Cricket: White Ferns star Amelia Kerr goes into bat for mental health in new series

White Ferns star Amelia Kerr has gone above and beyond to normalise the conversation around mental health.

She's launching a documentary series detailing her own dark experiences, from suicidal thoughts and anxiety to now being in the best place she's ever been.

Several other NZ sporting stars are also involved in a bid to spark the conversation for help.

One of the world's premier all-rounders at just 21 years old, Kerr's no stranger to success, but her latest achievement means more than any medal or trophy.

"It's probably the proudest thing I've ever done," Kerr told Newshub.

She hopes her new series Treading Water can help others navigate their own mental health journey.

"When you're going through something, you feel so alone, so I hope these videos help people know that you're not alone. There's help out there and people want to help you."

Kerr has been through her own dark days. In July 2021, she took a self-imposed break from cricket to focus on her mental health.

"It felt like there were voices in my head telling me I wasn't good enough," she recalled. "I felt it was better off if I wasn't here.

"That's when my family stepped in. They knew it was bad and my family stepping in is what saved me. 

"I wish I could've asked for help myself."

Wellinton and White Ferns teammate Sophie Devine comforts Kerr
Wellington and White Ferns teammate Sophie Devine comforts Kerr. Photo credit: Photosport

Silver Ferns netball captain Ameliaranne Ekanasio, White Ferns cricket skipper Sophie Devine and Hurricanes rugby star Du'Plessis Kirifi are among the other Kiwi sporting stars sharing their stories and doing what they can to help. 

"Hopefully, it gives at least one person something to relate to and see that the things they're potentially going through aren't just their own," said Kirifi. "It's a shared problem."

Kerr added: "I know it's scary and I know it's hard, but it saved my life talking to people."

Produced through mental health charity I Am Hope and filmmaker Hamish Johns, Treading Water will be released weekly and is available on Kerr's 'Out of the Rough' website.

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