Live updates: Blackcaps v England, first test, day four at Mount Maunganui's Bay Oval

New Zealand 126/10, England win by 267 runs

45th over: WICKET - Tickner b Anderson 8

Anderson continues. Tickner hops onto the backfoot and defends well. Tickner clearly thinking about the short ball, as he looks to block off the back foot and Anderson bowls him top of off stump to end New Zealand's misery.

44th over

Broad continues, and Mitchell guides a straight delivery to fine leg for no run. Mitchell drives and finds space through backward point for four runs. Mitchell swats through midwicket for no run, before drilling one back to Broad. NZ 126/9

43rd over

Anderson is back, replacing Leach. Tickner ducks underneath a bumper. Tickner gets out of the way of the next, before missing a legside glance of a wide delivery. Tickner can't evade the next delivery and cops one on the back. Backs away next ball and edges short of the slip. NZ 122/9

42nd over

Broad continues. Mitchell pulls and pulls well but the fielder gets around to it and he decides against the run. And again, a carbon copy, and again, they decide against the easy single. Mitchell absolutely nails the next one however and finds the boundary for a well-played half-century. He drives a full toss but straight to the fielder for no run. NZ 122/9

41st over

Leach continues. Tickner facing and fends the first couple well. There are five fielders and the keeper close in, but Tickner looking comfortable, finding the middle as he blocks every delivery with relative ease. Maiden over. NZ 118/9

40th over

Broad continues. He starts with a yorker but Mitchell is up to it. He goes full again but too full and Mitchell helps himself to a couple down the ground. Mitchell looks pull but can't quite get a hold of it, picking up a couple more. But this time he connects and finds the boundary. NZ 118/9

39th over 

Leach continues. Tickner rocks onto the backfoot and cuts but can't beat cover. Tickner looking more comfortable, blocking a couple before a good-looking drive along the ground to the fielder. Ends a good over with a leave. NZ 110/9

38th over

Broad continues. Mitchell defends back down the track. Mitchell flicks a delivery towards fine leg for no run, before defending off the back foot. Mitchell playing with a straight bat and defends right back to Broad. Mitchell gets a tickle down the leg side for four runs. NZ 110/9

37th over

Leach continues. Mitchell skips down the wicket and lofts Leach over the rope at long-off for six runs. Mitchell sweeps for a single. Tickner to face the last ball of the over, and does well to jab it away towards cover with the field close in. NZ 106/9

36th over

Broad called into the action to finish things off. Tickner drops his hands to evade a short delivery, before doing the same the next ball. Broad offers a wide delivery but Tickner leaves. Tickner finally gives in and swings and edges the ball for four runs. Tickner plays his best shot so far, a drive through mid-off for another boundary. NZ 99/9

35th over

Leach continues. Mitchell defends a tossed up delivery, before fending on towards off. Leach offers up a flighted delivery, but Mitchell happy to block. Mitchell desides against a scoring shot on the last ball, which means Tickner will face first next over. NZ 91/9

34th over - WICKET: Wagner c Foakes b Anderson 9

Anderson resumes. He finds the outside edge of Mitchell but falls short of a diving Brook. Mitchell drops on into cover for a single. Wagner has a flash at a wide one and can only find an edge through to Foakes! Tickner last batter in. He survives the last ball. NZ 91/9

33rd over

Leach continues. Mitchell uses his feet well and launches him down the ground over long-on for the day's first six. Mitchell happy to defend the next couple right back to Leach, before a push into cover for no run. NZ 89/8

32nd over

Anderson goes short and collects Wanger on the shoulder - ouch. He does well to duck the next, blocking one on fourth stump. Wagner defends a back of the length delivery. Wagner cuts and cuts well for four runs. Misses a straight one but too high. NZ 83/8

31st over

Leach continues. Mitchell happy to fend off a few right back to Leach, before leaving one straight to the keeper. He drives to mid-off for no run, before again showing a solid front foot defence to end a maiden over. NZ 79/8

30th over

Anderson continues. Mitchell tucks on off his hip for a single, before Wagner misses a wide shorter delivery. Wagner happy to block the next, before hitting one down the ground for a couple. Wagner ducks a short delivery, before mistiming a drive for no run. NZ 79/8

29th over

Leach continues. Mitchell defends the first few on off, showing a straight bat. He finally opens up a little, ushering a delivery down the ground for a single. Wagner shows a good front foot defence, blocking a delivery wide of off with ease. NZ 76/8

28th over

Anderson continues. He's on a hat-trick, so every fielder is in close, but Mitchell blocks it to the legside. Anderson finds the outside edge but it doesn't carry to the slips. Mitchell drops one through cover for a quick single. Wagner picks up a couple through cover. NZ 75/8

27th over

Leach to continue. Mitchell nudges one off the backfoot for a single. Wagner succcessfully fends off the first, before finding the inside edge on the front foot defence. Wagner comes down the wicket and fends the ball on the legside. NZ 72/8

26th over

WICKET: Kuggeleijn lbw Anderson 2

Anderson continues. Mitchell pulls hard and picks up a single behind square. Kuggeleijn opens the face and picks up a couple through deep third. Anderson traps Kuggeleijn low on his pads and he's been given! NZ review but it's dead straight. 

