Live updates: ASB Classic women's tournament at Auckland's ASB Tennis Centre, Day Five

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So that's that. All four quarter-finals had to be played indoors, seeing us finish well into the night.

The two semi-final match-ups for Saturday have been confirmed though.

The tournament's last two seeded players will square off, with Coco Gauff (1) up against Danka Kovinic (7), before Masarova meets Ysaline Bonaventure - who eliminated third seed Laylah Fernandez.

That's all from us tonight, so thanks for joining us and we'll see you again soon!


Masarova races out to a 3-0 lead in the tiebreak, as Muchova wins both of her service points to bring it back to 3-2. Masarova wins her two serves to go 5-2 up, and then 6-2 up on Muchova's serve for four match points.

She only needs one, as Muchova can't clear the net. Masarova wins in straight sets to reach the semi-final.

Masarova 7 7
Muchova 6 6 


Muchova holds serve to go 6-5 up, but Masarova does the same - so we're going to a second tiebreak in as many sets.

Masarova 7 6
Muchova 6 6 


Both players hold serve, again, so we're still locked up in the second set.

Masarova 7 4
Muchova 6 4


Muchova has two break points in the sixth game, but Masarova saves them both to force deuce.

Muchova has a third break point of the game in deuce, but again can't convert it, but Masarova can't make the most of it either, failing to win two points with advantage.

Masarova has a third advantage, as Muchova can't clear the net. We're all square again.

Masarova 7 3
Muchova 6 3


Both players are holding serve at the moment. Muchova holds a one game lead after five played.

Masarova 7 2
Muchova 6 3


Masarova has struggled with her footing a couple of times to start the second set, as Muchova holds serve.

Masarova 7 0
Muchova 6 1


Masarova is too good in the tiebreak, winning it 7-4 to take the first set 7-6.

Masarova 7
Muchova 6


Muchova holds serve, so we go to a tiebreak to decide the first set.

Masarova 6
Muchova 6


Masarova goes 6-5 up in the first, so Muchova needs to hold serve to send it to a tiebreak.

Masarova 6
Muchova 5


But Masarova breaks right back, and again it's level in the first set.

Masarova 4
Muchova 4


Muchova manages to break serve, and now has the chance to make it 5-3.

Masarova 3
Muchova 4


Both players hold serve, but Masarova has break point in the fourth game. Muchova holds though, and sends it to deuce. 

Muchova holds serve, and it's all square.

Masarova 2
Muchova 2


Masarova storms out to a 1-0 lead with a perfect service game.

Masarova 1
Muchova 0


We're finally ready for play, indoors.

Muchova v Masarova for the final semi-final spot.


It's official, the final match has been moved indoors, and the spectators have been sent home for the night.


Word has come through that play has officially been suspended. 

Surely it's now just a case of waiting for them to take it onto the inside court?

It doesn't look like the rain will relent in Auckland tonight.


Well this is disappointing. Both players take their bags and make their way back inside.


No word just yet on what the plan from here is. 


The groundstaff go through one last attempt to dry the court, so play is held up slightly.


The players make their way out onto the court, not long until we get underway!


The crowd is packing into the stands on centre court. They've been very patient over the last few days, so really deserve to see some tennis tonight.

Play was scheduled to begin at 7pm, but it looks like that'll have to be pushed back slightly for them to dry the court.


We're nearly ready for the final match of the day. It looks like we will get play on centre court after all.


So just one match left tonight, and organisers are hopeful that we'll be able to see it played outside!

They're currently scrambling to dry the main court in time, but will need the weather to hold if we're a chance to see it happen.

Muchova and Masarova are scheduled to take the court at 7pm, so here's hoping it'll be outside!


Bonaventure holds serve, and she advances in straight sets! Laylah Fernandez, the third seed, is out in the quarter-finals!

Another top seed exits early, then. Bonaventure will face the winner of tonight's final quarter-final, with Karolina Muchova facing off against Rebeka Masarova.

Fernandez 4 2 
Bonaventure 6 6 


Bonaventure breaks again to go 5-2 up in the second, and will serve for the match.

Fernandez 4 2
Bonaventure 6 5


Bonaventure starts the second set with a bang, breaking serve and then holding to go 2-0 up.

Fernandez holds the third game though, and stops her opponent taking a 3-0 lead.

Fernandez 4 1
Bonaventure 6 2


Fernandez holds serve, but Bonaventure has the chance herself to serve for the first set.

Bonaventure wins the first two points, but Fernandez wins the next three to give herself break point. Bonaventure saves it with an ace, though, and takes it to deuce.

Bonaventure needs no second invitation, and holds serve to take the first set!

