ASB Classic: Tennis Auckland prioritises stadium roof after rain-plagued tournaments at Stanley Street

The ASB Classic may be played under a roof as early as next year. 

This month's men's and women's tournaments unfolded amid plenty of drama caused by wet weather, which forced the suspension of more games than ever before - but there seems to have been progress made towards preventing a repeat. 

One consistent, depressing theme plagued the 2023 ASB Classic, but there could be a silver lining to the rain clouds that hung over Stanley Street. 

Tennis Auckland now views covering the venue as a necessity - and they want it done quickly.

"Realistically, it's more like 2025, but with a fair wind behind us and support from those parties that I spoke of earlier, 2024 could be on the cards," said Tennis Auckland chief executive Rohan West. 

A budget for a roof was put together in 2015, but that plan was eventually scuppered by COVID. Now there are different options.

The favourite is a canopy style structure used at some Australian venues, which comes at a significant saving.

"A structure similar to Adelaide or Brisbane would be one-third to half of the original budget back in 2015," said West, who estimates the cost at "significantly less" than $20 million, but the money must still come from somewhere. 

Coco Gauff scampers under cover from the ASB Classic rain
Coco Gauff scampers under cover from the ASB Classic rain. Photo credit: Photosport

Along with sponsors and donors, Tennis Auckland intends approaching central and local government for funding.

Newshub asked the office of Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown, who attended the tournaments, how much council would help out, but didn't receive a reply.

Tennis Auckland will hope for a more positive response or their roof dream will have to remain up in the air.