Live updates: ASB Classic men's tournament at Auckland's ASB Tennis Centre, Day Four

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What a fightback from Lestienne. He survived a shoulder injury and match point, but he advances to an all-French semi-final against Richard Gasquet.

That'll be all from us tonight, so thanks for joining us, and we'll be back tomorrow.

1:13am: Constant Lestienne (France) beats Laslo Djere (Serbia) 2-6, 7-6, 7-5

Right then, can Lestienne serve this out? He wins the first two points, and then the third!

Triple match point for Lestienne! Djere saves the first one, and the second!

Surely Lestienne won't lose a third match point? He does.

We're at deuce. Djere wins advantage, and has break point. but Lestienne saves it.

Lestienne gets to match point No.4, and this time he does it!

What a fight from the Frenchman!


Djere to serve again. Lestienne wins the first three points to have triple break point.

He drops the first, but Lestienne gets the second and once again he'll serve for the match.


Djere holds firm, and wins the first two points to go 0-30 up. He wins the next to make it 0-40, and gives himself three break points.

Lestienne saves the first, and the second. One last break point for Djere to save.

But Lestienne wins it, and we're at deuce. Two points away from winning it. 

Djere gets the first, and then the second to break back! 


Lestienne has break point. If he can win this, he'll be serving for the match.

And he does! What a turnaround.

Lestienne can win this!


Djere continues to hold serve, but Lestienne keeps him to love and equalise at 4-4 in the decider.


Djere holds Lestienne to love and wins his service game.

Lestienne's service game goes to deuce, and he wins it.


Djere holds serve from the other end, and so does Lestienne, 2-2.


Lestienne does hold, Djere's frustration is showing.


Djere holds serve to get the third set going.

How will an injured Lestienne respond?


Third set. Djere to get us back underway.


Lestienne takes a huge 4-1 lead in the tiebreak, he's not going down without a fight.

Djere gets one back to make it 5-2, but Lestienne wins the next two to win the tiebreak!

We're going to a decider.


Djere holds serve, we're going to a tiebreak in the second.


The injured Lestienne holds again to go 6-5 ahead. Djere now needs to hold to take this to a tiebreak.


Djere has one match point up his sleeve, Lestienne looks to hang on.

Lestienne does hang on, for now, and takes the game to deuce.

Lestienne gets to advantage, and then breaks serve!

We're at 5-5!


Lestienne plays through the pain, and he manages to hold serve.

Djere can still win this quarter-final if he holds here.


Djere holds and goes 5-3 up, leaving Lestienne needing to hold serve to stay in this.

Lestienne appears to be in a bit of trouble with the injury.


Djere breaks serve to go 4-3 up, but Lestienne looks in a bit of trouble, the physio is out and giving him treatment.

It looks like an issue with his side, but it looks like Lestienne is going to continue.


Djere keeps Lestienne to love, and holds his next serve.


Djere has five separate break points in the fifth, but Lestienne saves them all. 

Lestienne manages to hold serve at his end.


Two more holds of serve, will we see someone break?


Both players trade holds of serve to start the second.


Lestienne will serve to start the second set.


Djere to serve for the set, and gets there with a point to spare.

Djere wraps up the first in 45 minutes.


Djere is starting to take control, and has three break points against Lestienne's serve.

He only needs one, though. 


Both players hold serve, Djere's two-game advantage stays.


After a very long deuce, Djere holds serve to go 3-1 up.


Lestienne saves a couple of break points, and then holds serve to notch his first game.


Lestienne takes him to deuce, but Djere holds serve and does go 2-0 up in the first.


Djere breaks serve to get the first set going. Can he go 2-0 up early on?


Right then, quarter-final No.4 ready to get underway.

Lestienne to serve first.


Djere and Lestienne are out on court, going through their final warm-ups.


Just one last quarter-final to come.

Serbia's Laslo Djere up against France's Constant Lestienne.

10:10pm: Richard Gasquet (France) beats David Goffin (Belgium) 1-6, 6-1, 6-1

Gasquet has one set point at 40-30, and converts it!

What a comeback! 


Gasquet breaks again, and now he'll serve for the match.


Gasquet holds serve, and moves to a 4-1 lead in the decider.