Fernandez 4 0
Bonaventure 6 0


Both players trade breaks in serve. Fernandez breaks Bonaventure, who then breaks right back for three broken service games in a row. Scenes.

Fernandez 3
Bonaventure 4


And Bonaventure breaks Fernandez's serve, and takes a 3-2 lead in the first set. Can Fernandez break back?

Fernandez 2
Bonaventure 3


Both players win their opening service game, although Fernandez gave Bonaventure a tough time.

Fernandez 1
Bonaventure 1


Up next, tournament third sees Leylah Fernandez takes on the unseeded Ysaline Bonaventure of Belgium.


And just like that, Kovinic seals a straight sets win to advance to the semi-finals.

The seventh seed will face off against top seed Coco Gauff for a spot in the tournament decider.

Kuzmova 3 2
Kovinic 6 6


Kovinic has another break point, and wins it to go 5-2 up in the second set. She'll now serve for the match.

Kuzmova 3 2
Kovinic 6 5


Kovinic is taking control of the second set here. She breaks Kuzmova's serve, and then holds her own for a 3-1 lead.

Kuzmova 3 1
Kovinic 6 3


Both players hold serve to open the second set. Kuzmova appears to be unhappy with the condition of the surface, though.

Kuzmova 3 1 
Kovinic 6 1 


Kovinic has set point, but Kuzmova lobs her to bring the game to deuce.

Kovinic has a second set point, but again can't convert it. Kovinic has set point for the third time in this game, and this time Kuzmova hits it out to surrender the first set.

Kuzmova 3 0
Kovinic 6 0


Kovinic has break point in the eighth game of the first set, but Kuzmova holds to bring it to deuce.

Kovinic has another break point, and this time Kuzmova double faults. Kovinic will serve for the set.

Kuzmova 5
Kovinic 3


Kovinic has two break points to go 4-2 up in the first, but Kuzmova denies the first, and then takes the game to deuce.

Kuzmova comes back well and takes the game to level scores.

Kuzmova 3
Kovinic 3


Both Kuzmova and Kovinic hold serve to open their quarter-final.

Kuzmova 1
Kovinic 1


Up next is the second quarter-final, where Viktoria Kuzmova of Slovakia will face Danka Kovinic of Montenegro.


Gauff breaks again to go 5-2 up in the second, and will serve for the match. And it's too easy for the 18-year-old. Gauff has three match points, but only needs one to complete a straight sets win and advance to the semi-finals.

Gauff 6 6 
Lin 3 2


Lin saves break point, but Gauff holds to keep her two-game lead in the second set.

Gauff 6 4
Lin 3 2


Gauff breaks serve again, and takes a 3-1 lead in the second.

Gauff 6 3
Lin 3 1


Zhu holds serve to open the second set, but Gauff fires right back by holding her own service game.

Gauff 6 1
Lin 3 1


Gauff holds, breaks Lin, and then holds again to take the first set in style! The top seed is starting to show her class.

Gauff 6 0
Lin 3 0


We're back underway, and top seed Coco Gauff is locked at 3-3 in the first set against China's Zhu Lin.

So far, Gauff has missed six break points.

Gauff 3
Lin 3

1pm - There goes the inevitable call that play will indeed be shifted indoors yet again.

Play will start at 1:30pm.

12:25pm - We have an extension on the initial delay now people. The match will now begin at 1pm.

Organisers are clinging to a faint hope they'll be able to play on centrecourt. But judging by the view out of my window, those chances are slim to zero... and much closer to zero.

11:55am - Morning, tennis fans. Unfortunately - as expected - the wet weather has persisted in Auckland, which has caused a half-hour delay to the start of the day's play.

The first quarter-final between Coco Gauff and Lin Zhu will now begin at 12:30pm.

With heavy rain warnings in place, it appears we're destined to spend another afternoon and evening indoors, I'm afraid.


Kia ora and welcome to our live updates of day five of the ASB Classic at Stanley St in Auckland.

The women's tournament enters the business stages on Friday, with four intriguing quarter-final match-ups on the schedule.

But the lingering question remains - what will the weather bring? The competition has been plagued by relentless rain in Auckland, with the majority of the past two days taking place indoors without spectators.

Unfortunately the forcecast remains discouraging for Friday, with heavy rain warnings in effect.

We'll have more updates for you from 12pm.

Schedule of play for Friday, January 6:

Coco Gauff (USA) v Lin Zhu (China) - 12pm

Viktoria Kuzmova (Slovakia) v Danka Kovinic (Montenegro) - 1:15pm

Ysaline Bonaventure (Belgium) v Leylah Fernandez (Canada) - 2:30pm

Karolina Muchova (Czech) v Rebeka Masarova (Spain) - 7pm