at goal.

Edmed lines up the shot at goal, but he's pushed it wide to the right.

How big will that be?

58 mins

Porecki throws, Holloway wins it. 

They go to the backs through Foketi, but Coles gives away an offside advantage. 

Warren-Vosayaco takes the ball into the 22, before we go back for the penalty against Coles.

57 mins

The Hurricanes have the ball after the restart, as Morgan clears into touch for a Waratahs lineout.

56 mins

What? The Hurricanes want the points? The Waratahs are under pressure, but Barrett lines up the kick, and converts the penalty.

HUR 10 WAR 15

55 mins

Coles throws again, Blackwell wins it and they drive again. The ball goes to ground so the Hurricanes look to use it.

Barrett has first crack, and he's tackled, and the forwards take over. 

Kirifi goes and wins advantage, before Coles goes again, and he's short.

Coles loses it, so we go back for the penalty. Gordon is warned as Waratahs captain.

54 mins

Caleb Delany replaces TK Howden. Coles throws, and the Hurricanes drive and win advantage.

We'll stop for the penalty, as Barrett finds touch again.

53 mins

Hurricanes scrum. Franks v Bell again. Booth feeds, but the front rows go down, and we'll need a reset.

Booth feeds again, and the Hurricanes have advantage. Julian Savea runs as first receiver, but the ball's lost by Ardie Savea so we go back for the penalty.

Barrett finds touch for a lineout in the corner.

51 mins

Coles' first lineout of the night, and its good as the Hurricanes attack from the back.

Savea puts Sangster into a gap, but the Waratahs have lost it.

They try to go quickly, but only give the ball straight back! Knock-on from Harris, and the Hurricanes have a scrum.

49 mins

Hurricanes scrum. Booth feeds, but the Waratahs' front row goes down for a penalty.

Franks with the wood on Bell now. Barrett doesn't find touch though.

The Waratahs go wide through Perese and Pietsch, and they're inside the Hurricanes' half.

Kirifi wins a turnover though, and the Hurricanes have another penalty.

This time Barrett finds touch.

46 mins

Waratahs lineout. Porecki throws, Holloway wins it and they go for the drive.

The ball comes out, and Porecki hits the line, but loses the ball.

Hurricanes scrum.

45 mins

Edmed kicks off, and the Hurricanes look to attack again from inside their own half.

Ardie Savea flicks an offload to Blackwell, but Howden gives away a penalty on halfway.

Edmed finds touch for a Waratahs lineout.


Dane Coles is a halftime sub for the Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes have penalty advantage with the ball inside the Waratahs' half after a brilliant kick return from Barrett.

Booth nearly sends Barrett over with an inside pass, and Rayasi goes close as well. 

Ardie Savea picks and goes, and gets an offload away to Mafileo - and he scores! That's Mafileo's first Super Rugby try.

Barrett lines up the kick, and he nails it between the sticks.

HUR 7 WAR 15

41 mins

The Hurricanes are back out for the second half, they need a big 40 minutes here. The Waratahs join them on the field.

Morgan kicks off to start the second half.


They do want the points to end the half. Barrett lines up the kick from outside the 22, but he's hit the post! 

The Hurricanes end up with the ball again, but it's been knocked on - so that's halftime.

40+2 mins

Waratahs lineout, but its knocked on. That'll be a Hurricanes scrum - will Mafileo and Franks make a difference?

Booth feeds as the siren goes in the background. The Hurricanes have advantage from the scrum, and run the ball off the back.

Morgan and Barrett combine, before Booth takes the line on. Barrett runs the ball into the 22, as Morgan tries to step through the line. 

Morgan is mobbed, by Nawaqanitawase and Perese, so we go back for the penalty.

Will the Hurricanes want the points?

39 mins

Barrett restarts with the kickoff, and the Waratahs just look to keep it under control before Gordon box kicks back to Barrett.

The Hurricanes look to run through Morgan, as the ball goes wide to Rayasi, but the ball's been turned over by Nawaqanitawase.

Edmed will clear for a lineout as we near halftime.

38 mins - TRY WARATAHS

Hurricanes lineout, but Porecki is staying down for the Waratahs. The Hurricanes are swapping props. Mafileo replaces Numia, and Owen Franks is on for Lomax.

Ready to go again, Porecki seems ok. Aumua throws, and Sangster tips it to the Hurricanes' side.

Aumua picks and goes, and runs the ball into the 22. He gets the ball away to Sangster, but he's lost it forward.

Harris clears down to Moorby, and he's swamped by blue shirts. The ball goes back to Rayasi who kicks down to Newsome.

The Waratahs look to run now, as Gamble goes wide to Perese on the left wing, who draws in the defenders before getting the ball to Pietsch inside him - and he's over to score!

