Live updates: ASB Classic men's tournament at Auckland's ASB Tennis Centre, Day Two

Live coverage has concluded.


Djere advances to the second round, and he'll face top seed Casper Ruud.

That'll wrap up our coverage of day two, and the first round, so make sure to join us again tomorrow as the second round begins, complete with the top seeds!

10:51pm: Laslo Djere (Serbia) beats Jaume Munar (Spain) 3-6, 6-1, 7-6

Djere goes out to an early 3-1 lead in the tiebreak, but Munar gets it to 3-3.

Djere wins the next two points to be up 5-3, but Munar wins the next one to make it 5-4.

These two cannot be split.

Djere makes it to 6-4 for his second match point. Munar goes long - and Djere wins!

A two-hour epic!


Djere goes 40-15 up on his own serve, but Munar wins the next point to make it 40-30.

Make that deuce now. Djere is clearly frustrated here, let match point slip a few games ago.

Advantage for Djere, and he converts it.

A tiebreak will decide the final set.


Munnar keeps Djere to love and goes 6-5 up - he's come back from 4-2 down.

Now Djere has gone from serving for the match to serving to stay in it!


Munar finds himself - fittingly it seems - with break point. Djere gets it back to deuce.

Djere has advantage and match point, but Munar gets up to save it at the net.

Munar nails his return of service to win the next point, and give himself the chance of another break.

And he does break! It's 5-5.


Another game, another chance to break serve. Djere has double break point against Munar.

Munar saves the first one, but can't save the second.

Djere can serve for the match now.


Munar overcomes another long deuce, but holds serve to close the gap to 3-4.

But the Spaniard has break point, which he wins so it's 4-4 in the third!


Djere breaks the run of breaks, and holds serve for a 4-2 lead in the decider.


Djere threatens his second successive break, and has two points to make it happen.

He breaks right back - that's three games in a row all broken.


Munar has break point at the other end, but Djere saves it to make it deuce.

Munar gets to advantage and another break point, and this time takes his chance!


Djere has break point in Munar's second game, and he converts it.

The Serb can now take a huge step towards a win if he holds this next game.


After a lengthy deuce, Djere also holds his first service game.


Munar holds Djere to love and wins the first game.

Will that break Djere's momentum from the last set?


Munar to serve to start the third set.


Djere does hold serve, and takes the second with a convincing 6-1 win.

We'll need a decider to see who advances to face Casper Ruud tomorrow.


Djere holds his own serve again for a 4-1 lead, and then breaks Munar to go 5-1 up.

He can now serve for the second set.


Djere holds his serve to go 3-0 up. Munar has him at 40-0 in reply, but drops two points to close it to 40-30.

Djere wins another, and brings it to deuce, before getting advantage and break point. 

Munar saves it, and then gets advantage of his own - converts it for his first game of the set.


Djere has double break point against Munar's serve. Munar saves one, but loses the second as Djere goes 2-0 up, again.


Like he did in the first, Djere holds to open the second set.


Munar breaks Djere again - and he can serve to take the first set!

He's got two set points at 40-15, but Djere saves the first one. 

Munar holds though, and takes the first set! From 0-2 down he's won it 6-3.


Munar holds serve, and he takes the lead for the first time in the set.


Munar holds serve, but is still down a break in the first - until he does break Djere's serve!

We are level!


Munar puts in a much better display to hold serve with his second attempt, as Djere also holds serve to make it 3-1.


Djere does hold serve, and takes an early 2-0 lead.


Djere has break point in the opening game, and he takes it.

Can he make it 2-0 on his serve?


Munar to serve and get us underway, then.


The players are just going through their warm-ups.

It's worth pointing out that whoever wins this match will face tournament top seed Casper Ruud tomorrow.


Too good from Shelton, in an impressive display from the 20-year-old.

He progresses into the second round. 

We've got one more match to come tonight, with Spain's Jaume Munar against Laslo Djere of Serbia.

