Boxing: Joseph Parker's camp targets April bout after victory over Jack Massey

As the dust settles on Joseph Parker's win over heavyweight newcomer Jack Massey, the message to his team is a simple one: Get me back in the ring as soon as possible.

The points victory wasn't the smashing, brutal victory he wanted, and trainer Andy Lee was "not too happy" with the performance, but it's a win all the same. 

Parker had opportunities and put together some good combinations, but couldn't land the killer blow against a determined opponent who showed plenty of heart. 

Joseph Parker against Jack Massey.
Joseph Parker against Jack Massey. Photo credit: Getty Images

With no real damage done, the 31-year-old wants to be fighting again in April, and his camp believes there will be no shortage of suitors. 

"The funny thing about boxing, some of the big names out there like Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte or Andy Ruiz, they might say 'oh he's not that dangerous'," promoter David Higgins told Newshub. 

"In a way it might make my job easier putting together the big fights, so we'll be looking at those big opportunities." 

Parker has been vocal in the past about rematches with all three of the aforementioned big players in the always-fascinating heavyweight game. Whether one of them will be the Kiwi's next opponent remains to be seen. 

His stock, particularly in the UK, remains high and will be an attractive prospect for plenty of fighters. 

Higgins will hit the phones on Tuesday, reaching out to various promoters to pick their brains and see what deals can be made. 

"I'll start with Ben Shalom at Boxxer out of courtesy, but obviously we have a good relationship with Matchroom. 

"There's some Australian opportunities also; Justis Huni, you've got Demsey McKeen, they're both unbeaten. 

"We all know Joseph hasn't performed at his best, so if he pulls out a best performance he might just beat these guys and suddenly just like that you're back in contention."

The coming weeks, then, are crucial as a busy Joseph Parker is a better one in the ring. 

"Joseph Parker's at his best when he's fighting four times a year with momentum," Higgins continued. "We saw that on his way up.

"The [Joe] Joyce fight, it was nearly a year for that to come together, I don't think he's at his best under those circumstances. 

"This year we're trying to create more opportunities and have him fight four times if possible."  

Parker will likely return to New Zealand after another prolonged stint training in the UK over Christmas, enjoying time with family while Higgins works behind the scenes to secure another battle. 

There will be reflections of course too. It was a unanimous win, but brought a sense of frustration to the camp too. 

"I was just frustrated because I didn't see the things I wanted to see in Joe, the things we've been practicing in training in terms of stepping his feet, sharp, sharp jabs," Lee told Newshub after the bout. 

"He was getting frustrated and then he was loading up on big shots and falling in on top of himself and smothering his work.

"On paper he should be blowing Jack Massey out of there, but you've got a man who's very motivated, a crafty boxer who was incredibly negative."