Wellington axe-throwing tournament is first of its kind for New Zealand

There's a sports tournament on in Wellington this weekend that's the first of its kind for New Zealand.

Competitors are fighting for a spot on the world stage of axe-throwing. And there are no divisions for age or gender.

These girls mean business. They want to represent New Zealand in axe-throwing.

"Somebody in this room is going to walk away with a potential bid to go to worlds. It's exciting," said champion axe-thrower Brittany Austin.

It's a sport where no matter your age or gender you all compete together.

"It's nothing to do with strength - all about technique," Austin said.

It's sort of like darts but with axes. So even if you're as strong as axe-thrower Kent Lambert it doesn't give you an advantage.

"Accuracy is all that matters, and keeping calm - that's the main thing," he said.

Something he's pretty good at.

"Anyone can hit a bullseye - hitting 10 in a row, that's the trick," he said.

Tricks these competitors certainly have. This weekend's tournament is the first of its kind being held by the World Axe Throwing League in New Zealand.

"Competitors today are going to earn bids for circuit points to compete at the World Championships at the end of the year in the US," said event organiser Sarah Hilyard.

Although - it's not all about winning.

"It just feels so cathartic to throw an axe and have it stick in the board, you're like 'yeah that felt really good!'" Austin said.

Axe-throwing is becoming increasingly popular and it's a sport anyone can try.

"We're really breaking that stereotype that you have to look a certain way to throw an axe," said Hilyard.

And they're looking for more people to pick up an axe and give it a throw.