8:08pm: Ben Shelton (USA) beats Sebastian Baez (Argentina) 7-6, 6-1

Match point to Shelton at 30-40 against Baez's serve. But Shelton can't clear the net - so we're at deuce.

Shelton wins advantage for his second match point, and he wins it to take this in straight sets!


Shelton goes 40-0 up on his serve, and holds for a 5-1 lead.

Baez now has to hold serve to avoid defeat.


Shelton holds to go 4-0 up, but so does Baez to make it 4-1.

Shelton still has a big enough lead to comfortably win from here.


Shelton is in control now. The American goes 0-40 up against Baez's serve, for three break points.

Baez pulls out an ace, and then wins a second point to bring it back to 30-40.

Shelton makes the most of his last break point, and takes a 3-0 lead.


Shelton goes 30-0 up, but Baez comes back to make it 30-30. 

Shelton isn't rattled, though, and wins the next two to give himself a 2-0 lead.


Shelton breaks serve first up, and can take a 2-0 lead if he holds at the other end.


Baez will serve to start the second set.


We've lost one seed already today, John Isner, will we see another one in the form of Baez?


Shelton starts the tie break with a burst, and wins the first three points. 

Baez wins a point, but Shelton wins the next two for a 5-1 lead. 

Shelton wins one more for a huge five set points. He only needs one! 

Shelton takes the first set!


Baez responds by holding serve, and we'll go to a tiebreak to decide the first set after all.


Shelton holds Baez to love to go 6-5 up, and leaves the seventh seed needing to hold to force tie break.


Shelton holds, and then has two set points against Baez!

The seventh seed defends to take it to deuce, and then again to save.

Shelton gets another set point at advantage, but he can't convert this one either.

Baez gets to advantage, but Shelton comes back to send it back to deuce.

Baez gets to advantage again - and this time converts it to level the first set at 5-5.


Two more holds of serve, we could be headed to another tie breaker, folks.


Shelton holds again with an impressive service game, but can't break Baez at the other end.


Shelton holds his second servie game, as does Baez.


Baez replies in style with a huge service game to level the scores in the first set.


Baez has three break points, but Shelton wins them all to see the first game at deuce, before coming up with an ace for advantage.

Shelton converts his advantage to take the opening game.


Shelton will serve to start the first set.


The next scheduled match will see seventh seed Sebastian Baez face off against Ben Shelton.

6:29pm: Jiri Lehecka (Czech Republic) beats Thiago Monteiro (Brazil) 6-3, 7-5

Lehecka has three match points, and needs only one to get the job done.

The unseeded Czech wins in straight sets.


Lehecka gets to 0-40 and has three break points. He only needs one, and Lehecka breaks serve for the first time in the set.

He'll now serve for the match.


Monteiro holds serve to go 5-4 up, and leaves Lehecka needing to hold to avoid dropping the set

And that's what he does. Looking like we'll go to another tiebreak.


Another couple of held service games from Monteiro and Lehecka. 


Again, both players hold serve, 3-3 in the second.


Two more holds of serve, and we're at 2-2 in the second set.


Monteiro's turn to waste a break point, and we have deuce the second game as well.

Lehecka does hold, though.


Lehecka has break point to start the second set, but Monteiro saves it to get to deuce. 

Lehecka has two chances to break serve with advantage, but squanders them both, and then a third.

Make that four break points for Lehecka, and make that four break points unconverted.

Monteiro has advantage, and he holds his first service game of the set.


Down a set, Monteiro will serve to start the second set.


Lehecka holds serve, and takes the first set.


Monteiro does hold, but Lehecka will still have the chance to serve to take the first set.


Lehecka breaks, and then holds to go 5-2 up in the first.

Pressure on Monteiro to hold serve at the other end now.


Still going with serve. Can someone manage a break?


Both players are holding serve to start the first set. Lehecka holds a 2-1 lead.


