Live updates: Heavyweight boxing - Joseph Parker v Jack Massey from Manchester's AO Arena

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It's a win for Parker, but not exactly the performance he was after.

Huge credit to Massey, he showed he can mix it at heavyweight after stepping up.


Right then, lets see how the judges scored it.

It's unanimous, Joseph Parker wins!


Huge effort from Massey. Parker should win most of the rounds in this fight, but the scorecard won't tell the whole story.

He's been really made to work for this.

Just waiting on the final scores.


This is it. The last round. Parker needs a knockout for his own sake as much as the win. Massey has been excellent in the second half of this fight.

Here we go, final round begins. Parker looks for a huge uppercut, but can't connect. 

There's a cut above Massey's eye, but he lands a couple more shots. 

They both keep throwing punches, and Parker lands the better shots. Into the last minute.

Massey looks to keep his distance, Parker has to come hunting for the win. 

Last 10 seconds, and they both go for it. There's no knockout though.

This'll go to the scorecards, but it should be Parker's win.


The crowd is on Massey's side, they believe he can win this.

Into the ninth, Massey attacks again. When does Parker go for it? He starts throwing hands and pushes Massey into the corner.

Massey survives, and continues to keep his distance. Parker gets up close, and the two trade blows.

Last 30. Parker looks to use his jab, but Massey finishes strong.

That's the round, another close one.


Massey's camp are confident they can take this. Round eight begins, and Massey comes out swinging - and lands more than enough punches!

Parker is looking very frustrated. Massey continues to land, but Parker comes roaring back with an uppercut.

Parker lands a jab, but Massey is wearing them before landing a quality shot of his own. 

Massey lands another jab, and the referee steps in again. Massey will be docked a point for repeated warnings.

Parker lands a hook to end the round.

Probably Parker's round after the deduction.


Past halfway. Parker will be wanting a stoppage from here.

Into the seventh, and Massey hangs back looking for the counter. Massey lands a couple more, is Parker stalling here?

Parker wraps and the ref separates, but Massey keeps coming.

Into the final minute, and Parker lands a few punches of his own. Time out from the ref to talk to the pair again. 

Parker lands a big right to end the round, but another close one.

Three rounds left.


Massey's fight plan is starting to show, he's landed some good shots in the last couple of round. He's still well behind on the scorecards though.

Massey lands a right overhand, and pushes Parker against the ropes. The referee steps in again. Parker continues to land shots.

Massey lands a hook and uppercut, but Parker lands one as well. Parker starts to come forward, but gets tagged by Massey.

Parker has Massey going backwards again, and gets him on the ropes at the end of the round.

Massey lands one last right to end the round.

Close round, might have to give it to Massey in all honesty?


Parker will be wanting to end this by the end of the sixth, but he's running out of time.

We start the fifth, and Massey starts strong. Massey's fitness is showing, he looks the fresher fighter at the moment.

Parker lands a big shot, and Massey stumbles for the first time! Parker goes on the attack - but Massey survives.

Into the final minute, but time off is called again, both fighters are spoken to, warning about holding by the look of it.

Parker throws another huge right with Massey on the ropes, but Massey attacks to end the round!

The bell goes, another close one but you'd probably have to give it to the Kiwi.


It looks like Massey's plan is to hit Parker with his right hand on the counter, but will he get that chance? Into the fourth round. It looks like Massey is bleeding.

Massey starts on the front foot, Parker starts slowly. Massey wraps and throws a couple of shots to the body. 

Parker gets him on the ropes again, but can't connect. Parker is starting to look frustrated, and Massey lands a couple of right hands.

Parker has Massey going back again, and lands a huge right to the body. Into the last 30 seconds, and the bell goes without further incident.

Probably Parker's round. 


We've seen this before from Parker, can we see that killer blow that's been lacking recently, though?

Round three begins, and Massey is still trying to keep his distance. Parker keeps coming forward.

Parker stays back and uses his reach to land his jabs, and then lands a huge shot to the head with Massey on the rope.

Massey's still standing though, he can take a punch. Parker goes forward again, into the last minute.

Massey keeps wearing shots, and Parker is happy to keep throwing punches. Massey attacks to end the round, and Parker wraps him as the bell goes.


Can Parker build on his strong start? The second round gets underway. Massey looks to use his speed to start the second round, he keeps his distance and lands a jab when he gets close.

Parker throws a few more punches, but Massey lands a few to the body.

Parker is throwing some big punches, he just can't connect - yet. Massey is back in the corner, and Parker lands a shot to the gut. Parker keeps landing shots, including a nice combo to the head.

Into the final seconds of the round, and Parker finishes strong with a right hook.

His round again.


We're away! Parker comes out swinging! He lands a couple of shots and leaves the referee forced to separate the pair.

Massey looks to close the gap to Parker, but the Kiwi lands a shot to the body. Massey comes back at him, but doesn't do too much damage.

Parker keeps landing punches, and the referee stops the fight temporarily to talk to the pair. 

Massey lands a right to Parker's head! Massey looks to keep his distance, but Parker attacks towards the end of the round.

A few more punches to end the round, and Massey can only wear them. The round ends, and that has to be Parker's


Last instructions from the ref. Round one about to begin!