Gasquet has break point, and Goffin double faults to give up the game and fall 1-3 down.


Alright then, back underway. Goffin serving, leading 30-15 in the fourth game.


The players are warming up again, after play was stopped for more than 30 minutes.


The rain has stopped, and conditions have cleared.

Looks like we'll resume very shortly!


Hold the phone, it's just started to rain.

Umbrellas are coming out, and play has stopped.

Watch this space.


Goffin does manage to hold, as does Gasquet at the other end.

No break points for now.


Gasquet holds to open the third set. Goffin couldn't hold serve at all in the second set, so needs to come up with something now.


Gasquet will serve to get the deciding set underway, then.


A complete shift in momentum from Gasquet. It took just 27 minutes to win that second set.

Now we'll head to a third to decide who advances to the semi-finals.


Another game for Gasquet, and now it's Goffin needing to hold serve to stay in it.

It's too easy for Gasquet though. He gets to triple set point, and needs just one.

A complete turnaround from Gasquet!


Both players break each other to get it to 4-1, but Gasquet still has a huge upper hand.


What a turnaround from Gasquet! He breaks Goffin for a second time this set, and races to a 3-0 lead!


Gasquet holds his own serve at the other end, and takes a 2-0 lead in the second set.


Gasquet responds in style! He has two break points, but needs just one to strike first in the second set!


Goffin will serve to start the second set. How does Gasquet respond?


Goffin breaks Gasquet for a third time, and wraps up the first set inside less than half an hour.


Goffin breaks serve again to go 4-1 up, and then has three separate goes at trying to break serve.

Goffin saves each time, though, to have the game at deuce.

Goffin gets to advantage, and holds it to leave Gasquet serving to stay in the set.


Goffin does take his chace, and holds serve to make it 3-1.

Gasquet needs to hold serve here, or risk Goffin running away with this first set.


Goffin breaks Gasquet's serve for the first time, and takes a 2-1 lead.

Can he make it 3-1?


And Goffin holds with his first serve.


Gasquet holds serve to open, and we're up and running on centre court.


Right then, we're ready to get underway. Gasquet will serve first.


Looks like it'll be Goffin v Gasquet first up.


There's still two more quarter-finals to be played tonight, as the night session begins.

Serbia's Laslo Djere will take on France's Constant Lestienne, while Belgium's David Goffin will square off against another Frenchman, Richard Gasquet.

6:54pm: Jenson Brooksby (USA) beats Quentin Halys (France) 7-6, 7-6

Brooksby takes a 3-1 lead, which extends to 4-1 beore Halys brings it back to 4-2.

Brooksby makes it 5-2, and then 6-2 for four match points.

But he only needs one, and Jenson Brooksby is into the last four!


Brooksby holds again, and leaves Halys needing to hold again if he's to stay in this.

But Halys holds as well, so we'll head for a second tie break in as many sets.


Brooksby holds serve at 5-4, and can win this match if he can break Halys.


Two more holds of serve, and 4-4 it is.


Neither player is unable to break the other at the moment, 3-3 in the second.


Both players hold serve to lock us up at 2-2 in the second set.


And Halys holds to open the set as well.


Brooksby to serve and start the second set, and he holds.


Brooksby takes a 6-2 lead early for four set points.

Halys saves the first, but not the second - and the American takes the first set.


Brooksby holds, and we'll go to a tiebreak, then.


Halys holds serve, so Brooksby needs to do the same to take the first set to tiebreak.


Brooksby holds serve to level at 5-5, will we see a tiebreak in this first set, then?


Brooksby hits back to square the ledger at 4-4, but Halys holds to go 5-4 up and put pressure on the American's serve.


Brooksby breaks again, but Halys holds at the other end to lead 4-3 in the first.


Brooksby breaks back immediately to get on the board, but Halys breaks back himself, and holds a 3-1 lead in the first set.


Double break point for Halys in the second set, but Brooksby keeps his composure to take it to deuce, and then advantage.

Halys manages to keep himself in it though, and breaks serve for a 2-0 lead.


And Halys holds to open the first set, Brooksby can match him in his first service.


There's no time to rest, though! The next match is about to get underway.

France's Quentin Halys will face American Jenson Brooksby.

