Sailing: New Zealand's Sail GP boat struck by lightning at Singapore, damage assessments underway

New Zealand's Sail GP boat is undergoing damage assessments, after being struck by lightning shortly after picking up the winners trophy at Singapore Grand Prix.

With the Kiwi crew safely onshore, lightning hit the top of the team's F50 Amokura mast, injuring Denmark grinder Martin Kirketerp, who suffered an electric shock.

Kirketerp was helping transport the boat, along with fellow Denmark grinder Luke Payne, Switzerland driver Sebastien Schneiter and France strategist Manon Audinet.

Kirketerp was later discharged from hospital, while the remaining three were evacuated from the F50 uninjured and did not return until the storm had passed.

"Thankfully, the other sailors who were sailing the boat at the time were okay," said NZ Sail GP co-chief executive Blair Tuke. "It's very scary, but the main thing is everything is okay and all of this [damage] will be able to be fixed."

Fellow CEO and team driver Peter Burling has echoed Tuke's comments and is relieved that Kirketerp was later cleared.

"Martin is definitely the biggest priority out of this, and we're all pretty pleased that he is okay and is giving us the thumbs up from hospital," he said.

With damage assessments underway, NZ are now in a race against time to repair the boat, before the Australia Sail Grand Prix at Sydney on February 18.