And Lehecka holds serve to take the first game.


Lehecka will serve to get us underway.


No time to relax here, with the next match to get underway.

Czech Republic's Lehecka up against Brazil's Monteiro.


What a result. The 2020 champion has been knocked out by a qualifier!

That's the second former winner to fall today, as Humbert joins John Isner to make an early exit.

4:44pm - Christopher Eubanks (USA) beats Ugo Humbert (France) 7-6, 7-6

Eubanks storms out to a 3-0 lead in the second tiebreaker. He wins another point to go 4-0 up, and lets out a huge roar in delight!

Eubanks drops a point, but wins the next for a 5-1 lead. He's two points away from knocking out the reigning champion.

Eubanks has match point as Humbert hits long, leaving the Frenchman serving to stay in it.

Humbert wins his next serve, and Eubanks hits the net, 6-1 has quickly become 6-3.

Eubanks has serve though - and he wins the point to knock Humbert out!


Eubanks holds, and like the first, the second set will be contested in a tie break.


Humbert holds serve and goes 6-5 up, can Eubanks take it to tiebreak again?


Again, Humbert and Eubanks hold serve to make it 5-5.


Both players continue to hold serve, will we see another tiebreak?


Eubanks and Humbert continue to hold serve in the second set.


Humbert holds serve to save himselg going a break down in the second.

Lehecka v Monteiro's start time has been pushed back to 4:25pm


Eubanks and Humbert have both held serve to start the second set.

We're also waiting on the next match, with Brazil's Thiago Monteiro up against Jiri Lehecka of the Czech Republic.

3:57pm: Quentin Halys (France) beats Alex Molcan (Slovakia) 6-3, 6-4

And Halys does serve out to seal a straight sets win and advance to the second round.


Humbert holds serve to open the first set. On court two, Halys has the chance to take the match with his serve at 5-4 up in the second.


Eubanks has two set points, and takes the first one with both hands to seal the tiebreaker.

Halys and Molcan both hold their own serves on court two.


Humbert does hold, and that will be tiebreak in the first set.

Halys also breaks Molcan for a 3-2 lead.


Eubanks holds serve for a 6-5 lead, leaving Humbert needing to hold to force a tiebreak.

Halys and Molcan are level at 2-2 in their second set.


Halys takes the first set, but Molcan wins the first game in the second.

Eubanks has also secured a 5-4 lead, leaving Humbert serving to stay in the first.


Halys breaks Molcan's serve, and will now himself serve to take the first set.

Meanwhile, Eubanks holds to give himself a 4-3 lead.


Eubanks has break point against Humbert, but the Frenchman aces him to save it.

Humbert holds, and we're level at 3-3.

Meanwhile, Molcan has won two games to come back at Halys, who leads 4-2.


On the other court, Halys holds serve and then breaks Molcan.

Halys holds again, and leads 3-0 in the first set.


Humbert holds, and then has double break point against Eubanks' serve. Eubanks saves the first, and then the second to take it to deuce.

Humbert wins advantage for a third break point, but goes long and squanders it. Humbert wins a fourth advantage and break point, and Eubanks saves it for the fourth time.

Humbert gets break point No.5, but hits it long and we're back to deuce - again.

Eubanks finally gets an advantage of his own, but can't win it. Back to deuce. Another advantage for Eubanks, but loses it again.

Eubanks aces Umbert for his third advantage, and this time holds it to go 3-2 up.


It's going with serve at the start of the first set, as Eubanks goes 2-1 up.

Over on court two, Slovakia's Alex Molcan and France's Quentin Halys are about to get underway.


Humbert wins his first service game to draw level with Eubanks in the first set.

2:49pm: Marcos Giron (USA) beats Federico Coria (Argentina) 6-7, 6-4, 7-5

And Giron does hold serve to defeat Coria. He comes back from a set down to record a 6-7, 6-4, 7-5 first round win.