4:43pm: Cameron Norrie (Great Britain) beats Marcos Giron 6-1, 6-7, 6-2

Norrie gets to match point at 40-30, and Giron hits it long to give the Brit victory.

The (sort-of) hometown hero is the first player into the semi-finals!


Norrie holds serve and then breaks Giron to go 5-2 up, and gives himself a chance to serve for the set.


Norrie does go 3-1 up, but GIron holds at the other end to stay in the contest.


Norrie breaks for the first time in the third set, and has the chance to open up a 3-1 lead in his next service game.


Norrie hits right back, and we're level at 1-1.


Giron holds serve to open the deciding set.

Norrie's 6-1 first set win feels like a long time ago now.


And Giron closes out the tie break! We'll head to a deciding third set.


They're going point for point at the moment - Norrie holds a 4-3 lead.


Giron holds, and we will have a tiebreak!


Giron and Norrie continue tol hold serve, as the second-seed holds a 6-5 lead.

Can Giron force a tie break?

3:51pm: Mate Pavic and Nikola Mektic (Croatia) beat Maximo Gonzalez and Andres Molteni (Argentina 6-7, 6-3, 10-5

Pavic and Mektic close out their third set with a 10-5 win for a 2-1 victory.


Norrie takes a 5-4 lead in the second, leaving Giron serving to avoid defeat.


Giron and Norrie both hold serve again, while Pavic and Mektic and Gonzalez and Moltenti begin their tiebreaker third set in the doubles quarter-final.


Gonzalez and Molteni take the second set and force a decider on the indoor court!

Meanwhile, Giron has the chance to level his second set against Norrie, if he can hold serve.

He does, and we're all square on centre court.


Gonzalez and Molteni race out to a 4-2 lead in the second, before Pavic and Mektic hold their service.

On centrecourt, Norrie holds and then breaks to level the second set at 2-2.


Giron holds at the other end, and doubles his lead in the second set.


Giron has break point in the opening game of the second set, and he converts it to go 1-0 up in the second.

Gonzalez and Molteni have also broken serve in their second set, and lead 2-1 after the first three games.


Norrie is 15-40 up against Giron's serve, and finds himself with two set points.

He needs just one - and fires home an emphatic winner to surge to the first set in just 26 minutes.


Norrie holds again for a 5-1 lead, on the cusp of taking the first set.

Meanwhile, Pavic and Mektic hold their nerve to claim their first set in a tiebreak.


Norrie has the chance to break Giron's serve, and he does!

Meanwhile, Pavic and Mektic and Gonzalez and Molteni are at tiebreak in their first set.


Norrie and Giron both hold serve, so the second-seed leads 3-1 in the first.

Gonzalez and Molteni hold serve as well, and lead 6-5 in their first set.


Norrie holds serve at the other end, and now leads 2-0.

Gonzalez and Molteni also hold serve for a 5-4 lead in the first set, as Pavic and Mektic need to avoid being broken.


And Norrie breaks serve straight away to take a 1-0 lead!


Elsewhere, Gonzalez and Molteni have broken back, and are serving at 4-4 in the first set of their doubles quarter-final.


We're looking good to get back underway on the outside courts as well.

Kiwi-raised second-seed Cameron Norrie takes to the court against American Marcos Giron.


The top seeds Pavic and Mektic break serve, and then hold to lead 3-1 in the first set.

1:58pm - Men's doubles quarter-final between Mektic/Pavic and Gonzalez/Molteni about to get underway indoors.

1:52pm - Not so much an update but officials are STILL waiting for the rain to pass. 

1:50pm - Heartbreak for Venus! The Kiwi and Murray go down to Lammons/Withrow in a tiebreak, losing 7-6, 6-4, 12-10 in their men's doubles Round of 16 tie.

1:48pm - Lammons/Withrow surge ahead 11-10 in the tiebreak and have the serve.

1:45pm - Still no word on Norrie v Gorrie, but Venus/Murray currently lead Lammons/Withrow 9-8 in the tiebreak.

1:33pm - Lammons/Withrow do hold serve to win the second set 6-4 against Venus and Murray. Still waiting on word when Norrie v Giron will get underway.

1:30pm - Lammons/Withrow serving for the set now against Kiwi Venus and Murray. A win here will force a set decider.