The referee goes through the final pre-fight admin. Massey fighting in silver trunks, Parker in black with a red and blue trim.


And now Joseph Parker makes his way out to the ring.

This morning's fight is just 10 rounds, he's been used to 12 in recent times.


Here we go! We're all ready to get underway! Jack Massey is introduced and makes his ring walk!


We're now waiting for Parker v Massey.

Promotional material for the main event - Chris Eubank Jr v Liam Smith - fills the AO Arena while we wait.


We need the judges' scorecards, but it should be an obvious win for Clarke - and it is.


Clarke and Espindola are underway.


That last win from Harris - coming in 74 seconds - speeds things up a bit.

We've got one fight to come before Parker and Massey get into the ring.

Heavyweights Frazer Clarke and Kevin Nicolas Espindola are listed to fight next.


And it's over in the first round! Harris came out firing, and landed two huge rights to leave Surmaj in trouble from the off.

That's the fourth win of Harris' career, remember the name.


Up next are heavyweights Jiri Surmaj of the Czech Republic against Brit Matty Harris. 


We'll go to the judges' scorecards to determine the winner, and Forrest takes it unanimously.


Tyson Fury is in the house to support his mate, Joseph Parker.

No surprises who he's picking to take the victory either...


Already this morning, Frankie Stringer has defeated Christian Narvaez on points as the night's opening bout.

The second bout, between Scott Forrest and Amine Boucetta, is underway.

After this, there are two more fights before Parker gets into the ring.


Good morning! Thanks for joining us so early, as Joseph Parker gets back into the ring.

This could be a key few hours for the Kiwi's career - with nothing short of a convincing victory needed to keep him in heavyweight contention.

Stay with us as we work through the fight card.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's coverage of Joseph Parker v Jack Massey from Manchester's AO Arena.

Parker is seeking to bounce back from his first-ever career knockout defeat and get right back amongst the heavyweight division's elite.

He will welcome 29-year-old Massey to the division, with the Brit a career cruiserweight up until today, with a 20-1 professional record, and is the reigning IBO and IBF European champion.

But for Parker, he needs to win, and he needs to win well, with anything less than a stoppage victory doing little to help his cause to get back into title contention.

Parker is expected to make to his walk to the ring anytime from 8am.

The pair will serve as the undercard for the Chris Eubank Jr v Liam Smith middleweight headliner, with plenty of heavyweight and cruiserweight action on offer.

Parker at the weigh-in.
Parker at the weigh-in. Photo credit: Getty Images

Main fight card

Chris Eubank Jr v Liam Smith (middleweight division)

Ekow Essuman v Chris Kongo (welterweight division)

Frazer Clarke v Kevin Nicolas Espindola (heavyweight division)

Joseph Parker v Jack Massey (heavyweight division)

Richard Riakporhe v Krzysztof Glowacki (cruiserweight division)

Scott Forrest v Amine Boucetta (cruiserweight division)

Matty Harris v Jiri Surmaj (heavyweight division)

TAB odds

Joseph Parker $1.08, Jack Massey $7.50

'Going to take care of Jack': Parker out to make personal sacrifices pay off in comeback bout

Kiwi Joseph Parker is hoping to see his personal sacrifices pay off in full when he steps into the ring in his comeback bout against Jack Massey on Sunday morning (NZ time).

Parker, 31, squares off against Brit Massey in Manchester this weekend, in his return to the heavyweight ranks for the first time since losing to Joe Joyce in September.

Nothing but a convincing win will do for the Kiwi, who now has three defeats on his CV, if he wants to ever contend for another heavyweight title after losing his WBO belt to Anthony Joshua in 2018.

He'll be up against a fighter making his heavyweight debut in Massey, who's stepping up a weight class after a 20-1 record fighting as a cruiserweight.

Up against an opponent who'll almost certainly be smaller and faster than what he's used to, Parker himself will be entering the ring lighter after tipping the scales at a career-high in his loss to Joyce.

And after his training camp saw Parker spend the festive period away from his family, Parker asserts his personal sacrifices will pay off on Sunday. 

"I've been putting in some great work with [trainer] Andy Lee," Parker said. "I've been working very hard.

"I've made a lot of sacrifices, being away from home for Christmas and new year. But these sacrifices are going to make it worth it.

"What we've been seeing in the gym and sparring has been very good, if I can execute the plan and go out there and have some fun while doing so, everything's going to come.

"I'm going to go out there and be dominant and show him what a real heavyweight can do."

Despite any perceived advantage over his opponent, Parker is refusing to take Massey lightly.

The 29-year-old hasn't been handed any favours in his step up to the heavyweight division, fighting one of few active fighters to have held a world title.

Parker, though, outlines that while he isn't taking his opponent lightly, he won't hold anything back.

"I met Jack once, when he came up to Tyson's [Fury] gym for sparring," said Parker.

"We know how tough he is. Now that he's stepped up into the heavyweight division, he's got a lot of confidence in himself, his team has a lot of confidence.

"I'm going to give him a very warm welcome - punching his face.

"I haven't overlooked him, I haven't underestimated Jack. I'm treating Jack like he's the champion of the world. 

"Firstly [I'm going to] beat up Jack on Saturday night. There's a lot of fights out there, but first thing's first, I'm going to take care of Jack."