What a pass from Perese though! 

Edmed will try to convert from the left touchline, but it's terrible to the right of the posts.

HUR 0 WAR 15

34 mins

Hurricanes scrum, Booth feeds and they're driven backwards inside their own half.

Ardie Savea is forced to play halfback, before Booth sends it back to Barrett, who clears with a bomb.

Newsome returns fire and finds touch.

33 mins

The Waratahs take a quick lineout through Parese, but he's lost the ball forwards in Aumua's tackle. 

Hurricanes lineout.

32 mins

Hurricanes scrum, but the Waratahs won't mind at all.

Booth feeds, and goes to Sullivan off the back. The ball goes back to Rayasi, who clears into touch for a Waratahs lineout.

31 mins

Waratahs scrum, Gordon feeds and they win a penalty straight away before going to the backs.

Holloway breaks and throws a long pass out to Pietsch. He's tackled, as the ball goes back infield to Edmed.

Edmed is smashed by Howden, and he's knocked it on to give the Hurricanes a scrum.

29 mins

Hurricanes lineout, Aumua throws and Blackwell wins it - but it's called for not straight.

The Waratahs want another scrum.

28 mins

Porecki throws, and Sinclair wins it. 

The Waratahs run, before Julian Savea sends Edmed backwards.

Parese is called for obstruction, and the referee agrees to award the Hurricanes a penalty.

Barrett finds touch.

27 mins

Waratahs scrum. Gordon feeds, and the Hurricanes are turned to give away a penalty. Bell is all over Lomax at the moment.

That'll be another scrum. Gordon feeds again, and the Waratahs win another penalty. 

Edmed clears for another lineout.

25 mins

Edmed clears the ball, where Barrett fields the kick and runs.

Morgan tries to put Numia into a hole, but he knocks on for a Waratahs lineout.

24 mins

Aumua throws, and Blackwell wins it.

The Hurricanes go for the line through Aumua, but he's tackled short.

Kirifi picks and goes, and he's over, but did he have the ball? Kirifi doesn't look confident.

It looks like Kirifi has lost it, but there's so many bodies in there, it's hard to say.

There's no evidence either way, so a line dropout is called for.

23 mins

Porecki throws, Holloway wins it, and Gordon kicks from the lineout.

Rayasi wins the ball under Nawaqanitawase's challenge and the Hurricanes can try to build.

Kirifi is tackled, but Perese gives away an offside penalty at the ruck.

Barrett finds touch, and the Hurricanes will have an attacking lineout deep in the Waratahs' half.

22 mins

Morgan kicks off to restart, and Edmed returns fire. 

The Hurricanes have their first chance to run the ball, but Rayasi is tackled into touch for a Waratahs lineout.

20 mins - TRY WARATAHS

Waratahs scrum - they've had 94 percent possession so far.

Gordon feeds, and the Waratahs scrum drives. They're close to the line, before Warren-Vosayaco picks and goes at the line - and he's over!

Edmed lines up the kick, 35m out, just off to the left. And he has no issue.

HUR 0 WAR 10

18 mins

Waratahs lineout, Porecki throws and Holloway wins it - and they've got another advantage.

They look to drive before Gordon pops over and claims a try. No try is the call after Gordon was pulled over the line by a teammate? 

So we'll go back for another penalty, and the Waratahs want another scrum.

17 mins

Waratahs scrum, Gordon feeds.

Advantage again, and the Waratahs run off the back as Gordon and Edmed combine. They go wide to Sinclair, who loses the ball in a tackle.

We'll go back for the advantage. Edmed finds the corner for a lineout.

15 mins

The Hurricanes have their first scrum of the night, and it's a big one, right on their 5m line.

Booth feeds, Julian Savea clears, but it's not out.

Newsome gathers it and restarts the Waratahs' attack. The Hurricanes have advantage as Booth knocks on an attempted intercept.

Julian Savea intercepts a pass, so we'll have a Waratahs scrum.

13 mins

Gordon looks to feed, but the Waratahs have a short-arm penalty, and call for another scrum.

Gordon feeds again. The ball comes out as Gordon finds Edmed, who throws a bullet out to Pietsch's wing, where Julian Savea has been drawn infield to allow his opposite to score in the corner.

Hang on, we're checking something with the TMO. The ball might have been toed forward by Warren-Vosayaco at the back of the scrum, and accidentally put Gordon offside - it has!

The try will be disallowed! 

10 mins

The Waratahs want the lineout this time. 

Porecki throws, and Sinclair wins it as the Waratahs look for the drive. 

Gordon has the ball at the back, and finds Foketi, who's tackled. 

Edmed finds bell, who's tackled and loses the ball - but another penalty is called against the Hurricanes.

This time the Waratahs want the scrum.

