Live updates: UFC 276 - Israel Adesanya v Jared Cannonier at Las Vegas

UFC 276 main fight card:

Main event: Israel Adesanya v Jared Cannonier - Adesanya wins via unanimous decision

Co-main event: Alexander Volkanovski v Max Holloway - Volkanovski wins via unanimous decision

Sean Strickland v Alex Pereira - Pereira wins via first-round KO

Robbie Lawler v Bryan Barberena - Barberena wins via second-round TKO

Sean O'Malley v Pedro Munhoz - No contest (eye poke)

Preliminary card:

Jalin Turner v Brad Riddell - Turner wins via first-round submission

Jim Miller v Donald Cerrone - Miller wins via second-round submission

Ian Garry v Gabriel Green - Garry wins via unanimous decision

Dricus Du Plessis v Brad Tavares - Du Plessis wins via unanimous decision

Early preliminary card:

Andre Muniz v Uriah Hall - Muniz wins via unanimous decision

Jessica Eye v Maycee Barber - Barber wins via unanimous decision

Jessica Rose-Clark v Julija Stoliarenko  - Stoliarenko wins via first-round submission 

Live updates: 

Main event - Israel Adesanya v Jared Cannonier - Adesanya wins via unanimous decision

5:14pm - It's official - unanimous decision win for 'The Last Stylebender'.

Sends a couple of post-fight barbs in the direction of his likely next challenger Alex Pereira, who was cageside for the bout after his stunning KO of Sean Strickland.

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Round five - Finish or bust here now for Cannonier. Not fighting with a whole lot of desperation, as Adesanya moves and explodes with shots. Cannonier locks up another clinch. Adesanya defends, fighting the hands. Cannonier able to land some knees but they won't help his cause much. Superb takedown defence by Adesanya, who lands a heavy right hand as he breaks. Cannonier surges forward with some looping shots, one may have found its target. And the fight draws to a close, should be a very comfortable unanimous decision for the champ.

Round four - Time for Cannonier to take some risks now. Adesanya snaps Cannonier's head back with a thunderous jab. He's turning up his striking volume. Sturdy body shot by Cannonier but he's met with another one-two for his troubles. Cannonier lungeing with his shots, hunting for that killshot he probably needs to win this fight. Adesanya's foot movement keeps him out of danger. Cannonier lands a right. Back to the clinch for Cannonier, where's he's able to inflict some dirty boxing. I have it 4-0 for the Kiwi.

Round three - Cannonier with a nice counter right hand to open the round. Shoots for a clinch, Adesanya defends comfortably and replies with a stinging jab. Cannonier changes levels, has Adesanya against the fence. Briefly has a single leg but Adesanya defends again and spins out of harm's way. Cannonier has turned up the aggression here, much improved round. Able to secure a clinch yet again, double underhooks in. Cannonier landing some heavy knees to the legs, this is the fight he wants. I'd still edge that round for Adesanya.

Round two - Adesanya pushing the pace to start the round, looks to have made his read. Little offence coming from Cannonier. Adesanya goes upstairs, then downstairs. Doing as he pleases thus far. Cannonier seems a tad mesmerised by the champ's movement. Beautiful right hand from Adesanya down the pipe.  Cannonier cops an eye poke, he'll take a moment to compose himself. Couple of heavy leg kicks from Cannonier.  Some swelling above the American's right eye. Two rounds in the bag for Adesanya.

Round one - No touch of the gloves. We are on. Adesanya with some early leg kicks. Up goes an 'Izzy' chant. Big overhand from Cannonier but Adesanya is nowhere to be seen. Can see Adesanya downloading information on his opponent as he tries to sell his feints. Nice kick to the mid-section lands for Adesanya. Follows with the jab, which is seeing plenty of action. Calf kick from Izzy. Cannonier stalking, having some success with his leg kicks. Quick right hand from Adesanya to close the round. One down for the champ on my scorecard.

4:38pm - Over to Bruce Buffer, who has dialled it way past 11. Minimal applause for the challenger, plenty of love for the champ. Let's get down to business.

4:31pm - Adesanya begins his entrance carrying an urn Undertaker-style, head bowed. Yep, pretty sure it's The Undertaker's theme he's entering to. Very theatrical and very on brand.

The urn had Cannonier's name on it. Wow. The man is an entertainer.

4:29pm - Out comes 'Tha Killa Gorilla'. You'd go a long way to find someone who believes he'll win this fight, but crazier things have happened in MMA.

