Basketball: NZ Breakers forward Tom Vodanovich hopes to take Aussie NBL crown from old teammates

NZ Breakers believe they've created doubt in the minds of their Sydney Kings rivals before Wednesday's game five winners-take-all showdown for the Australian NBL title.

The teams will square off for the final time, after the Auckland-based club won game four 80-70, grabbing what they claim is crucial final-series momentum.

The battle to become the NBL’s best couldn’t be met with a more relaxed mood by the Breakers and a more tense feeling from the Kings. 

"I think Sydney, at the moment, are thinking they’ve got a battle on their hands," said forward Tom Vodanovich. "They're a bit worried they're going to have to play their best version of basketball to beat us." 

Vodanovich should know. While he represents the Breakers now, the Wellington-born player won the ANBL title with Sydney 12 months ago. 

"I've shared a few insights," he said. "It’s the same group of guys, same coach.. I've given what I can to help our group get ahead." 

In what could be a defining moment, the Breakers beat the Kings on Sunday in front of a record home crowd. 

"I imagine they were coming in pretty confident to game four and now we’re on the front foot," said Vodanovich. 

Tom Vodanovich in action for Sydney Kings against Breakers
Tom Vodanovich in action for Sydney Kings against Breakers. Photo credit: Getty

Come Wednesday night, the winners take all. 

"They play a pace that's tough to keep up with - but it's beatable."  

The Breakers camp believes.

"I don’t think they can beat us," said Vodanovich. 

If that’s true, he could get his hands on the trophy again, but this time wearing Breakers colours.

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