Premier League: Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe outlines desire to purchase boyhood club Manchester United

Elon Musk has said he was joking when he tweeted he wanted to buy Manchester United, but one of Britain's richest men appears to have serious designs on the club.

Manchester-born billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe is interested, and for fans of the Premier League strugglers, a change of ownership can't come soon enough. 

Something is rotten in Manchester, and according to pundits the stench is coming from the top - the Glazer family 

Manchester United have struggled to start the new Premier League season.
Manchester United have struggled to start the new Premier League season. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

"These owners, since Sir Alex Ferguson, in ten years have proven they cannot manage a forward-thinking football club," said former captain Gary Neville.

"It's been overtaken in every single department, and it's painful. Something is going to have to give soon - very, very soon."

Supporters have also had enough.

A year on from protests that forced the postponement of United's match against Liverpool, fans plan to pile more heat on the club's American owners ahead of this weekend's corresponding fixture at Old Trafford. 

But a homegrown solution could be near with billionaire Ineos owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe expressing his interest in buying the club.

A spokesperson said: “If the club is for sale, Jim is definitely a potential buyer."

“If something like this was possible, we would be interested in talking with a view to long-term ownership.”

The lifelong United fan is no stranger to spending on sports. There's an America's Cup team, a Tour de France winning cycling team - even a partnership with the All Blacks.

Ratcliffe tried to buy Chelsea earlier this year but admitted he'd struggle to change his loyalties from United.

"If I owned Chelsea, I'd have to support Chelsea," he said. "It's in your DNA, your original club is quite deep-rooted.

Just as deep, is the fans' animosity towards the Glazers.

"The only thing that works is for them to take the money on the table if it's there and f**k off," one fan said.

The Old Trafford faithful, united in their message.