4:22pm - Speaking of dominant champions, 'The Last Stylebender' is on deck and about to make his way to the middle.

Live updates: UFC 276 - Israel Adesanya v Jared Cannonier at Las Vegas
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Co-main event - Alexander Volkanovski v Max Holloway - Volkanovski wins via unanimous decision

4:15pm - Max's face tells the whole story of his bout, complete shutout from Volkanovski, who just continues to improve. One of the most dominant champions in the UFC.

50-45 on all three scorecards. Utter domination. Surely a move to lightweight is in his immediate future.

Right on cue, Volk says he's ready to move up a weight class and attempt to become a dual division champion.

Round five - Holloway has to be in desperation mode now. Volk looks incredible out there, in complete command of his game. Max feasting on a diet of jabs from Volk, who looks to the clinch. Tags Max with a one-two on the break. That will do us.

Round four - Holloway likely needs a finish to win this bout, down three rounds comfortably. Volk continues to get his shots off first, Holloway is struggling to locate him. Volk puts together a lightning three-shot combo, so accurate with his strikes. Max chasing the right hand, can't find his target. Four up, four down for Volk.

Round three - The corner cam shows the extent of that cut above Holloway's eye and it is deep. Max may be forced to take some risks here. More jabs from Volk. Pressing forward with combinations, then moves to the clinch. Elbow on the break. Huge right hand from Volk. This is a clinic so far. Volk seems to have become even faster. 3-0 for the champ.

Round two - Max going to his leg kicks now, controlling the middle. First grappling exchange of the fight, Volk has Max against the fence. Holloway fights the hands and spins clear. Short right hand opens up a cut above Holloway's left eye and it's gushing blood. That'll be tough to see through. Volk pumps his jab, Max responds with a couple of clean shots of his own. Think that's another round for the champ, who is looking fantastic.

Round one - We're on! Max takes the middle putting the pressure on early. Max trying to find his range with leg kicks, measuring Volk. Volk over the top with a right which finds its mark. Big leg kick from Holloway. More success with the right for Volk. Stinging pair of lefts from Volk, his speed is giving Max fits. Max tags Volk with a right, they trade in the pocket. One in the bag for the champ.

3:43pm - Bruce Buffer putting a little extra juice into these intos, as you'd expect. Huge pop for Max, a low din of boos for Volk.

3:40pm - Out walks Volk to his signature 'Down Under' by Men At Work. Looking as composed as ever.

3:37pm - Holloway makes his way to the middle. Many thought he won the rematch with Volk. We're certain to see some elite quality MMA in this one.

3:30pm - Into the business end of proceedings now, with Alex Volkanovski set to square off with Max Holloway for the third time with the featherweight strap on the line.

3:24pm - What a statement from Pereira, who has just booked himself a shot at the title in emphatic fashion. 

The left hook that finished the fight was the very same shot he used to fell Adesanya back in their Glory Kickboxing days. Running that back in The Octagon would make for a fascinating contest.

3:22pm - Strickland pressing the issue here early. Pereira still looking comfortable, using his range advantage to work the body.

Huge left hook Pereira! Strickland is in Disneyland. Pinpoint shot on the button with a straight right to boot, forcing the referee to intervene. This is all over.

3:20pm - Really intriguing 'pick 'em' fight here. Could see this going either way. 

3:05pm - That bout really delivered on its hype. Barberena gets it done with just over 10 seconds left in the round. The man is a savage, a guaranteed showstopper.

Next up, it's a likely middleweight title eliminator between Sean Strickland and Alex Pereira, with the winner likely to be awarded the next shot at Adesanya's crown - should the champ get past Cannonier later today.

3pm - Lawler going to his jab now in round two and with great success. Blood starting to pour from Barberena's nose. Barberena catches Lawler with a right hand and starts charging forward. Heavy right hook from Lawler. Barberena has hurt him, swarms with strikes - and the referee steps in! TKO win for Barbarena. Impressive fight back, just overwhelmed Lawler with volume and found the shots he needed. Really fun fight.

2:55pm - This one is as advertised, both men trading in the pocket. Massive uppercut from Lawler rocks Barbarena. Robbie is looking very sharp here.

The output here from both men is insane, constant stream of strikes coming from both sides. Highly entertaining.

2:43pm - 'Ruthless' Robbie Lawler set to lock horns with Bryan Barberena now. There is no chance this fight isn't utter fireworks. I'm actually prepared to award it Fight of the Night already.