Eubanks holds serve to open the match. Meanwhile, Giron is serving for the match in his encounter against Coria.


The winner of Humbert v Eubanks will face David Goffin in the second rount, hopefullt played tomorrow.


Up next, France's Ugo Humbert against Christopher Eubanks of the USA.

Over on court two, Giron and Coria are locked at 4-4 in the deciding set.

2:25pm - Gregoire Barrere (France) beats John Isner (USA) 6-7(3) 7-6(5) 6-3

Barrere holds serve with authority that belies his qualifer status and dispatches the twice-champion sixth seed from the tournament. He will meet countryman Constant Lestienne in the second round.

Next up on this court, defending champion Ugo Humbert takes on American qualifer Chris Eubanks.

2:23pm - Giron breaks Coria and frankly, it's hard to keep track of who's winning this contest with so many service breaks. Coria is up 3-2.

Meanwhile, Isner holds serve, but Barrere is serving for the match at 5-3.

2:20pm - Coria breaks Giron to lead 3-1 in the third set, while Barrere holds for 5-2 against Isner.

2:15pm - Barrere finally breaks Isner to lead 4-2 the third set, a massive boost for his chances.

2:10pm - Coria breaks Giron for 2-0 in the third and deciding set, while Barrere v Isner is still on serve, with the Frenchman up 3-2.

2:05pm - Coria holds serve to open the third set at 1-0. Isner v Barrere is still on serve in the third, with the Frenchman 2-1 up and putting pressure on the America's serve.

1:57pm - Barrere carries his momentum into the third set, winning his opening service game for 1-0.

1:54pm - Barrere wins four straight points to take the tiebreak 7-5 and second set against Isner, sending the contest to a third. Meanwhile, Giron serves out for the second set against Coria, so both matches going the distance.

1:52pm - Giron breaks Coria and is now serving for the second set at 5-4.

1:42pm - Barrere holds for 6-6 to send the second set into a predictable tiebreak. On the other court, Giron holds for 4-4 against Coria.

1:39pm - Barrere holds serve for 5-5 in the second set against Isner.

1:34pm - For the fourth consecutive game between Giron and Coria, service has been broken, with Coria now leveling the second set at 3-3.

Isner v Barrere remains on serve in the second set at 5-4, but the Frenchman must now hold to stay in the match.

1:26pm - Giron breaks Coria for a second time for 3-2 in the second set, while Isner holds service against Barrere.

1:21pm - Coria breaks straight back to level at the second set at 2-2 against Giron.

1:16pm - Barrere holds and the second set stays on service against Isner, but on the other court, Giron takes the first break of the second set against Coria to lead 2-1.

1:08pm - After letting an early break slip, Coria wins a tight tiebreak to take the first set 7-6(5) over Giron. Isner holds serve for an early 1-0 lead in the second set against Barrere.

1:02pm - Isner aces Barrere to take the tiebreak 7-3 and the first set - pretty regulation modus operandi for the big American.

1pm - Coria holds serve and sends his match against Giron to a first-set tiebreaker.

12:55pm - Isner holds serve for 6-6 and sends the first set into a tiebreak. You heard it here first.

12:52pm - Grion breaks Coria to level at 5-5...

12:47pm - After facing break and setpoint, Isner gets his serve cranking and rattles off three straight points to hold for 5-5. Giron holds and Coria is now serving for the set on the other court.

12:44pm - Barrere is pressing Isner's serve and can take the set if he breaks. Coria holds for 5-3 against Giron.

12:37pm - Isner's serve is pumping and he holds to love for 4-4, while Coria holds for 4-2 against Giron.

12:33pm - Barrere holds serve for 4-3, games are still on servies and you get the feeling we're headed for an inevitable Isner tiebreaker.

12:28pm - Isner and Barrere still on serve at 2-2 in the first set, while Coria holds to lead 3-1 over Giran on the other court.