WICKET: Southee c Root b Anderson 0

Can you believe it, Southee is gone first ball! He plays a nothing short at an outswinger and Root takes an easy catch at slip. 71/8


NZ 71/7

25th over - WICKET: Bracewell c Brook b Leach 25

Leach continues. Mitchell slaps him through to the cover sweeper for a single. Bracewell looks to flick Leach but can only pop it up to Brook at short midwicket. An extremely soft dismissal. Kuggeleijn the new batter in survives the next two balls. NZ 68/6

24th over

Anderson to bowl from the other end. Bracewell fends one of the legside before missing a wide delivery down leg. Bracewell leaves a very good delivery right on that fifth stump line. Bracewell fends another straight one legside and decides against the run. Maiden over. NZ 67/5

23rd over

Leach will get us underway on day four. Mitchell blocks the first ball, before cashing in on a full toss down the ground for four runs. Mitchell happy to fend off Leach's deliveries, which have all been on the stumps. Solid first over from Mitchell. NZ 67/5


1:57pm - Thank you for joining us for day four of the first test! The Blackcaps face an uphill battle to save the series opener, and with no rain in sight, is a daunting challenge.

Daryl Mitchell (13*) and Michael Bracewell (25*) will resume New Zealand's second innings, still a mammoth 331 runs needed to win the test.

Join us from 2pm for the first ball at Bay Oval.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the first test between New Zealand and England, from Mt Maunganui's Bay Oval.

Strap yourselves in Blackcaps fans, this could get ugly.

Set 394 runs to win after knocking the tourists over on day three, the Kiwi order is already in disarray, as the Blackcaps reached stumps at 63/5 in their chase.

The top order has been laid to waste by Stuart Broad, leaving the pair of Daryl Mitchell and Michael Bracewell with a huge job to do.

New Zealand still needs another 331 runs to win, while England need just five wickets - with two days to get them.

Betting is now suspended on an England win, with the question surely when - not if - Brendon McCullum's side takes a 1-0 series lead.

TAB odds: New Zealand $23, England suspended, draw $251

Blackcaps' bowlers learning lessons of 'Bazball' revolution, says Bracewell 

Staring at a huge defeat in the first test against England, Blackcaps all-rounder Michael Bracewell says the lessons of 'Bazball' are being learned by a flailing New Zealand side.

On Saturday, England took firm control of the series' opening test and finished the day needing just five wickets to take an unassailable 1-0 lead before next week's second encounter in Wellington.

In their second innings, England scored 374 runs in just 73.5 overs to set the Blackcaps 394 runs for victory, with more than two days to get them in.

But a new ball burst from Stuart Broad put paid to any thought of a New Zealand victory, destroying the Blackcaps' top order with 4/21 in 10 overs, and taking the prized wickets of Devon Conway, Kane Williamson, Tom Latham and Tom Blundell.

At the other end, Ollie Robinson (1/34) removed Henry Nicholls, leaving it down to Bracewell and Daryl Mitchell to attempt to salvage a result on Sunday and Monday.

However, across day three, there were signs that the Blackcaps had begun to absorb the lessons of being put to the sword by England's ultra-aggressive style of play.

Since former Blackcaps captain Brendon McCullum took charge in mid-2022, England has gone about rewriting how test cricket is played. 

A record 506 runs in a day against Pakistan late last year was a statement to the world that England is a new side with McCullum and Ben Stokes at the helm, and that aggression was going to be the way forward.

But on Saturday, the Blackcaps started to pull it back. 

England's second innings run rate (5.06 per over) was fractionally down on that of their first innings (5.57) with Bracewell saying the New Zealand attack was learning the lessons needed.

"It's one of those ones, you know that they're going to put your bad balls away," Bracewell said.

"As a bowling unit, we've certainly improved throughout the test match and made those adjustments pretty well.

"[In] the second innings, we bowled a little bit better than [in] the first innings.

"I'm sure we'll be better for it in the second test as well."

Bracewell will return to the crease on Sunday afternoon and faces the unenviable task of trying to dig the Blackcaps out of a huge hole.

With half the side already out, New Zealand needs 331 more runs for victory, putting the majority of the weight on the shoulders of Bracewell and Mitchell.

But cricket's a funny game, and Bracewell asserts the Blackcaps aren't out of the fight just yet.

"It's obviously challenging under the lights," said Bracewell. "The ball was doing a little bit off the wicket there.

"But it's one of those ones that you have to pick yourself up pretty quickly and go again tomorrow afternoon.

"We're pretty positive that if we can get a couple of partnerships together tomorrow, we can make a fist of this total."

Victory in the first test - no matter how unlikely - would be a new record run chase for the Blackcaps, going past the 324-run target achieved against Pakistan in 1994 in Christchurch.