2:35pm - Munhoz cops an eye poke just as O'Malley was starting to gain a bit of ascendency. The doctor is in The Octagon. Munhoz is struggling here.

That's it! Unintentional foul ends the bout in a no contest. What an anti-climax. Replays reveal Munhoz certainly caught plenty of digits in his eye.

2:30pm - Fairly muted opening round between these two, slight edge to Munhoz courtesy of his leg kicks.

2:10pm - Right, let's get into some main card action. 'Suga' Sean O'Malley will get things cracking against Pedro Munhoz at bantamweight. 

1:44pm - Stick with us, we'll be into the stacked pay-per-view main card in 15 minute's time.

Brad Riddell v Jalin Turner - Turner wins via first-round submission

Round one - Jarring height difference here, with 6ft 3in Turner the tallest lightweight on the roster. Early range-finder leg kicks from both men. Big reach advantage, as you'd expect. Turner hurts Riddell with a right hand and instantly locks up a guillotine. Riddell tries to defend but Turner is in full mount and it's in deep - and there's the tap.

Incredible work from the 'Tarantula' - fifth straight finish. Tough day out for 'Quake'. Check out a full wrap and highlights here.

1:33pm - Big test here for the Kiwi against the rangey Turner, who's on a four-fight win streak - all of which he's finished inside the distance.

1:30pm - Here we go, Christchurch's own Brad Riddell is about to enter The Octagon to face Jalin Turner.

'Quake' will lead off for the CKB contingent against the dangerous Turner, entering the bout as a betting underdog.

1:23pm - And the 'Cowboy' is officially riding off into the sunset, laying his trademark hat and gloves in the centre of The Octagon. He may never have secured a belt, but he'll go down as a bonafide legend of the sport.

Cerrone says he doesn't "love the game anymore" and he's "off to become a movie star". Fairplay, Donald. Fairplay.

1:20pm - Miller jumps the guillotine... and Cerrone taps! Pounced on 'Cowboy' after he'd slipped throwing a kick and cashed in. Miller now has the most wins in UFC history (24). An unsung hero, right there. Just keeps on going.

Cerrone has removed his gloves, could we see a retirement here?

1:13pm - Cerrone and Miller are underway.

Meanwhile, 'The Last Stylebender' has entered the building.

1:05pm - Up next, it's the 'Cowboy' himself, Donald Cerrone, up against Jim Miller. Then we'll be into the first of City Kickboxing contingent, with Brad Riddell opening the batting for his team.

1:02pm - To the judges, we go - and the Irishman should be awarded a clear-cut unanimous decision. Make that official.

12:57pm - Lightning right hand from Garry puts Green on his backside early in the third round. The American has been uber-aggressive, often to his own detriment.

12:50pm - Garry turning up the volume here in the second round, having a lot of success with his counter striking.

12:42pm - Irish prospect Ian Garry is on deck for his clash with Gabe Green. Garry has looked great through his first couple of UFC fights, favour him to get this one done fairly quickly.

12:30pm - Slobberknocker between Tavares and Du Plessis comes to an end and gets a huge roar of appreciation from the T-Mobile Arena crowd.

The South African has his hand raised, winner by unanimous decision.

12:10pm - Kia ora, fight fans! Plenty of action already this morning in the early prelims, with Julija Stoliarenko tapping Aussie Jessica-Rose Clark with an armbar, Maycee Barber besting Jessica Eye through three rounds, and Andre Muniz defeating Uriah Hall via unanimous decision.

We're into the first preliminary bout now, where Brad Tavares - an Adesanya victim - is locked in battle with South African Dricus Du Plessis.


Kia ora and welcome to our live coverage of Israel Adesanya's main event clash with Jared Cannonier at UFC 276 at Las Vegas.

'The Last Stylebender' will attempt to defend his middleweight crown for a fifth time against the American Cannonier and enters the contest as the hot favourite to have his hand raised.

The Kiwi-Nigerian is still undefeated in the weight class and will be out to record his 12th-straight win at 185lbs (83kg).

The pair will be the marquee matchup on a stacked card of action, which also includes Adesanya's City Kickboxing teammates Brad Riddell - who takes on Jalin Turner in the featured preliminary bout - and Alexander Volkanvski, who'll defend his featherweight title in a trilogy fight with Max Holloway.

We'll have all of the action for you from 12pm.

Israel Adesanya primed for fresh meat in main event title duel with Jared Cannonier

Kiwi UFC megastar Israel Adesanya is ready to sink his teeth into a new challenge this weekend, when he defends his middleweight crown against Jared Cannonier in the main event of UFC 276 at Las Vegas on Sunday (NZ time).