12:19pm - Isner saves breakpoint to open his account against Barrere and level at 1-1. Coria also saves breakpoints to hold and lead 2-0 on the other court.

12:15pm - Barrere holds the opening service game for an early 1-0 lead over Isner, while Coria breaks in the opening game on the other court.

Noon - Players warming up for the opening match of the day between two-time champion John Isner and Gregoire Barrere of France. On the other court, American Marcos Giron faces 'lucky loser' Federico Coria of Argentina.

The other news is that Argentinian fourth seed Francisco Cerundolo has withdrawn, replaced in the main draw by another lucky loser, Joao Sousa of Portugal, who inherits the first-round bye as well.

10:53am - Here is the revised order of play, after moving play indoors today...

Indoor One

Noon start

Q-Gregoire Barrere (France) v 6-John Isner (USA)

WC-Ugo Humbert (France) v Q-Chris Eubanks (USA)

Q-Jiri Lehecka (Czech Republic) v Q-Thiago Monteiro (Brazil)

7-Sebastian Baez (Argentina) v WC-Ben Shelton (USA)

Jaume Munar (Spain) v Laslo Djere (Serbia)

Indoor Two

Noon start

Marcos Giron (USA) v LL-Federico Coria (Argentina)

Alex Molcan (Slovakia) v Quentin Halys (France)

Maximo Gonzalez (Argentina)/Andres Molteni (Argentina) v TBC

Quentin Halys (France)/Adrian Mannarino (France) v Jeremy Chardy (France)/Fabrice Martin (France)

10:27am - ASB Classic organisers have made the inevitable decision to move play indoors today, with Cyclone Hale setting in on Auckland. With no spectators facilities available, ticketholders can apply for a refund.

Stand by for a revised order of play...


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the ASB Classic men's tournament at Auckland's Stanley Street.

After an opening day devoid of rain delays, the weather threatens to dramatically hamper play on Tuesday, with Cyclone Hale about to hit Auckland in full force.

Organisers have scheduled 11 matches over three outdoor courts, but may have to relocate them inside, if they hope to complete the order of play. Presumably, the lessons of last week's women's tournament will help them make timely decisions this time.

With the top four seeds earning byes in the opening round, the star attractions today will be French defending champion Ugo Humbert, playing as a wildcard entry, and two-time champion John Isner of the United States, seeded sixth this time.

Since his winning his first career title at Auckland in 2020, Humbert has added two more to his resume, but slipped to 108th in the world. He will face qualifier Chris Eubanks in the first round.

Isner, 37, is making his 10th appearance at Auckland and after reaching a career high of eighth, he is now ranked 42nd in the world, with 16 titles to his name. He lost to Humbert in the 2020 semi-finals and takes on French qualifier Gregoir Barrere today.

Today's order of play is:


Noon start

Q-Gregoire Barrere (France) v 6-John Isner (USA)

WC-Ugo Humbert (France) v Q-Chris Eubanks (USA)

Q-Jiri Lehecka (Czech Republic) v Q-Thiago Monteiro (Brazil)

7pm start

7-Sebastian Baez (Argentina) v WC-Ben Shelton (USA)

Jaume Munar (Spain) v Laslo Djere (Serbia)

Grandstand Court

11am start

Alex Molcan (Slovakia) v Quentin Halys (France)

3-Simone Bolelli (Italy)/Fabio Fognini (Italy) v Alexander Erler (Austria)/Lucas Miedler (Austria)

4:30pm start

1-Nikola Mektic (Croatia)/Mate Pavic (Croatia) v WC-Ajeet Rai (NZ)/Finn Reynolds (NZ)

Court Two

11am start

Marcos Giron (USA) v LL-Federico Coria (Argentina)

Maximo Gonzalez (Argentina)/Andres Molteni (Argentina) v TBC

Quentin Halys (France)/Adrian Mannarino (France) v Jeremy Chardy (France)/Fabrice Martin (France)

Join us throughout the morning for updates on the weather and schedule.