1:17pm - Kiwi Venus and Murray hold their serve to claw back in the second set, but trail 3-2, having won the first set against Lammons/Withrow.

1:07pm - We have a new start time of 1:15pm for Norrie v Giron - here's hoping that'll happen.

But indoors, Lammons/Withrow hold their serve to take an early 1-0 lead in the second set against Venus/Murray.

1pm - Venus/Murray win the opening set against Lammons/Withrow 7-6. We're still waiting on Norrie v Giron to get underway, but the rain is holding - for now.

12:45pm - American pair of Lammons/Withrow hold their serve to lead 5-4 in the first set against Venus/Murray in the their men's doubles Round of 16 fixture.

12:31pm - Meanwhile, Venus/Murray are locked at 2-all with Americans Lammons/Withrow in their opening set.

12:30pm - RAIN UPDATE

The officials are happy Centrecourt has dried enough and we will have the Norrie v Giron quarter-final from 12:45pm.

12:22pm - Venus/Murray hold their serve to move to 1-1 against Lammons/Withrow in the opening set of their Round of 16 match.

12:15pm - We're still waiting from word on play, but in the meantime, Kiwi Michael Venus and doubles partner Jamie Murray are underway in their Round of 16 tie. They're playing American pair Lammons/Withrow, who are serving first.

12:02pm - And just like that, an update. We're running just a few minutes behind as the officials wait for the court to dry. Fingers crossed we'll get underway soon.

12:01pm - We're not far away now from Norrie and Giron. The rain is holding for now, if not just drizzling, and hopes are play will go ahead on Centrecourt.

12pm - Elder/Miedler ease past Baez/Martinez in the second set, winning 6-0, to claim a straight sets victory in the men's doubles quarter-finals.

11:40am - Austrian pair Elder/Miedler take the first set 6-4 against Argentine/Columbian duo Baez/Martinez.

11:20am - Elder/Miedler v Baez/Martinez currently tied 2-2 in the opening set. We're about 40 mintues away from Kiwi-Brit Cam Norrie's quarter-final against American Marcos Giron.

10:55am - Good morning and thank you for joining us for today's action in Auckland. There's a bit of drizzle around, which has forced the men's doubles quarter-final match of Elder/Miedler v Baez/Martinez indoors, but the rest of the day's play is still scheduled outdoors.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the ASB Classic men's tournament at Auckland's Stanley Street.

Weather continues to be the story of the week, with rain wreaking havoc on the schedule yesterday and promising to do the same again on Thursday.

Third seed Diego Schwartzman had to retired injured in his opening match on centrecourt, while Belgian David Goffin had a nasty spill in the wet, before heading indoors to continue his progress through the draw.

Second seed Cam Norrie took more than five hours between rain breaks to dispense with his opponent, eventually finishing the job indoors, while top seed Casper Ruud had his debut delayed several times, before also heading under the roof, and then bowed out on the stroke of midnight.

As the draw enters the quarter-finals, organisers have again scheduled a full day of matches outdoors, but prepare for that to change, as the weather develops. 

The clash between veterans Goffin and Frenchman Richard Gasquet may prove the most intriguing encounter on offer.

Today's order of play is:


Noon start

Marcos Giron (USA) v 2-Cam Norrie (UK)

1pm start

Jenson Brooksby (USA) v Quentin Halys (France)

Richard Gasquet (France) v David Goffin (Belgium)

7pm start

Laslo Djere (Serbia) v Constant Lestienne (France)

Jerome Chardy (France)/Fabrice Martin (France) v TBC

Grandstand Court

11am start

Alexander Erler(Austria)/Lucas Miedler (Austria) v Sebastian Baez (Argentina)/Luis David Martinez (Venezuela)

Noon start

Nathaniel Lammons (USA)/Jackson Withrow (USA) v 4-Jamie Murray (UK)/Michael Venus (NZ)

1-Nikoa Mektic (Croatia)/Mate Pavic (Croatia) v Maximo Gonzalez (Argentina)/Andres Molteni (Argentina)

Sander Gille (Belgium)/Joran Wliegen (Belgium) v 2-Marcel Granollers (Spain)/Horacio Zeballos (Argentina)

Join us through the morning for weather and schedule updates.