Rugby: Crusaders coach Scott Robertson makes emotional plea for Christchurch Stadium

Crusaders coach Scott Robertson has made an emotional plea to Christchurch Council and politicians to go ahead and build a new stadium for the city.

It comes after recent reports said the long-awaited project would cost an additional $150m, bringing the cost to $683m, with the public set to have their say yet again on the matter.

The 30,000-seat, covered stadium was first identified as an option in 2012 as part of the Government's intentions to rebuild the city following an earthquake the year prior.

The Government had said the stadium would be built by 2017, but with so many other projects needing funding, and other infrastructure to be built, it's five years later and still no clear picture of when or if it will go ahead.

Robertson fears the longer it goes on, the more unlikely it is to happen, and is calling on those in charge to take action.

"If it's held out, it's going to be another five years, or 15-20, we know that," he said.

"Leaders need to be brave and if we don't, we're going to be hung out as a public, as a generation and take another period of time.

"We've already said yes so many times, why are we not brave? Why are we showing so much hesitancy? Someone stand up.

"We work hard, we pay our rates, we pay our taxes, we do everything for this so that we can fill our city.

"We've been through too much for somebody not to be brave and now is the opportunity for us to do that and all of us enjoy it because it's going to be too long."

Robertson believes the stadium will help Christchurch fulfil its potential and take the city to the next level on a global scale.

"We're humbled to have a stadium like this to play in, but we'd love to fill the stadium up, have 30,000 people each week turn up and enjoy what we can do," he said. "Build people and bring to life the inner-centre of our city, because it's the last piece of the puzzle."

"It's important for our franchise and organisation, but also important for our people. Grandparents and young kids probably don't turn up because it's just too cold.

"Build the heart of it so people will come from overseas and be something we can be really proud of.

"We're the Melbourne of the south. We're a great sporting city, region and we love all our arts and we got all the music - it's all there for us.

"Leaders march on and be brave."