Auckland flooding: Keen kitesurfer captured taking to water in flooded Auckland Domain

One adventurous Aucklander has found a novel way to take advantage of the deluge of rain that has hit the city over the past two days.

With flooding transforming the Auckland Domain sports field into a lake, a passerby captured a kite surfer making the most of it.

Combined with the strong north-easterly winds, conditions were ideal for an afternoon on the water and the enthusiastic kitesurfer capitalised with some high-speed exploits.

A state of emergency has been declared in the City of Sails after Friday's downpour, with an unprecedented 300ml-plus of rainfall in the region.

Although Metservice has lifted its Red Heavy Rain Warning, its says Aucklanders can expect more rain and possibly thunderstorms for the remainder of Saturday through until Sunday morning, although nothing of the severity of the past 36 hours.

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