Blackcaps v England: Where does thrilling second-test victory rank among greatest NZ sporting moments?

"Was it just that it was a good game of cricket?"

AM host Ryan Bridge is trying to make a point about the Blackcaps' stunning one-run test victory over England at Wellington's Basin Reserve.

While the result created a small piece of sporting history - just the fourth time any team has won, after being forced to follow-on from their first innings - the outcome only secured a series draw.

"When we look back in 100 years, no-one will remember this, other than it was a good game of cricket," Bridge insisted. "We bat above our weight, but we didn't win... I don't want to diminish the great game of cricket we had."

AM news presenter Nicky Styris - married to former Blackcap Scott Styris - insists otherwise.

"We should have lost," she explained.

"You're not helping your cause," responded Bridge.

New Zealand has celebrated many, many great sporting moments over the years and, only two years ago, this same Blackcaps team defied the odds by capturing the world test championship from cricketing powerhouse India.

Maybe a drawn seres will be lost in the sands of time - but it's never too early start a Halberg Awards debate, where one of the categories is Favourite Sporting Moment of the year.

Blackcaps celebrate victory over England
Blackcaps celebrate victory over England. Photo credit: Getty Images

Fittingly, this year's fan vote rewarded another case of New Zealand stealing - literally - victory from England, with Black Ferns lock Joanah Ngan-Woo swiping an opposition lineout throw in the dying seconds to clinch success at the Rugby World Cup.

The Blackcaps would seem to have the inside running on that honour - for now.

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