8 mins

Waratahs scrum, Gordon feeds. 

Big shove from the packs, and the Waratahs win a penalty, and call for another scrum.

Gordon feeds again, and win another penalty. The ball's out, and the Waratahs look to use it.

Edmed goes to the air on the right wing for Nawaqanitawase, but the ball goes into touch.

We'll go back for the penalty.

6 mins

Morgan restarts, but the ball is kicked down to Barrett at the back. The ball is kicked back to Edmed, who puts Newsome away.

Parese throws a dummy and breaks inside the Hurricanes' half.

Booth rips the ball away from the Waratahs, but loses it in the process.

That'll be a scrum for the Waratahs.


The Waratahs look like they want the points, but we might go back and look at the Aumua hit on Newsome.

There's a swinging arm to the head, but it only came after Newsome was tackled into Aumua's path. It looks like it'll just be a penalty.

Edmed lines up his first shot of the night, good position for the kick. 

And he makes no mistake from in front.


3 mins

Rayasi fields the kick-off, and kicks into touch in reply for a Waratahs lineout.

Porecki throws, and Harris wins it. Foketi runs from first receiver before he's tackled, as the Waratahs look to use the ball out on the right.

Bell makes good ground as the Waratahs work towards the 22. The Hurricanes defence is holding for now, as Newsome is smashed by Aumua.

The Waratahs have advantage, and Foketi breaks! He's tackled, and we go back for the penalty, advantage against the Hurricanes.


Here we go then! Tane Edmed kicks off, and we're away at Leichhardt!


And there's a huge roar as Jake Gordon leads the Waratahs out of the sheds!


Ardie Savea leads the Hurricanes out of the tunnel and onto Leichhardt, and the home crowd are more than happy to receive them.

Their last game here saw them beat the Crusaders, so they're not worried about opposition!


Both sides are back in the sheds for their final preparations.

There's a very healthy crowd in attendance at Leichhardt, not bad at a ground that's normally associated with rugby league!


Good evening! Here we are for the third game of the night, as the Hurricanes travel to Sydney to face the Waratahs.

Both sides are almost locked in to reach the playoffs, but victory tonight will boost the winners' hopes for a home quarter-final.

Kick off is around 15 minutes away, so stay tuned.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this Super Rugby Pacific clash between the Hurricanes and NSW Waratahs from Sydney's Leichhardt Oval.

Looking to take fourth place and seal a home quarter-final, tonight's match against the fifth-placed Waratahs will be huge for the Hurricanes.

Just three competition points separate fourth and seventh on the ladder at the moment, and the Hurricanes can close the gap on the Chiefs - for now - with the right result tonight.

Jordie Barrett returns to midfield for the Hurricanes.
Jordie Barrett returns to midfield for the Hurricanes. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

Travelling to Sydney's Leichhardt Oval, the Hurricanes have again named Jordie Barrett in midfield, thanks largely to an impressive display from young fullback Josh Moorby in last week's victory over Fijian Drua.

Barrett and captain Ardie Savea are both back from their All Blacks-enforced rest week to boost the Hurricanes, even with TJ Perenara watching on for a rest of his own.

Hooker and former captain Dane Coles again starts from the bench, as he looks to work back towards full fitness after a long time on the sidelines.

TAB odds: Hurricanes $1.35, Waratahs $2.70


Hurricanes: 1-Xavier Numia, 2-Asafo Aumua, 3-Tyrel Lomax, 4-James Blackwell, 5-Justin Sangster, 6-TK Howden, 7-Du'Plessis Kirifi, 8-Ardie Savea (c), 9-Jamie Booth, 10-Aidan Morgan, 11-Salesi Rayasi, 12-Jordie Barrett, 13-Bailyn Sullivan, 14-Julian Savea, 15-Josh Moorby

Reserves: 16-Dane Coles, 17-Tevita Mafileo, 18-Owen Franks, 19-Isaia Walker-Leawere, 20-Caleb Delany, 21-Cameron Roigard, 22-Jackson Garden-Bachop, 23-Billy Proctor

Waratahs: 1-Angus Bell, 2-Dave Porecki, 3-Archer Holz, 4-Jed Holloway, 5-Hugh Sinclair, 6-Will Harris, 7-Charlie Gamble, 8-Rahboni Warren-Vosayaco, 9-Jake Gordon (c), 10-Tane Edmed, 11-Dylan Pietsch, 12-Lalakai Foketi, 13-Izaia Perese, 14-Mark Nawaqanitawase, 15-Alex Newsome

Reserves: 16-Mahe Vailanu, 17-Te Tara Faulkner, 18-Paddy Ryan, 19-Ned Hanigan, 20-Langi Gleeson, 21-Jack Grant, 22-Ben Donaldson, 23-Triston Reilly