After consecutive rematches with Marvin Vettori and Robert Whittaker - the former leaving him bored and the latter dissatisfied with his display - the prospect of some fresh meat in the form of Cannonier has Adesanya licking his lips.

"It's new blood and I feel like a vampire right now," said Adesanya. "I'm dark."

"I like having new blood and having to rise to the occasion. That's the difference between me and him. I'm used to the spotlight. I'm used to all of this sh*t. He's not. He's new to it. 

"I feel like he's man enough and mature enough to handle it, but not like me."

American Cannonier has long lurked as a potential challenger to Adesanya's throne. He may have had the opportunity sooner but was usurped in the pecking order after his defeat to Whittaker back in October 2020, which ultimately secured the Australian his rematch.

'Tha Killa Gorilla" has since reeled off consecutive wins, earning a decision over Kelvin Gastelum and an eye-catching TKO of Derek Brunson to secure his title shot in a division which is fast running out of legitimate contenders for the unstoppable 22-1 Adesanya.

In New York City three years ago, Adesanya and Cannonier shared a prophetic moment where the champion saw a couple of traits that assured him they'd eventually share the Octagon together.

"Spirit, if I'm being honest. His fighting spirit and his essence," he recalled. "I recognise that because I'm an empath myself. I can kind of feel the energy from a great man and a great fighter. 

"I like to take care of these guys. I call out all the greats. I saw that early on in him before all you guys did. I try to boost him up. He fell short once and then came back and proved his worth as the next contender."

The 38-year-old Cannonier (15-5)  is a package of explosive athleticism and power punching but is widely expected to present minimal threat to Adesanya's 11-fight undefeated streak at middleweight, with sports books putting him at long odds to have his hand raised this weekend.

'The Last Stylebender' himself agrees with those projections, insisting Cannonier won't bring anything to the table he hasn't seen - and handily dealt with - through spectacular five years plus on MMA's biggest stage, dismissing the ever-present suggestion he'd be at a power disadvantage.

"I feel like he poses a danger the same way all my past opponents pose dangerous threats," Adesanya said. 

"They keep talking about, 'power, power, power'. Have you ever heard that before when someone fights me? 'Oh, power this. power that.' It's the same old song. F*cking get it off repeat. Pick a new song.

"If I get caught slipping that's on me..but there's nothing he does that I haven't seen before. Not even in the grappling."

Cannonier recognised trying to engage in a kickboxing contest against the supremely technical Adesanya would be fatal to his chances of victory, suggesting he'll try to turn the bout into a scrappy affair while hunting an opportunity for a kill shot.

"It could be a clean fight if one can control that torrential ocean of techniques that he's throwing at you," Cannonier said. "That's a tall order right there. That's a tall task to do.

Adesanya and Cannonier at the official press conference on Friday.
Adesanya and Cannonier at the official press conference on Friday. Photo credit: Getty Images

"But it's possible. I don't need to throw as many techniques as he’s throwing at me to make it work, too. 

"So I plan on using all the right skills, all the right techniques to make the fight that I can be the beneficiary of the exchange here. I could touch him once and put him to sleep, that's perfect for me."

And if Adesanya is able to successfully defend his belt for the fifth time on Saturday, he may know his next opponent before he even leaves the Octagon.

Alex Pereira will take on Sean Strickland on the undercard in what shapes as a title eliminator. Pereira comes with a readymade narrative of having beaten Adesanya twice during their days with the Glory Kickboxing promotion, and UFC president Dana White admitted - if the Brazilian gets past Strickland - a title shot would "make a lot of sense".

Adesanya said he'd also welcome the "little step brother I never wanted" Strickland as a challenger if he were to prevail in what should be a tightly contested fight.

Either way, the 32-year-old has almost lapped the competition at 185lbs and he's far from done, as he tries to add another scalp to his rapidly expanding CV.

"People pick and choose their opponents on the way up to the UFC because they want to pad their records. When I'm in the UFC, I pick and choose my opponents because I want to pad my records with legit contenders. So I picked and chose them a while back. 

"I'm glad they didn’t fumble this time and he made it to the dance, so here we are.

"I'm just going to show off and show out - that's what I do."

UFC 276 also features two of Adesanya's City Kickboxing teammates, with Kiwi Brad Riddell taking on Jalin Turner in the featured bout of the preliminary card, while Aussie Alexander Volkanovski faces Max Holloway for a third time in defence of his featherweight title.